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Finding Love at Hedgehog Hollow

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Oh, this is such a lovely book and a great story. I found myself becoming increasingly involved in the main character’s life and shared her ups & downs alongside her. The writer really brings the reader into the story. I cried several times and was overjoyed many other times. 
Top marks and I cannot wait for the next instalment in Hedgehog Hollow, it will be top of my wish list.
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This book was lovely! Loved sam's character! Her heart and kindness stood out! And the bond she had with Thomas had me melting! I'm glad they found each other! He seemed so lonely! This book touched my heart because of her relationships. Her and her monther in particular becuase I can relate. Overall a great read! Plus, who doesnt love adorable animals chucked into the mix!
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Sam is heartbroken when her "friend with benefits" James who she loves , even though it isn't reciprocated, marries her cousin Chloe. Events at their wedding causes an already strained relationship with her family to come to a climax, although it did help her find a new friend in a recluse who she helped upon finding him collapsed at home.
There have been two books that I've read recently that I've found impossible to put down, a Regency romance and this one. Very moving and emotional I really felt for Sam when she was down and happy as she started forming new friendships. With a few twists and turns that gave further history behind the story it was one of those books that I was sad when I actually finished it.
I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley, however this did not influence my review of the book.
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Overall, I enjoyed the story. I was very frustrated by certain relationships and how they were allowed to continue. Still, as a whole, I was drawn into this place and Sam's life.
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Could it be any worse? You are the maid of honor at your cousin’s wedding as she marries the man you are secretly in love with. Sam Winshaw is heartbroken, and she throws herself into a friendship with elderly widower, Thomas, who’s living in rundown Hedgehog Hollow. Sam steps in to try to realize the dream of renovating Hedgehog Hollow that Thomas and his wife held dear. She also hopes to open a hedgehog rescue! Along the way, Sam realizes that sometimes life has other plans for her, maybe not the ones she envisioned, but something delightful indeed
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I have no idea where to start in trying to explain how fabulous this book is.

I mean there are hedgehogs and memories of The Hedgehog lady are so lovely. 

There is Thomas who eventually strikes up a beautiful friendship with Sammie, even if he isn't sure about it at first.

There's Sammie's incredibly tricky relationship with her mother to explore and other huge family rifts. 

Actually as someone who could see some of her own mums characteristics in Sammie's I had a great deal of empathy and sympathy for her and her relationship.

There's clearly a love of all animals in this story with two vets playing starring roles. Plus with Sammie being a nurse there is a lot of caring going on too.

As a fan of the author I smiled anytime Whitsborough Bay is mentioned, while loving this new setting on the Yorkshire Wolds a lot too.

It's a book that took me on a journey of emotion both ups and downs, with very realistic characters and Jessica Redland's wonderful writing style. 

I adored every single moment of this book.

Thank you to Netgalley and Boldwood Books for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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Loved this book.
I finished it in a day was brilliant although I was crying for loads of the story.
So happy that it had a very happy ending.
Can't wait to buy this book when it comes out.
Jessica Redland is a brilliant author I've read other books by her her writing makes you feel like you are actually there in the book.
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Thank you to the publishers and Netgalley for an early review copy. 

Such a lovely story. 
Characters who you can relate to. 
The story of Sammie who always there for everyone in her family, even her cousin Chloe, and never says no to her. But it seems her mother is never happy with whatever she does and has always liked her cousin Chloe, so far as giving her whatever her dad bought for her. 
At a birthday party she meets James, but soon it’s clear he doesn’t feel the same way. 
Then, along comes Chloe and they marry. She’s asked to collect something and on way back to the reception she gets lost and when she knocks on a door to ask for directions, she finds someone unconscious and gets help.
Back at the reception, tempers flare and again, Sammie is in the wrong and asked to leave. 
She tries to mend bridges but no luck. 
She moves out, soon starting a new job, and makes new friends, begins to call on the man she helped and checking up on him. 
She still tries to mend bridges with Chloe and her mom. 
Soon it becomes clear that the man who she helped - his wife knew Sammie from when she was young, from visiting her grandparents house.
Thomas leaves the house to Sammie and asks her to fulfill his and his wife’s dream. 
At her bosses birthday party she meets Josh, they exchange their pasts. 
As she starts to set up the rescue centre at her new home, there’s twists and unexpected incidents.  
Really enjoyed reading this lovely book. Another fabulous one from Jessica.
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Sam is a district nurse who's ex-boyfriend has just married her cousin. Events at the wedding lead to an estrangement with most of her family, but they also lead her to Thomas Mickleby, a grumpy, deeply lonely man, still grieving for the wife he lost 20 years ago. The friendship that blossoms between them goes on to change Sam's life.

I loved Sam as a character, her kindness and generosity of heart alongside her insecurities. With several toxic relationships around her, she manages to stay kind and loving, but retains enough of a backbone that I really rooted for her as a character.

Her friendship with Thomas was the heart of the book for me, his loneliness was so stark and heartbreaking and the way they found one another and bonded was so lovely. Loneliness can be such a devastating thing to experience, it was great to see a depiction of that that wasn't sugar coated. The same goes for Sam's relationship with her Mum, which is difficult and unpleasant and not easily resolved. Again it was good to read an honest acknowledgement that some relationships just can't be saved, and that the kindest thing to do for yourself is to stand up for yourself. 

All in all I really loved this, perfect summer escapism. 

Thanks to NetGalley for this proof copy ebook in return for my honest review.
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I requested this because I'd enjoyed previous books by the same author. Having a difficult relationship with my own toxic parents it struck a chord with me and having the same name as the main character was a little weird. 
A great read.
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I requested this because I'd enjoyed previous books by the same author. Having a difficult relationship with my own toxic parents it struck a chord with me and having the same name as the main character was a little weird. 
A great read.
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Sam is a district nurse whose boyfriend fell in love with and married her best friend/cousin, lost her beloved grandfather and was unfairly ostracised by most of her family, including her unfeeling mother. Things couldn't get much worse. Then she accidently meets Thomas Mickleby, a man left grieving for his beloved wife for the last twenty years, and moves to the Yorkshire Wolds to begin a career in teaching and begins  to put her life back together. 
Sam was a great character who initially put everyone first before finally learning to stand up for herself. Her relationship with ramps and then Thomas was lovely and brought tears to my eyes at times. I loved Thomas and his overwhelming loneliness and grief was brilliantly portrayed and made me cry.
I loved the storyline but also the focus on the ideas of destiny and karma and these more spiritual aspects were a great addition to this Rom-com. There were other great characters but all some unpleasant characters and i'm glad that Sam's relationships with her mum wasn't sugar-coated at the end. It was great to see an acknowledgment that all things can't be fixed. It was also great to see that the journey to set up the hedgehog rescue centre wasn't presented as plain sailing - I loved that Sam was tested before things could turn out.
This is a great summer read but be warned - you'll probably need tissues at times.
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Such a beautiful easy read with a clever plot line.  I love a book like this to lose yourself into and make everything in the world rosy again. Pure indulgence.
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Such an adorable story, filled with fabulous characters and a gorgeous setting. I totally fell for Sammie and her relationship with her dad and grandad, so touching to see her connection. 
I was incredibly frustrated for her and they way she was treated by the majority of the female members of her family, and was delighted when her kindness was rewarded. 
Some very emotional moments had me in tears, however this book shows that kindness matters and can change your life.  I adored the ending and am already looking forward to visiting Hedgehog Hollow again!
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Thanks Netgalley and the Publisher.   Just what you need in these difficult times a feel good read, with great characters, great storyline.
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Well this book did not disappoint. It was full of highs, lows, laughter and tears. " l never cry". This book explains how hedgehogs and kindness are a mix made in heaven. I loved Sam the main character for her shyness and boldness, as the story progresses her character evolves becoming stronger but her kindness shines through. There is a mix of love/hate towards certain characters and I would like there to be another book continuing their stories. A must read, fantastic Jessica. In these uncertain times this book is a delight as kindness always wins whereas ugliness just gets uglier. I have only just found Jessica's books but have found them all to be a must read.
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Loved this book. Sam has a horrible relationship with her mother and she doesn't know why. After the wedding of her cousin Chloe to her former boyfriend. Sam Discovers Thomas a grumpy old man who's late wife Gwendolyne's dream was to make a hedgehog rescue on their farm and that's why it's called Hedgehog Hollow.
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Spoiler Review!! 
Argh I loved this book much more than I originally thought I would. It’s honestly great Jessica catcher my heart from the first page honestly. The writing was really good I didn’t cringe at any of it I’m glad it wasn’t forced, the topics of family drama was handled really well and I’m glad it was one of the main focuses carried throughout the story. 
I was heartbroken for Sam because of the relationship with her mum (honestly hated her) I wished her mum wasn’t so horrible and gave more a reason to why she was like the way she was to Sam, the underlining jealousy and envy to her sister for having the ‘perfect’ daughter she never had was honestly kinda interesting to know why. 
The relationship between Sam and her cousin Chloe was nice to hear about but I really didn’t like Chloe she was highly irritating and extremely disowned the way she treated Sam was horrible she was extremely petty and overacted way to much. Didn’t like her husband James I thought him being Sams ex boyfriend was unnecessary in some ways I wished the storyline with his cancer was wrapped up abit more and I wish you found out if him and Chloe were a lot better in the future. 
Really liked the bond between Sam and her dad, grandad and the windowed man Thomas was honestly adorable glad she had good family around and it was nice to see not all of her family had issues with her. Her friendship with Hannah honestly really nice also glad there was no friendship drama between the two which was really refreshing to see. Wish Thomas was in it longer though would of been really nice to see him see the hedgehog project come along. 
Another thing I honestly really liked was the relationship between Sam and Josh they were cute together and got on, felt a-bit rushed and I think there relationship would of been better if it was introduced around 60% way through but josh was really likeable and I felt bad for him to what happened with his ex girlfriend Beth having an a affair with Josh's father and then having a child with him. 
Overall this was a really nice novel and I hope to read more from Jessica Redland in the future. Recommend for those looking for a quick summer read that has nice romance parts but want something more than the same old romance and family drama.
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A great read. You so felt for the main character Sam but she was amazing. Her kindness to Thomas was lovely. I loved her relationship with her father. I was glad he found happiness. . I loved how the whole story . I liked how it had a happy ending but not too perfect. You have to read to know what I mean
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I adore this author. 
These books never disappoint. 
This has been no different. I have absolutely loved this one and have nothing negative to say about this one.
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