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The Little Bookshop of Love Stories

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Hallie has terrible luck with jobs. After being fired from her current job, she’s at her wits end until she receives an email stating she’s won a contest. The grand prize is a bookstore of her very own. Hallie loves books and has always dreamed of owning her own bookstore. 
This was a sweet book that any book lover will want to jump at. 
I think the story alone carries it self, for the author to add a villain, deceit and a lot of miscommunication was unnecessary. 
Regardless I would still recommend this book.
Thank you to the publisher and net galley for the advanced reader copy and exchange for my honest review.
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Unashamedly romantic and book loving, I read most of this book (there’s the usual wee blip 😜) with a huge smile on my face! Anyone who loves books and love stories will love this book too! Oh how I wish this bookshop ‘Once Upon a Page’ existed in my town. 
An interesting idea of investigating the inscriptions inside second hand books, and how books as gifts can represent so many stages in life, had me itching to get back into charity shops...after lockdown ends! 
The characters feel like best friends, and my heart went out to Dmitri as we found out more about him. 
If you need something light and carefree to keep you smiling, this is the book for you!
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This story was such a heartwarming story, I had a smile on my face the whole time..

***Thanks to Netgalley and publisher for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review***
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I received an ARC copy courtesy of Netgalley but I could not finish this book. I just could not handle the stereotypical type of writing.  Look at the following paragraph as an example, "I let out. a sequel and then clamped my hand over my mouth expecting my flatmate to start banging on the wall again, but his music comes loudly - 'Let's Get It On' by Marvin Gaye, how imaginative - and the headboard starts banging agains the wall as one of the two scantily clad girls he was with starts moaning.  Have they really  got nothing better to do on a Monday afternoon?  The light fixture rattles and plaster falls from the ceiling as the banging increases in speed, and I use the opportunity to flop back onto the bed and muffle my scream in the duvet as I roll around in excitement, and clearly overestimate how wide the single bed is, because I roll right off the edge and land not the floor with the duvet wrapped in a knot around me."

 I so wanted to like this novel and you would think with nine novels Ms. Admans would have a a better grasp of her ability to tell a story.  To be able to write characters and settings with more depth and realistic.  Of course I wanted to like this novel bc Hallie is given a Cotswold bookshop Once Upon a Page - my dream to be handed a small independent bookstore.  Maybe she needs a better editor to tell her to go back and add depth to make her characters not be a two dimensional stereotype who has to play Marvin Gaye 'Let's Get It On" when having sex with two girls on a Monday afternoon.  Seriously?  Why couldn't it be a more imaginative song???  

Here's hoping you can get past the steorytypicqal writing and you enjoy the book but it was not for me.
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Fantastic feel good book. Hallie & Dimitri are funny characters which you grow to cheer  on throughout the book. First time reading this author but it won’t be the last . Great style of writing. 
This book makes you fall in love with books all over again! Highly recommended curl up and lose yourself book.
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What an adorable read...first can I just say, this story would be a dream come true for me. It’s always been my dream to own a bookshop and I shared in Hallie’s joy when she wins a bookshop from what has to be the nicest man ever! The shop is struggling financially, developers are trying to get her to sell, but for someone who has never quite found a place to belong, Once Upon A Page, gives Hallie the chance to live out her dream

The shop also comes with Dimitri, the clumsiest, cuties, book illustrator ever, and the two of them bond over their love for all things books. Whilst trying to organise old books, they find secret love letters in some of the books and post them online, helping reunite old loves.

This story was such a heartwarming story, I had a smile on my face the whole time....well almost the whole time....there where a few bits that had me shaking my head when secrets, villains and miscommunications threaten the growing romance between our two heroes.

All joking aside, if your in need of some escapism and want to read a book that will make your heart soar, look no further....
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Love reading so when i seen the chance to get an early chance of reading i was overwhelmed. Lovely little romantic book based in the bookshop of all different peoples lives.
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This was a lovely rom com that provided a great distraction. Booklover Hallie finds herself the winner of a bookshop. Hallie dives in having no idea what she’s in for. I loved the writing style and the characters were bright and loveable. This book was fun of humor - even joking about the rom com tropes it follows. I don’t yalways want a rom com but when I do I want it to be exactly this. The titles, characters, and notes written into the books they highlight were a fun additional layer.
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Absolutely delightful! What a wonderful love story about a bookshop of love stories! The best part about this entire story is Jaimie Admans' sense of place. From page one we are engrossed in the world and I did not want to leave. Five stars!
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Had a smile on my face from start to finish. 
When Hallie loses her latest job. She comes home to find an email from a guy called Robert. Who states she’s won a bookshop Called Once Upon A Page.
She can’t believe her luck, and thinks it must be a joke as nothing good ever happens to her. 
When she goes to see Robert who tells her that she is the owner, but she can’t sell it on and must be passed over to someone who loves books. Oh and she’s the owner of the goldfish too. 
Still not believing her luck, she wonders what she’s let herself in for. 
The local property developer turns up and says he wants to buy the place from her. 
One day Dimitri falls into her shop,(accident prone like Hallie) and informs her that Robert used to let him sit and draw in a corner. 
Her mom’s still wanting her to meet someone and thinks the bookshop isn’t the right place. 
Gradually Dimitri helps Hallie with finding her feet and how Robert used to do things. They start to sort the books into some sort of order, in the process find messages written in the front page, one of these from Della, Dimitri’s mother. 
When Dimitri goes to dinner at Hallie’s moms her family really like him. 
Hallie and Dimitri leave books around the village for others to find. 
When Dimitri asks Hallie to dinner and she goes with him to the house where people have told her the StropWomble lives, she’s surprised when he tells her that it’s her father and all that happened with him.
They start a social media page informing people of their finds and plan to have an open day for those that have responded to their posts to attend. 
Unfortunately the day doesn’t end on a happy note, she finds out who Dimitri actually is. 
On finding another note inside a book, she goes to see Robert, who fills her in on why Dimitri came to the shop whilst he was there and did now she runs it. 
On getting back to the shop, Drake is on the terrace and Dimitri makes a deal with him. 
So enjoyed this book, had some of my favourite authors mentioned in it, favourite books and scenes. 
Definitely recommend it.
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Ooh what a lovely feel good read that I devoured in one afternoon. Hallie is a bit hopeless. She doesn't have a man and she can't keep a job. That is until the ideal opportunity literally falls in her lap. The owner of a bookshop. But what with developers pressing and bookish Dimitri, she doesn't quite know if she's coming or going. 
For fans of Heidi Swain, Rebecca Raisin and Jane Linfoot. A book to cheer you up.
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