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I want to thank Net Galley for this ARC provided to me. I thought this book was a cute, quick read! I always enjoy a little tension between characters which ends up fueling the spark even more. Winifred and Daniel have a fun relationship and I wanted to read more to find out where things were going to go! I felt the ending was a little rushed but overall I did enjoy the story and the characters quirks about them each. Timber Falls reminded me of a hallmark town with the love and gossip that comes with those quaint towns.
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This was a quick read that I found really enjoyable because it didn't fall into the mold of all other contemporary romances.  Literally, every contemporary romance has this rise, rise, rise, crash, make-up, the end.  I won't spoil why it didn't fall into that mold, just that it was such a refreshing take on this genre.

I loved Daniel's persistence, I loved both his and Winnie's capabilities at being honest, I loved having a sloppy grin on my face the whole way through.  This is the start of a series - it looks like its a series where there are common characters but they can each be read as standalones.  We get Ainsley and Kyle next and I'll be putting that on my tbr.  This was certainly a great start to the series - I really like Fiona West's way of telling a story.
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Could Be Something Good by Fiona West is about a small town of Timber Falls, Oregon, where Winnie Baker works as a midwife at the local hospital. Also working at the same hospital are Dr. Daniel Durand (a new resident), his brother and father, along with Winnie’s mother, all of whom are physicians.

The story centers around Winnie and Daniel, their budding romance, both attempting to make their own choices rather than abide by what their families want for them, and standing up for themselves. Winnie has recently gotten out of a bad relationship, and is dealing with her overbearing mother insisting she go to medical school instead of working as a midwife. Daniel is a first year resident, has dyslexia, and often feels like a disappointment to Winnie’s mother, who is his supervising physician at the hospital.

The book tackles a few topics, such as age difference in a relationship (with the male being the younger of the two), toxic relationships and their effect on self-esteem, and living your own life. It is still a very light read, and one I enjoyed! The characters are cute, but I thought it was odd that the small town was strangely obsessed with them. There are definitely funny bits in this book, and I liked the graphic novel bonding… the book also made me want nachos constantly.

In the end, I give this one 3 stars!
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Could Be Something Good was a quick page turner. I liked both the main characters with their portrayal of real life issues such as midwife nurse Winnie, who has pressure from her doctor mother to further study in medicine and change her career path and Daniel, a doctor struggling with dyslexia. My only gripe with this book is how fast things moved between the two. It got to the stage where the flow just became a little too unrealistic. All in all though, it was a light fun book.⁣
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This is the first book I have read by Fiona West but it certainly won’t be the last because I  really enjoyed this sweet romance. Dr Daniel Durand and Winnie Baker are a couple you can’t help loving  and Timber Falls Oregon is a Place I’m sure we would all love to visit. This book is about instant love with an older woman, this story also touches on a subject close to my heart, dyslexia, and I have to say this author tells Winnie and Daniels story with compassion and humour. This is a fun, entertaining read with lots of witty banter, I was captivated from the first page to the last line and I loved the characters. A quick read that packs a mighty punch that I recommend to all romance lovers, small town romance and stories based around family and friends.
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*Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review*

Ugh. I hate doing this but...DNF at 23%. I really did think that this book Could Be Something Good, but it was simply lacking. Daniel and Winnie didn't draw me in with their characters, and there was an obvious lack of chemistry written into the story. I always feel silly saying that when it comes to a romance book but....I've learned that the words can be there and yet the heat won't always be, and that was the case here. There was just something about every character that fell flat. I'm usually a sucker for small town romances, but this one just missed the mark.
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Thank you Net Galley and the publisher. I have enjoyed reading this. Love it so much! Wonderful storyline and great characters.
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I used to be a romantic at heart, then Life happened and then I was bitter and thought that love and romance didn't really exist and I was not positive towards romance books.  Then I decided to read "If I Never Met You" and realized that contemporary romance wasn't the horrible thing it once was.  So I decided to read another contemporary romance, saw this available and requested it. 

And LOVED it!!!!

I'm not sure if I can list ALL the ways this rang my bells, but I will try.  I thought at first this was going to be Ainsley and Kyle's story, as they obviously had a THING, but was surprised it was going to follow his younger brother Daniel and her roommate Winifred.  That somewhat disappointed me, but I got over that quickly, as Daniel and "Fred"'s story was so good!  I was immersed in the characters, what they were thinking, feeling and the secondary characters were all introduced in a way that made them all feel real and not just cardboard cutouts.

Props to the author for Daniel having dyslexia and his family being so supportive and helping him to reach his goals in becoming a doctor.  I haven't read many books where that is something a character has to struggle with.  

I also loved how Daniel was YOUNGER than Winifred and how that was something she was struggling with.  That felt realistic.  I don't know much about the medical field and working in a hospital, but it didn't seem unrealistic to me, so that didn't kick me out of the book.  

I may have read this too fast to get much of the setting, but I was able to pick up on the fact that it took place in the Northwest of the US, in what seemed like a small-ish town.  That was the vibe that I got at least.  Granted, I personally didn't need much in the way of that detail, as I was so wrapped up in the characters and their story.  

There is some kissing and you know they get physical, but it's not on-page.  So some steam, but not in-your-face.  I liked that.  I'm still new to the whole romance book thing and didn't want it to go too Fifty Shades too fast.  

Seriously, this was the right book at the right time for me and it helped me to realize the first book wasn't a one-off of the genre of contemporary romance for me.  I have also read the second book in the series and loved it as well.  So this is not a one-hit wonder folks!  We have an author with writing chops here and I will be promoting this series at the store to all of our romance readers.  

Nothing less than 5 stars for this sweet, funny and heart-felt romance.  

My thanks to NetGalley and Tempest and Kite Publishing LLC for an eARC copy of this book to read and review.
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I absolutely loved this book. It was such a fun story, though I would have liked to see the relationship developing between these two a bit more in the beginning. But I still really enjoyed it.
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This book was so adorable! I loved every thing about this book, the characters, the romance, the relationship between the characters. I loved that it was set in the medical field also. This was a nice pallet cleanser I guess you could say and a nice getaway from everything. Im also excited to check out more from the author and would definitely recommend  this book to everyone! Thank you netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read this for an honest review.
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This book was a fun escape. I enjoyed the age difference and the medical field setting. I thought the book was written well with great dialogue between the characters. I really enjoyed the book, but give it 3 stars because it is a bit cheesy at times. It also seemed like the 30-something character was still an 18 year old with the way her mother treated her at times.  I enjoyed the book enough that I would like to read the next book in the series.
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“Could be something good” by Fiona West is such a lovely story. 

Daniel and Winnie were the just-meant-to-be couple. I adored the banter and the super hero references. 

Overall the book was a wholesome and easy read. And I can’t wait to read the next book.
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This one was something GOOD! Daniel and Winnie were a perfect match. I loved the story and the chemistry between the characters, it was super sweet and cute. I was smiling like a dork the whole time. Daniel was the perfect definition of a boyfriend. He was sweet, caring, and a total gentleman. I really enjoyed the time and effort Daniel put into getting the girl. And Winnie, she was fierce, smart, and loving. I liked that we get to see the relationships between Daniel and his family and Winnie and her family. The book also has a message about loving yourself and being happy with your choices, which I really like. Plus it has super hero references and banter. If you are looking for a small town, fast read super cute romance, I highly recommend this one!
****Disclaimer: I received this book from Netgalley for a review
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Very wholesome, cute book. Didn't love the main character chasing the girl and wearing her down till she liked him back. The mother/daughter relationship was well written. Interested to read about the Brother and best friend.
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This book was wonderful. It had great lead up and explained the characters well. Dr. Durant (the main one) overcame objections and kept his goal in site. It was a fun/easy read to have to relax to at night. It kept my attention well throughout.
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I really enjoyed this book! As soon as I was finished with this one I couldn't stop thinking about the next book! This author has such an easy going, funny way of telling a story. I found myself laughing out loud multiple times while reading the dialogue between Daniel and Winnie. To me, that is the sign of superb writing! This was a super cute, feel good romance. I for one love small town romances with multiple stories that intertwine. I can not wait to hear Kyle's story!!! I would highly recommend this book!!!!
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I love medical dramas, and when I saw that Could Be Something Good centers around a hospital in a small town, I knew I had to pick the book up! 

I really liked reading about Winnie and Daniel’s romance. The chemistry that they shared was so heart-warming! Daniel is such a sweetheart! The way he supported and cared for Winnie made my heart go “Awwww”  Winnie’s insecurities about dating a guy who was younger than her seemed perfectly realistic. I’m glad how the author chose to portray Winnie’s feelings about the matter! I wanted to know more about how Winnie and Daniel felt about each other though ~ with more depth, I mean.
Among other aspects of the book, Winnie and her mother’s relationship was the most interesting to read about! Conflict between a parent and a child regarding career choices is a pretty common. Kudos to the author for approaching this topic in such an appreciative manner. 

Daniel’s family was really adorable too! I loved reading his conversations with his dad and Kyle. 😁

Small town romances are the sweetest things ever! So glad I got to read this book 💜
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This book had a few of my favorite tropes. Sleepy small-town romance, medical romance, and fake dating. Unfortunately, this book did not cut it for me. 

Winnie Baker moves to the town of Timber Falls to work as a midwife for the local hospital. Daniel Durand is completing his residency at the same hospital and falls head over heels the minute he sees Winnie. Winnie responds to a bulletin at the local library in which someone is seeking a roommate. And just guess who that roommate’s best friend is? Yep, you got it - Daniel Durand. 

I found all the scenes in this book to be pretty short. Since the wedding was a major plot point, I expected to be totally submersed in the wedding but instead it was wrapped up within a few pages (not even mentioning the actual ceremony or reception). Every single scene left me desiring more. I would also say the same with the character development in this book. I do not feel that I should get to the end of the book and not feel any emotion whatsoever for the characters. I also did not like the way Daniel’s brothers autism was thrown in to one sentence without any thought thereafter and I also did not like the way that Daniel’s dyslexia were thrown in to one paragraph. I feel that the author just threw this information into the story to make it seem diverse. Needless to say, I don’t think I will be continuing with the series. 

Big thank you to NetGalley and Tempest and Kite Publishing for allowing me to read an advanced copy of this book!
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*Thank you Netgalley and the Publisher for providing me with a copy of this book for review, all opinions are my own*

I might even have liked this book if it hadn't been so boring and uninteresting.  
This is one of those books that if I had been good I would have read it in 3 days at most, but unfortunately, I came across shallow and boring characters, a story with no plot and direction and writing that made the book drag.
I ended up taking twice as long to read.  There's nothing bad about this book, it just wasn't good, it wasn't captivating or interesting.
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I was very kindly sent this book to read, in return for an honest review.
I was addicted to this sweet, lighthearted romance right from the start and I stayed up way too late to make sure I finished it!!
The story was a little bit geeky(in a good way!) but also funny and smart and full of emotions.
The two main characters - Winnie and Daniel make a cute couple and their relationship is adorable. Reading all about them made me feel all warm and fuzzy!!
I think Daniel has to be my overall favourite character, I loved how patient and charming he was - especially with Winifred.
The story revolves around Dr. Daniel and midwife Winnie and when they both first meet, Daniel feels he has met his perfect match. Winnie is not too sure about Daniel because she feels she is far too old for him. Despite a few obstacles, including a bet with a family member and some small town gossip, they eventually get together!!
I instantly fell in love with the wonderful Timber Falls and all it’s residents and I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series!
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