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Enjoyable read from Bella Osborne. 

After her grandma unexpectedly dies, Lottie wants to honour her by hosting the usual family Christmas. And so she does, with many twists and turns along the way!
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If you’re looking for a Christmas read that will make you laugh then this book is for you. This is a wonderful family feel Christmas book.

One Family Christmas by Bella Osborne, follows Lottie as she is hosting one last family Christmas in her family’s old home, just the way her Nana would have liked. But this year all the long held secrets are going to make an appearance, along with the man who broke Lottie’s heart nine years ago.  I think the most important part of the reason why I enjoyed the book so much was the fact that Lottie was such an adorable character and I had to know how things happened out for her. This book had a bit of everything- there was drama, sadness, love, loss but there was also a large dose of humour and some parts of the story literally made me laugh out loud..

This book was a bit of an emotional rollarcoaster. Full of festivity and chaos it’s a page turner for sure, it was refreshing to read a story where christmas is not perfect because let’s face it whose life is so perfect anymore!!
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Lottie is hosting one last family Christmas in her family’s old home, just the way her Nana would have liked. But this year all the long held secrets are going to make an appearance, along with the man who broke Lottie’s heart nine years ago.  

This was a great Christmas read, I loved that the story took place over the space of a few days and that the wold family were central to the storyline.
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It occurred to me, whilst reading this book, that there’s a significant chance we won’t be able to experience the traditional family Christmas we are all used to. In other words, the Christmas that Lottie is trying to share with her family. Consequently, whilst this was a lovely, festive read, I also found it quite poignant and encouraged me to reflect on what I wanted from Christmas 2020.

I was pleased to be able to read Osborne’s festive treat and this book certainly did not disappoint. The writer has encapsulated everything we have come to associate with this festive time of year, from family and family bickering, to the stresses of The Big Dinner, and even unexpected guests. I guess what I am trying to say is that all readers will recognise elements of their own past Christmases in this novel, making it all the more enjoyable.

This book was a bit of an emotional rollarcoaster as well. It was not all about the love and comfort you expect from this time of year. The loss of Lottie’s Nana was really very touching and it reminded me of the importance of close family relationships. Everything that Lottie is trying to achieve by recreating Nana’s Christmas was admirable and courageous, especially in the face of grief and mourning. However, Osborne creates the perfect balance of emotions by adding drama and comedy along the way. On reflection, I imagine this range of feelings is what many can encounter at Christmas time; it isn’t always the squeaky, perfect time of year that the media would have us to believe.

I loved how this story was so warm and inviting. The cast of characters is unique and they all added their own identity to the plot development. Lottie’s family is diverse and broad and, despite this, I felt like I was part of their Christmas celebrations. Indeed, Osborne provides plenty of detail that it felt like you knew each character personally, without this detail distracting you from the main plot.

With Christmas hanging in the balance of an invisible virus and the deciding politicians, this was the pick-me-up that should be prescribed to all. I enjoyed this book so much that it was a pleasant distraction from the doom and gloom all around, that doesn’t seem to want to go away any time soon. I felt invested in Zach and Emily’s secrets; I felt emotional towards Lottie and her uncertain future; and I wanted there to be reconciliation between her and Joe. All in all, I wanted the Christmas that Osborne portrays.

If there is one festive read you choose this year, then this book should definitely not go unnoticed. Although I haven’t read many of Osborne’s books, I am certainly a fan and this Christmas book was heart-warming from head to toe.

With thanks to Avon books, NetGalley and Rachel’s Random Resources for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I am speechless! It is a known fact that miracle hands are needed to manage a festive family gathering, but to manage Collins family . . . we need something more. Talk about a crazy family, and adorable in their own ways too.
        To honour her grandmother's last wish, Lottie is hosting the last Christmas in the manor. Her career and love life is in shambles and she is going to be homeless soon, but she can handle one Christmas right? How naive she was!!! 
        On the one side, there are the pets, Duchess the cat and Dave the dog, turning everything topsy turvy (I was planning to buy a puppy for Christmas, now I am not so sure). Then the family secrets which decide this the perfect timing to come out of the closet; and yes, Lottie's old flame is back too. What is not to go wrong?
        Did I scare you enough? Aren't you curious how Lottie survive this messiness? Go ahead then. This hilarious, unforgettable family story will definitely bring back memories of bygone Christmases and anticipation for more.
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This is a wonderful family feel Christmas book with plenty of characters (including animals) which everybody could at least relate to one of them! 
Full of festivity and chaos it’s a page turner for sure, it was refreshing to read a story where christmas is not perfect because let’s face it no ones life is perfect!
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A hilarious ho ho ho holiday read. This was such an entertaining and festive story filled with family, humor, and heart. Lottie is determined to have one last big family Christmas after the sudden death of her beloved Nana. Her somewhat dysfunctional family is less than thrilled about this but they all unenthusiasticly oblige. But even before the first family member arrives things start to go sideways. Lottie’s old flame shows up unexpectedly and she has somehow acquired an extra four-legged houseguest. This book made me laugh, smile, and shed a small tear. This family was so messy it was so authentic and real spending time with them. Made my family look somewhat normal. The bulk of the story is told from the perspective of Lottie who has such a big heart and just wants the family to have a great Christmas. We also get a bit of Emily‘s perspective who is new to the family this is her first Christmas with them, was fun seeing it all from an outsider’s perspective. Most Christmas books are all shiny and bright with that big bow on top this book was more like that gift bag you found crammed in the back of the closet. The gift is just as good it’s just a little more Messi and a little more real. If you’re looking for a Christmas read that Will make you laugh so much your belly will shake like a bowl full of jelly, this is the perfect book!

This book in emojis  🐱 🎄 🐶 🍷 🐭 ❄️ 💍 🧣 🔋 

*** Big thank you to Avon for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***
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A funny, emotional, mysterious, heart warming roller-coaster of a book. I really enjoyed it - staying up till 2am last night to finish it.

Lottie hasn't had an easy life - the love of her life left her, and the country, many years before, and since she has had cheating boyfriends and failed jobs. She goes 'home' to live with her Grandmother, who is more like a mother to her than her mum ever was, and her Great Uncle. When her Grandmother dies, her family decide to sell the house to split the profits and Lottie decides to have one more family Christmas in the large house before she has to find herself a new home and a new job.

Throw into the mix a totally dysfunctional family, the fact that Lottie can't cook, a stray dog, and the return of the long lost love of her life, and the resultant story is a joy.
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Thank you NetGalley, Bella Osborne  and Avon Books UK for the ARC of One Family Christmas. This is my personal review.
Lottie is determined to have one last family Christmas no matter what!
From start to finish this is a book that has everything in it you could imagine in several books, but it is all in this story. Family- friends- cooking- laughter- love – mystery- fun and I could go on and on but you just need to read this wonderfully written book and know you have spent time with a family you want to meet in life.
I am thankful I got to spend time in between the pages of this book.
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Another fantastic Christmas read; this is pure entertainment all the way!

Lottie's Nana has provided  a family Christmas every year; so on the first yuletide with her - and the last in the family home - Lottie thinks it's more important than ever that they all get together to celebrate for one last time. This year will be very different, however, as Lottie - not known for her prowess in the kitchen - has volunteered to cover all the meals. Added to the family turning up, a stray dog crashes the party and everyone seems to be hiding a secret. Can they survive the annual get-together?

This is a great book on two levels: it's a good solid family drama, plump and ready to burst with everything going on and the mood is constantly lifted by the humour peppered throughout. The family dynamics are completely realistic; the inclusion of the pets gives so many opportunities for laughter and Bella Osborne never misses. We all have our own family issues and I'm sure that this will raise memories for every reader, but the hilarity kept me reading long after I should have laid the book aside last night. Wonderful characters, a great story and giggles aplenty make this one sparkle from first to last, leaving me with a great big grin on my face. Absolutely recommended and worth all five glittering stars!

My thanks to the publisher for my copy via NetGalley and to Rachel's Random Resources for my spot on this tour; this is - as always - my honest, original and unbiased review.
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Thank you to Avon for my copy of this book via Netgalley and to Rachel for letting me be part of the tour. I have read a few of Bella’s books and always enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling they give you. As this was her first Christmas story I had to take part in the tour. 

Lottie’s family are quite something. Not only do they not want to spend one last Christmas in the family home when they relent and agree they leave everything up to poor Lottie. I just wanted to give Lottie a big hug and make all the rest of the family help out. 

If something could go wrong this Christmas  it did for poor Lottie. We have all had that Christmas where the dinner goes wrong, someone doesn’t have a present or an argument breaks out.  At the time it seems like the worst thing but when you look back it’s just another funny Christmas memory. The Collins family were a tad more dramatic than any of my family Christmas' but they were very entertaining. 

Bella has written about such a beautiful location yet again. I always want to dive into her book locations. I would love to visit the village, especially around Christmas time. It sounds rather magical. 

This book really gave me the Christmas feels. This year is going to be somewhat different for Christmas but it gave me hope that things will still turn out okay in the end.
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A delightful festive treat! It has everything- Christmas, family gatherings, conflict, humour, romance, animals, all seamlessly bound together in a thoroughly enjoyable story. I just couldn’t put it down. Perfect entertainment with a feel good factor which we all need in these difficult times. I can’t wait to get the paperback version to read it again. Highly recommended if you enjoy Christmas books with a touch of romance and humour.
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There's nothing like a cosy Christmas read to get you feeling festive - and One Family Christmas by Bella Osborne is just the warm, fuzzy Christmas book everyone needs to read this season. It's one of those books that everyone can relate to in one way or another, which makes you feel closer to the (very eclectic mix of) characters! I absolutely loved the main character, Lottie. Entertaining, funny and festive with some romance- what more could you want from a Christmas book!? Looking forward to reading more books by Bella Osborne.

5 stars from me!
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What a delightful read! Funny, romantic and Christmassy, I couldn’t ask for more!
I started reading this book for the cover and the title, for me Christmas it’s not the presents but being able to spend quality time with my family, and now that I live far from them it’s more important than before. So, I started reading this book to feel the warm and sweet emotions that I feel when I am surrounded for my loved ones, let me be honest, I wasn’t disappointed at all! There’s family secrets, love, romance and charming pets, I don’t think I will find a better family to spend the Christmas night if I can’t return home this year, I will re-read this book again!
I really don’t want to talk much about the plot, this Lottie’s family, that after her Nana passes away a couple of weeks ago, she decides to reunite all their family one last Christmas before their old manor house is sold. “Lucky” for her, all the members of her family will attend the Christmas holidays, making it a holiday to remember forever, for good or bad… She will have to face too the return of an old fame… but is she ready to heal her past wounds and start something new with him? Of course you’ll have to read the book to know all the answers!
This book made me remember that every family has their own problems, no one is perfect, but it really doesn’t matter their faults because you love them, they are family, and you’ll be on their side in the moments of need.
I really hope that we will see this family once Christmas more, even if it’s just a short story, to know how everything progressed! There were so many different stories in this book that I would love to see them again one more time!
This is a book I would recommend to read any time of the year, but specially on Christmas, on a comfy sofa with a hot chocolate, while watching how your family is trying to kill themselves, to remember that you are not alone!
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Loved this romantic drama set in the fictional Cotswold community of Henbourne.  The story unfolds over the lead-up to Christmas, starting with Stir-Up Sunday, and leads through to New Year.  The Collins family usually celebrate Christmas together at Henbourne Manor, drawn together by Nana Rose, but the dynmic is changing as the family ages and different parners are drawn in.  Will there be one last family Christmas this year?  And who will be there???

Thanks to Net Galley and the publishers for the opportunity to read this ebook.
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One Family Christmas by Bella Osborne. I was lucky enough again to be able to read this through NetGalley, I’d not read anything by this author before and was drawn to the look of the cover. I seen a lot of really positive reviews about this book, however for me even though there isn’t anything wrong with this book, I just didn’t connect with it. It was just simply ok, there was nothing that stood out for me to say put it on your Xmas reads list.  The books about Lottie, who is kind of the main character putting on a family Christmas to honour the memory of her Nan and with the family arriving so do all the secrets and lies. Lottie may be the main character but there is a lot of characters in this book who each have there own biggish part to play in the story and for me at times it got confusing to remember who was who, sometimes I had to stop for a second and think back on what relation that was and as a result I found it hard to connect with the characters. This does get easier as the book goes on but for me it was still a bit of a nagging annoyance that detracted from the story. I get why there was a lot of characters it being a family Christmas and that in itself gave it that feeling of a family Christmas filled with just pure chaos, which invoked memories of Christmas where everyone comes round to your house, you don’t know which way to turn, you worry about certain relatives saying the wrong thing or there’s gong to be that one relative sat in the corner drunk and asleep! You cant wait for them to leave, with a huge sigh of relief when they do but at the same time you miss them. So I suppose even though I wasn’t a great fan of the book it was a great reminder of Christmases with family. This book seemed to take forever for me to read because I just wasn’t invested or connected to the story, parts of it felt warm and cosy and felt like it had potential however those parts were few and far between. A nice book, one a wouldn’t recommend, there are far better Christmas books to read this just isn’t high up in that list. 🎄
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This was just a nice, and feel good book. 
Easy to read. I read it in one sitting. Love the Christmas theme. 
This didn't wow me, but I still like it. 
3.5 stars.
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📖 Book Review 📖
One Family Christmas by @bellaosborneauthor 
Publish date - 15th October 2020

The Christmas books are well and truly in swing, love getting in the Christmas spirit, no matter the time of year.

I throughly enjoyed this book and spent most of the time laughing out loud due to the families antics.

The characters were hilarious, this story covered some many situations 😂. 

I loved how they all came together, during these weird times, it’s enjoyable to read something heartwarming, that sees a family coming together.

I’m really hoping that there will be a follow up and we get to see more of Henbourne Manor.

Thank you to @avon_books and @netgalley for a copy in exchanged for an honest review.

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A nice feel good story for a Sunday afternoon close to Christmas!  Lots of laughs and family complications along they way to Lottie’s happily ever after!  I did enjoy the book as is an easy read and kind of predictable.. what I can’t get over is the total and utter lack of help she received from her family when it came to meal times - I found that pretty hard to swallow really!  With thanks to netgalley for an arc in return for my honest feedback.
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I absolutely loved every minute of reading this fabulous book, it's my favourite Christmas one of the year so far! I instantly fell in love with Lottie & clear love of Star Wars (a girl after my own heart) & the relationship she had with her Grandmother was not dissimilar to how mine was with mine. 
This was your typical family harbouring secrets, lies & sibling rivalry aplenty, but there was also the element of a family coming together united in their grief but making a concerted effort for each other, bridges being burnt, love being found & kittens being born!

The perfect feelgood Christmas novel!
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