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A moving story of a split family with lots of secrets. Story told of a split timeline of three parts which made it hard to keep track of in some places but an enjoyable read all the same.
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What a fabulous read. The main characters are close friends Yvonne and Emma and Lewis who becomes involved in both their lives but when a tragedy occurs it changes all of their lives. The story is set in England and Kenya and is beautifully written and the characters are very believable, it pulls at your heartstrings in an emotional way. A5🌟read and i thoroughly recommend it.
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Fast paced, well written book based on betrayal.
All the characters are well described and sympathetically written. The star of the story is Kiama, the innocent party, who is moved from London to Africa, then back to London when his Mother is killed. He has a difficult time settling down with his Father and Grandmother, it takes him till he is 18 to return to Africa for some answers to long held questions about his past.
Homecoming moves through different time periods and different characters tell their version of events, easy to follow
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An emotive story about friendship and family ties in the face of loss

18-year-old Kiama had grown up living with his dad Lewis and doesn’t remember much about his mother Emma, who died when he was a small child. As he reaches adulthood, he seeks out her best friend from university, Yvonne. He implores her to come with him to Kenya, on a voyage of self-discovery and to learn more about the place that his mother grew up and where they briefly lived before her passing. Kiama believes Yvonne is the only one who can help him feel closer to his mum, but Yvonne has secrets of her own that involve not just Emma, but Lewis and Kiama as well. As the unlikely pair delve into the past, they both end up discovering more than they expected, and potentially more than they can handle.

This was a well-written, richly detailed and unusual story that is told from two separate time points – Kiama and Yvonne’s voyage to Kenya in the present, and Yvonne and Emma’s friendship from university in the past. The mystery of what happened to Emma is slowly pieced together as you learn more about her past and the link between her, Yvonne and Kiama’s father Lewis, with the reveal at the end packing an emotional punch. 

I found Kiama a very likeable and realistic character – I’ve often found teenagers and young people are written in a very poor and stereotyped way. Still, Kiama was believable and had the perfect combination of teenage angst and arrogance that made him both genuine and sympathetic. 

Emma also came across as being fun and full of life in the flashback sections, which made the tragedy of her death all the more painful, even though you know it has already happened from the sections set in the present.

Unfortunately, I really didn’t get on with the character of Yvonne, and that really impacted on my enjoyment of the story. When I first read about her, I thought she was significantly older than she was, and quite a boring, uptight person; lacking much in the way of personality, which didn’t tie-up with the fun-loving party girl that she apparently was in her youth. I also found her behaviour towards Emma throughout the years extremely selfish and quite deplorable at times. I didn’t emphasise with her at all throughout the story. Additionally, as significant parts of the book were set in Kenya, I would’ve liked a bit more description of what I imagine is an atmospheric and vibrant country. The pace of the story was also a little slow-moving at times, and the plot could have been a bit more succinct and snappy.

In conclusion, whilst this was an enjoyable novel with an intriguing plot, it lacked a fast-pace and consistently strong characters. However, I did enjoy reading it and wouldn’t be averse to reading a novel by this author again.


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Homecoming is the story of Emma, Yvonne, Lewis and Kiama. It follows them over the course of 20 years through secrets, lies, truths and tragedies. I don't want to say too much about the book without giving the story away, as the fact I knew very little about it really added to my enjoyment of it and my need to binge read to learn more!! It's well written and easy to read and the characters are both well built and believeable. This is the second novel I've read from Luan Goldie (having read Nightingale Point last year), and she's definitely going from strength to strength. I really recommend this book and can't wait for her next one! Thanks so much to HQ, NetGalley and Luan Goldie for the ARC.
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Thanks NetGalley for a free copy! 

I didn’t love this book it but I didn’t hate it. Thought it spans over 20 years, it didn’t feel like much was happening in the story. All three main characters seemed quite confused in what they wanted from Kiama’s trip to Kenya and I would have liked to read more about what ‘Home coming’ meant for each of them after their experiences of Kenya. I liked reading about Lewis, Yvonne and Kiama’s journeys and just wanted more for them than what the concluding chapters offered.
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Hugely enjoyed this second novel by Luan Goldie, having read Nightingale Point last year.  
Set between Kenya and London, this is the story of Kiama.  Kiama is returning to Kenya for the first time after a tragic event that happened in childhood.  In coming to terms with the events he witnessed he draws in those around him in recounnting the events of his life.  
A story of love, families and secrets - told in a really commercial way.  A great multicultural tale.
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A beautifully written book. I loved the settings between the UK and Kenya. Set in two timelines from when Yvonne and Emma start university to when Emma's son invites Yvonne to join him in Nairobi. Some wonderful characters. Heartwrenching and heartwarming with some secrets that come out during this journey of discovery. I loved it. Will now be going to find Luan Goldies' other works.
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Homecoming alternates between two timelines and is told from the perspectives of a couple of different characters which I love I think it really enables you to get to know the characters better. It’s definitely and emotional journey and the writer is such an amazing storyteller, the characters just feel so real and the relationships are all so interesting and complicated. Will be looking to read Nightingale Point at some stage.Thank you so much @hqstories for having me in the tour and for my #gifted copy.
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I really enjoyed reading Luan Goldie's novel Nightingale Point so I was excited to read Homecoming. Set between England and Kenya, the novel follows the friendship between Emma and Yvonne who met as students. Goldie touches on family relationships, friendships, solo motherhood, separation and grief as it spans a period of 20 years. I enjoyed the storyline but did not feel as close to the characters as I had in Nightingale Point. However, I did really enjoy the chapters set in Kenya, which seemed to add a real depth to the story and made it stand out from other novels I have recently read.

Thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for sending a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC.

I had no idea what to expect from this book, and was overwhelmed by how powerful and complex it was. Telling the story from the different points of view accompanied by jumps in time allowed the narrative to unfold slowly and inexorably towards the past events in Nigeria that were teased from the start. Goldie also touches on issues of race, colonialism and poverty alongside this intimate family drama. I'm definitely going to go back and search out Goldie's previous work and look out for what she does in the future.
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What I loved about this book:
- it spanned 20 years so you get a good feel for all the characters.

- Kenya. I don’t think I’ve read about Kenya before so it was nice to have some new descriptions.

- mystery. This is not something I always enjoy in a novel because I’m very impatient, but I found it kept me hooked.

- the writer. I enjoyed Nightingale Point so I was looking forward to something else from Goldie.

What I didn’t like about this book:

- Yvonne

- Emma

- Lewis

- all the extra characters

For me it’s very important to connect with the characters. I normally find it intriguing if I don’t like a character, but in this case I didn’t care about the characters.

I’m sorry to say that this was not a great reading experience for me but I did get some enjoyment out of it, so no regrets and I would still be willing to read other world by Goldie.
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Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for this early read.
The story is set around the friendship of the two main characters Yvonne and Emma who met as students. The narration switches between them and moves from England to Kenya & back. The timeline switches from now to the early 2000's.
I enjoyed the storyline.
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Set between London and Kenya, this novel spans two time periods in the lives of the characters. In the first, Emma and Evelyn are house mates and best friends, nearing the end of their time at university in London in the early noughties. Emma meets and falls for Lewis. Things become awkward when Evelyn bumps into Lewis in their shared kitchen one morning – they have history. Should she tell Emma or keep quiet?

Eighteen years later, we know that Emma is no longer around, and that her son, Kiama has tracked Evelyn down and appealed to her to travel to Kenya with him so that he can try to put the ghosts of the past to rest. He needs to try to make sense of what happened to his mother. Evelyn disappeared from Kiama’s life around the same time that Emma did, but he knows that she was her closest friend; the person who knew her best in the world.

Evelyn has her own motives for accepting this proposal, and somewhat reluctantly agrees to accompany him.

As we all know, raking up the past will undoubtedly impact on the present, and this is what happens in this book as we delve deeper into Emma history, and the secret that threatened everything.

This is a compelling read which I devoured. I loved the characters and the story, and it’s a book that will be on the top of my recommends when people say, “Have you read anything good recently?”
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A hypnotic story of love, friendship, loss and betrayal that takes you from London to Nigeria - I couldn’t put this down.
Yvonne and Emma are best friends who just happen to be in love with the same man, Lewis. When Emma has his baby after a brief fling, their friendship is never the same again, but it’s only when Yvonne returns to Nigeria with their son Kiama years later that she finally comes to terms with her feelings and guilt.
I must admit that I never warmed to Yvonne as a lead character as I found her to be fairly cold, but luckily the other characters had so much more to them, and the story was so beautifully written that I still loved this. I loved all the different family relationships and dynamics - from Yvonne’s tight knit family, to Emma’s rich but distant parents and Lewis’s warm and welcoming mother, there was a lovely contrast throughout the story. At the heart of this there is a love story, but it’s not anything like your usual romantic novels - the characters are real and make honest mistakes, and there’s no feeling of an inevitable happy ending, which I loved. There are a few twists and turns but overall this felt like an exploration of coming to terms with loss, and of the mistakes and decisions we make and the ripple effect they create.
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I loved Nightingale Point so much and Luan’s 2nd Book did not disappoint. 
I loved the dual timeline aspect and the characters were fantastically fleshed out. Luan writes dialogue better than any writer I know.
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Set in London and Kenya and over almost 20 years, Homecoming by Luan Goldie is a heartbreaking and emotional story centring around 3 characters and the woman that inextricably links them together.

Kiama is desperate to return to Kenya to visit his grandparents and to lay some ghosts to rest. He approaches his late mother’s former best friend, Yvonne somewhat out of the blue to ask if she will accompany him. Though Yvonne seems reluctant she does agree to go with him and the unlikely travel companions set off. Kiama’s father, Lewis, seems very over-protective and we get the impression he’s worried about Kiama’s return to Nairobi, though we’re not entirely sure exactly why.

From the beginning the reader is left wondering what happened to Kiama’s mother, Emma, though it is clear that her death has had a profound effect on Kiama, Yvonne and Lewis. The dual timeline takes us back to Yvonne and Emma’s university days, through Emma’s pregnancy and Kiama’s childhood. There are secrets, things left unsaid, and we see how split second decisions and untruths can shape the future in profound and devastating ways.

Luan Goldie’s writing is beautifully evocative, and her ability to make us care deeply about her complex and well-developed characters is what really makes this book. The standout character for me is Kiama. In his late teens and having suffered a profound loss at a young age, I was impressed by the way the author so deftly captures that tricky period where he’s hovering somewhere between being a boy and a man. He’s trying to find his way in the world and make peace with the past, and as a result we are shown many different sides of his personality.

The taste of Kenya we are given I found completely fascinating and it has prompted me to read a little bit about Kenyan history to plug (the huge) gaps in my knowledge that would have enhanced my enjoyment of the story. This could be partly why it is not a book that I was able to read quickly; I had to savour the writing, and make sure I was able to be fully immersed each time I picked it up.

A beautifully written and engaging book about love, friendship and regret. With thanks to HQ for gifting me a digital copy for review.
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I read this for a blog tour. 

This was a fascinating novel about family, the past and dealing with things we've locked away.

Kiama has fragmented memories of his childhood in Kenya, before his mother's death, and he wants to make sense of them. His dad doesn't want to talk about it, so he seeks out his mother's best friend Yvonne and asks her to come with him to Kenya to unravel his memories.

Interestingly Yvonne knows the whole story but is uncomfortable with what it says about her. There's things she doesn't really want to tell Kiama, they don't paint her in a good light or his father.

The plot moves back and forth between Yvonne's past and the present, revealing the secrets she'd rather keep to herself.
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Kiami turns 18 and reaches out to his late mother's best friend Yvonne hoping she will accompany him to Kenya to find out what happened to his mother.

The story follows a series of events over twenty years that lead up to Emma's death and a young man's journey to find out as much as he can about his mum and his African roots.

The story is beautifully written. It's a story of love, heartbreak and exploring heritage.

It is a book that will stay with me for a very long time.
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Homecoming - Luan Goldie ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5⠀
My stop on the blog tour with @hqstories should have been yesterday but I've lost a day somewhere, whoops. So here it is 🤣🤦‍♀️⠀
Where do I start with this book?! ⠀
New favourite author alert! 😍💕⠀
This is the first book I've read by Luan Goldie. Nightingale Point has been sat on my shelf for far too long and I'm now so annoyed at myself for it. ⠀
Written over a timescale of two decades, Homecoming follows the story of Kiama and Yvonne. Kiama is a young man, with a confident attitude. Attempting to reconnect with his late mother on a trip back to Kenya as he feels there is so much he is yet to find out about her. Yvonne is carrying a heavy guilt, as his mothers best friend she is persuaded to go along on the trip with Kiama.⠀
This book is breathtakingly written and captivating in every sense. The level of detail with each character is wonderful. Three sensational characters.⠀
This book is about family, love & knowing your roots. You won't want this moving tale to end 💕⠀
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