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The Garden of Forgotten Wishes

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After escaping from her viscous and controlling husband Marnie moves to France to carry on her work as a gardener and recover from what her husband had done to her. When hearing that he has remarried Marnie applies for and gets offered a position in her mother’s home town. A town that Marnie promised her mother she would never go to.
When Marnie meets one of her new bosses Ned and realises that she went to college with him she is thinks it is a good sign however Ned is not so happy to see her and doesn’t want her there after hearing the rumours that circulated about how she quit her job making some serious allegations about her co workers and boss.
After telling Ned that the resignation letter did not come from her but for her ex husband he agrees to let her work with him on his estate to prepare it for opening to the public. But Marnie has another secret, one that she feels will destroy the relationship and trust she has built with Ned. However after a scary encounter with some locals and being rescued by Ned, Marnie comes clean to him. She hopes that she can repair the damage but she is worried it is too late. 
I really enjoyed the characters in the book and could imagine the village and the gardens based on the authors descriptions. Although there was a bit where it became a bit tedious when Marnie kept putting off talking to Ned but that is the only thing that I could fault on.
Thank you to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for a copy of this eARC in exchange for an honest review 
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What a gorgeous book! A wonderful, feel-good read packed full with lovely snippets about gardens.

Marnie managed to get herself away from a controlling husband and has been a bit of a nomad ever since, travelling to France where she works in various gardening projects. With the news that he has remarried, she finally feels safe to return home to the UK and manages to find a position in what was her mother's home village. With her adopted sister living nearby, and the man next door being an old college friend, life is finally looking up for Marnie - or at least she hopes so.

I loved absolutely loved everything about this one! Whilst Marnie's story isn't all sweetness and light, her positivity shines through each and every page. The gardens are beautifully detailed, and easy to imagine from the fabulously descriptive writing. With well developed characters and a problem or two thrown in, this makes for an excellent read, and one I would most definitely recommend to everyone who likes to close a novel with the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. I must mention the terrific cover which is beautifully illustrated and just perfect for the contents! A full five sparkling stars, fully deserving each and every one.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy via NetGalley; this is - as always - my honest, original and unbiased review.
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This was the perfect light, escapist read for me during lockdown! I enjoyed getting to know Marnie and her new life in Jericho's End, as well as the many quirky side characters. Trisha Ashley's books are always well written and enjoyable, and this one is no exception.
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Thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Marnie & her new life at Jericho's end. Tricia Ashley always creates a wonderful story & this was yet another magical story to lose yourself in
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The Garden of Forgotten Wishes was a delightful read. I can always rely on Trisha Ashley to deliver such heart-warming stories.
Trisha's characters spring to life and by the end of the book, they feel like life long friends - like I know their moods, their weaknesses, their dreams...
Marnie Ellwood was young when she lost her Mum - just 12 years old. 
Marnie remembers something that her Mum tells her but doesn't think much of it. Until years later.
How will she fare when a job, perfect for her and her needs, becomes available to her in Jericho's End? - A place that her Mum had warned her to never visit.
Marnie - divorced and insecure, with the support of her best friend, Treena, moves from France back to the UK.
Quirky Elf and Myfy are just a couple of the wonderful people of Jericho's End, who give Marnie a warm welcome, but will others be as welcoming?
I loved this story: mysterious, heartbreaking and yet full of humour and cosy warmth, with hope for new chances and a brighter future.
My taste buds were tingling as I read and I could clearly picture the beautiful gardens. I love gardening, so I also enjoyed this part of the book.
I think that this story is well researched and thought out and I liked the surprises that cropped up.
I highly recommend this book - it is the perfect escape! 

My thanks to Random House UK, Transworld Publishers via NetGalley.
This is my honest and unbiased review.
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Thank you NetGalley for an advance copy of this book, as I needed a lovely delightful book to brighten up my days during lockdown; I have read other books by Trisha Ashley so was looking forward to this new one. 

It did not disappoint. Marnie has just left a traumatic marriage and is looking for a new challenge, a new start. She returns to her mother''s home village and takes a job as a gardener; she is reconnected with an old pal from Horticultural College, Ned, who runs the garden that he is workingon and hoping to open to the public. The job comes with a little flat and she feels safe and relaxed now, doing a jib she loves. 

The story continues on how Marnie heals and finds peace; but something is being kept secret and will it ruin this new found happiness? Read it to find out more.....
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The first book I have read by Trisha Ashley was the 12 days of Christmas. I loved it and since then I have probably read most of her books, so I was really looking forward to reading  The Garden of Forgotten wishes and it certainly didn't disappoint. It is a great story with great characters. Definitely recommend it
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Absolutely loved getting lost in Trisha land for a few precious hours. The perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of real life just now !

Trisha’s books always have that balance of good story, will they/ won’t they romance (we know they will really ) and interesting background characters - including a beautiful old rose garden. It is also lovely to meet up again with characters from previous books. It all adds to the warm glowing feeling that comes from the story - I never want to leave that lovely world !

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an advance review copy.
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When Marnie returns from France, where she ran too after escaping an abusive marriage, she relocates to Jericho’s End. The place where her mother grew up, and has let it be known that Marnie should never visit. Here she bumps into her old college friend, Ned, who is working with her to restore the gardens at Ild Grace Hall. 

Here secrets are uncovered and romance blooms. 

This is definitely one for garden lovers, a lovely escape.
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The Garden of Forgotten Wishes by Trisha Ashley is a book I was so excited to read. I have knew it was coming for some time and I adore Trisha's writing style so I was excited once I found it on NetGalley to read and review.
How beautiful is the cover. What I like most about Trisha Ashley's covers are the pastel colours that are used and the fact the the very essence of what the book is about is there for all to see. This one is very beautiful.
The plot follows Marnie who is returning from France where she escaped to, from a love less marriage. Marnie is hoping that by returning she can be closer to her late mother and friend as well as regaining her reputation as a gardener. She takes on a job with a beautiful garden and cottage to go with it. Hoping that she can lead a quiet life while gardening, a blast from the past and next door neighbour Ned disrupts this. Will the secrets and past relationships let the forgotten wishes of the past be realised.
I really enjoyed reading this book. I love the way Trisha tells a story. The gardens and the work being done really came to life, I could visualise it and smell the lavender, roses and honeysuckle. The quirky characters really brought the plot together and they were captured brilliantly. I loved the mystery and secrets interwoven in this story.   
I cannot praise Trisha highly enough! Her books are the best around The Garden of Forgotten Wishes is right up there with her best works.
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This was such a lovely read, and I found myself almost entranced not only by the characters, but by the fictional location where the book is set. There is a little bit of everything in this fantastic book, from emotionally damaged people trying to find themselves again, to eccentric and interesting villagers, to wonderful ice cream flavours (and there are even a few recipes at the back of the book), to stunning locations that take your breath away, and to historical mysteries that will keep you guessing until the end.

The burgeoning friendship between Marnie and her former college friend and now boss Ned is perfect. There is so much symmetry between their experiences, that it can’t help but bring them together. This book is so much more than a romance though. There was certainly a mystical element to the book throughout, not only in the perfection of nature within the garden, but also around the village, and amongst the other characters. If you have read The Christmas Invitation by Trisha you will love to see a few familiar characters crop up in this new location, which is very close to the location in that book, but it must be said that this book is a standalone story where you absolutely do not need to have read the previous book.

I loved the historical element to the story, it fitted so perfectly with the garden, and the way in which the garden had evolved in the same way that the families had evolved over time. The mysteries held my attention, and the descriptions were so vivid that I found I was so completely immersed in this story that I felt like an onlooker, unable to look away (or put the book down). The way in which Trisha Ashley builds the worlds that her characters live in feels so effortlessly perfect, and I find her books give me such a feel-good experience that I forget the real world for a while, and what more could you want from a book?

One final thought must be to the fact that although I love pets in books, I must confess that it is no secret that I am a dog person, and people who know me know how much cats unnerve me. However, Caspar the cat in this story was so wonderful, that I found myself wanting a Russian-speaking character of a cat in my life! He was completely and utterly the most perfect pet accompaniment in the book!

This is a delightful pleasure of a book, which gave me a love for gardening that I never knew I had, and made me want to head in search of fairies.
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A heart warming, romantic read from one of my favourite authors. Trisha Ashley's books always end too fast and leave you wishing they would last a little longer
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I enjoyed this book so much I didn’t want it to end.  Marnie Ellwood fled to France to escape an abusive marriage.  Having worked as a jobbing gardener come handy person for five years it was time to return to her roots.  Marnie secured a post with accommodation working on two adjoining gardens in Old Grace Hall and the Ice Cream and Angel Cafe situated in an idyllic village.  The Hall has a wonderful historic garden which is being lovingly restored by Ned Mars and after a few hiccups Marnie soon settles into her new life accompanied by rescue cat Casper.  I love gardening and this was the perfect book to lose myself in on a lovely summers day.  The descriptions of the locality were so good and somewhere I would love to visit if only in my imagination.
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What a fantastic, cozy and relaxing read. This book is the kind of book you need as a pick me up, I have always liked the ones where the main character suffers setbacks and climbs her way back up to forge a new life for themselves. 
The characters are delightful, the pets are eccentric and charming and the garden sounds breathtaking.
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Another winner from one of my favourite authors. This one was a delight to read. Just lovely. It was heart warming. A true delight. I was sad when I got to the end. Very well written
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Tricia Ashley creates a delightful setting for her latest novel. The garden she describes becomes a major part of the story and as Marnie sets about pruning and sorting out the overgrown areas, she begins to sort out her thoughts. The whole village has an other worldly feeling and there seems to be something soothing and healing about the place. Of course, this isn't a straightforward process. There are some secrets to be revealed and family history to uncover.

    I particularly liked Marnie's depreciating sense of humour and the gentle sarcasm she uses. You can sense through her down to earth attitude that she is a survivor. There are some lovely secondary characters who are all drawn to the garden. There seems to be a certain quirkiness about them. Friendships are formed and there is definitely a message to make your own mind up about people. Probably the biggest character in the story turns out to have four paws and a lot of ginger fur! Caspar the cat seems to get the last word and adopts Marnie from the start.

In short: The romance is gentle the Grace garden stunning and the humour, spot on.
Thanks to the author for a copy of the book
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Really enjoyable warm romance,  this is the sort of book makes you want to curl up with a cup of tea and some chocolate biscuits - real comfort reading..
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This is the second Trisha Ashley book I’ve had the pleasure of reading for the purposes of a blog tour & although this one didn’t suck me in as much as the first one it was still magical.

We follow Marnie who after escaping her controlling ex husband has come to Jerichos End, the place her mum grew up but always told Marnie to never return.

Consumed by the need to know why Marnie finds herself there after accepting a job offer to help maintain a fade-in full of lavender and restore the rose Garden of a nearby property – the job doesn’t pay the best but includes a self contained flat so she’s left feeling like she’s found the perfect hideaway, nothing could ruin that, right?

Along comes Ned, an old school friend and unbeknownst to Marnie the owner of the property with the rose garden, neither of them trusts each other and feels there has to be an ulterior motive somewhere.

Throw into the mix lovely elderly characters, a returning ex who’s determined to ruin everything, family members who ate determined to keep your identity hidden & a cat that talks Russian & I promise you you’re in for a treat!
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Marnie finally feels safe to come back to England after hiding away in the French countyside tending gardens in chateaux. Her ex-husband finally agreed to a divorce after meeting a new woman and wanting to get married. Marnie is still smarting from his controlling ways and her career is in taters after his spiteful smear campaign. She applies for a gardening job hidden away in the depths of the countryside near the village where her mother ran away from. She finds that it’s not so easy to remain anonymous. Beautifully written and charming story, another Trisha Ashley gem. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Garden and flower lovers will really enjoy this book as the main character Marnie is a gardener and has just been hired to help restore an old overgrown garden in an old historic house that is just being opened to the public.  There are great descriptions of the flowers unearthed, especially some lovely roses, which I made a note of to check out too!

Marnie escaped a bad marriage by going to France to work on a variety of gardens, including her adopted family's new chateau, but feels it is time to come back to her Lancashire roots and stop hiding from her past, which is why she accepted this job.

Once there she bumps into a old college friend, Ned, who initially has doubts about Marnie because of certain (false) rumours he's heard, but he soon realises she is a hard worker and they settle into a good working routine, that gradually turns into more.

But Marnie has also been warned by her late Mother to stay away from Jericho's End, which is where the new job is, as her Mother came from there and there are family around, but they are 'interesting' characters and not ones she'd necessarily want to be family!

There are a few secrets that are eventually exposed that cause problems between Marnie and Ned, but they get through it.  They are so perfect for each other, it just takes them a while to get there!

Really enjoyable read - I do love a Trisha Ashley book!
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