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I thoroughly enjoyed this rollercoaster of a thriller which twists and turns almost per chapter. I can honestly say it is action packed with many unexpected punches, which keeps it very entertaining and readable. I loved the setting in the Deep South, the contrasting characters and the nonstop drama. The main character Rachel suffers quite a lot, so for some readers this could be a bit too graphic though it’s quite far fetched which reduces the emotional impact. If you enjoyed Flowers in the Attic or The Client, this should hit the spot.
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I came across this book and wanted to know more based on the cover. It's gorgeous. When I read the synopsis I was more intrigued. Parts of me thought I would enjoy it, other part thought I may hate it. I loved it. Some characters were so great and endearing while others I hated passionately. The world descriptions drew me in, could visualize the scenery so perfectly, and it had so many twists and turns that I never guessed or expected what may or may not happen. It definitely had my senses on alert
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A long and difficult read, my first encounter with Detective Jack Kendal. Based in the Deep South of America makes the reader wonder what era this story  is based in as definitely not PC for current time. Glad I persevered to the end as a gratifying conclusion.
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The start of this book was, quite simply, strange. 
The book opens with a family - Tyler, Sarah and their twin children - Cody and Rachel. Joan is Tyler’s mother - rich and owner of the eponymous mansion. Tyler is spoilt and a disappointment to his mother.
Very quickly one of the family is dead and the result is unbelievable. At this stage I struggled to keep reading but always one for a challenge I struggled on and was delighted I did.
Joan’s quest to take control of Rachel. Her determination is immense. She expects to get her own way no matter what.
The tempo picks up and further drama befalls members of Sarah and Tyler’s families.
A bit too long and hard to like some of the main characters but in the end I enjoyed it 
3.5 stars
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I enjoyed the descriptive setting of this book and being a non American was drawn into a way of life that was quite an eye opener.
The characters became very real. The story was a little far fetched but the twists and turns were very well explained.
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this had an enjoyable read, the characters were great and I really enjoyed the spooky atmosphere. It was a joy to figure out what was going on in this mystery.
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I admit this read was a little slow going for me.  It lost my interest pet of the way into it.  Perhaps the abuse the child goes through turned me off a little.
The concept and the story are there, a lot of detail.... visually descriptive, so much so, that I felt I was on the estate.  It’s a beautiful place, full of dark twisted family secrets.  
A story where family doesn’t have to be blood relatives.  Love conquers all, and money does make things easier.... be it for good or evil.
This book has all the feels!  Love, hate, loyalty, betrayal, suspense, intrigue, sad, happy, and everything in between.
It’s a little bit of a roller coaster ride, slow at times, but my goodness, the big slow climb is worth it.

Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for the opportunity to read this story.
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An entertaining and well written thriller.  The plot is riddled with many twists and turns to keep the reader guessing.  I received a complimentary copy from the publisher and this is my unbiased review.
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Since I now live in Mississippi, this title called to me. And, I enjoy a good mystery. 

It took me a while to feel a connection to the characters and story. I'm not sure if it is just that some of the initial stories are so over the top that it didn't seem plausible. 

It was when you are finally introduced to Detective Jack Kendall and Stacy Young that the story begins to fit together a bit better.  There are new twists and turns added at places many would consider the end of the story, which made it a bit more like real life in that things do not get wrapped up in a tidy package topped with a bow.
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Detective Jack Kendall and Stacy Young - what a great relationship they have working together. You can see all the compassion they have for the people they work for and the victims.
The other characters - wow.  You feel as if you living i the same town, watching the events unfold fold.  And all the surprises.  There were a number of times I thought that book was about to it end and then there was another twist.  The ending was and wasn't a big surprise - I knew something was going to happen, but the conclusion was not what I thought would happen.  I highly recommend this book.  It was a good and easy read.  Never getting lost in how it read.
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Yes I enjoyed this book thoroughly, it was very well written and I loved the plot and how the story built tension from the beginning. It grabbed my attention and was a page Turner. I highly recommend this book and would love to read more from this author
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The cover of this book is what attracted me to it initially and the story did.not disappoint.  There are several characters; some to like some to hate.  It covers about every situation you could think of ( abuse, murder, manipulation, dishonesty, racism) all is here.  This is the second book in a series but can be read as a standalone, which is what I did.  Jack Kendall and his associate Stacy are great together and I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.  I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes family sagas as well as a good mystery.
Thanks to Net Galley for allowing me to read this amazing book for my honest opinion.
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Attracted by the cover of this book; a lonely girl sits by the river with the mansion in the background! I could not put this book down and read it really very quickly. It holds your attention the whole way through and you just want to know what happens next.  

The detective pairing of Jack Kendell and his assistant is a great one and they don't give up on finding the truth, thankfully. The author describes the setting of the mansion, it's history and the area well and the story grips you from the start. 

I will be recommending this book to my library and also the Reading Group that I run. I will also be looking our for more books from Richard Schwarz.
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This was definitely a page turner for me, I just couldn’t put it down.
This book shows you how kind some people can be, and yet also how manipulative and undeserving others can be no matter what background you come from!
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We have a list of very strong characters in this book. Joan is a very powerful woman, used to getting her own way. Tyler her son and heir knows that his mother will only give anything if there are conditions attached and all are in some way or the other beneficial to her. Sarah his wife, impressed by the family wealth (she comes from very humble background) and then there are the twins Cody and Rachel.

The story set in the South at a time of racial inequality is reflected in this book and it is at times disturbing and makes one aware of how hard it was for the average American black man to live or even to survive unless he toed the line and did everything that was expected of him by his white neighbours or his boss.

The story of Joan Chandler, the control she had over her domestics, her grandchildren and the manipulative way she went to circumvent justice, just to get her own way in obtaining sole custody of her grand daughter were beyond imagination. 

The detectives in charge of the case saw it as an open and shut case. It was the determination of a private investigator instructed by a sister who knew that her father's absence was no missing runaway but that it hid a deeper secret and who pursued her belief that uncovered the whole sorry mess.

Complicated, and a family saga this was a long story but it did hold my interest throughout.
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This one was not a good book for me. Overall, the book was too messy. There are a ton of characters of whom the vast majority are very unlikeable. The book has a trio of children that are said to be anywhere from four to six years of age (depending at which point you're reading) but those same children are written more like teenagers at points. I feel like if some parts of the story were slowed down, it could have been more enjoyable.  I did like the mansion and its surroundings but given that beautiful cover, I was expecting something a little more southern gothic. Thank you NetGalley for the ARC.
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Hard to put this one down. I really felt for these characters, especially Rachael. A lot of twists and sadness in this story, and one I highly recommend. Creepy at times, but a page turner.
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I have to say that the author that wrote this book is very imaginative and detail oriented.  In the first chapter, a little boy falls overboard into a alligator infested lake, and from there the story unfolds.  Pearl River Mansion is a old world mansion with plenty of gloom behind the walls.  The cast of characters provides a storyline for all readers., and they mesh together for a page turning story.  

The south is a unique place and the people of the south are set in their traditions.  Families go back centuries and secrets are hidden and many.
Take a trip south with the Chandler family and sit back for a book worth reading.  Compromise and compassion are two words the Chandlers are not.   The twins are the stars of the show and couldn’t be more different.  A full range of emotions will make a debut as you read the words on the pages.  There are parts of this storyline that are disturbing and horrific, but that leads to a very well rounded and robust experience.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to review this book, I loved and hated it.  Enjoy!
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OMG!!!!! This book was so great.  I couldn't put it down.  I would love to see a book written that takes the story a little further  and show how the little girls life was affected from what she went through.  It needs a warming about child abuse though because if someone that went through abuse it might bring up memories.
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Great book with lots of twists and turns. Good style of writing and kept me wanting to read more. Enjoyed the characters and the story flowed well
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