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This is the fourth novel to feature DI Marilyn Simmons and psychologist Dr Jessie Flynn, but the first that I have read by this author. As such, I found that the novel works perfectly well as a standalone, but I did wonder whether some of the character building and back story is to be found in the previous three books. The character of DI Marilyn Simmons did not feel overly well-defined for me here. 

The pacing of this book is perhaps a little uneven – we seemed to arrive at the denouement rather abruptly, but I do tend to find this is often the case with books of this genre. That said, there is also much here to admire. The murders are suitably grizzly, the plot kept me engaged throughout and I feel that the author has written a strong female lead in Dr Jessie Flynn.

A solid read.

Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins Publishers for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I have loved all of Kate Medinas books.  This one is no exception, dark, creepy and a real page Turner.
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A twisting crime thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat, not all is as rosy as it looks - the past does catch up with you
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4-5 stars

Claudine Fuller let’s her husky Lupo out for a run on their large West Sussex property where she lives with her wealthy and controlling husband Hugo. Lupo is gone a long time but later that evening she hears scratching at the door.....This is the start of a series of brutal, horrifying murders that present a huge challenge to DI Bobby ‘Marilyn’ Simmons and Dr Jessie Flynn. Jessie is a criminal psychologist now working with Surrey and Sussex Major Crimes, she is convinced the motive for the gruesome killings is to watch, but why?? 

First of all, this is extremely well written with some really good visual descriptions. The characters are excellent, you can really picture Marilyn and the team as they doggedly pursue the perpetrator. It’s multilayered too as alongside the investment we follow the personal life of Jessie and her Redcap partner Callan especially with the impact of his brain injury received in the line of duty. We also get glimpses of Jessie’s past as she suffers trauma growing up which undoubtedly makes her so good at her job. Parts of the story are moving and sad as Jessie tries to help fifteen year old Robbie Parker who has a severe cleft palette and has been relentlessly bullied. You feel such abhorrence for the cruelty of some human beings and devastation for the impact of it on Robbie. As the story develops its becomes creepy in parts, it’s dark, there’s intense malevolence and the tension is taut. As the case deepens and worsens you feel the frustration and fear that sets in with the police team as Jessie desperately tries to give insights to help with apprehending the killer. The ending is good although maybe a tad rushed. 

Overall, this is a very compelling novel with a gripping plot which leaves you wanting to read more about this excellent team of characters. I look forward to the next one! 

With thanks to NetGalley and especially to HarperCollins, Harper Fiction for the much appreciated arc in return for an honest review.
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Wow! A real heart pounder! I loved this book! It was thrilling, it had intrigue, suspense, and lots of heart pounding moments! Lots of twists and turns!! Definitely some jaw dropping moments! I highly recommend reading this book! Its well worth the thrill! An author I’ll be looking out for in the future.
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This is a solid plot with engaging characters and a clever premise but with too much, repetitive, unnecessary waffling for me. How many times does the author need to mention "elliptical angles? Or "electric suits"? And just how many times do characters get a "lump in the throat"?
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What an incredible read. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and could not put it down. It's the first Kate Medina book I've read but it will certainly not be the last.
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What a find! I read Kate Medina’s debut novel ‘White Crocodile’ (Written as K.T.Medina) and thought it excellent but the series starring psychologist Dr Jessie Flynn and DI Simmons, nicknamed Marilyn, is new to me. They are a brilliant partnership. If you enjoy police procedurals that are really well written, capture your interest from the very first page and don’t mind gruesome murders, then you will enjoy this. The characters are so well written, it is well paced throughout and a really unexpected ending. I just have to read the preceding books! Highly recommended.
Thanks to HarperCollins and NetGalley for the ARC, the opinions are my own.
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The Watcher by Kate Medina is a thriller/procedural with a psychological twist. A quite good one, actually. And now I’m nervous about moving into a house that backs onto woodland!

Dr Jessie Flynn is the main character – a psychologist contracting with the police to get some insight on a couple of incredibly grizzly murders in a small village in Surrey. Grizzly indeed – almost animalistic. But an animal doesn’t act with that kind of precision… What follows is disturbing, karmic, and (sometimes) understandable – and provides a morality tale on ‘think before you speak’, as well as ‘speak no evil’.

Dr Flynn is a great character; feisty, confident in her skills, entirely relatable and with enough personal issues to sympathise with. DI Simmons is also relatable, but in a gruff, short-tempered kind of way. Oh, and DI Simmons is a man – Marilyn is a nickname.

The story flows through attack after attack with no link – well, none that we (or the cops) can see. There are small clues, sure; but the biggest clues only come in the last 10% – and came as a bit of a shock!

I enjoyed this one – and not just for the puppy-dogs. Ms Medina turns a lovely phrase, paints written pictures, and is a joy to read.

Recommended for fans of procedurals. The Watcher and Kate Medina will not disappoint!
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This was a thrilling read that had me gripped from the beginning until the very end.  I haven't read much by Ms Medina before, but I will make her one of my new authors.  Recommended.
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I received a copy of the book from Netgalley to review. Thank you for the opportunity.
A gory, horror filled crime story, perfect for fans of the genre. The writing is good, with plenty of atmospheric tension being created. There are also plenty of twists and turns. 
An OK read.
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I enjoyed the 1st 90% of this book immensely and then felt let down by die ending. It seemed a bit rushed. I wanted more flesh. In saying so I still think this is a very enjoyable read that most people will enjoy. 
A random (or so it seems) brutal killing, but a killer who showed compassion when it came to the dog. Is this a once-off crime or do we have something more sinister behind the killings? Also, who is breaking into the dog sanctuary and sleeping in the dog bed?! 

If you like a nice gory read like me you will definitely enjoy this 1! 

Thank you to NetGalley and Harper Collins  for the ARC in exchange for my honest opinion
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The wealthy Fullers were killed and psychologist Jessie was called along with cop Marilyn. With the crime scene disturbing their psyche, they knew they had to find the killer. FAST. 
I hadn't read the earlier books by this author so the characters were new to me. I enjoyed the POV of a psychologist as I felt it added to getting the forensic profile of the killer. At a steady pace, the atmosphere in the book was one of solitude. I didn't guess the identity of the killer and went with the flow. 
Overall, a solid police procedural.
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An enjoyable read and great addition to the series with a big twist at the end. A very thought provoking storyline highlighting the horrendous outcome of bullying.
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The Watcher had me gripped from the very beginning. It’s a dark, disturbing crime book that kept me guessing until the end. The characters were relatable and seemed to jump off the pages. Not my favourite crime book but still a well-written, gripping story, definitely not for the faint of hearted!
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A disturbing dark crime thriller featuring psychologist Dr Jessie Flynn. Invalidated out of the army, Jessie is now working as a police consultant. Again, helping DI "Marilyn" Simmons, she is called out in the middle of the night to the gruesome double murder of a married couple at their huge country home. The husband has been stabbed through both eyes while tied to a sun lounger. A tense and creepy read.
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Thank you to Netgalley and HarperCollins. HarperFiction for the arc of this book.

3 star read for me this was a well written and good book to read this was a quick read and great plot, characters and storyline, i recommend this to all whom wants a great book to read.

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Jessie Flynn is a psychologist working with a major crimes team and DI Simmons.

One night they are called to a horrific crime scene where a wealthy couple have been murdered. The beaten, mutilated bodies and the violence perpetrated on them seems to show this may have been personal.

And so the investigation begins.

This is a dark, psychological with a really creepy atmosphere which adds to the tension. If you like your thrillers on the darker side, you’ll love The Watcher.

Thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for an eARC of The Watcher. This is my honest and unbiased review.
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I hadn't read any other books by Kate Medina before this. Although I read this as a stand alone novel, it is actually the fourth in the series. This has encouraged me to backtrack and read the other books in the series. 
Overall I really enjoyed this fast paced, and thrilling book which I quickly read in a couple of days. There are enough twists  to keep you guessing and I often found myself changing my mind about what was happening. The tension in the book increases slowly and I found myself in that position of wanting to keep reading but not wanting it to end! If you are a fan of  absorbing psychological crime thrillers then this is definitely the book for you.
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I read this for a blog tour. 

This was a twisted, complex and disturbing thriller, with a killer whose motivations are rooted in the past, but the police can't see it as it's so obscure.

Forensic psychologist Jessie, and Detective Simmons, (known as Marilyn for his heterochromia (different coloured eyes) - although I would have thought David Bowie was more obvious) are stumped. The extremely violent nature of the killings, which seem personal, appear to have been committed by a giant dog.

A series of strange break ins at the local dog rescue seem to be completely separate but could they be connected?

This was a really gripping read, with twists and red herrings that kept me guessing.
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