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Rhodes (Angelbound Offspring #4)

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Note - this is book 4. While most are okay as standalone stories, this one is not, not even a bit. You must have read Zinnia to have any idea what's going on. (But start at the beginning, just because you should and you won't regret it!)

Dragons, rock-stars, fated mates having to choose a path, all of which seem complicated or blocked... what more could you ask for? Seriously though, this is the book that brings the romance, and I'm in love with their love!

I'm so sad that this is the conclusion of the storyline for Rhodes and Zinnia. I love them apart and I love them more together, and following them through the last 4 stories has been so wonderful! I know we'll see them again, and I know that Kaps and whoever else is up next will be just as good, but this couple has a special place in my heart.
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Sorry I am a bit bias . . . love this series and all the wonderful characters

This is a must read. For me the whole series has been fun. Getting to know each of the characters and follow a few of them from before they were born had been the most fun of the whole series. Rhodes for me has been a reconnect to the story of Zinnia. We see more of who Rhodes really is. We see more of what he feels. How he reacts to things around him. 

I love the series. That much is clear. But to be clear. You would enjoy the series so much more if you at the least go back to Zinnia and at the highest start the series from the beginning. You see more family history and gain more clarity. I am bound to this series and every new addition to it.
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What does it take to keep the love of his life Zinnia from becoming his evil grandfather incarnate?  Rhodes does it all and then some. It starts with their song......
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I didn't realize how long this series was when the publisher/tour company offered it to me. 5 books is a lot for a one book promo. I will buy the series and review it when I have time. They do sound great! I appreciate that they were all gifted to me!
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ARC from NetGalley

2.5 stars

Well, this was the best of the 4 books in the series thus far. That doesn't mean it was good. There is a lot of potential for the ideas in the book, but the execution is subpar. This author churns out books and doesn't seem to take the time and care to make them what they could be. The romance in this book, as with the rest of the series, is simply thrust upon you as a fact. You do not see it. You do not feel it. The sexy bits are meh. It's just disappointing. I am disappointed. Son, I am disappoint.
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As I mentioned on book 1 read from Angelbound Offspring series, this world was new for me. However, I was right, I had lots of nights with no sleep as I had all 5 books in the series available. 
They are fun, addictive and amazing. 
I can’t wait for book 6, as I paired with book 5 so I need it to have closure on their story.
Review added to books 2-5, as I devoured them with no break in between, not even for review 😃 – they are THAT good!

P.S. Here’s a latte! 😉
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Rhodes carries on soon after Zinnia. Killian is found not guilty of his crimes and released much to everyone's shock. He also challenges Rhodes for the hand of Zinnia.

Everyone knows he has something planned but not what so Rhodes, Zinnia and crew head back to earth to uncover his plans.

This book is fast paced and fun to read. There is a bit more of Tempest and Portia in these books which is nice

I am enjoying this series of books much better than the original Angelbound, I am 3 books into that series and it is a struggle to stay engaged. Maybe it is because I read them out of order, not sure.
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This was a thoroughly enjoyable read....I either read too fast or I lost track of time while reading this as before I knew it, I had reached the end of the book.  
Now to console myself with the 5th instalment of the Angelbound Offspring series, Kaps. I can't wait to see where this book will take me.
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Rhodes and Zinnia are back in the fourth book of the “Angelbound Offspring” series! Rhodes picks a few months after Zinnia ends with all of the sisters residing in the Tower. Rhodes is still in training. Zinnia’s parents have not blessed their union, but they are still sneaking visits.

I am trying to think what I can say without giving anything away (laugh). A lot unfolds in Rhodes as to betrayals, secrets, missions, and a road trip. There is an awesome battle. Some people make it and some don’t. (laugh) Does that help?

My favorite character this book actually does not make much of an appearance and that would be Nikki. Her sense of humor is so right on. We definitely could have used more of that.

I was surprised by the number of editing issues in this book as I have not come across this in the previous books. 

Christina Bauer makes Rhodes more of an emotional ride than an action ride. I cannot wait for the next one!

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.
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Well, 4th book it is and I officially am washing my hands of this series.

Although each book has it's own story and is somewhat of a continuation from the previous book, I just don't feel any depth to the characters, the world or anything.

I keep powering through these books because I liked Maxon, I liked being able to have something entirely different than what I've previously read.  As the series goes on, I just can't finish it anymore.

DNF the rest of the series for me!
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Another fabulous contribution to this amazing series. Great characters, sizzling chemistry and Romance. Lots of action and humour too. These books are wonderful and you should definitely check them out.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley and in exchange am giving an honest review.

I have read the Angelbound Series many years ago and  enjoyed jumping right back into it. Rhodes is the Continuation of Zinna and his Story to becoming Rhana. 

I will start by saying that this book is a quick read. It has a very linear story progression and not many twists and turns. The development of the character relationship is nice but also fast paced and not much time is spent on the romantic details. Saying that I still really enjoyed this book. I like that I can read these books quickly and have one story with a link to the next one in the series. I love the world she has created (read all the books - don't jump in late or you might be a little confused about how the other worlds work, its not nessecarry to know about purgatory but it will give you some insight into the wrath and lust demon furor.). 

Christina Bauer is really good at making you want more and teasing the next book in the series and I already want to know about Kaps and Mack. 

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I liked that this book continued the story of Rhodes and Zinna. I finished it very quickly due to liking the characters and the world. 

Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for my eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Rhodes and Zinnia fell in love during their last adventure, but Zinnia is a princess, and Rhodes is just the help.   They want to make their connection official, but her parents have not given their blessing yet.  There is a chance that another dragon shifter will try to be Zinnia’s mate by challenging Rhodes to a fight.  The top dragon on the list is Zinnia’s former kidnapper, Killian.  Rhodes and Zinnia want a future together, but what will they need to do to make that happen?  When they return to Earth for their next tour, what new dangers may come their way?

Rhodes is the fourth Angelbound Offspring book and is very closely related to the third book.  These books have been flying through my Kindle, yet this one seemed to read even faster.  There is a lot of adventure and of course, there is some romance, yet the overarching story still ties back to the original world of Angelbound.  Bauer continues to bring characters into her worlds that are easy to relate to and fun to read about.  The epilogue sets up the next story, Kaps, to be released this summer.
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Weiter geht’s mit Zin und Rhodes und endlich kann ich auf ein HEA hoffen.
Wie wir ja wissen, haben es die beiden nicht leicht, dass sie zusammen sind, denn Rhodes ist in einem Trainingslager „gefangen“ und Zin wird zusammen mit ihrer Zwillingsschwester Kaps in einem Turm bewacht, zu deren Sicherheit, denn Killian ist ja immer noch unterwegs.

Doch es kommt anders, als sich die Schwestern das so denken, und Portia und T schicken die Mädchen inkl. Rhodes auf die Erde, um dort Informationen über Chimera und Co einzuholen. Auf dieser Reise passieren so ein, zwei Sachen, und man, mussten Zin und Rhodes sich in Geduld üben (ich sag nur, komm, wir gehen Tennis spielen). Aber dann kam auch endlich mal der Zeltplatz der Band und endlich … :) Rhodes ist einfach ein Schnuckelchen, die ganze Familie ist einfach nur hrr.

Die Tarnung, mit der Band auf Tour zu gehen und Infos einzuholen, war echt cool und spaßig. Aber am meisten geschickt war ich einfach von Chase You Di**. Endlich weiß ich, dass er sich den Namen wirklich verdient hat.
Das Ende war spannend und nervenaufreibend, und ich bin froh, dass es so kurze Kapitel waren, denn so hat die Geschichte nichts an Geschwindigkeit verloren und man konnte mit beiden Portas mitfiebern.

Endlich ist die Zeit von Chimera & Co vorüber! Ich bin froh, dass Zin und Rhodes nun endlich ihr HEA haben, hoffe ich, denn den ganzen Spaß verpasst hat Kaps. Die jagt nämlich mal wieder einem Schatz hinterher und gerät dabei aber an einen heißen Menschen, der nicht nur knutschen im Sinn hat.


The Story continues with Zin and my Rhodes and all I can think about is that they hopefully finally get their deserved HEA.
Though we know, that in the beginning this is not easy as my Rhodes is at a fighting camp and Zin is locked away in the tower with her twin sister Kaps as Killan is still on the loose and no one knows what’s about to happen with him and Chimera. However, it turns out that Portia and T need the girls for some observation on Earth and thus they send the girls and the band on tour as a disguise. A lot of things are happening while on tour and Zin and my Rhodes had to be more patient than ever (just saying, let’s go play tennis). But finally, once at the event, between a lot of different tents, finally, they get a moment (or two) :) My Rhodes really is such a nice and lovely guy, who can be sexy as hell.

The disguise was very nicely written, a lot of fun, however, was I shocked when I figured out the whole story about Chase You Di**. I really can say, he deserves his name.
The finale was exciting, and nerve-wrecking and I was super happy that the chapters were short and written from both povs so you were fully in to the story.

Now we can finally have our HEA, I hope, as there was one royal lady who missed all the fun, Kaps. Let’s see what she got herself into. While the others were fighting Chimera, she was on the hunt for some treasure and while doing so she met a sexy human, who not only wants to kiss her.
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This is a continuation of Zinnia's story, also Rhodes.  No matter where they are, their love and their music shines through.  They have to fight some pretty hardcore odds to be together but Bauer keeps the story fun and fast-paced.   Also, can I just say how much I love Rhodes! This is a quick read full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
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Love this series! Well written, full of action and great storyline. The characters are so enthralling they suck you into the story! Christina is a very talented author who creates wonderful worlds in her books! I highly recommend checking this series out. The Angelbound world is awesome!
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