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I've always thought that my family was a bit much, but reading One Family Christmas, made them seem positively tame. From the proposals going wrong, and wrong again, and wrong again, to old secrets coming out, to a pregnancy test that just will not let itself be taken... And above all: a series of Christmas traditions that would do even the Santa-family proud.
Through all that, this book is definitely carried by its characters - they're complex, they're flawed... And I honestly fell in love with them as soon as I started reading. Even the ones that aren't so likeable :)
And sure, maybe I would've liked to have had that final reveal be a bit more dramatic - I love a good pining story, after all. All together though? This was one of the most enjoyable holiday reads I've had this year!
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This is definitely a book about a dysfunctional family at Christmas. It is definitely far fetched at times by filled with humour  and a definite feel good factor. Recommended.
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Full to the brim with warmth and festive hilarity. A cracker of a book. Fantastic likeable characters - human and otherwise! A really enjoyable romp of a read. Christmas as it should be and will be again. This book pulls you in for a hug and won’t let go. I thoroughly enjoyed it.  

Thank you Netgalley
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Lottie’s beloved grandmother dies suddenly shortly before Christmas. Lottie is devastated – her Nana raised her up as her mother was rather busy looking after „The One“ – but she’s also determined to spend the last Christmas in Rose’s house before it’s sold, together with her whole family, just like they always did before Rose’s death. The family is rather reluctant but oh, well, eventually they oblige. Lottie is excited – the fact that she’s supposed to organise everything by herself and that she can’t cook won’t spoil her enthusiasm, oh no. However, even before the first family member arrives, things start to go sideways, and it’s only the beginning of Christmas full of secrets, mishaps and other disasters.

This was a story filled with disasters and, according to Murphy’s law, if something wrong is going to happen, it has happened during Lottie’s Christmas, because there are not only secrets being uncovered, and what secrets, let me tell you, but there is also a proposal, a birth, a pregnancy test, a porno star, an ex – girlfriend and many, disappearing Christmas presents, dogs and cats under one roof, but also the overwhelming feeling of joy and love and hope, and plenty of food, even if Lottie has no idea how to cook.

There are many characters in this story because Lottie’s family is huge and there is also a variety of background characters but this time I didn’t have any problems with recognising who is who and who belongs to whom. They were brilliantly written and so sharp, unique and distinctive, it was a real joy to get to know this colourful and lively cast of characters. Lottie’s family is so diverse, just like any family really, and after initial disbelief, because I thought that everything is going to run smoothly and there won’t be any problems, and I couldn’t believe how bonkers they are – positively bonkers - I started to feel so comfortable with them and their shenanigans and brilliant one – liners. They were a bit dramatic, but it was hilarious to see, and also so very entertaining.
The story is mainly told from Lottie’s point of view but her chapters intertwine with those told by Emily, the newcomer to the family, and it was even better, to see her fresh, objective and absolutely honest perspective and disbelief.

There is a lot happening in this story although sometimes I had a feeling that it starts to repeat itself and drag a bit but those were just a few moments. The characters don’t have time for a flat moment because there is plenty of action. So while there were moments that the novel a) dragged a bit and b) felt a little too overdone and over the top, I still loved every minute of it and think it was one of the loveliest, funniest Christmas books I have ever read, and probably Bella Osborne’s best yet. It was amusing, and well, relatable too, I think each of us will be able to recognise some of the situations, or Lottie’s family members, from their own Christmases, right?

„One Family Christmas“ was a festive, entertaining story about family relationships - there might be misunderstandings and problems between the family members but in the end the book shows that keeping together is what it is about. It was filled with humour and full of heart and the feel – good factor. But it was not only laugh – out – loud comedy of errors, there was much more depth to it which made the book even more beautiful – the loss of Lottie’s Nana was even more overwhelming and heart – breaking because of the festive times and Lottie trying to recreate the Christmas for her family just like her Nana would do it was truly touching, and it only showed how important family is, no matter how imperfect the family members are. So really, the balance between poignant and fun was truly brilliant and perfect. It was filled with a whole range of feelings and emotions, it was warm and inviting, a truly brilliant read for a winter evening. Highly recommended!
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This is a hilarious Christmas story!  It reminds me of a Griswold Family Christmas.  There were times when I laughed out loud it was so funny! The characters are so unique with personalities that verge on crazy. I liked the love stories of each couple and how they had to deal with tough situations. I enjoyed reading about their fun family Christmas traditions like tea time, charades, the star present, and the stocking game. It will be a book that I add to my Christmas TBR list every year.  I highly recommend this book to everyone that enjoys a good laugh!
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This was a lovely, warm, festive read. I really felt for Lottie, the poor main character who spends the entire book trying to wrangle her messy, difficult family into having one last traditional family Christmas now that her beloved Nana Rose has died. She couldn't have tried harder to live up to Nana's Christmas and yet was faced with huge challenges at every turn. This book was funny, highly entertaining and relatable. A great read for this time of year.
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The perfect Christmas read full of fun family and food. A numerous charming relatable story to read on tge run up to Christmas x
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This was my first of Bella's books, and I enjoyed it. That said, I did find a few small things that needed a tweak.

There are so many characters in this book, meaning it can often be difficult to determine who's who among the cast. It felt at times like Bella herself had forgotten too – at one stage, one of the characters called Lottie his aunt, but she is actually his cousin. 

The book has so much going on too, and it's a real comedy of errors. I feel like a lot of the plot could have been shaved off and little difference would be made to the book. I think it needed a little more editing overall, as it was rather long and there were a few mistakes.
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This was such a fun and drama filled story about a family Christmas that I found very relatable and one I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. 
It is five weeks before Christmas and Lottie and her Grandmother Rose are making their Christmas cake and planning the traditional Christmas that the family has every year. 
Lottie and her grandmother have a wonderful and close relationship as Lottie has spent most of her life living with her grandmother and her brother Zach after their mother would leave them in the search for love. These trip often proved to be unsuccessful and their mother is then on the hunt for a new man in her life.
Lottie is devastated when her beloved grandmother passes away and is heartbroken to find out that the house she has been living in with her grandmother is to be sold.
While at the funeral for Rose, Lottie discovers that everyone has made different plans for Christmas this year which makes her sad. This is not the family Christmas she had planned with her grandmother only weeks before. Lottie comes up with a plan that she will host Christmas and is soon asking all of the family to have one last family Christmas together. Thy all reluctantly agree and Lottie is sure that she will be fine as host for Christmas. How Hard could it be?
Fast forward to Christmas Eve and Lottie realises just how hard this is going to be with. 
What follows from the first arrival is a series of drama and disasters. There is some laughter too amongst  them all and they all realise this is a Christmas none of them will ever forget. 
I loved this book from the first page to the last and did not want to put it down. 
The writing style of the book flows well and is very light hearted. 
I found I liked Lottie for the very beginning and completely understood her need to keep to her grandmother plans as the have meant so much to her over the years. 
This Family Christmas is filled with disasters and and dramas and anything you did not want to happen over Christmas happens. Making all of this a huge challenge for Lottie. Especially when all of the guest are very entertaining and different people who all have their own ideas what they should all be doing.
This is such a fabulous and fun festive read that should definitely be added to you Christmas reading list.
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I’ve wanted to read more by the author since I loved her novel Meet Me at Pebble Beach when I took part in the blog tour earlier this year. I was a bit cynical as the book is set at Christmas and my experience in the past is that such books tend to be cheesy with few exceptions such as crime fiction. The family at the centre of this book are quite dysfunctional and are keeping secrets from each other. They don’t come across as nice people at first, more concerned with jetting off on luxury breaks than the fact the matriarch has died. Lottie brings them together for one last big Christmas at Nana’s big house by the sheer effort of her will. She seems to be the only one interested in keeping this tradition alive. I laughed a lot reading this book as I warmed to Lottie’s family and I also cried a few times. This is the perfect mix of happy and sad.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for allowing me to read this. 

A big family. A whole lot of secrets. A Christmas to remember…
This year, Lottie is hosting one last big family Christmas at the home she grew up in – just like her Nana would have wanted.
But when her relatives descend on the old manor house, Lottie gets more than she bargained for. Every family has its secrets, but in this family, everybody has one!
So, between cooking a Christmas dinner, keeping tensions at bay and a stray dog out of mischief, she has plenty on her plate (and not just misshapen sausage rolls and a frozen turkey). And then her first love shows up – nine years after he walked out of her life.

I love any stories about Christmas. This had the added bonus that Lotties family are quite simply crazier than mine! Lots of crossed wires and unique characters make this an incredibly enjoyable read. I would happily read another of Bellas stories if this is the calibre of her writing. Thoroughly recommend with a large hot chocolate and a comfy seat x
Can Lottie make their last family Christmas one to remember… for the right reasons?
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One Family Christmas by Bella Osborne
Rating ****.8 4.8/5
Hilariously brilliant. 
The first paragraph had me hooked and it didn’t disappoint. Chuckled out loud. I was already telling my friends and family about “One Family Christmas” well before I had even finished. 
Bella Osborne’s characters are fabulous: Lottie’s family are eccentric, egotistical and so funny I would love to meet them. Sherry-loving Shirley is a hoot. Dave and The Duchess, life with them would certainly never be dull.
A heart warming novel not to be missed. 
This is the first novel I have read by Bella Osborne and it won’t be the last. Thoroughly recommended. 
Thank you to Bella Osborne, HarperCollins/Avon and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book for which I have written and honest and unbiased review.
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This was a lovely festive read. I was wary at first because there were lots of characters; but things were quickly put in place with character developments and plots revolving around a dysfunctional family Christmas. 

One Family Christmas was quirky and funny & most of all, heartwarming. I was laughing out loud at the, 'celebrity sighting' in the village store and the curtsies that ensued from Angie.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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After losing her nan, Lottie wants to organise one last family Christmas together and is pleased when everyone says they will be coming.
There are a catalogue of disasters that she takes in hand to provide the sort of Christmas her nan always used to make happen. She comes to realise just how hard her nan had to work and I was amazed how little help she was getting!!!!!!!
The families all have niggles , and are quite selfish at times. But I loved all the family scenes, the embarrassing mother, the grumpy uncle, the blossoming romance being thwarted. 
It has elements of everyone's family christmas moments and it's a really lovely read.
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It was a cute book, and the things and problems mentioned were so real! Although I think the editing could’ve been better but a beautiful book nonetheless.
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I absolutely loved this story, the characters were all so unique and I loved the chaos and ups and downs of the family Christmas. There were plenty of laugh out loud moments but the book also had me in tears a few times. So Christmassy and just a really beautiful story. I was sad to finish it.
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At first, I thought this was going to be another clichéd Christmas novel but actually I was pleasantly surprised. The characters were deliciously annoying with their irritating quirks. A bad mother, soft hearted brother and a scandalous uncle,  it was the perfect combination. Lottie had a lot of pain and she needed this Christmas to help get rid of it. There were lots of mishaps, secrets and twists to keep me hooked. It made me laugh and cry- always the sign of a good book.
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I loved this book. A really positive, happy,  feel good book. I look forward to hearing more from Bella. I didn’t want the book to end. I hope there is a follow up.
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I always feel like I’m cheating on December a bit when I read holiday reads throughout the year, but this one was totally worth it. 
It was fun, quirky, full of real family drama and also real family love. 
It’s the perfect holiday read and will surely make you laugh out loud!
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The perfect Christmas read. Yes I did just type perfect. I loved this. It’s full of everything you could want from a Christmas read and more - romance, home life, humour, food, family, drama. 

Lottie wants one last Christmas in her family home and moves in with her Nan. That is just magical in itself. And from there.....

It’s an absolutist read 6 stars here.
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