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Page Turner! I could not put this book down. I read it in one sitting and thoroughly ensconced myself with the characters. The twist at the beginning will have you diving deeper into the story as the pages turn. Definitely loved this book. I will investigate other books by this author. What a great story!
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Great book!!!! Heartfelt and well done it will keep you reading and asking for more. Loved it! Add this one to your list of summer reads.
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A interesting cover. The story has been written very good. The characters are very interesting and sympathic.
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I didn't realize this was part if a series when I started. I jumped in without too much trouble. I'd like to go back and ready the beginning of their story though. One problem I had was that there was soooo much sex! I love me a good steamy romance, but this one it seemed to overtake the story.
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Before I leave here, she had to know this is forever. Me, her, Chloe. We're a family now, and Ill never let them go" 

Name: Everything We Left Unsaid
Author:  Ashley Cade
Series: Book 2 of The Wild Hearts Series
Genre: Romance, New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Well, it didn't get worse than the first one. Although there is more plot, I feel we still have somewhat the same issues with the sub-characters and in this case I found no real sense of resolution. 
After their tormented love affair during the summer, Abby and Jacob try to form a long distance relationship only to find out that Abby is pregnant. Trying to tell Jacob she is received with silence, not knowing that Jacob is in Africa. However, she receives a letter signed by Jacob with money and a petition to give away the baby she is carrying. Dumbfounded Abby sets to hate Jacob for the rest of her life. However, she never expects him to come to her door and whisk her away as if nothing had happened, as it wasn't him who sent her the letter. 
I love dramas like these, the "I didn't tell you I was pregnant",  the finding out about the baby years later. They usually gut me and fill me with joy and sorrow. However, Everything Left Unsaid had a few holes that didn't allow me to completely relish in the drama and in the plot. 
The first hole that it exists is the extreme romance. Even for a romance book, I found it being too much. Even though it tones down a little bit compared to the first book, I still found it too unreal. No love is as perfect and although they do go through their ups and downs it's like they're not real people. 
The second issue is again the sub-characters. They're barely there. We don't get to see Luke again (WHY was he even present in the first book?) They add a little more action in regards to both Jacob's parents and Abby's grandma and those parts I really enjoyed. However, this makes up 30% of the book. While the rest is sex scenes (a lot of them, maybe even too many) and them falling in love again with each other. 
I am not disappointed, as after reading the first book I knew the author's writing style. I didn't love the story but it was enjoyable and there was an itch in me that really wanted to finish the book. I was though a little disappointed in the ending. I felt, no pun intended, that there were a lot of things left unsaid. 
-- 2.5 stars --
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Everything We Left Unsaid
Book 2 Wild Hearts
Ashley Cade

5 Stars

What a very emotional pull at your heart strings story second chance romance! Loved it alot. Kept my interest throughout.

“It is true. I should’ve told you.” Of everything we left unsaid, that’s the part I regret the most."

"Abby, I will miss you every day we are apart. I’ll think of you my every waking moment. I’ll dream of holding you and Chloe in my arms every night. Until we meet again, Love, Jacob"
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Everything We Left Unsaid by Ashley Cade is book Two in the Wild Hearts Series. This continues the story of Abby and Jacob, so you really should read the previous book 'Something That Could Last' first before starting this one.  This is their second chance at love when something that pulled them apart is no longer there once they clear the air. Enjoyed their story.
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I didn't know this book was a sequel. I honestly feel I would have cared more about the relationship and their reconnection if I had the back story. I honestly skimmed the last half of the book. I wasn't surprised by who sent the letter, I was more surprised it took Jacob and Abby so long to realise it.
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2.5/5 stars
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an open and honest review

A conclusion to Jacob and Abby's story ...

What I liked

This is really just your basic ending to a basic romance ... not sure what else can really be said here. Nothing earth shifting to mention and plays out as you would pretty much expect given the cliffhanger ending in Something That Could Last. I mean ... it was fine I guess. I know that's not exactly a resounding review *shrug*.

What I did not like

Look, I thought the strife slammed into the last 50 pages of Something That Could Last was ridiculous. So many easy solutions. And so, with this book having to conclude on the last minute drama of that storyline (that I already did not find believable or necessary) ... this became just more of the same. Unnecessary drama for the sake of having drama ... since nothing really happened AT ALL in the first book. I'll be honest with you, I don't have high hopes for their relationship given their lack of communication, that's for sure!

In Conclusion

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If you thought Something That Could Last was heart wrenching, then consider yourself warned. Ashley Cade gutted me all over again.

There's really no easy way to prepare yourself for the second story in the Wild Hearts series. Everything We Left Unsaid hit me right in the stomach with the very first chapter. Jacob comes back to town again and never did he expect to find out what Abby's been hiding. Never! Talk about being shocked! One thing I liked about this author's style of writing in the first story is her precise wording and detail. She doesn't miss a beat and you get the full effect of what she's trying to convey to the reader. And in book two, Cade doesn't hold back either. As Jacob and Abby dealt with heartache and the pain of trying to salvage what they once had, I couldn't help but fall in love with these characters all over again. From where they started out, until now.

Heartbreak isn't easy to write about and I literally felt my heart beating rapidly so many times throughout this story. Ashley Cade is a beautiful storyteller, plain and simple. She's got that ability to take her readers on a journey, regardless how painful that journey might be, and mend the wounds along the way.

I might have even cried a little when I discovered there's going to be more to this series. If you enjoy second chance stories were love is young and tender, then this is one you don't want to miss! Five beautiful stars!! What a story, Ashley!
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Everything We Left Unsaid is book two in the Wild Hearts series. You should read book one (Something That Could Last) first. I loved Jacob and Abby's story in the first one but I was surprised by the ending. This so picks up a bit after the last one. Jacob comes back to town and seeks Abby out. Things have changed for Abby and she's not excited to see him. Jacob is a little lost at first and both have confusion about what happened after he left the first time. Sometimes things were frustrating between them but their connection was still there. This one is a heart-string puller. I was hoping they would get everything together in this one but then the ending surprised me again. I am so hoping that there is a book three is the works.
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3.5 Stars

This is the continuation of Jacob and Abby’s story after book one, ‘Something That Could Last’, ended on a cliffhanger! The story picks up a couple of years later where we see Jacob travelling home, deciding to stop over in Abby’s hometown, not expecting the reception he gets!

There are some explosive moments throughout the book where we discover exactly what happened to cause the distance between Abby and Jacob. There’s a lot of angst between the characters, naturally due to the situation their in. Both characters feel wronged, yet neither know who to really blame. 

In this book we get to see Abby and Jacob start to become a true family however things hit the rocks near the end of the book and the story looks set to continue in a third novel!

This book has lots of steamy romance scenes, a love story and family is a real focus! If you haven’t yet started this series check it out!
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We return to Abby and Jacobs story. And let me tell you it was heck of a lot better than the first one. Lies, betrayal, second chances, truths, fears, an adorable little girl makes this quite interesting. 

All in all it was good but I’m telling you there is another book and I could have done with cutting a bunch out and just have one book.
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I was anticipating this book for a while because I was dying to know what was going to happen, because Jacob and Abby needed there HEA.
My feelings were all over the place with this book, this author has a nak for pulling your heart strings. If you have been following my reviews for a while you will know that I love love love books that are like that.
The connection that’s between these two didn’t falter at all over the years it just became more and more. I think that I may have to add Jacob to my Book Boyfriend list.
That ending though?!? I’m happy to know that there is going to be another book. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen.
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I love me some Second Chance Romance. Cade did a great job a bit on the predictable side but still a great job. With all the books out there it's going to be hard to be original every single time. I don't want to give away a lot of details but just know it''s worth the read. From the beginning, you will be asking if Abby and Jacob can mend past mistakes. Great question. Now go read and find out for yourself.
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An ok second-chance romance that is endearing but predictable.
So, I didn't read the first book in this series, which I assume is about the start of Abby and Jacob's relationship, and that's totally on me.

Although I didn't need the first book to understand the context of Everything We Left Unsaid, I'm wondering if I would be more invested in their relationship if I had. And I'm guessing the answer to that is yes because although this was a fine book, I just wasn't feeling that insane connection between the two.

The book starts with Jacob visiting Abby after a long period away. He misses her so much and is expecting somewhat of an emotional reunion. Instead, she slaps him in the face and runs off with what looks like a mini-Jacob. He's shocked and wants to understand why she would keep a child from him after everything they went through.

Abby and Jacob try to mend past mistakes and trust each other after they realize that someone lied to both of them, trying to keep them apart. There was nothing wrong with the story, but it was easy enough to understand who was behind the false messages and letters. The miscommunication between the mc's was also a bit annoying at times.

Other than that this was a perfectly adequate second-chance romance.
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I didn’t realise this was a second part when I requested this, so I was a bit lost having not read the first but that was my fault. I enjoyed this despite my confusion, it was a lovely second chance romance and I’m off to read the first so I can do a reread of this and enjoy it without my self induced confusion. Lovely characters, great romance and well written.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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This is the conclusion to Abby and Jacob’s story. It is a nice second chance romance. It is a little slow moving, but a cute story. I liked it because it was a couple who really loves each other. There is no ridiculous drama and infighting. The story flows well and is easy to read.
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Last year I read the first book in the Wild Hearts series, ‘Something That Could Last’. I devoured that book, and loved every single page of it. Those two main characters Abby and Jacob just really touched my heart, and I couldn’t wait to read what happened next. Especially since the first book ended with such a cliffhanger. So when I received the ARC of ‘Everything We Left Unsaid’ I started reading as soon as possible.

In ‘Everything We Left Unsaid’ we meet Abby and Jacob two years later than where book one ended. Although Abby and Jacob loved each other very much, life and secrets came between them and they lost touch. Now, two years later Jacob visits Abby again.. and the last thing Jacob expected was what he found. There is a lot of hurt between Abby and Jacob.. but a love as theirs isn’t something that loses strength. Not even after two years.

After waiting for a year on this book, I was both excited and anxious to read how Abby and Jacob’s story would continue. And I didn’t expect to find two years had past since the moment where the previous book ended. At first I almost felt sad when I realized I didn’t know two of my favorite characters as well anymore. But, after reading the first two chapters I realized this made me connect with this next story even more, because I had to get to know these characters again as much as they had to get to know each other. 

And I loved it! There’s just something about Ashley Cade’s writing that really pulls me right into the story. And just as with the first book, this book made me feel all kinds of emotions. I loved reconnecting with Abby and Jacob. And I felt heartbroken, confused, happy and in love right along with them. I easily got pulled into this story again and I loved seeing other characters like Abby’s grandmother again too. 

The romance in this second book is definitely fun to read about again. You can easily feel the connection between Abby and Jacob. There were some pretty intense and hot moments too. And the story kept me hooked till the very last page. There just something about how different Abby and Jacob’s lives are, that makes me love their story. Opposites definitely attract in their case. 

I don’t know if I necessarily loved this book as much as the first book, but it definitely was a great read too. The ending is just as frustrating as was ending of the first book. So bravo Ashley, you left me a frustrated mess again! LOL!!  I seriously hope I won’t have to wait another year on book three.. I can’t deal with that!
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Can I say that I love this cover and it was a fun book?  On some nights that I couldn't put this down! The romance was there, but it doesn't develop until further in the book., which is understandable. The one thing I didn't like that is Abby, she wasn't the kindest and she sometimes got my nerves. 

Overall, I will be reading more from this author!
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