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“Seize every opportunity that comes within reach. They are often fleeting, so go with your gut.”

That was the post script written on Lottie’s Christmas card from her grandmother that she received after her grandmother passed. This book was an emotional yet enjoyable book for me to read as we follow Lottie grieving the loss of her grandmother, who was “her person” whom she lived with and cared for her above all else, unexpectedly and near the holidays. Her grandmother had loved hosting a large family Christmas so Lottie decides to take it upon herself to host the entire family herself at the large estate. She sees it as the last opportunity because the home will be sold soon and the assets will be split among family members and without her grandmother, who was the glue in the family, she knows that there will not be any large family holidays anymore.

Lottie tries to prepare several days worth of feasts in the same way her grandmother would while dealing with lots of ups and downs with all of her family members (intentionally leaving this vague so I don’t give away too much of the story). Also throw in the fact that her former best friend turned boyfriend turned ex-boyfriend has moved back into the same English village and now they seem to be unable to stop crossing paths.

I lost my own grandmother 14 years ago today. It has been difficult that whole time, but even more so as I get closer and closer to the point where I will have been with her for as long as I have been without her. Just like Lottie in the story, my grandmother had left a Christmas gift for me under the tree before she passed (the necklace shown here). On this particular anniversary as I look back I am sad that she never got to meet my husband who is the love of my life, or my brilliant, hilarious, and talented stepdaughters who she would have completely adored… especially their quick wit. She lit up every room and had a special knack for making everyone feel important and seen.

Despite the tearful moments for me during this read, I really enjoyed the story, the various characters, the messages throughout, and how all of the stories played in together.

Thank you @netgalley and @avonbooks
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A thoroughly enjoyable read for Christmas. 
Things are full of change, and not necessarily in a good way, for Lottie. Recently bereaved of her beloved Grandmother, Lottie is desperate to have just one last family Christmas in the house that holds so many happy memories for her. 
Not held back by the fact she can’t cook and is having to do everything by herself  Lottie had her sights set on a magical family Christmas. Unfortunately not all goes to plan, with the return of childhood friend and the person who broke her heart when at university, a possible pregnancy or two, a shock from the past for all the family, a scruffy dog, a Duchess cat and a porn star Lottie is facing an uphill struggle to provide the Christmas she had hoped for. 
Lots of fun, calamities & Christmas traditions make this book a joy to read over the Christmas period. Full of interesting characters & storylines that hold your interest throughout the book, this is a must have for your Christmas reading.
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I went into this book with high hopes, as I found the premise to be really intriguing, but it turned out to be quite disappointing. It follows a girl who decides to host one last family Christmas in the manor house she grew up in before it is sold, but of course chaos ensues. I really like the idea of this, but it was just too much for me. Something went wrong every ten seconds and every time it was very overdramatic, making it annoying rather than funny. Like seriously, how many things can go on fire over the course of a few days?! There was also a second chance romance storyline, which was nice but very much overshadowed by all of the drama. Toned down slightly, this could have been a really fun, heartwarming Christmas story about the importance of family and giving love a second chance. Instead, it was juvenile and too over the top with some really annoying characters.
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Lottie is determined to have one last Christmas with her family before the old manor house which has been in the family for years is sold. It's a time of heartbreak for Lottie for not only is she getting used to life without her beloved Nana Rose, but then an ex-boyfriend resurfaces which brings back lots of painful memories that Lottie has kept hidden. To say this the family is dysfunctional is an understatement, and as they begin to arrive in time for Christmas Eve old tensions soon threaten to bubble over.

One Family Christmas is a laugh out loud funny festive story that has so much going on it's a wonder anything ever gets accomplished but the family leave everything to Lottie who is determined to make sure that everyone has a wonderful Christmas time even if it exhausts her in the process. Everyone has something going on it their lives, from Lottie's mum and her toyboy boyfriend, to her brother's girlfriend who is desperately trying to make sense of this crazy family who she is meeting for the first time, add Lottie's ex-boyfriend into the mix, a daft dog called Dave who is besotted with Duchess the snooty cat, and you have all the right ingredients for a delightfully fun and festive Christmas read.

I read One Family Christmas on a dark and dreary afternoon when this talented author's special brand of Christmas magic was just what I needed to make me smile.
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I really enjoyed this holiday novel.

All Lottie wants is one last  big christmas gathering of all her relatives after her beloved grandmother’s death.
The other family members are less than thrilled to be forced to be under the same roof but agree grudgingly.
Whether it’s handling her mother and her new (much younger) boyfriend, her aunt and uncle’s crumbling marriage, meeting her brother’s girlfriend for the first time (and realising it’s the young woman she sold a pregnancy test to) or the stray dog trying to catch the grumpy family cat, Lottie is sure she can handle anything the holday will throw at her ... until, that is, her ex-boyfriend walks back into her life after leaving her heartbroken years ago.

This rom-com-esque novel reminded me of the crazy christmas movies, where everything that CAN go wrong, DOES go wrong. It’s fast paced and you have multiple POVs that make it that much more interesting to follow the different characters. Some of the dramatic bits are a bit much at times, but all in all I loved the story and the characters, especially Lottie was very lovable. 

I would highly recommend this to anyone who is happy to have a little christmas drama on the page instead of in their own lives ;)
I also listened to the audiobook and can recommend that as well. Great narrator!
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I really enjoyed this! I loved that it wasn’t solely focused around a love story (let’s be honest, that gets boring after a while) and involved huge family dramas as well. Each couple had their own story to tell and everyone interlinked; it just made a nice change from other books.
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Such a perfect Christmas read, this one comes highly recommended by me!

As you all know, I tend to enjoy a chick lit kind of a book to break up the usual thrillers and true crime books I usually go for.  This one was perfect for that - although it was a chick lit read, I still felt it had some really good substance to it.

The majority of the story takes place over just a few days and chronicles  all that happens within this family, following the recent death of the family matriarch, Nana.  Lottie is a likeable main character ad the story is mainly told from her perspective.

I loved the fact that this book was a really realistic view of what most of our Christmases will look like.  Family coming together, having to see relatives we don't particularly like, secrets, food shortages, booze shortages (eek!), difficult relationships, crazy pets and more!  Any one looking for an easy Christmas read that still has a decent storyline to it will love this!
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This was my fifth book by Bella Osborne (out of the seven she wrote so far), and while I hugely enjoyed all the other ones I found this rather disappointing. Maybe because my expectations were a bit higher than with other authors. But the story really wasn't that special.

It features stereotypical characters in an unoriginal plot, interspersed with some slapstick-like interactions. At least I liked the main character Lottie, and also wanted to find out if Zach would finally succeed with his surprise for Emily. This kept me going until the end.  

Knowing how well Osborne can write, always showing individuality when it comes to her characters and their stories, I do hope this was just a slip and in her next book she is back in top form.
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This book was a little rough for me in the beginning but once I kept reading the more I began to enjoy it.  The main character is all about family and trying to preserve what she had with her grandmother but some would say her family isn’t worth all the trouble. Definitely a book you have to stay with as it’s worth it in the end
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Having seems lots about this book, I was very happy to get an early copy through NetGalley. You will not be disappointed and I loved it! Thankyou so much!
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After the death of her Nana, Lottie is struggling and just wants one last family christmas before the old family hose is sold. As they all gather, their are secrets that are being kept, and Lottie's ex returns. Lots of drama!
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This is the perfect Christmassy read, I absolutely loved Lottie! I flew through this book, and this has by far been the best Christmas read for me so far in 2020! There is just so much going on with each character, everyone has a secret and the author keeps you in suspense trying to figure them all out as you go through! Lottie has so much on her plate, and finds herself at the Head of the family, cooking and trying to keep up with her family’s antics and on top of that her former Beau is back in the country with a mystery of his own!

If you read one Christmas book this year, make it this one!

5/5 ⭐️ 

Recommend ✅ 

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Sorry I couldn't get into reading this book. Hopefully someone else will. Happy reading everyone. I hope someone else enjoys this book.
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Cute! loved this-It was the perfect little book for this time of year! Definitely would gift this to my friends and family!
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A nice funny family orientated Christmas book about them all trying to get together one last time to enjoy the festivities, however as usual at Christmas nothing goes quite as planned.
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A feel good and highly entertaining story that I thoroughly enjoyed.
I had a lot of fun reading it and I liked the relatable characters and the plot.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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One family Christmas 
By Bella Osbourne 
Pub date 15 October 
I loved this Christmas read I loved the thanksgiving side of it and Christmas Eve and how Lottie wanted all her family two be together at her grandmother house after her grandmother died and how there was a friends two romance going on and how’s she cares for animals with the dog part of the story I found the story funny I loved the writing style and how each family member had a different story two tell and how she tell the story about her family I loved learning about her grandmother and her family I absolutely loved this story what a great Christmas read especially the thanksgiving story two I gave it five stars x
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One Family Christmas - Bella Osbourne
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

This one was kindly received from @netgalley and my first Bella Osbourne book and I really enjoyed it! 

Lottie's Grandma dies just before Christmas and her last wish is for her family to enjoy one last family christmas together at her home before it is sold. Lottie is therefore tasked with cooking christmas dinner for the first time for her huge extended family, who like most families; come witht their own problems! To add to Lottie's woes her ex boyfriend suddenly returns from America after mysteriously running off and leaving her 9 years earlier.

Lottie is such a likeable character and you really feel for her, grieving for her Grandma whilst trying to keep the family christmas going. There are so many comical moments throughout the book and although I thought the book was a bit long and could have been wound up much earlier, I liked getting to know the characters and building up their backstories. There is so much christmas in this book you cant help but feel festive throughout, and even though the story is based around the story of Lottie's Gran passing away, there really is a heartwarming feel to the book.

I really enjoyed this one and will definately be looking out for some more Bella Osbourne books.
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Wow Bella Osborne has written such an amazing Christmas novel that really sums up what the run up to Christmas Day is like, the big day itself and a day or two after. That’s not to say that the festive season is as chaotic and jam packed for everyone as it is for the characters in One Family Christmas. Lottie wanted one last big family Christmas in the home she grew up in, she feels she owes it to her Nana who has recently passed away. Spending the last few weeks with her has made Lottie realise that maybe she can strike out in a different direction and reinvent herself but her future path is still very much undetermined. She doesn’t claim to be the perfect host and wonders how she can pull off the one dinner of the year that everyone looks forward to immensely whilst at the same time upholding the family traditions that meant so much to her Nana? 

To say things become crazy, mad and a bit off the wall would be an understatement as Lottie tries to hold everything together and balance many balls in the air. But it’s all done with such fun, humour and genuine warmth and excitement as Henbourne Manor plays host to various family members and a new addition to the village as they celebrate one last big family Christmas that no one will forget in a hurry.

I feel like I have been saying lately with regard to each new book published by Bella Osborne that this is her best yet and at the risk of sounding like a broken record this new story truly is beyond a shadow of a doubt the best thing I have ever read by this author. It ticked every box for me and the further I delved into this wonderful story the more I enjoyed it. It oozed Christmas from beginning to end and didn’t pretend to be anything else. We’ve all read books that claim to be Christmas books and we look forward to reading them immensely and then are let down when Christmas barely features. Here everything to do with Christmas and it’s meaning is here in spades and I eagerly lapped every bit of it up.

There was never a dull moment and really it would make the most brilliant Christmas film if the opportunity ever arose. It’s like a comedy of errors unfold as Lottie struggles to maintain the ideal plan that she has for Christmas in order to honour the memory of her Nana but at some stage or another she realises she just has to go with the flow and accept it for what it is. A gathering of family members all wanting something different from their day and each one comes to the manor with that little bit of extra baggage that she hadn’t bargained for. Of course some more serious issues are explored in the story amidst the fun and festive frolics. Two people take the term frolics quite literally and provide lots of laugh out moments and some cringeworthy ones too. But Bella Osborne has balanced the heavy issues perfectly alongside the light moments, laughter and of course a dash of romance.

Lottie is distraught after laying her beloved Nana to rest with just two weeks left to go until Christmas. Everyone always came to Rose at Henbourne Manor for the big day, it was like the annual pilgrimage where everyone gathered together as one big unit. The manor may now have to be sold which just adds another strand of stress to the mess that Lottie finds her life in. She is adrift and doesn’t know how she can go on without her beloved Nana who was her rock, comfort and guide. But Lottie is determined to do her proud and the call is put out to celebrate one last Christmas together before change comes knocking on the door. Lottie is daunted taking over the role of matriarch, she doesn’t feel she has the strength to do this but she will try and do her best.

Lottie was a complex person and particularly when it came to her love life. Joe, the boy she grew up with and lost her heart to, walked away from her without looking back and Lottie has spent the last nine years trying to forget him. She really takes things to heart and can’t face a lifetime of potential hurt so she chooses to stay cocooned and protected at the manor. So a chance encounter with a dog leads to a surprise for Lottie as she meets Joe once again. Said dog will go on to provide so many comedic moments that I lost count but it also becomes a little link that binds some characters together. 

Joe has returned to the village from America, after nine years away for a reason that will become apparent much later on, he feels now is the time to come home and he will relish his role as the new vet in the village. For Lottie this throws up a whole heap of problems as she battles her heart and mind as well as the various issues, secrets and situations her various family members find themselves in. Can she cope with the return of Joe who finds himself unexpectedly partaking in a family Christmas that spills forth lots of surprises as well as giving everyone the big day she feels they deserve? It’s a lot to handle for one person and as a series of comedic errors emerge alongside some deep secrets. One thing is guaranteed, Lottie won’t have a restful Christmas but perhaps it might turn out to be the best of all.

Joe knew coming back to Henbourne meant he would have to face up to his past and this included talking to Lottie at some stage. I don’t think he counted on their first meeting being the way it was. But Joe is ready now to deal with everything, going to therapy has helped him and he has the tools needed to explain why his departure was so abrupt. Will he assimilate back into village that easily and will Lottie welcome him with open arms or has her heart been shattered just that little bit too much in order to start repairing itself? Perhaps Joe might be the one Lottie needs the most amidst all the madness of Christmas at the manor. Maybe Christmas will work the magic its renowned for? Who knows?

There were certainly a number of characters to get to know but it never became confusing as to who was who or what was going on with regards to their storyline. Instead everything just flowed really well and I found myself thoroughly immersed in and really enjoying all the comings and goings from the house and all the little mishaps and funny moments. Uncle Bernard has been a long term resident of the house wandering around in his motorised scooter and he seemed to say just the right thing at the right time to offer some light relief from any tension that may have been building. 

Angie is Lottie’s mum and she arrives at the manor with her toyboy Scott. Angie focuses on how she looks with Botox being de rigour. What started out as an innocent lie has led to her falling even deeper into a situation that yes she maybe is thoroughly enjoying and she is certainly getting the most out of it but if the truth comes out will her fun end? To be honest I found Angie to be a bit vain and the majority of the book she was behind closed doors so to speak so I wanted her little lie to come out. You could just tell that she was going to let something slip.

Lottie’s brother Zach arrives with his girlfriend Emily. He is very easy going and has a young daughter named Jesse. But Emily has just discovered some life altering news. Typical, that the one time of the year when peace, calm and happiness is supposed to reign, that poor Emily feels under such pressure and expectation, caught between a rock and a hard place. She can’t quite make up her mind whether her news is good or bad. There are a lot of stumbling blocks out in her way when she tries to pick the most opportune moment to reveal what she has learnt. These blocks are funny and filled with the trademark humour that is evident throughout the entire book.

That’s a strong characteristic of this book the lighter, humorous moments balanced with more serious pressing problems that need some more careful consideration. There never seems to be a quite place in the house to sit and think. There almost seems to be so much going on. It’s like one madcap event after the other but I loved this about the book that there was no let up in the madness and festive fun. Lottie was the one who the others seemed to gravitate towards to share their secrets or upsets. She knew what everyone had going on but none of the others knew the extent of what was going on.

One Family Christmas is a book where you can tell the author got such a buzz from writing it that she literally threw every Christmas conundrum at the plot and every little funny caper involving animals or whomever. I mean this in the nicest possible way because it all combined together to make for just the best read. This book really would put a smile on your face and put you in the best mood. It had me from page one and every turn of the pages kept bringing more surprises and laughter. Don’t hesitate to pick up this fabulous read. It’s a real Christmas tonic in this most trying of times.
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I really enjoyed One Family Christmas by Bella Osborne. I loved getting to know Lottie and her family.  I was drawn into the book from the first few pages and struggled to put it down. An easy to read book  to loose yourself in for several hours especially during the current world situation. Another fab read by Bella.
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