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Another amazing book from Lauren Layne! She never fails to deliver stories with characters and romance that feel real. Pro baseball player Carter Ramsey goes back to his hometown to attend a high school reunion, ends up reconciling with his old lab partner. The characters have their own stuff to figure out and go through their own development, which I loved. The main characters spark up a friendship before a romance; it's both cute and swoony. This just checked all the marks for me with what I like in romance books, so this is now one of my favorites from the author. Highly recommend!
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I love Olive's character. She knows when she's right and that it will help somebody so she just goes ahead and does it. She is absolutely hilarious. Carter on the other hand is very serious. Which is funny in its own way also unusual for a pro ball player.
Yours to Keep, is a great light hearted romance novel.
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I laughed so hard with this book!

Oh my, this book has the perfect blend of snarky sass and heartfelt emotions.  If I highlighted all the parts I laughed at I'd have to highlight the entire book.  Even so, the humor doesn't overshadow the emotional connection between Olive and Carter.  

Olive is almost annoyingly chipper and quirky, a woman who doesn't care if people think she's weird.  She's confident in herself, except when it comes to feeling attractive to men.  I loved the way her character was portrayed as strong, both physically and emotionally, and not to her detriment. 

Nothing upends a carefully crafted celebrity lifestyle quite like coming home.  Carter's injury gives him enough time off the field to humor his sister's request to attend their high school reunion, but he hadn't counted on being paired with his former lab partner who is now his next-door neighbor.  

The best thing about Olive is that she's not the least bit impressed by Carter's fame or fortune.  Seeing himself through her eyes actually allows Carter to see more of himself, to appreciate who he is beyond his baseball career.  I absolutely adored the way these two played off each other while subconsciously building each other up.   

This is a whirlwind romance - just barely more than a month in duration - and I cherished every bit of it.  The grown-up problems are handled with grown-up solutions and these two really do bring out the best in each other.  I highly recommend this rom-com for all romance readers.  I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
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I received an advance copy of this for an honest review

I feel like I picked the wrong book to start my Lauren Layne journey. I didn't feel any connection to the characters or their romance.
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This story really snuck up on me! I absolutely loved Olive and Carter. They’re friendship was so natural and easygoing as was the way they fell for each other. There was some drama, but overall this is a light hearted story that just makes you feel good. It’s the best in the aeries so far. I loved the check in on Kelly and Mark. Haven must be a super special to fall in love in.
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I'm a huge Lauren Layne fan, I look forward to her books as they are published.  This is the 2nd book in the Man of the Year series.  
Carter Ramsey is a famous baseball player who is injured and goes back home to recover.  Olive Dunn has known him since high school, but she doesn't really trust him.  Now they are both adults, they become friends and maybe more.

I really like the characters and the story in this book and recommend it.  4 stars.

Thanks to Montlake Romance and NetGalley for the ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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When picking up a Lauren Layne book, I have two requirements: short and entertaining

1. This book is 228 pages long, which is really short, but it felt like 2280 pages. I mean sure I closed my kindle after every second sentences so no wonder it felt like this book would never end, but that's not the point 😂. It shouldn't have felt that long.

2. It was not entertaining. It was rather very boring. Nothing about the story catched my attention. I wasn't invested in the characters nor their romances, even though some of Olive and Carter's banter was cute. Carter's whole life revolves around baseball and now that he is injured he has this midlife crisis I didn't care about and Olive is busy planing this high school reunion that I even cared less about.

So it didn't quite hit the brief for me.
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I’ve read a lot of Lauren Layne’s books and really enjoyed all of them.  This might be one of my favorites.  Layne is a master at writing snappy, intelligent dialog that leads you to believe that a couple could be falling for each other.  Too often authors just tell us that two people are attracted to each other without really showing us why.  But the two main characters, high school biology teacher Olive and superstar baseball player Carter quickly develop a witty, yet affectionate relationship that is told through their conversations together.  

Carter has come back to his hometown to recover from a bad injury.  His twin sister ropes him into working with Olive to help plan their high school ten-year reunion.  Yeah, it’s rather a dopey premise.  What makes it different is the character of Olive.  She’s a woman who knows who she is and has learned to embrace her own quirky character and tall stature.  She prefers to be strong physically and psychologically than petite.  She’s confident and funny and honest and a person I wish I could know in real life.  No wonder that Carter falls for her, first in friendship and then deeper.

This book was a lot of fun from beginning to end.  

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book that I received from Netgalley; however, the opinions are my own and I did not receive any compensation for my review.
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I absolutely loved this romance! the main characters had great chemistry, and the secondary characters added some great texture to the plot. Can't wait to read the next in the series.
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4 stars
I loved this one! Super fun read about a high school science teacher,Olive Dunn, who is thrown into  planning hr high school reunion with her old biology lab partner/current Man of the Year and baseball player, 

I loved how Olive Dunn was a strong female who everyone loved and cared abut teaching. Her career didn't take a back burner for any man. I love a good, strong frame lead character and this one did not disappoint.
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this was my first Lauren Layne book, but won't be my last.  This was about Carter, an injured baseball star who goes home to his hometown for his high school reunion.  He ends up co chairing the event with Olive and the story is about them getting to know each other.  I thought it was funny and liked that Olive was full of spunk.  It was a nice story of two people getting to know each other before they just jump in bed.  It showed growth an some introspection into what was missing and important in their lives.
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Lauren Layne has also been one of my favorite authors.  This is another story of rich man and hometown girl , although I found it to be deeper than the usual hometown romance  Characters are well rounded and Layne goes in depth with their feelings and back stories.  She is able to weave a tale that touches our hearts and remember those old school days.  I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review
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Carter is just swoony. Olive is nerdy and awesome. Together, they are perfection! Loved this book so much!
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Yours to Keep is the second book in the Man of the Year series.  This is the first book I have read by this author and I have fallen in love with the series!  The book is fast-paced and an attention grabber.  The characters were well developed and perfect for each other.  I can’t wait for the next book to come out.
Carter was struggling to find himself after receiving an injury during a baseball game.  He knew his time playing professional baseball was limited due to his age and injury.  He was looking for a future and he found it when he went home for his ten-year class reunion.  Olive was unique and full of sassiness.  She loved living in Haven and teaching high school science. She is co-organizer with Caitlyn, her friend, for their class’s ten-year reunion.  When Caitlyn can’t help organize the reunion due to her pregnancy and bed rest, she talks Carter her brother into helping Olive.  As they work together their friendship and attraction towards each other grow, but can a professional baseball player and small-town science teacher have a future together?
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I am a ride or die Lauren Layne fan.  I am all in on pretty much anything she writes.  Yours to Keep lived up to the standard I expect from her books.  I loved Olive and her confidence and determination.  I loved Carter.  Their banter was just so fun and the return to Haven and it's small town feel was just right after the city vibe in Yours in Scandal.  I am going to keep on reading everything Lauren puts out there and loving it!  Perfect for readers who love rom coms, sports stories, strong women and love.
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I have been a fan of Lauren Layne's since I first read the Avenue series. I love that her books take place in NYC. There is magic in that city and it shows through her writing. I have been impressed by her romance stories, but this has been my favorite by far! I am a sucker for a sports romance. It's one of my favorite tropes, and boy did Layne deliver. 

Carter and Olive's chemistry was so great. I love that they were friends to lovers. Olive's wit along with Carter's charisma was just fantastic. The supporting characters were fantastic! I want to know more of their stories as well. I know that this is a mark for a good read, when I leave wanting more. 

Thank you Netgalley, Montlake, and the author for an opportunity to read an advanced copy of this story. All views and comments are my own.
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OMG I was supposed to review this about a week ago, I had forgotten..oops Ok. So we have Carter who is a famous baseball player but due to an injury is at home recuperating and going a little crazy and now he has this time and is reflecting on his life is it all that he thought it would be. His twin sister gets him to come home to their ten year high school reunion but he reluctant until she mentions that his high school sweetheart is now divorced and that immediately changes his mind and wonders if she remembers the promise that they had made when they were 18 and about to start their lives. However when he gets there he gets reacquainted with Olive whom was in his class but they weren't friends they didn't even hang in the same circle and his thoughts on his promise has changed but in a moment of idiocy he reacts and now we wonder what he is going to do...grab it and Enjoy! I did
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Yours to Keep was simply fun. A witty, banter-filled romance that I inhaled for its sweet love story and enjoyable characters. Layne's charming skill with characterization made for main characters who were irresistibly magnetic and effortless as they were, and that magic only doubled once they crossed paths with one another. I don't believe I've read a book as fast as I did this one and without checking the percentage until I was well into it.

I admired that Carter was written with such a humble soul beneath the weight of the athlete profession and what came with it. He was simply a man facing a crisis of identity and thinking returning to his hometown would ferret it out. And I loved that out of everyone who could've welcomed him home, Olive—the quirky and kind neighbor who was the quote-unquote nerd in high school—was the one who sweetly bulldozed her way in to his life, his home, and eventually his heart. Though I absolutely inhaled this story in a short time, their connection and fall from re-connected acquaintances to friends to more had the perfect pacing. The slow burn, the humor of learning each other, and then the sweetness of attraction were all so well done.

I can always count on a Lauren Layne novel to be consuming and have wonderful storytelling, but there was something ultra special about the magic on the pages of Yours to Keep . I'm loving the contradictory nature of opposites attracting in this series and this was just another fantastic book in this genre and this author. If you love romance, this book is for you.
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well,  i am officially swooning over Carter.  Sports romances are my favorites and this was no different.  I also liked the friends to lovers / slow burn aspect.  I loved Olive's fun nature slowly breaking down Carter's tough exterior. I loved the small town gossip where everyone knew all of Carter and Olive's business.  I loved Carter's sister helping olive realize her true feelings for Carter.  I did not like part at the baseball game when Felicity came back but I knew it had to happen sometime.  The grand gesture of the microscopes made me tear up a little bit.  I mean, how could you not with what Carter wrote in the magazine!  I am also a sucker for happily ever afters so thank you for this epilogue!
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Oh how I love Lauren Layne! The first book in this series is probably my favorite of her books, which is saying a lot, so I went into this knowing it probably wouldn't enjoy it as much. I didn't, but it's still SO good. I love the trope of re-meeting someone from high school.
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