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The thing that kept me reading this book was the actual investigation. It was an interesting read with lots of twists and turns and kept me guessing. However, the characters didn’t suck me in. I found Mack a bit annoying and her personal life didn’t really add to the story. The way she dealt with her relationship issues just felt really immature. I also didn’t really gel to the rest of her team. The book also ends with a cliff hanger which I know a lot of people aren’t into. I would be tempted to pick up the next book just to see what happens. It’s not a bad read I just think it could’ve done with a bit more of an editors input. Some of the descriptions are odd and it distracts from the story.  

I received a copy of the ebook via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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The Hidden Lake is a promising debut. Detective Mackenzie is your tormented cop who has returned to her hometown as an adult to atone for her sins of the past. Even as she investigates the disappearance of Abby Correia, she is haunted at every step by what she did years ago when she was just a child. 

While the plot is good, I believe the book would benefit from another round of polishing. I found some word choices detracting my attention from the story. For example, your eyes don't "twinkle" when you are at the funeral of your teenage daughter. Similarly, Mack's colleagues call her Mad Mack because she is obsessed with details and very organized - not because she is angry. Mad=crazy is British English and not a common usage in the US. The nickname is repeated multiple times throughout the book and it did not really fit well .

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the arc.
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This book is about a detective, Mackenzie “Mack” Price searches for Abigail Correia after she goes missing, and how it may be linked to another disappearance, along with her past, and present situations plaguing her thoughts. During her investigation she finds secrets and darkness lurking within the area.

What worked for this book was the storyline, and how the author, Ruhi Choudhary, incorporates twists and turns. Mack is a character that is working to bring justice and shows compassion and strength within. Although I do not typically like ambiguous endings, in this book it works.
Overall, it was a really good read, and I would say this book is for people who want mystery/thrillers with twists and turns.

Thank you to Netgalley and Bookouture for the ARC.

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Detective Mackenzie Price is investigating the disappearance of a young woman exactly a year after another girl vanished. Politics is at play as Mack tries to investigate Abby's disappearance and then a body is discovered.
Meanwhile she is dealing with severe personal issues. Her husband is having an affair but she hasn't the courage to confront him so it is eating away at her. Overwhelming her present day actions and emotions are the guilt and terror of hiding her father's body after her mother killed him after enduring years of abuse.
Can Mack focus on the case long enough to solve it...?
Hidden Lake actually begins with a flashback prologue to Mack returning home at the age of 12 and finding her mother with her father's body. This is hugely dramatic and drags the reader straight into the story with a high level of empathy with Mack.
The pace of the book overall is quite slow which is probably accurate for most criminal cases but less dramatic. This left plenty of scope for the personal side of Mack's life to come to the fore.
I admit to feeling irritated by Mackenzie's obsession with the past even though I could understand it. She is haunted by her father but I don't understand why she feels accountable for her actions as a 12 year old protecting her mother. Now her mum is dead too, I think she should have come clean and saved herself the mental anguish.
Hidden Lake is a debut novel yet Ruhi Choudary writes in a confident way. The characters and plot are well developed but the crimes felt secondary to the personal life of Mack.
The ending was unexpected as the truth of the disappearance and murder is revealed, and my jaw literally dropped at the epilogue. There MUST be a sequel based on the shocking twist at the end and I look forward to finding out what happens to Mack next.
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Lots of secrets in Lakemore, a small town that shows the gloss and not the rot.  Mackenzie Price, who has her own issues to deal with, tries to solve the mystery of missing young women in this first installment In a new procedural series.  She's a good characters, albeit a familiar one, and the mystery is just twisty enough.  Thanks to Netgalley for the Arc .  Looking forward to the next one.
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A small town, Lakemore, has its share of football heroes, close knit society and secrets.
This book is the first in a series with Detective Mackenzie Price. Two girls, who are best friends, go missing within a year of each other. As the local police try to find them, the body of the 1st girl turns up, close to her house. As the police dig deeper into the disappearances, the cases seem connected. Mackenzie has her own dark secret that is linked to Lakemore. 
This book seemed to drag on with too much police procedure at times  and the cliffhanger in the  end may entice you to buy the next book in the series.
Would have loved it had it been more crisp in its editing.

Thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for the ARC
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I requested for this book on Netgalley based on the description and the title and am so happy that my request was accepted and I got to read this story. 

The story is of Detective Mackenzie Price from Lakemore, who is on a mission to help society through her job as a cop despite the fact that she is fighting her own inner demons. 

The disappearance of a teenager leads to the unraveling of so many more secrets of the town and we get to take this journey with Mack and Nick. 

The plot was very interesting with the twists and turns at exactly the moment we take a breath and think what more can happen. The pinnacle of this suspense is with which the book ends with and a so very eagerly waiting for the author's next book. 
The characterisation and narration is such that the story feels very visual. 
The story is very involving, exciting and absolutely unputdownable. 

I recommend this book to all those who enjoy mysteries and detective led stories and basically to everyone who would love a bit of adventure and thrill in their reading lives. 

I thank the author, publisher and Netgalley for accepting my request to review the book. All opinions expressed are solely mine.
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Mackenzie is the Detective in smalltime Lakemore. She is known for being rather reserved, not much of a mixer and this does not bode well when one is part of a team. Right now Lakemore is facing their biggest unsolved crime - an abduction of a young woman daughter of one of the founding fathers of the town as it were, and a very big cheese both for the town and everyone else.

Finding Erica is top priority, and when one year exactly on the date of her abduction another girl coincidentally her best friend disappears the town is galvanized into action. Something has to be done and fast. The second girl is a nobody, and the action is slow but when Erica's body is discovered a couple of days after the second girl's abduction, Mackenzie and everyone on her team knows that time is running out for Abby. Further enquiries uncover that during September of the two previous years, two girls were also reported missing and through very convenient channels, the files got buried, misrepresented and forgotton.

Now four girls are missing and the onus is on the detectives to discover who is responsible. A bizarre finding of a few clues leads them to all the leading citizens of the county and the head is very very reluctant to allow for even questioning let alone arrest. How the detectives are going to go ahead with this elite few is the question facing them. Especially since everyone is in awe to them, obliged to them for their jobs and even the whole town is dependant on them for their living.

Corruption found in police and politics abound everywhere. Magnified here. How do you get around it and still do your job to the best of your ability is the problem. Nice police work, small town politics, corruption all found in this story. Captivating reading.
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There is a LOT going on in this book, a debut for this author. 

Mack Price is a tough, organised police officer who has had a great deal of trauma in her early life. She marries Sterling and things are good for a while but then the wheels falls off. She spends most of this book pushing him away and I got annoyed with her behaviour towards him - it was very teenage girl-esque. It wasn't until later that I understood why she was so angry with him, but in a mature relationship it seems to me that you need to discuss things, not play mindgames with your spouse. 

The case is very gripping and lots of different strands come together in a clever way. Some scary situations too!

This book has some very good bones but is let down by strange turns of phrase and idioms not being used correctly. There is a LOT of pouting going on in this book (and that is by the men!) and I was thrown off right at the beginning when the girl was described as having tiny feet - and it turns out she was 12 years old! I don't know about other people, but my feet were nearly the same size as my mothers by the time I was 12..... The descriptions of the facial expressions versus what they were trying to convey was really odd and jarring and interfered with my enjoyment of the book overall. There were a lot of people at Mack's workplace who got overly bent out of shape - I wouldn't like to work with a group of police officers who were so touchy, myself.

I don't like to be negative to debut authors because it is tough writing a book, I know this. However, this book could have benefitted from having a lot more editorial input, I feel. I liked the book, but I am not inclined to read another by this author because of the abovementioned issues. Even with the  cliffhanger at the end of this book! Sorry :(

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture.
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This is what I called Perfect Mystery Thriller story. From page one the story is gripping and till the end its blows you away.

This is Author Ruhi Choudhary Debut novel and I must say Great Debut!!!

As a reader I enjoyed every character, every plot and the thrill in the story. The plot twists in the story are amazing and keeps you on guessing. I can bet you won’t be able to guess the main culprit till the end, and that’s what make a perfect Mystery Thriller Novel.

Adequate amount of details is enough to keep you guessing and it becomes a page turner.

I bet that you will fall in love with the main character Mackenzie Price, the detective. Whole story revolves around her and the way she did her investigation work is amazing. Like every mystery thriller, she also has flaw and I think having some flaw in main character is 101 rule to write an amazing mystery thriller novel.

I really liked the investigation process in the story and it’s very realistic. As a reader I felt like apart from enjoying reading book I’m also getting adequate information on how an investigation proceed.

The main character is the highlight of the story. Her flaw, her never give up attitude, her urge to find out the motives behind abducting and killing is worth reading.

Every chapter in this book are perfectly written and all the plots and chapters are well related to each other. This book is a ‘Masterpiece’.

Overall this book is amazing and every reader should read this book. This kind of book really made my day. I feel so good after reading this book. As a reader I enjoyed every single word.
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With her own dark secret to hide, Mackenzie Price (Detective Mack Price), struggles to keep up the façade of being a strong, fierce policewoman who is unfazed by anything. She’s also obsessive in her behaviour – following a rigid routine in her investigations and being a neat freak.

Faced with having to solve the case of a missing young girl, whose rich friend went missing exactly a year before, Mack tries to keep it all together. Memories from her childhood, her teetering relationship with her husband and the betrayal from her closest friend and colleague only add to the pressure of making sure that young Abigail is found alive.

I would be giving away too much if I went into the story. Suffice to say it kept me absolutely riveted as the plot unfolded so dramatically. There was so much at play in this story – small town politics, power play, blackmail, young romance gone bad, the gap between rich and poor, possibilities of corruption within the police department – and yet it was woven together so seamlessly!

There were so many characters in the story, all of them believable. Mack’s character despite her flaws and vulnerabilities is quite remarkable. The by play of the relationship between her, her husband, Sterling, and her friend and colleague Nick is pretty riveting too and makes me want to know how that turned out.

Nothing prepared me for the end! I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

A great debut novel!
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My thoughts about this brilliantly written,outstanding police procedural, mystery thriller, was just fantastic. With hardhiting powerful story, that has suspense and mystery. The characters,are just amazing in this book. Debut author Ruhi Choudhary's Hidden Lake, takes you on a journey, about dark hidden secrets about, what happens in a small town, that will give you chills. What I loved about the story, was the main character's Detective Mackenzie's character,who puts the puzzle pieces together, about what  really happened to  eighteen-year-old Abigail's disappearance, when she went missing, was just remarkable. Detective Mackenzie's has had a difficult past, when she found out what happened to her father, was just outstanding. Debut author Ruhi Choudhary's writing style is just mindblowing, loved how Ruhi has written, a fast tensed gripping story, that truly is beyond  excellent, and the characters shes has written, is truly magnificent. A well written masterpiece,that gave me goosebumps,when I was reading it. Highly recommended. I would like to say thank you to author Ruhi Choudhary, and Publishers Bookouture, for giving me a chance, to read and review, this hardhiting nail biting mystery thriller.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💥💥💥💥💥
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Thank you to Bookouture for letting me take part in this tour and for my copy of this book via Netgalley. I love a good crime novel and finding new favourite authors so I jumped at the chance of reading from a debut author. 

Detective Mackenzie (Mack) Price did not have the best start in life. Her father was a drunk and abused her mother. At 12 years old she helped her mother bury her farther in the woods behind their house. The trauma of this has never left Mack. She is still suffering the effects of this now. Mack is a good detective. She cares and is determined. I really liked Mack and I felt really bad for some of the personal issues she has. I just wanted to give her a hug. 

The case in this book was quite the mystery. I honestly had no idea where Ruhi was going with this one. I was so stumped. There were so many pieces of the puzzle but none of them seemed to fit! Ruhi does a very good job with the pace of the story. I was gripped the whole way through. 

I am now dying for the next story in this book because I have so many questions about Mack and what is going to happen next to her. I also want to learn more about her past. What happened between when she was 12 and now. Oh, I need to know!
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A great start for a new series that made me turn pages as fast as I could.
It's a complex, gripping and highly entertaining thriller with plenty of red herring, twists and turns.
Mac Mack is a well written, damaged and complex character that fascinated me and I couldn't help feeling for her. The cast of characters is well thought and interesting.
The author is a good storyteller and the mystery was solid and kept me guessing. I loved to try to put together the different pieces of the puzzle but the story kept me guessing till the solution.
I was also fascinated by the descriptions of the small town, bleak and quaint at the same time.
I was an engrossing and unputdownable read, highly recommended.
Many thanks to  Bookouture and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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3.5 stars!

This is definitely a fantastic start to the Mackenzie Price series. I love Mack as a fierce female detective who refuses to back down when it comes to solving cases and getting justice. It is evident from early on that Mack is broken and has had a lot to overcome in her life, but that made her even more gritty and someone I loved to root for.

The plot is propulsive, which I think the short chapters really helps. You get just enough information each chapter to hook you but not the onslaught that makes you go back and reread.

Overall, this is a great debut, and I am intrigued to see how the series continues.

Thank you to Bookouture for the blog tour invite and providing a review copy. This did not influence my review. All opinions are my own.
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So this is a new series with a female detective known as Mad Mak. once again it is the stroy of the damaged detective though her trauma is pretty bad. Though I think the author overplayed her PTSD and her issues with her husband. At a certain point I was screaming in my head" just talk to him". That being said it was an enjoyable mystery and I think this series has a lot of potential. Though also not a fan of the big last page drop!
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My love for finding new mystery/crime series is well-known to anyone who has read this blog. It should come as no surprise, then, that I am happy to let you know I have found another one!

Detective Mackenzie Price has quite a family history. The book opens with an event that would be scarring to anyone. It is interesting, then, that Mackenzie chooses to go into law enforcement. But that is somewhat typical of many of these heroines: a pivotal event provides them motivation for future choices. 

I thought that the author astutely tackled Mackenzie’s memories and the influence that the event had on her. The thoughts that plagued Mackenzie were woven naturally into the plot, which was effective. 

The case is fairly standard, but the author does a terrific job of not giving away everything all at once. The reader is able to put together the pieces as Mackenzie does, which is always more fun that knowing more than the characters (not that there is anything wrong with that style, but it’s always interesting to see how different authors approach policework). 

Not only does the author drop hints about the case itself, there are also glimpses of potential relationship issues, both personal and work-related for “Mad Mack” (as her co-workers call her). Again, this is very effective because the author doesn’t give the reader a big exposition explanation, just little mentions here and there that hint there is more going on that we have yet to learn. 

To say this was a page-turner is inadequate. I was definitely intrigued and drawn in by the style and the plot. This is quite a stellar debut, and I absolutely think that Mad Mack will be one to follow in future books.
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Quite an interesting police procedural with Mackenzie at the helm. Disappearing teens had me interested at the blurb, and the author Ruhi Choudhry’s writing kept my curiosity marching ahead with a swift pace.

Missing teens who were best friends saw Mackenzie finding the link between them. She was known Mad Mac for nothing. I liked how thorough she was in her investigation. Ably supported by Nick, it was wonderful to see the budding and sometimes hidden chemistry between them. And Mac was married. Not only did the crime get to me, her personal life too did.

The beginning was explosive to say the least; it sure gripped my eyeballs and made it pop. Never seen a cop go through this kinda past in any of the police procedural. And this year, I have read a lot. So that was saying something. The story had subplots over a great plotline, the twists kept coming left, right, and center. Mackenzie’s compelling way of investigation kept me thoroughly invested in the story.

What could I say about Mac?! She was flawed, her past seemed to have sealed many a secret inside her. Her childhood saw her avoiding confrontation in the adult life. I wanted to poke her to make her face the truth. At least, let me know the truth of her relationships.

The writing allowed me to don the Detective cap up to a certain point. I got overly involved in the story, so I had to just enjoy the book and not solve the crime. And I couldn’t guess the perp. The ending was unbelievable. It made me dance in joy and to quote my friends in the blogging world. I was pretty chuffed.

Great plotline, clues and red herrings, many twists, a flawed main character with determined to solve the mystery at any cost made this an entertaining read.
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Hidden Lake by Ruhi Choudhary is a captivating debut novel and the first in the Detective Mackenzie 'Mack' Price series. She  find herself back in a town she bowes ahe would never return to. Mack returns as a detective in the town and finds herself investigating a missing girl which bears too much of a resemblance of another missing girl from a year ago.Both girls have  disappeared from the same small town so Mack is sure that it could possibly be the same perpertrator for both girls.
This case, for Mack, is much more complex than people would think. The incident that made her vow never to return causes flashbacks still now. It doesn't help that she finds herself needing to search some woods that are terrifyingly famiiliar to her.
An explosive and exciting story that held my attention from the start. A thriller mixed with a police procedural that had that many twists and red herrings throughout, these definitely kept me alert! One minute I thought I had it cracked, only to find out I was wrong and had to try and work it out again.The story is told primarily from Mack's viewpoint and her back story is cleverly unfolded as the story develops. All I shall say is, she has had a tragic life. This shines through in her work, always wanting to get to the truth and justice for the victims, no matter how rich or poor they are. Mack works just as hard for both victims and I really like that in her.
A great opener for what is promising to be a cracking series, will look forward to the second instalment. Thanks to Bookouture and Netgalley for the ARC so I can take part in the blog tour today.
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Hidden Lake is the opening novel in a new series that features Detective Mackenzie (Mack) Price of the Lakemore, Washington Police Department.

Twenty years ago, Mack returned home from school to find her violent dad bleeding excessively on the kitchen floor. Now she is back in Lakemore working as a detective. Eighteen year old Abigail Correia has disappeared exactly one year after her friend Erica Perez was last seen, and Mack is leading the investigation. As the town conceals facts and secrets, can she find Abby?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Hidden Lake with its explosive plot and many twists. The novel is told almost entirely from Mack’s viewpoint so I got to know her character well. This style of narrative worked as it allowed me to get involved in the investigation without any additional knowledge. Running parallel with the investigation, the novel concentrates on Mack and her mental state using present day flashbacks to reveal important events in her past. I enjoyed the explosive plot with its many twists and cliffhanger sentences. The author, Ruhi Choudhary used red herrings and misdirection with great effect, leading me down certain paths, only to blindside me later. Protagonist Mack is heavily traumatised by her past and she’s to be admired for her open-mindedness and determination.

Hidden Lake is a fantastic début and a very compelling start to the series, and I confidently recommend it as a worthy read.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel at my request from Bookouture via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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