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A light hearted and easy read, although I don’t feel I gelled with the main characters as much as I would have liked. That aside, it’s still a fun read and I’d recommend it
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I liked the concept of this book but struggled to really believe any of it. Strangely I felt like all of the side characters were so much more fleshed out and interesting than Josh that I kept finding myself wondering what they were doing when he was off gallivanting. One of those books that would probably work better as a movie if you get a charismatic enough actor playing the lead to carry the whole thing.
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I am not usually somebody who picks up a romance book, having to be in the right mood to read one, but I loved the concept of this one and it sounded different from other romance books that I’ve read or that are out there. It wasn’t the romance aspect that drew me in, but the story concept and that I’m glad because you it wasn’t the romance part that kept me reading. It's a light, quick, easy read, that is perfect for the beach or for summer time, so if that is what you're after, then this is perfect! It even includes some travel, which was nice to read while you've been stuck in your house in lockdown for the past four months. 

This book starts of with the most brutal of breakups, on what is supposed to be, and is planned out to be, the most romantic New Years Eve of Josh’s’ life. Things take an unexpected turn for him when he not only finds out that the woman he’s planned this spectacular engagement for, not only wants to break up with him, but has also been cheating on him. He’s got no job and has to move back in with his mum, as his job and home were link with Jade, his now ex girlfriend and a chunk of his savings spent on a wasted extravagant engagement and ring. He’s tired of making wrong decisions, so he’s come up with a New Years resolution, to let the coin make his decisions.

I did enjoy really this book. It was simply and it took a different turn to what I was expecting when I was reading, which was good, as I thought at one point it was going to do the friends to lovers thing, so it was nice seeing it go somewhere else. Although this is a romance read, I’d say it’s more a book of the character finding himself again after a horrible break up, rediscovering who he is and having the right friends to encourage him to do so. They pushed him to move on and be better, took the mick out of him about embarrassing situations and it felt like a real friendship, if a little too perfect on times.

This book is really sweet, maybe too sweet on times and you get your usually things you expect to find in a traditional romance book, although you do get a random 'adult' scene. You get your “miscommunication/misunderstanding” towards the end that leads to extra drama of will they/won’t they, which is one of the things I dislike in romance reads, even if it is understandable. But I took this book for what it was and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the writing, I liked the story and I even liked the majority of how the characters were all developed. There are some stories where you require great depth of character history, but this isn’t really one, not really requiring more than what was actually given.
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I disliked this book with a passion. 
Oh, it starts out great! I was totally rooting for Josh as he got turned down, but after that big event this book takes a turn for the worse. I couldn't relate Josh, his family, and friends at all, and in the end I didn't care what happened to Josh.
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I really enjoyed reading from a different point of view! This was a light, fun and easy read! What a way to decide ... by a flip of a coin! Such a lovely read, I really enjoyed it.
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I truly believe I have a limit when it comes to awkwardness. I made a note and within the span of 6 chapters, or 70 pages, we had a failed proposal, a horny rabbit, a pub quiz team called 'the quizlamic extremists' (no I was not impressed and did not find this funny), a valentine's card from mum at 28 years old and tv phone sex which made our main character cry. I can deal with awkwardness. I can't deal with THIS MUCH awkwardness. I think the one redeeming quality for the book was that it was refreshing to see the heartbreak perspective from a man's point of view where he was genuinely distressed and not 'dealing with it like a man'. So that was nice. It just was not for me, in any other aspect.

Thank you to James Bailey, Netgalley and Michael Joseph for providing me with an e-copy in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
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A wonderful, easy to read, light hearted romance. What a way to decide your fate & feature by the flip of a coin, loved it
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A lovely summer read, I thoroughly enjoyed this, it was such a perfect break from life at the moment. Full of fantastic characters, really well written and a great story, I really do recommend this to anyone needing some lockdown escapism , so funny, simply a great romcom

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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A witty book about recovering from a sudden break-up. Josh thought he knew where his life was heading but has the rug pulled from under him! His decision to leave everything to the flip of a coin helps and hinders his future choices. The detail of where his travels take him are very good and his relationships with his friends and family are all relatable.  Josh is such a likeable character and I enjoyed the story as it was nice to read a romance book from a mans point of view. It is a relatively quick read and a great debut novel.
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On the books you definitely need to read! This was fun, serious and just had the perfect balance. Must be added to your tbr if it isn’t already!! Really enjoyed it
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After proposing to his girlfriend on the London Eye on New Years Eve and being spectacularly rejected Josh feels, understandably in a bit of a slump. He doesn't trust his decision making abilities and so, when he finds a 50p coin decides that maybe, by flipping it, it can make better decisions for him!
This leads Josh to some awkward situations, but also some good ones! 

The book has some sad moments and proper laugh out loud moments. Although a little predictable I did really enjoy the story and would definitely read more by this author 

*tw: death of a loved one, cancer
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I really enjoyed this book, it felt like a positive, uplifting book. I really liked the characters and sometimes I could feel myself routing for the guy! I would definitely read more by this author. 

Thank you NetGalley for my complimentary copy in return for my honest review.
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I really enjoyed this book. It was a lot of fun with some real laugh out loud moments. When Josh is dumped mid-proposal on New Year's Eve - trapped in the London Eye of all places - he decides that he cannot be trusted to make his own decisions anymore. Inside he decides to flip a coin each time a decision needs to me made. What follows is a year filled with tears, drama, a TV appearance and maybe the chance of real love.

This is a lovely  read that gives you warm fuzzy feelings about Josh and the people he has in his life. So what if he's single and back in his childhood bedroom, his luck could changing at the flip of a coin.
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I really enjoyed this book. It is funny, imaginative, and different to other books I have read.
The characters are all believable and adorable. Would recommend this book. Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers and the author for the privilege to read this book for my honest opinion
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Thanks for the opportunity to read this one.  Sadly couldn’t get into it but with the author and publisher the very best.
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On New Year's Eve, inside a London Eye pod, 443 feet above ground, surrounded by spectacular 360 degree views of the city, Josh gets on one knee to propose to his long term girlfriend. A romantic setting with a long-term partner, who could say no? Well Jade, tells Josh no and drops the bombshell that she’s seeing another guy behind his back. The pair then spend the rest of the descent to the ground in silence, and a few weeks later when living at his parents with no job, no money, and a rabbit called Jeremy, he decides that all his life decisions should be made by flipping a coin. These decisions range from what drink to have in the morning, what pair of socks to put on, and whether to chase down a girl from a chance-encounter without knowing her name. 

A story of fate being decided by the flip of a coin intrigued me greatly, but this felt a little lacklustre. His decision to make the decisions with the flip of a coin seems disjointed from the proposal story, and then from his hunt to find a mysterious girl he had one encounter with. Usually the appeal of a good chick-lit or romance story is a sense of believability but this had none. The over-the-top quirkiness of Josh's family and the events that happened felt a little cringeworthy. I think that whilst this is meant to be a romance story, the romance doesn't happen until the latter half of the book, and even then we never really get to know the love interest. Instead this was a story of a white man having a quarter-life crisis. 

There are some stand-out amusing moments like a birthday discount faux pas and a Tinder date involving Josh's parents, but otherwise I felt like the humour was a little too try hard for my liking. Whilst it was great to read a romance story from a male perspective for a change, I would have preferred if Josh's character was developed a little further and the kookiness needed to be tamed back a little. 

In theory, this book had components to succeed - a cute cover, an intriguing premise and what seem to be interesting characters - but it fails to deliver to its full potential.
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3.5 stars.
This book was an easy read where we follow a male main character for a change.

With the ‘London Eye’ moment at the start, I felt for the main character straight away. I enjoyed the concept of flipping a coin to make decisions for you, sometimes it would make life easier and if things didn’t work out or went wrong - the coin could be blamed!

This book made me laugh. I loved the fancy dress party themes and spent too long distractedly staring into the distance thinking of Tube station ideas! 😆

I enjoyed reading a romance story from the male main character’s perspective for a change!

I received an advanced copy of this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. These opinions are my own.
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I really enjoyed this book.
This story was  full of humour and laugh out loud moments.
It was refreshing to read a book that was from the male perspective. 
The book contained lots of details and great description about the places travelled to,

Josh had a great relationship with his grandparents and this was highlighted in his desire to find the one

A great read and would gladly recommend it if you want a giggle
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When I started reading this book, I’d trawled through my TBR pile, looking for something light-hearted.  This looked like it would fit the bill and I wasn’t disappointed.
Josh picks himself up from the mortifying experience of having his proposal rejected and decides that his decision-making skills are seriously impaired, so he undertakes to base all his decisions on the flip of a coin.  The results lead him into a few difficult situations, but mostly they are comical. 
He’s blessed with great friends, Jessica and Jamie who, along with Jamie’s boyfriend – also named Jamie - make up the quiz team the four J’s.  Forced to move back into his parent’s house, he’s now jobless as well and he seriously needs a change of fortune.
There are several awkward dates, a whole host of well-meaning family members and the 50p coin which holds his fate all leading up to a European adventure searching for a girl who he met only briefly but occupies all his thoughts.
I found this tale to be amusing and a perfect palate cleanser between a few different genres.  Josh is somewhat hapless, but his desire to find happiness is strong.  Jessica and Jamie are the kind of friends that we all would want in our corner, supportive but willing to offer ridicule at the drop of a hat.  Whilst this story isn’t a blockbuster, it sits happily in the rom-com genre and is an enjoyable quick read.
So, if like me, you enjoy a little light relief, from time to time, this book shouldn’t disappoint.  An entertaining 3 star read.
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After quite a dramatic proposal and rejection on the London eye, from here, Josh finds himself suddenly single, homeless and jobless... he starts to question his life choices and decision making and comes to the conclusion he should make all decisions going forward by flipping a coin. 

The flipping leads Josh to do things he never normally would and makes for an entertaining read. I enjoyed seeing where the random decisions would take him and thought it was quite entertaining overall. 

Thanks to NetGalley, Penguin Michael Joseph and the author of an ARC of this book.
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