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I really enjoyed this latest from the brilliant Lisa Jewell!

Full of tension and great story telling.... this is a real page turner.

Seen through the eyes of 3 main characters - Owen the local loner, a teenager called Saffyre and the family of a therapist.... all our connected in intricate ways.... leaving the reader wondering who is the really who.

Thanks for Netgalley for the ARC in return for an honest review.
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I always enjoys stories by Lisa Jewell and this was no exception.  The characters were really interesting, a bit of a bunch of misfits really but as the story developed and I learned more about their circumstances, it was really quite moving in places.  Lisa Jewell always adds a sense of mystery which is compelling and made it one of those stories you really need to keep reading.  Really interesting character studies and a great example of how mindless talk can ruin lives.
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Owen is 30, single, alone. He lives with an aunt who barely tolerates him. He's a bit creepy as well - in the eyes of people who notice him. Saffyre is a young school girl who has her own demons to cope with after experiencing abuse when she was only 10. Owen spirals into despair after getting into trouble at work and is in a pretty awful state beginning to blame all women for his troubles.
When a pretty young girl like Saffyre goes missing in the immediate area of where Owen lives it's only natural that the focus is on Owen. Is he guilty though?  What really happened to Saffyre? Great read - go and read it.
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Lisa Jewell is one of my favourite writers precisely because you can't predict the content of her books but you can rest assured they will be populated by realistic characters underpinned by a clever and multi-layered plot.

When Saffyre goes missing the locals look to the misfit Owen Pick and oh how the scene is effortlessly conjured up as the word spreads and opinions solidify in The Invisible Girl.

With the book touching on the rare subject of incels Lisa manages to engage the reader without ever telling them what to think, a fine line to walk and one I suspect was underpinned by thorough  research.  Will larger than life characters even those you might suspect are often worthy of some, if not sympathy, definitely compassion.

Having enjoyed each and every one of this author's books it seems trite to say her books keep on getting better, but they do!
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Invisible Girl is told from three different perspectives. There's Owen Pick, a thirty-something virgin living in his aunt's spare bedroom, who was recently suspended from his teaching job due to sexual misconduct allegations. Then there's Cate, who lives across the road from Owen with her husband, Roan and their two children. A child psychologist, one of Roan's former patients is teenager Saffyre Maddox, who hasn't been the same since she was sexually assaulted by a boy in primary school.

The book flashes between the past and present. In the present day, Saffyre goes missing on Valentine's Day night and Owen Pick is the main suspect. It's difficult to discuss any more of the plot without spoilers. But I personally didn't find this as unputdownable as I expected. While there were definitely enough twists and turns to keep you guessing, the ending felt lacklustre after so much suspense. I also felt that with the three protagonists, I didn't get enough of a connection to any of the characters. However, if you're a fan of Lisa Jewell or books that keep you guessing until the end, you'll enjoy this book.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the ARC. All opinions are my own.
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Another great read from Lisa Jewell, which keeps you hooked from the very start. Lots of twists and turns along the way, just when you think you've worked it all out, it all heads off in a different direction and  you're completely wrong.
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Psychotherapist Roan, his wife Cate and children Josh and Georgia are temporarily living in Hampstead.  Also living on their road is Owen Pick, a creepy 33 year old man who lives with his aunt.  A spate of sexual assaults in the area leaves everyone on edge. When a former patient of Roan's, vulnerable 17 year old Saffyre Maddox goes missing, Owen is immediately a suspect, with Saffyre's blood found on the outside window ledge of Owen's bedroom and her phone found in his garden.  Owen declares his innocence and yet he is harbouring dark secrets of his own.   With Roan hiding secrets of his own, will the police find out what has happened to Saffyre before it is too late?

I am a huge fan of Lisa Jewell's books.  They are total page turners and have often kept me up reading way past my bedtime!  However, this book was just an okay read for me.  I liked it, I just didn't love it.  I found the plot slow moving and lacking tension, along with characters I found difficult to warm to.  However, if you are a fan of Lisa Jewell's previous books, there are enough secrets, deceptions and tangled lives to keep you engaged. 3/5*
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Another utterly captivating book by Lisa Jewell. Invisible girl had me completely hooked from the start. This book was brilliantly paced, with a well plotted storyline that keeps your interest piqued . The characterisation was perfection, and the ending was absolutely brilliant. I loved this book and honestly couldn't recommend it highly enough!
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Lisa Jewell is a fantastic author and I love reading her books, this one is no exception. Definitely a page turner and as with all her books well worth a read!
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This was a good thriller set in North London. 

Cate is married to Roan, a psychologist with a habit of being unfaithful. They have two teenage children, Georgia and the very gentle Josh. 

However, in their peaceful part of Hampstead there has been a spate of sexual assaults which all comes to a head when schoolgirl Saffyre goes missing. 

There story is quite dark with lots of twists and turns, secrets and people hiding their true selves. It was a real page turner.
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After falling in love with this author after The Family Upstairs, this author excelled with Invisible Girl. 

Another book that put me on the edge of my seat, sent chills down my spine and a read full of plot twists that left me intrigued. What I read, I did not expect in the least.

I think I have found a new favourite author. I cannot wait to see what she delivers next. If it's anything like this, I will not be disappointed at all.
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Let me first start by saying that I have heard nothing but good reviews for Lisa Jewell's work, so I was really excited to read this.
I'm a fan of Ruth Ware and Lucy Foley, in terms of similar reads.
And I could not believe that this was the first book that I have read courtesy of Netgalley that was a DNF.
I read over a third of Invisible Girl and in those chapters nothing really happened.
I kept holding on thinking, 'surely something exciting is going to happen next' and nothing did.
It didn't even set the scene really, nothing happened. 
The characters weren't likeable either, which made it even more difficult to keep reading.
It pains me to leave a one star review but I genuinely could not continue with this book. Maybe it was just this book but it's definitely made me think twice about reading more from the author.
Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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The psycological thriller may be a crowded genre in the book market place, but done well  it can provide hours of entertainment and pleasure. One of its most acomplished purveyors and someone who specialises in what is termed by some as family or domestic noir is Lisa Jewell.

Secrets, deceptions and not really knowing someone who is close to you are integral themes. One thing is for certain is that the nice ( always invarabily metropolitian middle class) ostensibily happy family that we encounter at the start of the novel will be radically different at the end of it.

In Invisible Girl we have an increasingly entangled storyline told from three troubled perspectives. 

A disturbed missing teenager who on the evidence presented we presume to be the victim of a recent crime. 

Then we have the prime suspect to the presumed crime, someone struggling with his internal demons. 

Finally there is the wife of the psycotherapist who had previously treated the missing girl. A woman consumed by much doubt and uncertainty,

The reader is faced by a puzzle and as more information is revealed, our perceptions of the main characters continually change.

The fact that I read the book over the course of a day is probably the best recommendation that I can give it. I'm sure that it will satisfy Lisa JewelI's not inconsiderable fanbase and anyone else new to her work.
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Lisa Jewell does it again! She’s the master at creating complex characters in tough situations, where secrets and lies are all intertwined. This time, there’s a missing girl, a suspected man, and a family who are witnesses to the event - or are they more than that?

The story deals with sexual assault, the mistreatment of women and even looks at the rise of “incels”. It made me frustrated at times so that’s down to the effective writing! Even though not all the characters were decent, I thought the book does a good job of humanising them. The relationships are loaded and never what they appear on the surface. The mystery had me guessing until the end. If you love Lisa Jewell’s books or if you‘re looking for a thought-provoking, addictive mystery, you don’t want to miss this!
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It’s not often you get to read about what it could feel like to have circumstantial evidence piling up against you and you know the truth. This book shows sympathetically how that may appear to others while creating a mysterious plot.  A very clever piece of writing.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading about all the different characters, who were very well defined - even the ones I didn’t like.  This is a quick, easy read which belies the skill it must have taken to write it.
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I totally enjoyed reading this book. Couldn't put it down. Perfect read at the end of the day. Definitely recommend.
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A fascinating book that keeps you hooked from start to finish. All the twists and turns are well planned and add to the mystery. Definitely recommended to those readers who enjoy reading this type of book.
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Another fail safe thriller from Lisa Jewell. Dark secrets, complicated family dynamics, even after so many books Lisa’s stories still have the ability to hold my interest and surprise me.  The queen of domestic noir!
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A dark mystery psychological thriller that has you thinking everyone could be guilty of something.

A 17 year old, Saffyre goes missing on Valentine’s Day evening. There is no trace of her but someone must know something.

Cate and Roan are a married couple with two teenage children. A Valentine’s Day card arrives in the post for Roan and suddenly Cate is imaging all sorts, but why ?

Finally we have Owen, who lives across the road from Cate and Roan. He has just been removed from his teaching job for inappropriate behaviour, which he strenuously denies, and is pretty much a bit of a loner.

After the disappearance of Saffyre, all of their lives are turned upside down but where is Saffyre and what secrets are individuals trying to hide ?

This is a great mystery with a dark undertone. The characters are great, even if you don’t like a couple of them !! This one will have you doubting everyone and trying to figure out who knows what about Saffyre.

Thank you to Random House UK, Cornerstone and NetGalley for a digital copy of this book.
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This was so so so good! I really couldn't put it down once I started it which meant that I finished in within a few days. Jewell brings forth 33 year old Owen who doesn't meet society's expectation of what a man his age should be doing, ie. in a relationship, living alone, not a virgin etc. Add circumstance, a series of sexual assaults and a missing 17 year old and you get a ravenous media itching to slap this man in the public eye. Of course, the story isn't just about him as we learn about lovely Saffyre Maddox who's desperate to gain back what she lost as a 10 year old at the hand of an older boy.
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