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A great holiday read.  Light  and funny. The characters are well developed and believable.  I look forward to reading more by Sophia Money-Coutts.
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This was another brilliant novel by Sophia Money-Cutts! Since I read "The Plus One" I read her new novels religiously and they never disappoint. 

The Wish List revolves around Florence Fairfax and the man of her dreams, who she cannot wait to meet. One day at work, she meets Rory, who seems to be the man she has always dream about... or is he? 

Fantastically written and so tender and funny I would read it all over again. Highly recommended!
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Florence Fairfax lives with her 2 stepsisters and her stepmother, whilst her dad works abroad most of the time. Florence loves working in a Chelsea bookshop and has a cat called Marmalade. Florence thinks she has everything she needs, until her stepmother makes her a block of appointments with a love coach. Florence then begins to think that actually she would like a boyfriend, and so writes her very own ‘wish list’.

After meeting a rather eccentric man at the bookshop, Florence finds herself out on a date. Can Florence tick off her wish list in full or perhaps he isn’t all that she wished for?

The characters in this book are well thought out and very realistic. However, I found the plot a little predictable and it didn’t have as many truly humorous moments as Sophia’s other books, which is what I really enjoyed about them. Having said that, the story is a sweet romance with a lovely, feel good ending.
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A light-hearted funny easy read. 

Made me laugh out loud in parts. Is fun a great holiday read.

Who doesn’t love a romcom
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I really enjoyed this book!

Florence Fairfax is 32 and single. In fact, she's never had a proper boyfriend. When her half-sister Mia gets engaged, her stepmother recommends that Florence goes to a love guru on Harley Street. To shut her up, Florence complies even though she thinks it's a load of rubbish.

While at her session, she must create a wish list of things she wants in a man. Later, a man enters the bookshop that she works in and they hit it off and eventually enter into a relationship. Rory (the Tory - eek!) works in politics and hopes to become Prime Minister one day but not everyone is Florence's life is taken by him.

I love Florence and the depth of her character. This book made me laugh and although I'd guessed where it was going, it was an exciting read and I enjoyed everything about it. Money-Coutts has written such likable characters which makes this book a pleasure to read. If I had one bad thing to say about it, it would be that it ended too soon and I wanted more!
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Another great read from SMC. Funny, sweet and romantic with a few dastardly characters, just want you want in a romcom.
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The Wish List is a fun, light-hearted and witty read. Exactly what I was looking for.

The character Florence reminded me of Nina from The Bookish Life of Nina Hill, another book I really enjoyed.

At times I was laughing out loud it was such a fun book. Perfect for some escapism.
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I picked up this book hoping for a light and optimistic read. I have to say I wasn't disappointed. The story is funny and easy to engage with - perfect for short summer read! 

The main protagonist - Florence is a shy bookworm with an OCD being draught into the world of dating by her family. The characters are simple yet enjoyable. The story itself was pretty predictable and not exactly innovative yet I wasn't looking for that in this position. I would call it a classic rom-com.

Thank you to NetGalley for gifting me this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Florence Fairfax is quite happy working in a bookshop, living wit her two half sisters & her cat. Unfortunately her step mother & sisters can't accept that she can be happy without a boyfriend & arrange for her to see a love coach (I doubt if that was her proper title but I can't remember what it was?) She gets her to write a wish list for a Prince Charming. Soon along comes Rory the Tory who seems exactly what she wants-or is it?

With slight Cinderella overtones (although the Step Mother & sisters are really quite nice, even if they are annoying!) this was a fun undemanding read. It had some great characters & some laugh out loud moments. Thanks to Netgalley & the publisher for letting me read & review this book.
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Florence is quite happy being on her own but her stepmother keeps on at her about finding a boyfriend. Then she finds love coach Gwendolyn and she make her write a wish list of what she wants in a boyfriend and then Rory turns up
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Thank you to the publishers & netgalley for this read.
I WAS eager to read this as it appeared to be a fun rom com and the description really appealed to me.
However, I felt that the story did not live up to the description and I didn't warm to the main character.
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If your looking for something witty, light-hearted and guaranteed to leave a smile on your face then this is it. Florence is in her 30's and has never had a real boyfriend. Her step mother sets her up with and appointment with a love expert which she reluctantly agrees to go to. She encourages Florence to write a post of things she's looking for in a boyfriend. Shortly after her first appointment she meets good on paper Hugo and the pair get together. Florence can't believe her luck but fate has a funny way of changing things and Florence discovers that this boyfriend lark isn't as simple as she thought. 
This story has me howling with laughter at point especially with the COWABUNGA moments. It also had me close to tears at points. It's full of wit and had a serious topic of obsessive behaviour covered within the love story. A great read and will definitely look for more by Sophia Money-Coutts
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What makes the perfect beach read? 🏖 

For me, I would say something that provides escapism OR a feel good rom com that gives me all the feels.🥰 THE WISH LIST by Sophia Money-Coutts would definitely tick the box for feel good rom com and it certainly provided me with a lot of belly laughs.🤣 Always a good sign...

So what’s it all about 👇
Florence Fairfax works in little bookshop in Chelsea (dream 😍) and her beloved cat Marmalade keeps her company at night (brilliant 🐈). Her personality is perfectly pitched for this book. A great sense of humour, her own insecurities and is happy being single. And then Florence meets eccentric love coach Gwendolyn, who makes her write a wish list describing her perfect man. Finding someone who likes cats, has the sexual athleticism of James Bond and can overlook her ‘counting’ habit? No chance! 😂 Until, later that week, a handsome blond man asks for help in the bookshop…😏 Rory seems to fit the list perfectly. Florence finds out that her criteria for Mr Right aren’t as important as she thought – and that perhaps she’s been looking for love in all the wrong places…Don’t we all!!! 😂

I read this quickly folks as it’s such an enjoyable book. THE WISH LIST is saucy, fresh and witty with plenty of cringe moments. Oh many 😳One word cowabunga...😂 The book explores love, sisterhood and family, and felt really hopeful and uplifting. I love books about bookshops..or anything book related to be fair and throw in a bunch of great characters and some giggles - I’m in! 🙋🏼‍♀️ I was trying to think what this book reminded me of and Bridget Jones Diary popped into my head. It definitely has Bridget vibes - cheerful yet touching. 
If I was going on holiday, I would pack THE WISH LIST. But I’m not so I had to make do with my garden.😆

Out now!
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An absolutely delightful read. I really loved Florence' unique personality and her little sidekick, Marmalade. Overall an enjoyable book that I would highly recommend.
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I was fortunate to receive a copy of this ARC from NetGalley.

Ah Florence! You will laugh with her, want to shake her, cringe, root for her and relate to her.

Florence has a very well controlled life, despite her family, with her cat Marmalade. Then Rory and Zach come into her life, along with Gwendolyn and change is coming whether she likes it or not.

There are so many laugh out loud moments in this book that I really struggled to choose my favourite quote! I went with the most "clean" of them 😂

"I turned to look in the mirror again. My bottom looked enormous. I might as well slap a 'wide load' sticker on it and reverse out of the cubicle making a beeping sound."

Both Kindle and hardback are out now. Paperback release is scheduled for April 2021, but you really don't want to wait that long!
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A wacky Love coach tells Florence to write a wish list for her ideal man. She's happy as she is but would like to find a partner. She meets Rory but he doesn't meet all the criteria, is he suitable husband material.?  A really enjoyable, funny read.
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Meet Florence, working in a Chelsea bookshop called Frisbee Books with Norris 'if you need anything give me a shout' shop owner, and gay wanna-be but mostly unemployed actor Eugene. Flo's life is sedate and, without a boyfriend, Florence showers all her love on cat Marmalade, and rigidly makes sure routines are in place that cannot be deviated from. Cheese and tomato sandwiches cannot leak their pips into her rucksack and she has many self imposed rules that make life quite a trial. Her game, Consequences means that if a certain coloured car follows another certain coloured car then the day will be bad and of course there is the Counting too. Odd numbers spell disaster. In a bid to control her life Florence counts lots of things and even numbers are reassuring.
Whether this is due to losing her Mum at an early age, her Dad re-marrying and working as a diplomat abroad, or the connection between half sisters Ruby and Mia which Florence seems not to be a part of, or even the shallow, appearance obsessed step mother Patricia, it is hard to say. In reality obsessive compulsive behaviours can be so damaging and invasive, destroying relationships and people's ability to function, but in this novel, The Wish List, they are a quirky part of Florence's personality which just makes her more likeable and more of an interesting character.
This book IS hilarious. Gwendolyn Glossop the love coach on Harley Street is incredibly funny and responsible for Florence creating a wish list of attributes she would like a potential boyfriend to possess. Florence doesn't believe in the madness at all but then she meets Rory (the Tory).
The dialogue is laugh-out-loud, the sex scenes laugh-out-loud and the whole book just makes you feel good! The characters are incredibly well written and enjoyable to get to know and the plot is not sacrificed to humour. The two go hand in hand.
Florence is not only seeking a love life, she is also involved in a campaign to save Frisbee Books. At the helm of the project is Norris's nephew Zach and with the help of the tiny band of workers, we are treated to an Instagram poet event, the Chelsea Pensioners choir at a Christmas event and the petition signing outside of the bookshop.
Throw in friends from support group NOMAD (no more anxiety disorders) a wedding that has been planned to death and an uncontrollable pug and you have a delightful, zany, silly, funny, happy, marvellous read.
Guaranteed to chase away any black clouds lurking over your head, pick up this book for the best medicine in life - laughter.
Cowabungaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (You'll have to read the book to find out what that means!)
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I loved Sophia’s book last year so when the chance came up to read her new book ‘The Wish List’ I just had to grab it. 

We meet Florence Fairfax who works in a bookshop in Chelsea. She always likes to stick to routine and that includes eating the same lunch every single day. When her step mother books her sessions with a relationship expert she’s sceptical but goes anyway as she’s never had a boyfriend. She makes a list of her ideal partner but does she meet someone who meets every point? 

Florence has such a unique personality I loved her. Can’t say the same for Rory though! I loved the bookshop element (who doesn’t love a bookshop!) and loved her cat. In parts the story is emotional and in other parts you just want Florence to do well. 

I am very much looking forward to Sophia’s next book. I give ‘The Wish List’ 4*/5* 😊 

Thank you to HQ for an advanced copy of this book via Netgalley.
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I read this for a blog tour. 

A funny, warm and entertaining read about love, family and cats. Also working in a bookshop. All of which are good things, especially the bookshop and the cats.

Florence has lots of routines and rules to help her cope with life, she also has two sisters who are her house mates, a slightly overbearing stepmother, works in a genteel old bookshop with a matching boss, a theatrical co-worker and not a lot of luck in the romance department.

Her stepmother buys her a course of love therapy with an eccentric guru and it seems to be working, or is it?

There's some genuine laugh out loud moments and the bonds between Florence and her friends and family are endearing, a really jolly read.

This was a great read for the summer heatwave, sat with my feet in a bowl of water, wishing it was a pool or the sea. So take it to the park, your back garden or the sofa with snacks.
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Florence Fairfax has never had a boyfriend, sure she's had a few one night stands but no actual commitment. She's perfectly happy with her life, working in a bookshop (the dream) and not straying to far from routine and her cat Marmalade. But with her stepsister annoucing she's engaged it soon highlights Flo's very single status and her stepmother sets her up with an eccentric love coach, Gwendolyn. When Gwendolyn makes Flo write a "wish list" describing her perfect man, Flo thinks she is crazy, the universe won't give her what she wants just because she writes a list.. or will it? Enter Rory, a guy who seems to tick every box on Flo's list and just so happens to walk into her bookshop..

I have to start with one word: 𝘊𝘖𝘞𝘈𝘉𝘜𝘕𝘎𝘈𝘈𝘈𝘈! That won't make much sense if you haven't read The Wish List but I needed to get it off my chest and it really is one, of many reasons, why you should read this book.. IT IS HILARIOUS!
I LOVE a rom-com, give me romance in bookshops and I'm there. This book was completely binge-worthy. The characters were all brilliant (rare) and the storyline was fab, mixing humour with sex, there were many laugh out loud moments. Honestly, at various points in the book I had to stop to have a good giggle! We all love to root for an awkward yet loveable protagonist and Florence will definitely have you on her side, after a few chapters. I find with rom-coms, that they either work or they're a disaster and The Wish List is definitely the first! Was it cringey at times? Of course but that's what made me love it. Would recommend!
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