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Indeed, this is a puuurfect read for all Christmas and cat lovers alike. 

Alfie is the wise cat hero everyone needs in their life!

I don't think there is a single cat lover out there who would be able to put down this book!
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Princess Fuzzypants here:  Alfie is a cat after my own heart.  His mission in life is to manage all the humans around him and be a bright light even when the darkness threatens.  He and his son George and their two girlfriends, Snowball and Hana, must work very hard to thwart a real-life grinch who threatens to ruin the charity Christmas show the humans are putting on in aid of a local homeless shelter.  Alfie cannot believe that someone could be that wicked but the evidence is clear.  It took him and all his kitty friends to bring the miscreant to justice although I knew right from the get-go the identity of the villain.  They also had to make sure the humans knew the truth too.  *Mops brow*. Good grief!  Some humans can be so dense but Alfie always manages to get across his message.

Alfie is extremely empathetic to the plight of the homeless as he was without a home himself when we first met him.  Now he has an entire street of extended family.  The story asks the reader to look at the homeless situation with more compassion.  There also is a message of redemption,  Of course, Alfie writes a fine story that is both heartwarming and uplifting.   And in this world of COVID, don’t we all need a little of that.  This is a book the entire family can enjoy.

Four purrs and two paws up.
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I found it a very difficult book to get into the names of the cats having human names made it difficult to know who is talking and what is happening throughout the book.
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Alfie The Christmas Cat by Rachel Wells is a delightful tale that will appeal to cat lovers everywhere. It is the seventh book in the Alfie series but can be read as a stand-alone. This was my first visit to Alfie’s street but it won’t be my last.
The story is told from the point of view of Alfie, the lead cat. The other cats and a dog called Pickles look to Alfie to lead them. The story is set in the lead up to Christmas as the humans decide to put on a Nativity to raise money for the homeless. Alfie is keen to get involved as he was once homeless before his adoption.
The reader is enchanted by all the cats, each with their unique personalities. The cats turn to super sleuthing as someone is determined that the play will not go on. Once the culprit is spotted, the challenge is to bring them to the attention of the humans.
Alfie The Christmas Cat really was a warm and charming story. Love and kindness is the order of the day. I really loved it. It is just purr-fect to be read in the run up to Christmas. I shall definitely be seeking out more Alfie books.
I shall leave you with my favourite quote:
“The heart is a miracle… it allows you to miss those you’ve lost and still love those who are with you.”
I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.
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This was an unusual book given that it was written as a cat and to be honest it took a lot of getting used to. I found the plot quite basic and not gripping. It was pleasant to read from a different perspective and certainly unique.
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The seventh book in the series about Alfie. Told from Alfie's perspective, this made a change from the majority of books I read.  This is the perfect book to read in the run up to  Christmas.
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I didn't care for this one. Everyone seemed one dimensional and the plot was uninteresting and slow 
Thank you netgalley and the publisher for this arc
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What a great combination. Fur babies abd a festive story. A light frothy read for winter evenings. Highly recommended for animal lovers x
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I really like Christmas books, I also really like cats so this seemed the perfect choice. I have to confess though I found this hard to get into. I think that's because the cats all had human names but are presented with voices and thoughts like humans and I kept getting confused between who was talking, human or cat. I don't remember being this confused when I read 'The cat who...' series of books. That aside this is a light heartwarming tale of a close knit street where humans and cats work together to promote a community spirit and in this book, to raise money for the homeless. It raises some important points and awareness of homelessness and has a lovely happy ending. There is a pantomime villain who has a remarkable quick change of heart which feels unlikely. The teenage tearaway changing his ways was more believable. This would be a good book for a young person or anyone learning to read books in English. 

With thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Although a cat lover, the perspective of a  novel from a cats point of view was different, and not sure it's for me. Good story line, although possibly a little strung out. Good descriptive novel, allowing you to picture scenes well.
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This is the 7th Alfie's book, and we are going to  be reunited with the usual suspects: the families and their collective pets. In this one we are going to see how they are working hard so they can do this theather play (cats included!!!) but all is not as christmassy as expected, as there is someone who trashed the set  in order to sabotage their performance. But who? And why? This seems like a job for Alfie to fix!

One of the great things is that this performance is going to be a way for them to raise money for the homeless, and also they will  be meeting some of them, and they are going to be guests on the performance.. I think this a good way to raise awareness about those less fortunate, specially in christmas time, when it can  be more easy to feel loneliness if you don't have family or a place to go. And I love this idea of not only helping, but including them.

There is also more things going on with both the "human family" and the "animal family" and feels like a good book to read on Christmas time to find some escapism!
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There's no Christmas without Alfie and I'm a huge fan of this series.
It's heartwarming, uplifting and it always made me smile.
I was happy to catch up with Alfie, George and the cast of characters. I rooted for them and was happy about the good news.
It's an highly enjoyable and entertaining read that I read in a setting.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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Alfie is a doorstep cat who has many families.  He lives with Claire and Jonathan and their young children.  Polly and Matt (and their young children and cat), and their children, Sylvie and Marcus (and Sylvie's daughter) and Harold (Marcus' father who also has a cat) are their neighbours and Franceska and Tomasz )and their teenage children) are former neighbours.  All the families are very good friends with each other, thanks to Alfie.  Alfie is the adopted "dad" to a cat named George.

Connie, Sylvie's daughter, is dating Franceska and Tomasz' son, Aleksy.  They are doing a school project and decide to do something to help the local homeless shelter.  After brainstorming with everyone, including the cats, they come up with idea of having a Christmas show and giving the proceeds to the homeless shelter.  Plus they will ask for donations of clothing, etc.  The neighbourhood pitches in and they have quiet a show planned.  But someone starts sabotaging it but know one knows who.  Alfie takes it upon himself to find out what's going on. 

This is the seventh and latest in Alfie series and I liked it (I've read them all).  Though it's part of a series, it works as a stand alone.  It is written in first person perspective in Alfie's voice.  We can see the conversations he has with other cats and now Pickles.  Plus he understands the conversations of humans around him (rather than "blah blah blah blah blah Alfie blah blah blah).  Though he can't talk back to them in their language, he does try to communicate in cat-talk and expressions.
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Cat people already know cats are extremely intelligent and capable.  It's the humans that don't always behave as they should.  That is true in ALFIE THE CHRISTMAS CAT.  If you've read any of this very entertaining series of titles, you'll know Alfie and his crew of cats...and Pickles, the pug...have to work hard to keep their humans safe and their town happy.  When the humans plan a Christmas pageant to benefit the town's homeless, the cats are included....and Pickles, aka are very cranky when it looks like someone is trying to stop the show.  Their antics as they investigate are just as entertaining as ever and will give you a chuckle or two as they track down their villian and bring him to justice.
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Another fantastic novel about Alfie and his family and friends, you can't go wrong with any of this series by Rachel Wells. I hope we have many more of these tales to come. This is a never want to put it down book and it is very hard to have to do so. I intend to read the whole series again very soon as they are so well presented and very enjoyable. Pity I can only give this 5 stars, I would love to give a great deal more. I really recommend this to everyone.

Thanks to Netgalley and publisher for this ARC in return for an honest review.
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Alfie the Christmas Cat
Alfie the Cat Series - Book 7
Disclaimer - This is Not a Romance Genre Series
By Rachel Wells

Avon - November 2020


Alfie's extended family was always growing, which made it all the more difficult for him to keep everyone managed. Solving his family's problems was what Alfie did. Actually, he thrived on it. Christmas was coming, and Alfie had his paws full with strategizing how to help on a fundraiser, as well as find out why one of the children was beginning to misbehave in ways that worried all the adult humans.

This could have daunted a lesser cat, but Alfie knew that he was up to the challenge. The decision was made for a holiday show to raise money for a homeless shelter. You would think everyone would be on board to help others, especially with Christmas just around the corner, but it seemed someone was intent on sabotaging the fundraiser.

Alfie might be busy helping his family and rehearsing his part, but he knew he had to help catch the culprit. He would rally the troops to investigate.

Alfie the Christmas Cat is a fun festive read for the holiday season. It is always interesting to see what the residents of Edgar Road are up to - human, feline and dog alike. I always enjoy watching as Alfie contrives to share his thoughts and opinions with the humans. I loved the focus on helping others. It would be truly lovely if everyone who enjoys their time reading Alfie the Christmas Cat pays it forward by helping someone in need.

Kathy Andrico -
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Cat lovers will enjoy this Christmas tale told from Allie the cats perspective.  Very cute and well written book.  I received an advance ebook from the publisher and Netgalley and this is my unbiased review review.
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If you've read any of the other Alfie books, getting this one is a no-brainer. It's right in line with the others in the series, and it contains many of the familiar characters, and the same style and wit. A fun, light read with an Xmas theme. Recommended.

I really appreciate the ARC for review!!
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Thanks to netgalley for the chance to read this book.

This was my first Alfie book and I really enjoyed it. Alfie and his cat friends help to organise a Christmas concert but someone is trying to sabotage it. Alfie and his friends help to find out the culprit. 

A good book about friendship and relationships.
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Read and reviewed by my 12 year old son. 

5 stars all round amazing book thoroughly enjoyed it. It took me a while to get into the book because I hadn’t read the rest of the series of books but once I got into it I was engaged and wanted to read it. It is a wonderful book about the story of a cat called Alfie who tries to save the charity Christmas show from disaster by an evil person. I now want to read the rest of the series!
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