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The Little Bookshop of Love Stories

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oh my goodnress. this was the cutest, sugary sweet adorable little love of a book, though! you need to read this and just fall in love. this cover is so adorable and precious and the inside is just as great!!!!!
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I loved the cover and it was the main reason I was intrigued to pick it up. Thank God I was approved. It was BEAUTIFUL, I had always wondered about love stories which spring up in bookshops but the concept of handing down a shop from generations only out of love for books and not money was remarkable. I will agree to one fact that I could predict all the twists including Dimitri's family but I still somehow enjoyed it. I re-read the book on audiobook too and I'd like to reiterate that one should check out the audiobook. It is marvelous especially with the narrator's soothing voice and efforts in the expressions she put in. The love story was so pure and the little steps it took filled me with a warmth I did not exist. The background of each character including the sad parts made me feel so emotional. The family dinner was very realistic and fictional at the same time. If you have lost all hope and want to make a difference in your life, start with this book: it is warm, it is hopeful with realistic characters who are clumsy, out of luck, and very ordinary. Despite this, they love the fictional worlds and cling on to a shred of hope. The book has several lines that are so intelligent. I was in awe how the author stated about things we hate, how non-bibliophiles often do not understand the maddening love for books bibliophiles have, and so on. I highly recommend the book and would be highly obliged if I ever am granted the opportunity to review her books in the future.
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The Little Bookshop of Love Stories by Jaimie Admans

If you are looking for a sweet, cute book about loving books then this right here is the one for you! Hallie Winstone wins a bookstore in a raffle and it follows her life of keeping the bookstore afloat as well as the characters she meets while there, as well as a property developer who is waiting for her to fail in order to swoop in and buy the land. 

There are many instances where Admans brings up wonderful stories of how relating to a book that another person related to helps bond you on a different kind of level and that hit home for me. There is so much language about secondhand books and learning more about the stories that come with them, some of which are further discovered in this book.

Overall, this was a sweet, light, endearing read which I would recommend to a booklover who wants to hear about a wonderful and cute bookshop.

A huge thank you to NetGalley and HQ Digital for this e-book.
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I have read several other books by Jaimie and I wasn't disappointed by this one. either. Let's face it, it's a bookshop - what's not to like?! I loved the hard-luck stories and the baddie! Loved how the characters were all woven so seamlessly together. Dimitri's daily visits to the bookshop lifted my day, and I could visualise oh so clearly the bookshop itself and its location. And I loved the old bookseller and all the secrets . Adored the significance of the book dedications. Loved the competition idea - basically loved the whole book. Couldn't fault it any way. Roll on the next one, Ms. Admans!
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I loved this book, a heartwarming story for any book lover, I really liked the characters Hallie and Dimitri. 
Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for letting me read this book in exchange for a review.
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I'm a sucker for a book about bookshops, libraries or books in general, so I was really pleased to be gifted this one in exchange for an honest review. It is lovely, pure, romantic escapism. Great characters, in an idyllic location with plenty of chat about books, what more could you ask for?
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I loved this story. There's not much I can say except that it needs to be read. It will give you a warm feeling inside. My only complaint was that I wished the ending didn't stop where it did. I would have loved a "couple of months later" scene where everything was finally tied together and you could see the results of hard work. I'd love a cameo of the two in another book.
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Hallie is a klutz with epic bad luck. And that is why she is so blown away when she learns she has won ownership of her favorite little bookshop in a raffle. Learning how to run a bookshop successfully is not easy but luckily a handsome, charming, and knowledgable local man literally falls into her shop on her fast day. Dimitri is a clumsy artist with a chin dimple and the brightest smile ever. And these two quickly fall into a routine of revitalizing the shop together.

1. Hallie’s adorably quirky family
2. Heathcliff, the shop goldfish
3. Lovely talk of books and working in a bookshop

1. Dimitri is SO perfect that I was suspicious of him from the moment he fell into the shop
2. The “twists” were pretty predictable.

Sometimes the over the top sweetness and long speeches about feelings started to lean towards a con as well.

Definitely go into this expecting rainbows and glitter and heart eyes shooting off the pages. Lol. Even the more serious conversations were handled with lots of smiles and twinkling eyes.

Thank you to Netgalley for this e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. I am certainly looking forward to checking out more from this author.
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The Little Bookshop of Love Stories was such a nice, lovely read.
This was the first time I read Jaimie Admans work and I fell in love with her writing and the plot, a comforting warmth surrounded my heart while reading it.

“I’m a huge supporter of new books too, but rereading old favourites brings a special kind of nostalgia that only books can create. If you reread a book you loved as a child, it transports you back to that time and place in a way that nothing else can. It’s not the same as watching a film or revisiting a real place because it’s somewhere that exists only in your imagination.”

Hallie, is a young woman with a losing record, she can never keep a job and she did almost everything. A day, when she came back home after she has lost yet another waitressing job, she found out she has won her favourite bookshop. Dimitri, is mysterious and talented man. He spent a lot of time at the bookshop drawing a book for kids.
Hallie's frightened by the burden of responsibility, she thought she isn't good enough to make the bookshop thrive and survive. Fortunately Dimitri helped her to find her way to keep the shop open and to get back a little of self confidence and hope.

“I’m alone in the world, although I believe that anyone who loves books is never truly alone, and that’s always been enough for me.”

It seemed like this book knew me, and talked about me, but it is more realistic thinking that it spoke to every book lover out there, around the world.
I throughly recommend it.
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A book about books and bookshops featuring a fun and quirky girl. What's not to love? This book was a fun summer beach read, the perfect read for everyone who loves books.
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Eternally unlucky and accident-prone Hallie gets the shock of her life when she wins a raffle and the prize is none other than her favourite bookshop. Completely overwhelmed by the task of running a business and with a local property developer hassling her, Hallie finds help in Dimitri. He is a local artist who using a rare copy of a book to base his illustrations on. Equally accident prone as Hallie, he everyday arrives armed with baked good, helps her find her feet and quickly becomes a great friend. But could something more than friends be on the cards?

This was such a lovely book and one it took me way too long to read. I actually started it in May but didn’t finish it until the end of July! That certainly isn’t a reflection of a book but my rather chaotic reading. 
Without a doubt my favourite thing about this story is its bookshop setting. Hallie enters a raffle at her favourite bookshop as owner Robert is retiring. The history of the shop states the owner must not sell it but rather pass it on to someone worthy of loving and running the shop. Hallie’s ticket is the winner and its rather shocking for her as she’s so used to having bad luck bestowed upon her. The book then follows Hallie as she moves into the flat above the shop and learns to run this business on the spot. This means virtually the whole book is set against the backdrop of the bookshop with two main characters (I’ll get to those in a minute) It meant this was the perfect book for readers and bookshop lovers and all of us who have dreams of running our own bookshops. I would say this is honestly the best book about books I have read in terms of the setting, it was just perfect. 

I also loved our two main characters of Hallie and Dimitri. I completed empathised with Hallie and her eternal bad luck. She struggles to keep jobs because of mistakes and accidents she makes, and I just felt so bad for her. She then meets her equal in Dimitri who makes quite an entrance in the shop on her first day! The two quickly become friends and we begin to see Hallie may not have as much bad luck as she thought. She seems to find her home in the shop and, with Dimitris help soon settles into her role. However, she and he both stay as accident prone as each other throughout. Dimitri is a sweetheart and totally believes in Hallie from the off. He really helps her grow in confidence with his belief in her. They really bring out the best in each other and are a perfect match.

Another element I enjoyed in this story was Hallie and Dimitri’s discovery of messages in the second-hand books in the shop. The shop is in a bit of a mess when Hallie inherits it and as she starts tidying a categorising, she discovers lots of books that have messages other people have written in them. They begin to wonder what happened to the people behind the messages and if they could use them to reunite people with their lost loves. It was a lovely idea for the characters to explore this and it created some quite mixed results! Dimitri also finds a message quite relevant to him and this leads to some interesting parts of the story. 
Hallie and Dimitri’s relationship was so sweet from the off. They immediately clicked and formed a lovely friendship which quickly leads to feelings beginning to bubble away that may indicate they want to be more than just friends. I loved that this story was a straight romance. We see the characters go from friends to having feelings for each other. We them enjoying each other’s company and sharing their love of books. There is no messing around or denying their feelings for each other, they just got for it! Of course, the path of love is never that smooth so there is a little conflict, but it doesn’t last long. I would say if you like angsty romance this book isn’t for you. If you like a romance with two adorable slightly bumbling characters falling in love than this would be prefect. 

This was such a great story and I must admit I think I may have rated it higher if I hadn’t put it down for so long. It created a more disjointed reading experience than I would have liked but that certainly was not the books fault. When I did get around to finally finishing it, I loved it. I definitely could see myself re-reading if I want a sweet, wholesome, feel good romance. I think it has the potential to be my book equivalent of a favourite rom-com film that I could visit again and again and love more each time I read it.
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I loved the book.
Isn't dream come true to own a bookshop.
The writing and main character was quirky, something I definitely enjoy.
The setting was wonderful.
I am really glad I was accepted for this one.
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The little book shop of love stories Jaimie Admans. 

This is the story about Hal who is a thirty something woman limping from job to job due to her accident prone nature. A compulsive bookworm and total romantic. Her life turns around when she wins her favourite bookshop in a raffle and meets the quite eccentric Dimitri who has the beautiful smile. 

The book proves there is nothing stranger than life itself. 

 This is a beautiful uplifting feel good book for a rainy day or any day come to that. Laughed. cried and absolutely loved every page. Felt really good at the final page. Very well done Jaimie your writing is a lovely gift.
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This book sounds very interesting and I hope to read it as a physical copy one day. Unfortunately, I am unable to get through some of the ARCs I have here as ebooks are becoming more and more difficult. Therefore, I am reading only those that truly capture my attention. I hope everyone who reads this book enjoys it.
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This was such good fun. I wish I could win a bookshop in a competition! The whole story was a bibliophiles dream and I was rooting for our main character the whole time. The secondary story about the notes was the cutest story and honestly I think I will remember this book for a long time to come. Everything was just lovely.
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The Little Bookshop of Love Stories by Jaimie Admans - “Having lost her job and humiliated herself in front of a whole restaurant full of diners, this is absolutely, one hundred percent, the worst day of her life.
 That is until she receives an email announcing that she is the lucky winner of the Once Upon a Page Bookshop!
 Owning a bookshop has always been Hallie’s dream, and when she starts to find secret love letters on the first page of every book, she knows she's stumbled across something special.
But Hallie’s beloved bookshop is in financial trouble, and with sales dwindling, she can’t help but wonder if she is really cut out to run a business.
Things start to look up when she meets gorgeous, bookish Dimitri and between them, they post a few of the hidden messages online, reuniting people who thought they were lost forever.”
This was a very pleasant book to read. I enjoyed the characters, the town, the shop and the story. I would recommend this book for a great escape and pleasant read. Excellent book.
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4,5 Stars

A story about a bookshop and about the love of books always gets my attention. And if it is written by Jaimie Admans, one of my new favorite authors, I definitely have to read it.

Again it features a nice (single) girl with a good heart that's looking for a fresh start. She's never run a shop before - or any business come to that. But she loves books fiercly and has some good ideas on how to turn this failing old bookstore into a success. Help with all that comes in the form of Dimitri, a man that shares her love of all things book-ish. Together they hunt the shop for all the second-hand-books that have messages written into them, and search for the original owners. I sometimes come across such dedications in books as well, but mostly don't get as excited as Hallie does. On the other hand - I've never encountered a marriage proposal, a treasure hunt map or a declaration of love!  

Although there are some things in here that seem unrealistic (like winning a bookshop in the first place), I didn't mind that very much in this case. Probably because the rest of the book is just so lovely. The characters, the writing style, the sense of humour, the original ideas, the cuteness of these two together. All of that made me overlook the cheesiness here and there.
And really, how could I not love a protagonist who is so much like me with her "addiction to buying more books when you already have so many, you could read twenty-four hours a day until your ninety-eighth birthday and you still wouldn't get through them all"!
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A book that includes the Mondayest Monday ever had me from the get go.

I firstly feel like I need to apologise to Jaimie I had hoped to have read this before publication day but a month into lockdown I lost a good week of reading thanks to a headache from literally reading. I then had a few other commitments so it’s taken me a while but man this is a book that will sweep any bookworm up in the pure romance of the love of a good book and the stories they hold way past the story that the actual author wrote.

It also had me thinking about the current situation we are in. Will we ever share books the way we used to? Will we be able to search for the ones with messages in. Covid 19 has left so many unanswered questions and in reading the gorgeous notes found in a number of the classics that Hallie finds in the Once Upon a Page bookshop it made me think of the stories and I was literally on the edge of my seat.

Hallie is amazing from the get go and as her story progresses I found myself fully invested in her and her bookshop. Winning a bookshop is every single book worms dream and I loved seeing her flourish with every change she made. She’s a very capable woman but she’s never really found her calling in life but she’s always had a love for Books. Stories have been her salvation and her escape especially when life got tough.

There are so many gorgeous quotes about books getting your through scenarios in life and how books have formed friendships and enhanced love stories. So many of my favourites were mentioned Les Mis, general classics (not that I’ve read enough of them) Enid Blyton and how book boyfriends really are too good to be true.

I adored Dimitri from the beginning and as the story went on I worked out a few little things but wasn’t expecting the end results. I won’t be spoiling the story but I loved seeing the drama unfold and if I had been reading this in public I sure would have been given some strange looks. I also loved how Robert initially played such a small part in the book but his love of books and of love meant he was at the heart of the story and I relished every single aspect of his journey.

Jaimie has created a gorgeous story that incorporates books, life, loneliness, grief, community spirit and living for the moment. We can accomplish anything we set our minds to at whatever age we are.

I’m my own worst enemy so in that aspect I relate to Hallie but I know deep down I’m stronger than I’ve ever given myself credit for. This book has swept me away and left me feeling empowered and simply full of love. I hope we can still write notes in books and share them as the stories are timeless and they will out live us all.
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This is a feel good easy read. Go through the trails and tribulations of the main character as she wins a book store in a raffle (yes you read that right!) she comes to realise how out of her depth she is, but, along comes a tall handsome artist to help out, read along as you watch them slowly firm a bond. Highly recommend
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Very nice and cozy read by Jaimie Admans! If you love reading, if you are in love with books and literature, if you are in love with bookshops this book is for you!!!!! This lovely story is all about books, the love of reading and the love of books and is also so romantic! So if you love romance and books in general, I would highly recommend this book! You will LOVE it!!!!! 4 stars out of 5 (not 5 stars because in my opinion this book is a little bit too slow paced at times).
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