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This is a chapter in the life story of Dan, a guy who made a gazillion dollars selling his app at the perfect moment and proceeds to throw his phone into the river, ergo the title. His life is peopled with the most outrageous characters. Clancy is Dan’s ex-fiancé, an apparent body exhibitionist, refuses to be disabused of the idea that the wedding is off. Gwen is Clancy’s best friend, the architect who was renovating Dan’s apartment until he decided he liked the demolished space with a bunch of tents better than Gwen’s vision of what was supposed to be her career uptick.  Bill is Dan’s brother; he often takes Dan’s identity while on his dog walking duties. Bill lives in the basement apartment in a constant state of being stoned with his horror of a wife and their baby. Sluggo, Dan’s best friend, is a shameless pervert, often referred to as the “best friend’s girlfriend’s best guy friend”. (Just another ridiculous description within another ridiculous conversation). Sarah is a volunteer with the Way-Point project and a possible love interest. The best for last, the O’Shaughnessy crowd, a group of lads who one and all have their Doctorates in Philosophy, are in a constant drunken haze, and whom Dan has chosen to “populate his group therapy sessions”. 

Oh, this was a hoot and a half with some laugh-out-loud moments. Very clever, a little bit dark and if my characterizations have not swayed you the fault is all mine. If you do not pick up this book you will never know what you have missed and who wants to miss out on some great fun?! 

Thank you NetGalley and Black Rose Writing for a copy
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This is quite good. It includes lots of interesting characters and situations, an d humor and the author has a natural writing style. With nice pacing and an engaging plot, I read it rather quickly. Recommended for literature fans.

I really appreciate the ARC for review!!
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What can I say? I really liked this book; it wasn’t quite what I expected but was so much more! This follows the story of Dan, a young and unintentionally retired 30-year-old. When all your dreams come true and more what do you do next? 

His friends and family think he has lost his mind, he has everything but has chosen to disconnect and live very unconventionally with nothing left to achieve or gain Dan isn’t looking for a new challenge, he drifts through life. Very reluctantly, he helps his brother out with his dog walking gig one day his eyes are opened; Dan discovers a whole new world outside his current reality.

There are some slightly strange additions to the story, mostly in the form of his new group of friends, his strange ex-fiancé who can’t seem to keep her body covered up for five minutes, and Dan’s brothers’ odd stories. With new perspective, Dan meets and makes some brilliant new friends and finds a whole new life, something with more purpose, which fulfils him more and maybe another lovely addition along the way.
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I'm on the fence with this story.... I have a hard time with the somewhat stereotypical portrayals but there was humor injected so it worked in most aspects but not in all.  The grand and explosive finale for some characters is what I don't think plays for me in this.  I'm also a mom without the 60 lbs or the haircut referenced so there's that.... the window through which the main character views everyone needs better illumination for people to want to root for him.  But the premise and interaction with the characters was really fun and entertaining.  I would give this author another read and appreciate the opportunity to read and review this book.  Thank you.
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Thank you #Netgalley for the advanced copy!

This book follows the path of a young 30 year old Dan, a man who sold his tech company and is now "unplugging" from social media and technology.  He purchases a brownstone and has his brother become the handy man.  During his time at home, Dan helps out his brother by walking some tenants dogs.  Little did he know that this small act would change his perspective on life.  During this experience, he meets new people and learns about how others live.
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I don't understand why this book exists. Main character makes a fortune and decides he had had enough of technology and unplug from it all. Wealthy beyond words, he buys a building, rents out the lower floors and keeps the top two floors for himself. Renovation consists of combing those two floors into a penthouse that he refers to in a nauseating number of times as his  gIant brick and concrete box. 
Girlfriend from the past, who refuses to go away and considers herself present girlfriend and her mother can't seem to keep their breasts covered. Woman who was helping him renovate the place has a different idea of how to do it in a way he likes. Brother in law, stay at home lower dad and dog walker, pretends he is his brother. Neighbor Sluggo has strange friends. The homeless guests show him he has a lot to learn.
None of these people are likable and after a third of the way through, this book is going nowhere. I'm done.
That you NetGalley for an advance reader copy in exchange for an honest opinion.
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This is not a typical book I'd read, but I'm glad I did! 
It was interesting. The characters were truly quirky but likeable. It's a fun, crazy, unusual book. A fast read. Sometimes you'll laugh. Sometimes you'll scratch your head, but the story is always interesting!
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