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Wow. I love Lisa’s books soooo much. Always a twist right to the end. I fell in love with 17 year old Saffyre, she should have her own series of books that girl has such a history for one so young. Lisa shows such empathy to all her characters and you can’t help but feel sorry for the accused Owen as he obviously has undiagnosed autism/attachment disorder. The introduction of the fox just have it even more of the feel good element amongst a dark story of sexual abuse and attacks on women. Love this book a must read.
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When Saffyre Maddox was ten, something terrible happened, and she's carried the pain of it ever since. The man who she thought was going to heal her didn't, and now she hides, learning his secrets, invisible in the shadows.

Owen Pick is invisible too. He's never had a girlfriend; he's never even had a friend.
Nobody sees him. Nobody cares.

But when Saffyre goes missing from opposite his house on Valentine's night, suddenly the whole world is looking at Owen. 

Accusing him. Holding him responsible for Saffyre's disappearance

Lisa Jewell returns with another dark, intense, creepy and twisty psychological thriller set in London that examines a wide range of complex flawed characters, many of whom comprise of societies oddballs and socially awkward misfits, and the quick to judge perceptions of the police and the public, heightened to unbearable levels with vilification through the questionable medium of social media

An engrossing, twisty story of how we look in the wrong places for bad people while the real predators walk among us in plain sight.

Loved it

Many thanks to NetGalley and Random House UK, Cornerstone for an advance copy in return for a fair and honest review
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I'm normally a fan of Lisa Jewell but I didn't really enjoy this one. I found the story slow and couldn't take to any of the characters. The plot itself was ok but this was just an average read for me.
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I wasn't completely tempted by the blurb but being Lisa Jewell I couldn't not read. I am so glad I did. A unique story with an array of diverse characters. A great thriller with lots of twists and turns. I loved it.
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Lisa Jewell at her best. I really enjoyed this novel. The characters were likeable and I felt sorry for some. I was sucked in by them. I couldn't put it down. The twists and turns within the story were great, thought you figured it out and then in true Jewell style you are left guessing. Thank you netgalley for my ARC copy.
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I am a big Lisa Jewell fan, so was immensely looking forward to starting her most recent novel, Invisible Girl. This book is satisfyingly twisty and riveting read which follows various, seemingly separate characters whose lives soon become entwined in different ways. It all centers around the disappearance of a teenage girl, but it’s about so much more than that – it’s about relationships, respect, family life, gender, appearances and deception – plus so much more.

It’s a novel I am wary of over explaining, as I don’t want to give too much away. I’ll just say that Lisa Jewell has done it again and created a fantastic read with convincing, well-rounded characters (and the characters really help make this book what it is; they’re so brilliantly created and fleshed out by the author, who I would expect no less of!). We get a real insight into the way a seemingly fleeting decision or life choice can have such an effect on someone’s life – Owen is a prime example of this – as well as how some people can so effectively and completely fool other people, even those closest to them. There’s multiple narrative threads at play here, and you just know that it’s all going to link together in some way, but you can’t quite work out how…

Combine this brilliant characterisation with an intriguing, complex (but not too complex) plot that moves along at just the right pace, and you have Invisible Girl. It avoids being overly dramatic but instead offers just the right level of impact.

This book really grabbed me from the first page, and the writing flowed so well that I struggled to put this one down – at all. Definitely recommended.
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Another amazing book by lisa Jewell. Characters you can visualise and feel you know and the excitement as the plot develops.  This book centres on lonely people and how they all become connected. A fabulous read
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I have read a lot of this authors books and enjoyed them all. Sadly I didn’t enjoy this one. I found it very slow and I didn’t particularly like any of the characters
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Now before I start, I am a big Lisa Jewell fan and have had no hesitation in the past to give put 5* reviews on previous books BUT dont hate me, I just didnt like this one!

Personally I wouldn't place in the thriller genre, in my opinion it lacked suspense and the shock factor.

I didn't gel with any of the characters and didn't relate to them and there are quite a few.

It just didnt hold my interest, when you start scanning the pages you just know it's not for you right?

In all honesty I got bored BUT the majority of ratings are 4-5* so this is definitely a "it's me not the book" scenario!

Thanks to netgalley and Random House UK for the ARC.
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When vulnerable 17-year-old Saffyre Maddox goes missing, the entire Hampstead community have their own ideas about what happened to her. With local reports of sexual attacks on young women, Cate Fours, mother-of-two and wife of Saffyre’s former psychologist Roan, has her suspicions about Owen Pick, the odd single man who lives opposite them. Invisible Girl is unnerving, twisty and highly addictive with believable characters who you both suspect and empathise with. A unique, mind-fuck of a domestic suspense novel. Lisa Jewell does it again!
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Synopsis: Owen Pick feels like his life is falling apart. He's in his 30s, still a virgin, living with his elderly aunt, sacked from his job and basically friendless. Searching for advice online he is inadvertently sucked into the dark world of 'Incels' forums where he meets other men who are 'victims' of involuntary celibacy. Across the road live the Fours. Roan is a successful child psychologist and he and his wife have two great kids. The family feel there is something off about Owen. He seems creepy and their daughter said he followed her home once. Meanwhile Saffyre Maddox a young girl under Roan's treatment is left feeling abandoned and a little obsessed with the family, but when she disappears Owen is the prime suspect. 

Lisa Jewell is a recently discovered author for me and I've loved everything I've read from her so far, Invisible Girl included. There is a great tension to the writing that keeps you reading and plenty of red herrings that lead you to believe one thing or another only to be surprised when you get it wrong. The characters are great, all being somewhat morally grey and not really fitting into 'good' or 'bad' categories. I'd really recommend Lisa Jewell for any fans of a good psychological thriller.
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Invisible Girl is a tense family drama/psychological thriller that I raced through in one day.

Like all Lisa Jewell books it is well written with great characterization and a unique plot that kept me guessing until the end.

Trigger warning - sexual assault, self harming, adultery, misogyny

4 stars
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This stalking, psychological thriller has the tables turned on the characters in the story. This was a good read and recommended.
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Wow! I totally loved this book, it took a couple of chapters to get into the swing of the different narratives but once that clicked it was awesome. The theme of sexual assault is dealt with so well, it’s uncomfortable to read in places, to find out what is happening to women and girls by this sexual predator, but it is done with compassion and a light touch. 
Saffyre was my favourite character and I am so relieved that she transformed from a frightened child to a strong young woman, able to stand proud and embrace her future fully. I was saddened by Owen's narrative, to live in such a cold and hopeless environment and it made me think about the many people who suffer from loneliness and an inability to connect with others. I am delighted about the way in which the narratives tied together and the positive and hopeful way in which the story ended. It’s a cracking read and I just want to start it all over again.
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Invisible Girl is another top story from the magical pen of Lisa Jewell, one of my favourite authors.

Saffyre Maddox is ‘the invisible girl’ through choice. Not wishing to stand out or be noticed, she is trying to come to terms with a traumatic event that happened when she was a child, and with the help of her psychologist, Roan Fours, she is thought to be making some headway. When her therapy ends she feels deserted and forgotten.

Cate, Roan's wife, is a physiotherapist but hasn't worked much since she had their children, Georgia and Josh. The family have moved into a rented upmarket flat in leafy Hampstead, London whilst their own house is being repaired.

Owen Pick lives opposite the Fours family. In his thirties, living with his aunt and struggling with issues at work, he looks for advice online for those in a similar situation to his.

On Valentine's night, Saffyre goes missing and the finger of suspicion from the police and the public points towards geography teacher Owen, a man who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time...

Invisible Girl was a cracking, well-told, unsettling tale, and it certainly held my interest. Told from different perspectives, the characters were fascinating, flawed but believable and I thoroughly enjoyed this riveting and disturbing story. Lisa Jewell has a wonderful knack for writing complex characters that you really care about and this book, Invisible Girl was no exception. With an phenomenally good finale that I couldn't guess, it is well worth a read and I would highly recommend it to fans of Lisa Jewell, or to anyone who enjoys a marvellous, character-driven story.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel at my request from Random House UK, Cornerstone/ Century via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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From early on in this book we are dealing with the disappearance of Saffyre Maddox. The teeager has links to the family of Roan and Cate- Roan being her former therapist. We see the extent of the connection to the family as the story progresses. And what of creepy Owen Pick - is he in the wrong place at the wrong time, or is there more to him than we think? We know Saffyre has a secret from childhood that she didn't share in therapy. but this isn't revealed until later on. Family can take many forms as we see here too, and a fractured family can have wide reaching effects far into the future. Links, sadness and new beginnings. #netgalley #InvisibleGirl
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Sorry I have been able to get to this book yet, but unfortunately due to this years troubling events my reading mojo has deserted me. Once it returns I will certainly be reading this book and updating my review.
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Wow! Where do I start?

A mere few years ago I would have steered clear from books like this. Especially as a woman these dark subjects are not essentially something I would read as pleasure. As my reading habits have changed I’ve become more intrigued and interested in these harsher and darker subjects. I think in reading I’m also keeping myself educated and in some aspects safe.

Now I’m going to annoy a few people by saying this was my first Lisa Jewell read and my I chose a good one. I’m pretty certain I have a few of her books sitting pretty on my kindle bookshelf and they will be moving up my TBR pile.

I loved everything about this novel, the plot, the pace and the unpredictability. The story is split into Before, After and Now and is also split into Cate, Owen and Saffyre.

Although there are a number of other characters that play a significant part in the events surrounding the plot and just like the main characters they aren’t all likeable.

I loved that most of the chapters were pretty short and snappy and my did they pack a punch often leaving me itching to know more eagerly turning those pages and then it had moved onto another persons story.

These characters weren’t particularly likeable but at times I felt for all of them. Take Saffyre she’s been through a lot but voicing herself doesn’t come easily. In not opening up to those who care she’s put herself in a strange situation – her choices are sometimes questionable.

Owen is a character who will make your blood boil but there are times when I was like you’re not really that person. He will frustrate you, annoy you and you will be questioning your thoughts a lot.

Cate is an interesting lady and if I’m honest only at the very end did she redeem her self worth. A mother, a grafter and a wife.

If you want a novel that has you turning the pages and eager for more then look no further. Lisa Jewell is a writer to be in awe of, she’s created a dark and at times disturbing story that will keep you on your toes and awake long into the night. I honestly cannot wait to read more from her.
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I normally love Lisa's books. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed this book but not nearly as much as some of her previous work. I thought it was an interesting story line and certainly a bit of an eye opener for me! I can already think of customers who will love this book though.
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This was good and kept you guessing all the way along. Great characters that worked really well with this story. Another best seller by Lisa.
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