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Live, Love, and Hack Life

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This is an interesting take on the laws of attraction. The author's background in science helps to add another layer of information for those who want to understand how the laws of attraction works. Her life hacks are possible for the average person to do. I will peruse the book again in the future.

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I've read a few books on the Law of Attraction and I enjoyed this one. The advice was practical but I felt it lost momentum halfway through and I found some of the chapters quite repetitive. However, a good introduction to those wanting to know more.
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Loved how this book went deep/er into the law of attraction, and that the author herself tells you that many people who preach law of attraction don't exactly tell you how it works or keep a part of the mystique to themselves (esp. as a way to keep you coming back for more). Loved that she set out to provide once and for all what working with this law entailed and how to make it work for you.
I was all set to giving this book 5 stars up until the halfway mark, when the author starts to tell us about the trauma she lived of her husband's heart attack and the resulting PTSD from it. The book, for me, veered from helpful manual to memoir-with-insights at this point. It had been a great framework until then with exercises along the way, but the memoir part, while it told us what worked for her, didn't have much in the way of 'how you can make it work for you' beyond some generalizations. I really would've wanted the author to pause at these points and see the forest for the trees, or at least given a better framework of what actually worked rather than this memory recollection and what worked for her - I would've liked if she'd given tips and hints for us to find our answers, not just her example as her experience might not be other people's and this might not work for them.
Still, the closest I've gotten to really understanding this elusive law - for that, it is a very good resource.
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I really enjoyed this fresh take on law of attraction. Going into it I felt like I've read everything on love attraction and this book might not be for me but the author quickly change my mind. With exercises and Talks the author quickly draws the reader and to this new idea of what the law of attraction can do for you.If you are willing to do the exercises and take the time to read this book, any reader can surely get good information out of it.I had a recommend reading This 1.
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