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I always love reading books by Sandhya Menon, starting when I met the characters Dimple and Rishi. The fake romance plotline - I LIVED FOR THIS. I love reading about romances that are not really romances. It just adds depth and excitement to the story. The story is basically fun and the writing flows very well. I adored how different the main characters were and the way they actually did gel together.
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I really liked this rom - com. It had a believable plot line. Plus a good mix of romance, family, and coming of age story line. I also liked the preifereal characters were mentioned from other books in the series.
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I'd previously read this Author and I really enjoyed When Dimple Met Rishi (I haven't yet read the second book, which I should have and do plan to).
I went into this book with high hopes because of how much I enjoyed the first book in this world. However, I found myself struggling to connect to the characters or get fully engaged by their story.
I wanted to love this, but I just didn't.
Having said that, it did have some cute moments, but overall I was just hoping for a more fleshed out story and would have liked to have seen more focus on Pinky's relationship with her mom.
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I had a mixed experience reading 10 Things I Hate About Pinky. Overall, I liked it but I had some issues. I read When Dimple Met Rishi a few years back and really enjoyed it but this one not so much. 
The things I liked. 
I have to admit I do love how Menon wraps up her stories. Without spoiling anything, the ending made me tear up a little and I was really happy with how it all ended. I loved how quirky elements of the story was and how it dealt with a series of important issues: racism and protesting were just some. I loved the family element and the setting was just so wholesome and idyllic! I also loved Samir's character. He was just so likeable from the start and an all round lovely character. 
Now some of the things I disliked. 
Pinky. She was so frustrating. And I know that's how her character was supposed to be but oh, it got old after a while. Perhaps it's because I'm older than her so her behaviour just annoyed me at times. I rolled my eyes quite a lot. I did like how her character developed as the story progressed but she did grate on me quite a lot. But I did love how outspoken, determined and passionate she was. I also hated how a lot of the issues in this were because of miscommunication. I was internally screaming at times "just talk to each other!" So it got very frustrating at times.
So to sum up, I liked this book but it had its problems for me. So it was a 50/50 for me. I'd still recommend it for lovers of the previous books and for those who want a fun and diverse read.
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I really enjoy Sandhya Menon’s books, she creates wonderful ‘safe’ summer romances, but with always with a bit of an edge. Here she uses  the fake dating and opposite attract tropes to explore the nature and difficulties of relationships whether between mothers and offspring , wider family, our communities and with our environment as well. There is overall message that we alone can be in charge of our paths is well pitched. A brilliant read for teens.
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10 Things I Hate About Pinky is the third novel in the Dimple and Rishi universe, following on from When Dimple Met Rishi & There's Something About Sweetie. I liked When Dimple Met Rishi, really enjoyed There's Something About Sweetie . . . and I loved this one.

10 Things I Hate About Pinky is told from the dual perspective of Pinky and Samir, as they both combat personal struggles over the course of a summer holiday. Pinky has a tense relationship with her mother, she feels as if she is never good enough for her parents, a constant disappointment . . . So she lives to that role, until she gets blamed for something she did not do one too many times . . . 

This leads Pinky to inviting Samir to her holiday home, to pretend to be her fake boyfriend, to show her parents that she is not as much of a failure or disappointing as they think they are. (AHHH! Fake-dating trope!!!! Yes!!!!) Samir agrees to help Pinky. His internship in a prestigious law firm fell through, and its his hope, that by helping Pinky, he will gain an internship with her mother, who is known as 'The Shark'. But like Pinky, he also has to confront his own behaviour, and the relationship with his mother...

These two characters were brilliant together! There was so much chemistry in their relationship - in the way they bantered with each other, with how they confront, challenge and support each other. Absolutely brilliant. They are very much opposites that attract - who compliment each other wonderfully - and the Menon has the characters confront whether or not a real relationship between them can withstand their differences . . .
Pinky and Samir learn so much about each other, but also learn so much about themselves. Some scenes incredibly frustrated me - I found I wanted to yell at the characters for how mean they were to each other, or out of order. But I held it in, and continued reading, and these moments were explored and developed upon in a way that I felt satisfied with. 

I really enjoyed the supporting characters, as well. It would have been nice to have more time spent with them. For example, a large part of Pinky's characterisation and struggle was to do with her relationship with her mother. Most of the novel concerned Pinky's feelings of distance, anger, and upset with her mother, yet there was not much time spent on the resolution. I was not unhappy with how the novel resolved their relationship, but I do wish we could have seen more of that. Similar with Samir. We saw him make a decision about how he wants to move forward, yet we never got to see that dynamic with his mother play out. I understand, because the novel was set in a singular place and his mother was in another, but I do wish there was more of his relationships explored. 

Overall, I loved this book! I was in the midst of writing my final university assignments at this point, and it provided much needed escapism. And when I put it down to continue on, it provided motivation to hurry up and finish so I could get back to reading it.
For that, I give this 5 stars.
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SUMMARY: A diverse YA about fake-dating, 10 THINGS explores family, friendship, and what it means to be independent.


Well, that was disappointing. This was my least favourite of all the Dimpleverse. I skimmed from 60% onwards.

10 THINGS retains that trademark Menon charm. Really, it had everything I'd normally like in Menon's books. Subplots, romance, family drama... but this time, my biggest problem was the main characters; I could not connect to Pinky or Samir whatsoever. I actually liked them the least in THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT SWEETIE, Pinky being too temperamental and Samir being overly inappropriate for my tastes. This carries over to an extent, so whilst Pinky is about the same, Samir is somehow now perfectly suave in social situations, which was baffling and yet still a drag to read.

As such, it made it twice as difficult to read the story, as we're deep in both Pinky and Samir's heads. I liked Pinky's cousin Dolly, though found her story arc almost nonsensical. She wants to embrace the idea of non-perfection by hanging out with a guy she and everyone else around her hates? … Okay. I read other reviews highlighting how Pinky and her mother Veena's relationship was too quickly resolved, and I agree 100% that it was too sudden. The '10 things' list in the title features once in the story and is then brought back for a quick conflict, and honestly? I rolled my eyes.

Other people may vibe with the characters, but this read was definitely not for me.

WILL I READ ON? If there's anymore in this series, yes.
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I am so grateful to NetGalley and the Publishers, Hodder & Stoughton, for providing me with a copy of 10 Things I Hate About Pinky by Sandhya Menon.

I have loved Sandhya Menon's books ever since I read When Dimple Met Rishi back in the Summer of 2017. It was the perfect holiday book and honestly, 10 Things I Hate About Pinky is also perfect as a fun story with a great message.

Pinky is a passionate and kickass young woman - although some would use the term stubborn - but she does not get along with her mother. Pinky is sick of her mum always thinking the worst of her, leading Pinky to accidentally say she has a respectable boyfriend. When she really doesn't.

So in comes Samir Jha, the type of guy that Pinky's parents would love. Samir and Pinky know each other through their mutual friend, Ashish, however they couldn't be more opposite. This is what makes him perfect to play her boyfriend for a summer to her family.

I love the fake dating trope because it is always a sweet and funny transition from "hate" to love. Menon takes this to a whole new level as Pinky and Samir have a roller coaster summer of emotions that will make every much worse before it finally gets much better. With a few little twists that you might or might not see coming, it's going to be a helluva summer!
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I just love Sandhya Menon, she writes with such heart and humour. I am such a sucker for a romance so this was right up my street.
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Ever since reading From Twinkle, With Love Sandhya Menon has become an insta-buy author for me (although There's Something About Sweetie somehow passed me by last year, but I bought it about two minutes after finishing 10 Things). 10 Things I Hate About Pinky only reaffirmed my love for her work. 

She writes kick ass young women who know what they want from the world and Pinky is no exception. Pinky is feisty, passionate, stubborn and she does *not* get along with her mother. One main trend in Sandhya Menon's work is characters learning more about themselves and re-evaluating their relationships. In this story we watch as Pinky fights for her right to be herself and struggles to understand her mother, she is guided in this process by fake-boyfriend Samir Jha who holds the other piece of the puzzle, what does "herself" really mean? Is she going to stick firm to her rebel values regardless or can she find love in the most unexpected, least Pinky, of places?

Romance isn't my go to genre but as usual Menon writes a story in which love enhances her characters' lives, rather than defining it which I think is so important. Additionally, the way Pinky and Samir fall for each other feels so natural even though they need to get out of their own way at times!

Definitely an excellent addition to the Dimpleverse!
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Another feel-good romance from the master of swoon-worthy YA. Menon is one of the authors at the top of my auto-buy list as I know her stories will give me brilliant characters and lots of reasons to smile.

Pinky was a great protagonist. She's so passionate and determined and unwilling to let anything stand in her way. But she's also insecure and sensitive and Menon gives a brilliant insight into her thoughts throughout. I think teenage readers will really warm to her, thanks to her desire to change the world and never let her age hold her back from challenging social injustice. I also loved her complicated relationship with her mum and her strong bond with her step-dad. 

Samir was another brilliant character. I loved how kind and caring he was. He spends most of the novel making plans and preparations to help him feel in control (which I completely identified with as I'm definitely more of a Samir than a Pinky). But he also had moments of startling confidence and wasn't afraid to push himself out of his comfort zone to do what's right.

Their romance had all the trademark strength of a Menon story. She describes emotion so well and captures the excitement and insecurities of new love perfectly. While Pinky and Samir have their differences and argue plenty, their relationship is based firmly on mutual respect and trust. 

The setting, in hot, summertime Ellingsworth with its secluded lake and butterfly habitat was another huge draw. 

I hope a Dolly novel is coming next - she could definitely carry her own stand-alone story and I would love to see her having more luck in love than she does in this story.
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10 Things I Hate About Pinky for me was a mixed bag. There was times when I loved it and other when it was just meh. My feelings for this book was so frustrating, especially as I adored When Dimple Met Rishi. Which is a part of this sort of series. I wanted those same feelings and I never really reached those levels.

For me I couldn't quite like Pinky, even when she was doing something that was kind or endearing. She was her own worse enemy. And seemed determined to make the worst of everything rather than the best. For about 99% of the book I was annoyed by Pinky. However, Samir was the opposite in every way.

Then there was the relationship between Pinky and her mother. Fraught and uneasy, their relationship doesn't seem to be one that is easily fixed. Added to that her mother doesn't seem to want Pinky to be herself. Every decision Pinky makes seems to aggravate her mother. I could understand the anguish but when I found out the reason why I was a bit frustrated.

There was laughs and witty moments. And moments where you are as emotionally involved as the characters. But I spent the majority of the book frustrated. Add to that that the climatic big moment of the book was rushed and you can understand my annoyance.

For me 10 Things I Hate About Pinky had elements of what made other Sandhya Menon books great.  I enjoyed the fake dating and the moments with the possum - DQ and all the sassy comments. But while this was an enjoyable read, this was not for me.
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i am now pretty sure i am absolute trash for pinky and samir, and their angsty yet extremely passionate love story. i am in love with it, with every fiber of my body. i felt anger and love and sadness with the characters, and i have no words to express how much i enjoyed the pain.

obviously, i loved everything about this book, but here’s what stood out:
- the angst, GOD THE ANGST WAS UNBELIEVABLE. i have never felt so eager for two characters to kiss like i have felt it for these characters in such a long time. i have fought the urge to just push their heads together. their chemistry was just a+. they made me feel all kinds of intense feelings, from anger to joy to sadness, and i adored every second of it. also, the fake-dating trope? never disappoints.
- speaking of characters, they were not only adorable and precious, but also very passionate and flawed. oh so very flawed. and it’s what made them very human in my eyes. they were so annoyingly teenagers, and i was living for that. they also had great character development in my opinion, and i loved seeing them grow.
- sandhya menon’s writing improved yet again. after reading three of her books, i can safely say that i absolutely love how this author just keeps improving and giving us better and better content. the writing of 10 Things I Hate About Pinky was even better than her previous books in this series; it was so easy to get into, simple and effective, and i just loved it.
- i liked how the book actually handles its issues. in many books, issues are put out there but not really solved? and i just hate that. but 10 Things I Hate About Pinky finds a solution to every single one of them (at least there isn’t an unsolved issue in my memory).
it’s safe to say now that 10 Things I Hate About Pinky is now one of my favorite reads of the year. i have no words to express how in love i am with this story and its characters.
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Thanks to Netgalley for the ARc. I volunteered to leave an unbiased review. 

This is my first Sandhya Menon book. As much as I usually like the fake dating trope, this just didn't hit for me. And Pinky really kind of annoyed me.
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I was really excited to read this book as i lived ‘there’s something about sweetie’. This however fell short. It follows Pinky who is staying at her parents lake house for the summer. Great setting but seemed wasted. The story needs to take place here because of certain aspects that happen later in the book, but it could’ve been expanded on more. Then when the inevitable happens and the main characters start falling for each other, it just seemed too easy. One minute they’re both steadfast and set in their ways, the next suddenly they like each other. The practice kiss came out of nowhere and was completely out of character for Samir, which he does mention in the book, but there was no lead up to it, it just seemed to happen? This book series has been enjoyable because all the main female characters are loveable but also determined and headstrong. Pinky however just read as annoying and made me less engaged with her character. Also in the first few chapters it’s mentioned that Samir‘s mum is really worried and always wants him to check in. He does this a couple of times before he goes to stay with Pinky, then suddenly you don’t hear about the mum again for almost the entire book. There is basically no contact between Samir and his mum, not even a phone call, which was pretty confusing. All in all, it was a fun read, but not one I’d rush to read again.
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Funny romantic and the perfect thing to while away the weekend! I love a good fake dating trope and relationships between mothers and daughters so this is Another cracking hit from Sandhya Menon, I love her writing
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This is so good, yet again Sandhya menon blows me away with her realistic teenage characters with a cute romance that surprises everyone.

This is Pinky Kumar's book and I'm so glad we got to dive into her character more. She is so different to Sweetie and Dimple. She's outgoing, passionate, and not afraid to stand up for herself and others. Every year Pinky's family head to Cape Cod to stay in their summer home and meet up with family (Pinky's cousin Dolly). This time, after several arguments with her mother, Pinky lies and says she has a nice boyfriend that they will like. Enter Samir - remember him? His law internship has fallen through and he really doesn't want to go home. Pinky proposes they fake date so he can impress her Mom and intern with her, and so Pinky can show she can have a respectable boyfriend.

Samir is definitely a by-the-book kinda guy. He and Pinky and complete opposites. He wasn't particularly likeable in previous books but we really get to know his character and backstory here. Pinky learns there's a lot more to him that it seems, and the pair really begin to hit it off.

I felt like this book was a lot more full of angst than the others, and really homed in on the conflict between Pinky and her Mom. I love books that explore relationships with parents realistically. Pinky's cousin Dolly is also a fascinating character and I hope she can be the star of book 4, wouldn't that be great? Not with Cash though, he was awful.

Overall it's another hit from Sandhya Menon, who is definitely an insta-buy author for me at this point. Can't wait to read her adult book, and hope there is another in the Dimple and Rishi world.
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These books are exactly what I need right now in these strange times; comforting, sweet, funny, romantic and safe - you know that nothing too bad will happen, and all problems will be resolved by the end! They're like the book version of the Gilmore Girls (as in they're hot chocolate for the soul, I don't mean storyline wise)! This might not be my favourite of the series but it still hits the spot.
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I adore pretty much everything Sandhya Menon writes and 10 things I hate about Pinky is no exception. This is a cute fake dating/dislike to lovers romance that also addresses issues such as mother-daughter relationships and identity. The combination of lightheartedness and seriousness makes this a compelling read both for young adults and older people who still enjoy the genre. Pinky’s dawning understanding that the way she sees herself and has constructed her identity may be limiting her in her choices and that she is allowed to change is an important process that nearly everybody can relate to. On a less serious note, Samir is adorable and fits Pinky so well. I had been hoping for a novel about their relationship after reading there’s something about Sweety and have not been disappointed.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for granting me an earc of this title!
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This book follows Pinky who is 17 and is wild and free, always getting on her parents last nerves and doing the complete opposite of what they would want from her. It all comes to a head one night when her mother accuses her of setting fire to the barn at there summer house. In a moment of heated passion Pinky declares that she isn't always the bad guy and she has actually been dating the exact type of boy they would want for her. Enter Samir hes predictable and the complete opposite of Pinky and after his summer internship falls through he impulsively decides to agree to Pinky's mad plot of fake dating to prove her parents wrong. 
I had mixed feelings about this one, having read all of Sandhya Menon's other books I was a little disappointed in this one, I felt like it didn't quite live up to When Dimple met Rishi. I found that Pinky was naive and a bit irritating at times and Samir was just a cardboard cut out good boy with a troubled past. I just wanted a bit more from them. I did enjoy where the characters ended up in the book however I felt like everything sort of happened quite quickly in the end. 
I did find that the book was incredibly fast paced when I was reading it however I was never desperate to pick it back up, however this might be a reflection on my reading mood at the moment and not an honest reflection on the book. 
I loved the little nods and appearances to the characters from her other novels and did enjoy the romance throughout this one, even if it was a little bit predictable. 
This was a fun book to pick up as a rom-com, it just wasn't everything I wanted it to be.
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