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Ready To Rise

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‘If there was ever a time to uncover our potential and voices - it’s now. Now is the time to boldly and authentically rise.’ The more I read of this the more inspired, challenged and excited I am. I, like Jo, am someone with strong opinions. Kind people call me direct but I know that I can be blunt! Since I was ordained in June 2019 God has been challenging me on using my voice well, using it to be ‘graciously challenging.’ I’m reviewing this now knowing that the rest of the book will not disappoint. I love the questions at the end of each chapter, the chance to work out what it means for ME to be Ready to Rise, for ME to own my voice, GATHER my community and STEP into my influence. I have especially loved the exploration of women in the early Church and the thought that Jesus raised the profile of all humans by showing them what God intended them to be. I love the way Jo weaves scripture, experience and ideas together in a way that is readable, appealing and enjoyable. She rounds the book off with exercises to bring her writing into action, so the book doesn’t just gather dust on a shelf. Sometimes books about leadership and influence feel overwhelming and impossible to implement but Jo just gets it, she gets busy working women, mothers, daughters, pastors and speaks to them in the middle of the chaos in a way that just makes sense, and not only seems achievable but is! Thank you. This book is both timely and terrific! You’d think reading a book about leadership in the middle of lockdown in a pandemic would be depressing but it’s fired my imagination, excited me and made me want to rise up to be more of the me God made me.
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