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Well, this was quite the read! Certainly one of guilty pleasures of 2020 so far. Suzy Quinn is an extraordinary thriller writer and she certainly knows how to hook her readers from the get-go. It is far from convoluted in terms of plotting but it is mighty entertaining. Moreover, there is no point in the story where it feels right to put it down, before embarking on the next reading session. So, you just have to keep reading and reading. Before long you are reading well into the night. This is the story of Lorna and Liberty and secrets from the past about to collide in the present. It begins with the birth of now sixteen-year old Liberty. We know her mother, Lorna is fearful of Liberty’s biological father but details are sparse. Fast forward to the present, and a curious Liberty runs away to begin the search for her biological father. Without entering the dreaded territory of spoilers, we learn that there is more to past events than we would first assume. With a deft touch and some ingenious plotting, Suzy Quinn takes us on a thrilling journey to the lowest depths of the human condition in all its myriad forms. Thrilling stuff.
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I adore Suzy Quinn and this book did not dissapoint. She never fails to get me hooked from the first page. This one took me by suprise, very fast paces and I lived Liberty! The story was fab I'd happily read it again and have already recommended it
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Wow this was amazing. I really enjoyed it .

I was really intrigued to see what Lorna,s secret was . I guessed near the end though. I assumed she was crazy but the twist was really interesting. 

This was hard to read at times . The bits about Lorna,s past were disturbing. I was surprised about what really happened to her rival Annalise . It was really shocking.

I will definitely read any more books by this author . A must read thriller
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Starts off a bit slow but builds up and has a gripping dramatic ending!!!! A bit far fetched but a good read !!!  Tells the story of a daughter who wants to know about her father, but her mother has her own reasons to keep it secret!
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When I started reading I wasn’t sure.... but so glad I continued. It’s such an easy read, predictable but enjoyable. 

Thanks for the arc.
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I did enjoy this book but I found the lead character, Lorna, really hard to like. She was as selfish and obsessive at 33 as she had been at 17 and to be honest I don't know how her lovely partner Nick put up with her. I thought the secret around Liberty was a bit predictable but the author threw in another couple of twists that left me stunned. Not as good as some of Suzy Quinn's earlier books but still a good read that I would recommend.
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This book was SO good! One of my favourite reads of the year so far. I have read 'Don't Tell Teacher' another novel by Suzy K Quinn so I knew to expect great things, but this was such a fast pacey thrilling story with a surpising ending. I read it in one sitting, I didn't want to go to bed until it was over.

A brilliant psychological thriller with well written characters and a great storyline.I will be recommending to my book loving friends!

Thanks to netgalley for the ARC in exchange for my review.
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Being a single mother is not easy and when your daughter is a teenager everything will be much more complicated than you ever expected. This is the story of Lorna & Liberty, mother and daughter.
I think I felt a little represented on this story, I lived all my life with my mum, without knowing who my father was and questioning her about it. My teenage years were not easy either, both with a strong character it was always a constant fight, but I never felt the necessity to go and find my father, my mum was always there in the moments of need. Our life could have been more easy with a third person to calm down both of us on the worst moments, totally, but I never thought of going to find him.
Having said that, this is a totally addictive read, twisted and full of lies that will keep the reader turning pages till the end. I loved the story and how easily I felt for it, but at the same time I think this will be a controversial read, a great example of love it or hate it. Now that I am a mother, I can understand more my mother’s actions and feel ashamed of some of our silly roughs, and that’s why I felt that this was a really interesting story, the need to lie to protect our children but at the same time the need to fight for what they think is not fair.
This is a book to read and discover your opinion about it, because I think it’s so easy to decide. Ready?
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told my daughter a terrible lie... Lorna never told her sixteen-year-old daughter the chilling truth about her real father. But one morning, she finds Liberty missing - and realizes the teenager has left to find the man she once fled from... 

I loved don’t tell teacher and had been looking forward to reading this one as soon as I knew it was being released! 

This book was so addictive. From the first chapter, I knew I was going to love it. 

The book is told from alternating perspectives of Lorna and Liberty and Suzy Quinn writes short chapters, which always end on a little cliffhanger, so you cannot resist just one more chapter. 

The book was full of twists and I loved how it all came together
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This book begins with one of our main characters, Lorna, registering the birth of her baby girl, Liberty, under pretty sketchy circumstances. It's here we start to see all is not as it seems...

Fast forward sixteen years later and we see Lorna and her teenage daughter Liberty and their tense relationship. Lorna has withheld who her daughter's father really is... she'll do anything to keep it a secret from Liberty but Liberty will do anything to find out...

I enjoyed this book, it was a solid thriller and a quick read. I particularly liked the way I wasn't sure where the book was going... I like thrillers that have you guessing who the bad person really is. Unfortunately I didn't particularly gel with most of the characters. I found them to be quite one dimensional and Nick, Lorna's partner, was so insipid. Honestly, there was no need for him to be in the story, he was an incredible drip!

Some of the story towards the end became a bit unbelievable... Ok, I know it's fiction but sometimes things can get a bit too stupid! The ending was grand. The whole book was just grand.

I would recommend it however, despite my lukewarm review because it was gripping and it is definitely not the worst thriller I have ever read, not by a long shot (Lynda Stacey's The Fake Date STILL holds that trophy...) and if you're looking for a tense, gripping thriller that's a quick read, definitely pick this up.
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I love Suzy when she writes thrillers, i haven't really ventured into her other genres but i know everytime i read a thriller its a hit.

Lorna has told a lie, but this lie has impacted her whole life, her daughters life. Her daughter who is now 16 and wants to know her father. One morning, she wakes to find Liberty has gone to find him. However Lorna is frantic, she can't go find him, because then things wont be the same again. Yet she does and he isn't all he seems. Liberty despite been strong minded starts to change too.

Wow, this was just clever. It was scary, as a reader you are really not sure who to believe, I wondered why Lorna was so frantic, wondered why Michael wasnt as described, why Liberty was behaving the way she did but it all comes to an explosion and wow - it blew me away.

Lorna was once a naive, young girl and fell in love, as an adult i would say she is determined, stronger than she has ever been but also very worried. She raised Liberty to be strong, independent but is determined to keep her close by, which results in the running away.

I really enjoyed getting to know the characters, as we discover them over time, we learn about Lornas past and the present. The story paces back and forwards which i really enjoy, you get a snippet of the past and then a glimpse of what is going on in the present before whisking us back. It was a fast paced read that had me flying through it, in fact i read all of it in one single sitting! I was hooked. Even as a reader, your mind starts to get twisted and you are not sure if you can actually trust it, i mean i was forming my judgements and then starting to question them. A sure sign of a brilliant thriller.

I was gifted an e-arc for the blog tour, you can get a copy here
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Once I started this novel I found it hard to put down.

The subject matters covered are ones that I have come across many times recently, so I was curious to know what twist Suzy Quinn would use to differentiate it from other novels.

It turned out there was one uncomfortable twist after another!

The characters are creepily credible as this fast-paced novel moves between the past and present but in an easy to follow way.

I frequently asked myself, what was going to be the final twist, what had I missed- was I in the hands of an unreliable narrator?

As it turned out, it wasn’t similar to anything else I’ve read recently! Intriguing & unsettling…and maybe a little bit based on truth…
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I've not read anything by this author before but was keen to give this book a go. The storyline intrigued me and I felt some connection with Liberty and not knowing her biological father.

I found this a gripping and quick read, with short chapters and a storyline that kept me gripped. The writing flowed well and was engaging, everything in a good book.

However as the story continued the more it seemed a little unbelievable. The twists within the pages were good but I did find the last part of the book perhaps a little rushed.

That said, I'd definitely be happy to look at more books by this author.
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I told my daughter a terrible lie…

Lorna never told her sixteen-year-old daughter the chilling truth about her real father. But one morning, she finds Liberty missing — and realizes the teenager has left to find the man she once fled from…

Well this was just the insight i needed to make me want to read this book.   I loved it!  Very well written with great characters.  It flowed well and kept my interest making me want to keep reading right through till dawn to see what happened to Liberty.

The story is told from both Mum  and daughters point of view covering past and present timelines.

Lorna was very likeable although there were times I wanted to give her a good shake.  Liberty was a teenager with all the bravado you expect from them. As for Michael - he was most unpleasant, self centred and thoroughly unlikable which was perfect for his character and role within the story.

I really don't want to give any details of the book because it needs to be read blind in my opinion.  Suffice to say it is an exciting book with an ending you won't see coming - it was great!

I highly recommend reading this book, meanwhile I'm off to see if Suzy has any more books published so I can read them,  another favourite author found!  A big five stars from me.

Thank you Netgalley,  Suzy K Quinn and HE Stories for giving me the opportunity to read this advance copy of the book Not My Daughter.
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Lorna has been trying to protect her daughter Liberty for sixteen years. There are dark secrets from her past about her father that Lorna wishes her daughter never finds out. Liberty’s father is a monster, and the best solution is to hide. Forever.

But Liberty has other plans. One day, Liberty decides to find her father, no matter the cost. And Lorna can’t protect her if she doesn’t know where she went…

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed Not My Daughter. It was a novel that kept me on my toes throughout the whole book and I was eager to know what happens in the end and who the true villain is.

We begin the story in one way, where we have an idea of who the bad person is, and how Lorna is the protector. But once we start reading more, this story becomes more twisted, and we don’t know who to trust anymore. This is something I see in books quite often, but it is not usually as well-written. Suzy did an amazing job writing this part, and making us switch sides as she wanted us to.

The ending was not predictable at all, although, it was a bit unrealistic. However, it really fit nicely with the whole story and I cannot be dissapointed.

It is interesting to see how the mother-daughter relationship develops. But more so, how a relationship forms when a daughter wants to get to know her father, no matter what. You meet this person that you share genes with, and you want them to like you. You want them to accept you, like nothing happened. We could see this wish in Liberty as she meets her father – the need to be accepted as a daughter.

I would recommend this book to everyone that loves mystery thrillers. It is a one of a kind, and a very well-written one too.
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Read this if you: 
🤯 Want a gripping psychological thriller 
📖 Enjoy books that jump between timelines 
🤫 Love a story that’s full of secrets 

This is the first book I’ve read by Suzy K. Quinn and it definitely won’t be my last! If you are a fan of gripping thrillers then this is the book for you. Here we meet Lorna and her daughter Liberty. Lorna has spent sixteen years protecting her daughter from a monster, refusing to tell Liberty who her father really is. But one day Liberty stumbles across the truth and learns that her dad is in-fact a well respected rockstar. One morning Lorna wakes you find Liberty has ran away to find her father. Full of fear she has no option but to revisit a dark in a bid to save her daughter. She escaped him once but will she make it out alive this time around? 

I really enjoyed the authors writing style, it was an easy, quick read that had me guessing until the end. The story had a great flow with the chapters alternating between Lorna’s present and past. Liberty’s POV is then introduced a quarter of the way through adding another element to the story. Liberty was by far my favourite character, she has so much strength. There were some lovely moments when Liberty is interacting with her half sister Darcy, who has special needs - it just made me love her more! I did struggle to connect with Lorna. She was completely brainwashed by Michael but I still questioned every decision she made, it left me a little frustrated and I found it difficult to sympathise with her at times.

The book tackles some dark topics such as phycological and mental abuse, underage sex, manipulation and murder! I loved the ending, it was fast paced and full of suspense, I couldn’t read fast enough! Everything is wrapped up nicely and I didn’t see the twist coming at all, the author is always one step ahead of you here! I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat with one action packed finale!
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It’s no secret that I have recently been in a bit of a reading slump and also I have also been taking a little bit more time out from social media than I normally do. 

When I first picked this book up, I was in the middle of one of the biggest reading slumps I have ever been in! This book changed that quite quickly. I was gripped and wanted to know what had happened. I wanted to know what secrets Lorna had been keeping from Liberty and I wanted to know what had happened with her father. 

I enjoyed the writing and loved how it flowed and kept me engaged and wanting to read more. I found myself going to sleep thinking about it and the. Waking up wanting to read more. 

The storyline was okay. I started off really enjoying it having all of these questions however the further into the story we got, the less believable it became (I know, I know it’s fiction. But I like things to happen a bit more organically!!). Everything was all mysterious and then nearer the end something just clicked and switched and I was left thinking “what?!?”. So sadly for me the last 20% of the book was a bit too rushed for my liking. 

However, I am very grateful for the wonderful writing style and how it pulled me right out of my slump! 

Thank you so much to @hqstories for sending me a widget in exchange for a fair and honest review on the blog tour.
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Good morning my fellow #readersofinstagram today is my stop on the @hqstories blog tour for Not My Daughter.

I told my daughter a terrible lie…

Lorna never told her sixteen-year-old daughter the chilling truth about her real father. But one morning, she finds Liberty missing — and realizes the teenager has left to find the man she once fled from…

I really enjoyed this. The book is told from two POVs, Lorna & her daughter Liberty’s. Lorna also has flashback chapters which are really the building blocks of the story. I really liked the writing in this, it was easy to read and had a easy flow, just enough suspense to keep the reader going. I read it in a day, I just had to know what was going on. There was a good twist towards the end, albeit the mother in me found it a little hard to believe. Good characters, you really root for Lorna and feel for liberty as you start to question what’s going on. However, young Lorna & old Lorna are very different....until they’re not, which was quite frustrating. Overall a really fab psychological thriller!
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I absolutely loved this one! It was fast paced, exciting, gripping and just an overall addictive thriller that keeps you wanting to know more.

It's everything I want from a psychological thriller, I have never read anything by Suzy before and will definitely be on the look out for more!

The ending wasn't as realistic as you would think but it worked really well. The characters are very well portrayed and I definitely found myself questioning who was actually telling the truth.
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A fascinating psychological thriller, that had me gripped from its opening chapter!

Lorna & Liberty are both compelling, engaging characters. Quinn does a brilliant job of keeping us guessing whether Lorna is lying or telling the truth throughout.

It missed out on 5⭐ because I found the ending was a bit too far fetched for me. But I still enjoyed this well-paced thriller.

Overall a creepy plot, with great characters. If you are a fan of Lisa Hall this book is well worth a read.

A huge thanks to HQ Stories & NetGalley for gifting me a copy in return for an open & honest review.

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