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The Little Bookshop of Love Stories

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Entering competitions used to be a big hobby of mine until recently when the rest of my life got in the way and I didn't have the time to devote to it.  However, if I see a really amazing prize that appeals to me, you can bet I will be right in there and this book is a pure example of a really amazing prize.  A bookshop! A real-life, full-size, all-of-my-own bookshop.  As a reader, this would be a dream.  My wife is a librarian, what more could a couple ask for?

I resonated with the main character of Hallie right away.  She was down-to-earth, a little klutzy, unsure of her place or status in the world and yet she remained warm, kind, romantic and good-natured.  And as for Dimitri, who wouldn't want this adorable geek guy helping out every day, brightening the place with his own brand of klutz, good nature and kindness?  As someone else who was searching for his place in the world, away from his family, it was natural for these two souls to be drawn to each other.

The storyline of reuniting used books that had messages inside them with their previous owners was a darling of an idea. I'm a big fan of recycling books, once I've read one I'm eager for someone else to read it as well.  It's the one thing that e-books can't emulate, so it's a huge argument for physical paper books to remain in circulation.  I've yet to find one with a heartfelt message inside but rest assured if I find one I will do my best to reunite said book with its previously (hopefully) loving owner.

I have read many of Jaimie's books and have yet to be disappointed with any of them.  She has a style of writing that draws you in and makes you invest in the characters and their dilemmas, dramas and happy endings.

Can't wait for the next one.
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This has to be one of my favourite books in a long time. It is a very easy read, but really makes you think.

Hallie wins a bookshop in a raffle, It is one of her favourite places and is a great new start as she has just been fired. You cannot fail to cheer her on, it seems from the off that she may fail, but she has the wonderful Dimitri in the wings to help her out.

You cannot fail to be inspired as the story turns to how they turn the bookshop to a more positive spin, for more promotions and customers; along with how the relationship develops and you find out about Dimitri's background and why he is really in the bookshop.

I loved how the author introduces us, the reader, to so many new books, old and current, along with showing her love of books through Hallie and Dimitri's conversations, and adventures.
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Received an ARC for an honest review.

This was just too sweet and a complete love letter to anyone who loves books. While a bit predictable, I loved watching Hallie and Dimitri come together in this little second hand bookstore. Their clumsy shenanigans and clear interest in supporting each other, even though they'd just met, was lovely. Completely sweet and charming and really made me want to quit my job and go sell used books in England.
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What booklover wouldn't just love to win a bookstore?! What a dream come true!

This happens to Hallie Winstone--in just the nick of time, as she just lost her job and is having a really bad time of it.

This cozy read was full of warmth and a sweet romance. Just what I was looking for!
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Thank you to Netgalley for a pre publication copy.  In return for an honest review! #Thelittlebookshopoflovestories #netgalley

Hallie has had a string of dead end jobs that she's been sacked from.  When she wins "Once upon a page" in a raffle.  She is keen to make her new venture at the bookshop work. On her first day she's thrown in the deep end without any guidance from Robert, the old owner, until she meets Dimitri. Will Dimitri be able to steer her away from the dark into the light that the bookshop can be? 

Any books with "Bookshop" in the title is a must from me. Since then I have been recommended Jaimie Adman's books by many people on social media and family. 

This book is an easy but emotional read. It sails through the first few days to months of Hallie owning the shop with finese. I love how romantically and emotionally the author talks about books and the relationships they can forge. It really makes you think about how the book can reach you on a spiritual level as well the joy they bring physically. 

The book twists and turns the whole way through. Although the heat really gets ramped up in the last quarter of the book. With a very unexpected ending in more than one way.

This book does include some emotional subjects such as; Parent death, Cancer  Informal carers, Emotional abuse as well as property development. However it is done in a way which doesn't feel heavy. It is there to extend the chacter growth three fold because of what each character has going on in their lives.
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2.5 stars 
It was sort of cute adn easy read, but i didn`t feel the chemistry between the main characters. 
But i adored the small texts of declaration of love and the mentions of many books that i know of.
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The first book I've read by this author and I absolutely loved it. The essence of books and bookshops and love was captured perfectly. A perfect book to curl up to.
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This was such a heat warming read, I loved it. For anyone wanting to curl up with a escapist book this is definitely a story to do that with! I liked the fact that Hallie, the main character sets out to help others but throughout the process she learns more about herself and her romance interest, Demetrius! Loved it!
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I always love books by this author and this one was no exception. I loved the concept of the love letters in the books and Hallie and Dmitri were great characters.   Warmhearted with plenty of fun makes this a perfect light hearted read
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Perfect for anyone that believes in the true power and magic of books.  It's like an ode to how brilliant books are and how great they can be in uniting people.

I think I fell in love with Dimitri from his initial entrance and by the end I was completely besotted with this character. 

And Hallie is wonderful too and it really is a dream come true for her to win this bookshop. Especially given how unlucky she tends to be.

Many a time while reading I ended up laughing out loud loudly, it's just a really funny book with a wonderful message.

And it's such a warm and comforting read I never wanted to return to the concept of real life, and would have happily gone on reading about these characters for a long time. 

This is yet another truly fabulous book from one of my auto read authors. If you are a book lover, you definitely need to give this a go, and I promise it will make you smile. 

Thank you to Netgalley and HQ for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily,
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A bookshop and love stories? This title and cover alone would have gotten me to buy the book instantly. I think there is something calming and anxiety-lowering about reading a book like this one. I just love the feeling I get with it while reading and drinking tea
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I think that all book lovers have had a dream of owning a little bookshop at some point or other. Hallie definitely has and, on a particularly  bad day, discovers that she's actually won one! Hallie entered the giveaway of her favorite bookshop on a whim and is delighted and overwhelmed to realize she is now the actual owner of that store. This book is charming as Hallie begins to discover just how much she wants to be successful. I loved this and all the fun references to the animated movie Anastasia (with a real life Dimitri as the love interest) and the power of books in our lives. This was a great read!
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DNF @ 47%
Jaimie Admans' books are always close to my heart, but somehow this proved to be a disappointment. It took a lot of time for some action to happen and if not for the different book references, I would have given up below this point. The way Hallie obsesses over Dmitri's beauty started to be annoying after a while as he was described with the same phrases every time. If it was up to me, I would have cut its length to half; the story dragged on too much that eventually I got fed up with the whole idea of finding messages inside the old books.
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Loved the concept of this story. A bookshop that has love letters inside some books. I enjoyed reading the story and learning about the cast of characters. Hallie and Dimitri and everyone else enthralled me and I was invested in their lives. A great storytelling book and reuniting love along the way.
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A perfect read for book lovers! I genuinely love these types of reads! a sweet and warming story! definitely recommend this one
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Loved this sweet story set in a bookshop, It's the perfect place to house a love story. Great read if you need a pick me up.
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Hal had always had the worst of luck when it came to keeping a job with her clumsiness. As a result, she would disappear into the other world of books, finding refuge in characters—much like I and avid bookworms would do. This immediately piqued my interest being bookish myself, which was part of the draw of this romance novel. 

Hal’s luck shifts when she wins ownership of her favorite bookshop, complete with flat, goldfish, and heaps of small business issues to oversee. An additional surprise is Dimitri, the cute illustrator who daily loiters within the shop continuing his fantastical art. The two are appalled that a devious developer wishes to buy off and convert the town’s shops into another tacky tourist scheme. 

An idea arises to use the stories and love notes penned in the inside covers of secondhand books to draw attention to the store on social media. Who wouldn’t want to follow stories of high school crushes reunited, adults looking back on childhood favorites? (Of course, all those who cherish secondhand bookstores know the joy of opening covers to look for those little bits of history.) 

This was definitely your cliche romance, but was to be expected with the premise. I appreciated the bookworm fancies throughout the novel and the charm of Dimitri and only wish I could have a love story bookstore of my own. 

Thank you Netgalley and publishers for the ARC.
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Eternally unlucky and accident-prone Hallie gets the shock of her life when she wins a raffle and the prize is none other than her favourite bookshop. Completely overwhelmed by the task of running a business and with a local property developer hassling her, Hallie finds help in Dimitri. He is a local artist who using a rare copy of a book to base his illustrations on. Could something more than friends be on the cards?

Hallie and Dimitri’s relationship is so sweet from the off. They immediately click and form a friendship that quickly leads to the pull of wanting something more. If you like a romance with two adorable slightly bumbling characters falling in love than this would be prefect.

The Little Bookshop of Love Stories is a sweet, wholesome, feel good romance and an absolute must read for anyone who loves this genre!
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Loved how sweet and cosy this novel was. Characters were dearly and the setting lovely. It was a nice, light and entertaining novel.
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I enjoyed this sweet love story. The setting was lovely. I thought the characters were very interesting.
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