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A Hidden Heir To Redeem Him

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i read this ARC for an honest review
All thoughts and opinions are mine

A new author to me - I shall be watching out for more

Loved the characters and the story
Engrossed from the very first page and read all in 1 sitting

great read
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I haven’t read a contemporary category romance novel for a long while, and this was a good solid read.

Valentino Casale and his half brother Javiero have always been at odds, born to the same father at similar times, Javiero is the legitimate son, whereas Valentin is illegitimate- and both of their mothers are constantly jockeying for position to make sure their son inherits the lion’s share.

Val has rejected his father and his money and got rich by modelling and then investing, so he is a self made man. 

When he arrives in town after his father dies, he is horrified to find the woman he spent an unforgettable night with two years ago is living in his father’s house with his daughter.

Kiera tried to get to Val to let him know she was pregnant, but unknowingly the message was never passed on. Now she has to cope with his possessiveness and desire to let no child of his be illegitimate as he was scarred by his birth. 

Forced into a marriage, can Kiara unlock Valentino’s softer side, and can they have an HEA.

I loved Kiara, she was a gentle and talented artist, who only wanted a family to belong to. Valentino was hard and suspicious, but over time let his guard down, as he grew to know his daughter, and to trust Kiara. 

Recommended if you want a quick and enjoyable read with some delicious moments.

I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book and all opinions are my own.
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What a great story it has great characters and fantastic storyline I was totally engrossed I made me forget what was going on at the moment for a while would recommend to other who like this sort of read,
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This emotional and passionate romance explores family issues sensitively, through the two main characters Valentino and Kiara. Emotionally barren Valentino is hard to empathise. Defined by her art Kiara is a paradox of strength and emotional vulnerability.

The romantic conflicts are predominately internal.

Realistic and raw this passionate romance takes you on an emotional rollercoaster before its satisfactory conclusion.

I received a copy of this book from Mills and Boon via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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This book was a story about characters understanding themselves and developing as people 
Valentino (Val) and Kiara spent a night together 3 years ago and Kiara ended up pregnant. Now following the death of his father they are about to be thrown back together again 
Kiara is an artist, it’s what first brought them together, her sketching Val, and that art is a huge part of her personality comes through really strongly. That she struggles when she can’t paint and create is so strong and something I’m sure many artists feel. The only thing that distracted her before Val came back into her life was her daughter, Aurelia 
Val is a first born but illegitimate son, but whose father always compared him to his legitimate brother. Thanks to his upbringing he has a distorted view of people and their motivations; love isn’t something he believes in. He had however never forgotten his night with Kiara and it is through her and Aurelia that he learns that things may be different 
Character development is a huge part of this book and their internal dilemmas sometimes are so loud that parts of the story get drowned out. The themes of art, Aurelia and sex seem to be the key to understanding the characters and their story
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a book with huge character development, and a self assured hero who gets a shock when he meets his daughter!
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When Kiara finds herself pregnant after a one night stand with Valentino she doesn't know where to turn. Valentino is soon to be married and Kiara throws herself on the mercy of  his estranged father who takes her in and looks after her. Now Nico has died and Valentino finds out that he has a daughter. 
Valentino insists on taking their child back to Italy where they can take time to get to know each other and work through their issues, including his rocky relationship with his half brother. 
The book left me wanting to know more about this relationship and I hope there will be his story soon.
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All the expected ingredients combine here to make this lovely romance an enjoyable read. I really liked the characters and was rooting for their HEA.

Thank you to NetGalley and to the publisher for allowing me to read a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I loved this book.  I read it in one sitting and as a Mills and Boon romance reader this is everything I wanted from a romance novel.  The characters have depth and it is easy to fall in love with the hero and also empathise with the heroine.  I am now eager to read the next book in this series and am looking out for Scarlet’s story.  I will have to be patient but find that hard!
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A chance meeting, a coming together with a strong recognised attraction. Some family politics that are not the normal way of proceeding.

That true, deep connection that cannot ignored, in whatever form it is admitted to. Add to that the discovery of a daughter and things really move forward at speed.

An attraction lost, missed, reacquainted, feelings nurtured, recognised and acted upon, leading to passion, commitment, marriage, family and true love.

With a happy ever after ending in this seductive, erotic romantic story.

Another reliable Mills and Boon author that delivers what is required.
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Too many overblown adjectives and unnecessary phrases make this a less than happy read. Some people may enjoy this, but i got to 45% in about 30 minutes and really had got no where with the story. I gave up.
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A Hidden heir to redeem him Dani Collins

Received an ARC from Netgalley in return for an honest review. 

I really enjoyed this story. Valentino and Kiara had a one night stand in Venice,  3 years earlier and never saw each other again. Now they are brought back together and Valentino discovers he is the father of a young daughter. Being illegitimate, it is important to him that Aurelia isn’t - so his solution is marriage. Kiara agrees to go live with him for 2 weeks to see if the relationship can work.  

The backstory for Val was dark and totally explained why he was so suspicious and cynical and why he and his brother were so far apart.  Kiara’s story was not so thoroughly explored but she was such a strong, intelligent and adult woman that it didn’t matter.  The side story of Scarlett and Javiero will be the focus of another book - so I look forward to that and hopefully the reconciliation of the 2 brothers. 

What I so enjoyed about this book was the insight into our 2 main characters thinking. Inner dialogues were very honest and revealing. The pair of them made mistakes but also behaved in a way which was totally understandable and I empathise with them both. Their interaction especially the dialogue was honest and strong and Kiara was such a direct, challenging presence that I was rooting for her all the way. Val was a jerk at times but you also knew that he was far more emotionally invested that he was letting on.  

I found this to be a truly emotionally satisfying read and I am sure I will return to it time after time.  Dani Collins really pulled it off as far as I am concerned.  Totally recommend this as a 5 star read.
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