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The Garden of Forgotten Wishes

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Gardener Marnie wants to put down roots having escaped to France from a controlling marriage, she decides she needs a fresh start and gets a job in a rural west Lancashire village which her dying mother made her promise to stay away from.

The job comes with a flat above a café run by two sisters, and she tends their garden, and also assists next door neighbour Ned Mars with his. 

Marnie remembers Ned from her college days but he’s far from the untroubled man she once knew. A recent relationship has left him with a heart as bruised as her own.

This is a lovely cosy read especially if you love gardening, and even if you don’t, it’s a nice, heart-warming story. 

I particularly loved the fact that I recognised characters from a previous book “The Christmas Invitation”, and I thought the tie in was a lovely touch, although saying that, this is a stand alone story, and you won’t feel like you’ve missed anything if you haven’t read the previous book, it’s just like an Easter Egg on a DVD!

The characters were believable, and well written, I particularly loved Marnie, and wanted to put a friendly arm around her shoulder and protect her, although I don’t think she needed it, as her confidence grew alongside the forgotten roses in the garden!

There is an involved back story including many feuds and fights from previous generations which I found quite difficult to get my head round, but bear with it, as it’s all explained at the end!

This is a slow burner of a story, which was quite nice as it didn’t feel like everything was thrown into the pot all at once, and saying that the story did gather speed at the end.
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What an amazing book. This is my first book by Trisha Ashley, although I do have a number of her previous books in my TBR pile I will digging out. 

I loved the interlacing plot, how tales, rumours and gossip got twisted and edited over the years until the truth is finally discovered. More and more of the hidden past was revealed as r garden was pruned and restored, 
I loved the easy friendship of Ned and Marnie, and how once they realised their feelings for each other it was full steam ahead, there wasn’t anything they couldn’t over come. I have a feeling Elf and Myfee knew a bit more from the start than they let on and just wanted to see the organic play of events. 
Special mention has to go to Caspar the giant orange cat. I loved him, I loved his c-attitude and how Marnie was convinced he was talking to her. I personally felt that maybe he was watching over her, possibly embodying the spirit of her mother. 
A beautiful story that I never wanted to end.
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Another heart-warming read by Trisha Ashley. Wonderful characters, animals and a garden. It is as if we have stepped off the page into the garden itself
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A gentle read for a lazy summer day. Marnie takes up a post as gardener in a place her long deceased mother told her never to visit. The story unfolds when she meets Ned who is restoring the gardens and of course a romance dies eventually and predictably ensue. There is a lot of background information tucked into the telling including ice cream making and garden renovation with for me perhaps a little too much of the latter. There is too a complicated side to family feuds and disputes. It just seemed to burn a bit too slowly for me particularly through the middle section then go at speed towards the end.. The characters were well sketched out and believable but it was just missing something for me
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A lovely romantic read set in a beautifully described and detailed location, you can almost smell the flowers.
I really enjoy the fact that it intertwined with earlier books, there's a real sense of community. Fabulous characters, my favourite being Casper.
Perfect summer read.
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A marvellous slice of horticultural escapism with trowel-loads of charm and everything we've come to expect from a Tricia Ashley novel. Cue the arrival of downtrodden heroine in waiting, Marnie, who fled to France to escape an abusive marriage and has subsequently developed a career restoring the gardens of French chateaus and manor houses. Upon her return to England, she settles in her mother's childhood environ of Jericho's End, where she is befriended by a cast of characters including the eccentric sisters, Elf and Myfy, curmudgeonly cat, Casper, and brooding former college friend, Ned. As Marnie and Ned work together to restore the garden to its former glory, family secrets unfurl, romance begins to slowly blossom and magic is literally in the air courtesy of the local fairy population. Thank you very much for the advance review copy, which I recommend as a wonderful, light thoroughly enjoyable summer read.
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The Garden if Forgotten Wishes is an easy comforting read with a cast of characters with great individuality, humour and attention to a subject that needs talking about.
The main character Marnie has been through a lot and escaped a controlling ex husband. Ned a chap Marnie knew at horticultural college has also had his share of difficulties. They come together when Marnie is employed to help Ned restore the garden of an old Manor House.
An enjoyable story although I did find myself skimming a few pages but this is probably because I’m no gardener or cook! 
My thanks to net galley and publisher for the opportunity to review this book honestly
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I love reading and I love gardening so The Garden of Forgotten Wishes was the perfect book for me!  I thoroughly enjoyed every page, the characters, the setting, the incredible detail of the Old Grace Gardens in Jericho's End and how everything was created and developed step by step.  We are given so much information and complex detail which allows up to build up a fascinating and stunning picture of the Gardens and their restoration - it is like we are there with them, every step of the way!

Marnie is such an incredible lady who despite tragedy with the loss of her Mum and a very coercive and controlling ex-partner, she has blossomed into a wonderful person, who has immense talent, drive and passion for gardening that you feel you want to go outside and tender your roses! 

The community aspect of the book was so lovely - Despite her initial reservations and with some encouragement from those around her, especially those at Lavender Cottage, Marnie threw herself into the community and made some lovely life friends.

The relationship between Marnie and Ned does not start off on the best footing, due to previous history but once they both get to know each other and Ned realises that Marnie is on exactly the same wave length as him (in many ways!) they get on so well together and their relationship blossoms.

I did not want the book to end, I wanted to keep on reading to find out about how the gardens developed and read more about the relationship between Marnie and Ned. And Casper the cat was just a complete fun cat who was always by Marnie's side - a great companion for her, especially when she first moved in.

A fantastic delightful read, totally deserves five stars (and more!).  Thank you for a lovely lovely read.

This review is based on a NetGalley ARC provided in exchange for an honest, unbiased opinion.
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This was a sweet, gentle read and one I thoroughly enjoyed. It is a lovely story, everything was described so well I felt I knew the village already. I found the book quite hard to put down as I really wanted to know what would happen next. It is full of wonderful characters, twists I didn't always see coming and with plenty of gardening and cooking, as all Tricia Ashley's best books are.

I really liked the characters in this book. Marnie, is a really fascinating person with a rich, if somewhat sad, back story. I loved her determination to overcome everything and she is so sweet, sometimes a little sarcastic which, for me, just added to her character. Ned is the owner of the big house and garden that Marnie goes to work for, he is reticent to begin but as he warmed up and I really liked his kindness and humour. 

Add in a whole wealth of other great characters, Elf and Myfy, Marnie's co-employers, plus the huge ginger cat, Casper, who had the most personality of all the stage was set for a really good tale.

I loved this wonderfully descriptive story, it is a really lovely romance which I highly recommend.
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A charming, heartwarming story of unlikely love that stems from two people who find it hard to trust again.

I am a huge Trisha Ashley fan so a massive thank you Netgalley and Random House UK, Transworld Publishers for the opportunity of reading this book.

Trisha always manages to make me feel nostalgia when reading her books. Jericho's end has the familiar and comfortong sights and smells of my local Welsh villages. She states that she often seeks inspiration from Portmeirion, but this novel specifically speak about 'Fairy falls' which reminds me of a combination of Aber falls and the Fairy Glenn.
Trisha introduces the new character of Marnie  and weaves her into the already established characters of Jerrico place. Fans of Trisha Ashley know that this is something she does often with her books, introducing new characters to the stories of town. However, the beauty of Trisha's tales is that you don't need to have read the other books to know about these characters. This book is no exception. A beautiful stand alone novel or can link with past books to add hidden detail to the reader.

I really felt for the protagonist. Trisha writes carefully about a woman who has been mentally and emotionally abused by an ex partner. She writes about this truthfully yet sensitively, allowing the reader to become protective over her future.

I was kept guessing all the way through. I enjoyed the "budding" romance formed ( excuse the pun,) but I had a feeling of trepidation throughout and I knew Marnie's possessive ex husband was going to come back into the picture but was kept waiting for the moment it would happen and I didn't see the way Trisha wrote it happening. Trisha spends more time writing about Marnie's secret family connections and how she is reluctant to tell her new boss.

The story itself is based of Marnie helping to restore Grace gardens and lanvander cottage and the antics surrounding the restoration. I'm no gardener myself and found myself lost sometimes some of the "green fingered" conversations that occurred throughout the book but it didn't take away from the imagery that were formed of the stunning gardens the characters all helped to create.

I enjoyed the book. Another lovely read from Trisha Ashley. She never fails to write stories that make me smile. Always enjoy the end of the book recipes too.
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Although there was quite a disturbing back story to the main character (domestic abuse and miscarriage) this is a  lovely magical story of new beginnings. Lots of great description and wonderful characters.
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Wow!! I have been reading Trisha's books for years and love them all, but this is my favourite by far!!! I loved the main characters Marnie and Ned, learning about their lives gradually at the beginning. The other characters at Jericho's End were a colourful bunch, most of whom I loved, with a sprinkling of those I loved to hate!
I enjoyed hearing about the garden, as it was delicately restored, and enjoyed how further in the book we learnt more about it's history and how it came to be there, along with a few flashbacks to the past.
Oh, and as for Casper the cat, just brilliant, loved him. 
A strong and gripping story, absolutely loved it from start to finish.
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I love Trisha Ashley books so much, and each one seems to be better than the last. They’re just a perfect blend of gentle romance and humour. I know I can settle in and enjoy hours of entertainment and happiness.

The pace is gentle, but it is interesting throughout, with lots of little humorous moments that make me chuckle. I really liked Marnie right from the start, she’s had a tough time of it, but is still a lovely person. I love her snarkiness and sarcasm, it’s just brilliant. Ned took a little more getting to know, mostly down to his initial negative reaction to Marnie. However, I definitely grew to like him as the book went on, he has a good sense of humour, and is generally very kind.

The scene when Mike and everyone finally turned up was hilarious.

As usual with a Trisha Ashley, this book has an excellent sense of place, I definitely feel like I’m there. I love the way that it’s set near some of her other books too, and a few well known characters make cameos. It gives a real sense of there being a whole world within which these books are set.

If you’re looking for a book full of gentle romance, humour and interest, this is the book for you.

I was given a free copy of this book, my opinions are my own.
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I only recently discovered the joys of the bestselling Trisha Ashley's warm hearted novels when I read The Christmas Invitation and some of the characters from that make background appearances here. 36 year old Marnie Ellwood, lost her beloved mother, Martha, in 1993, who told her magical stories of growing up in Jericho's End but told Marnie she must never go there. She was adopted by the wonderful Ellwood family, gaining a sister and best friend in Treena, a vet. Marnie made an ill fated marriage to Mike Draycot, a man who turned out to be a manipulative emotional abuser, coercive, controlling, isolating her and maliciously wrecked her professional career as a horticultural gardener. She managed to escape to France, divorcing him, working in various crumbling Chateau gardens and buildings. Hearing Mike has remarried, she deems it safe to return, securing a gardening position in Jericho's End that pays a pittance but comes with a home.

This turns out to be the best move she could have made, she adores the turquoise haired Elf, who makes mouthwatering ice creams for her cafe and her artist sister, Myfanwy, sorting out their garden, but sending the bulk of her time into the back breaking work of helping to restore the gardens of Old Grace Hall, owned by ex-TV garden designer, Ned Mars. Marnie had been at the same horticultural college as Ned, who like her, is recovering from a personal nightmare relationship that resulted in tabloid scandal, all untrue, that has made it harder for him to trust. Marnie finds herself in seventh heaven, putting her heart and soul into bringing the rose garden back to life and more, becoming embedded in the local community with ease. One of the first people she meets is the unprepossessing, workshy, shifty, light-fingered Wayne Vane, her first meeting with a family member, although he is unaware of this.

Ashley immerses the reader in the rich descriptions and intricate details of restoring the Old Grace Gardens to open them to the public. Jericho's End is a beauty spot and rural idyll, a magical location with its Fairy Falls, a location that will snake its way into your heart, with its folklore, tales of treasure and local traditions. The drama comes from Marnie and Ned delving into their family history and the surprising connections between them, with Marnie too afraid to open up about being related to the unpopular Vane family, and a Mike that refuses to stay in her past. The romantic elements are very much background material, Marnie's increasing involvement in the strong and active community life ensures that she feels like she belongs, that this is the home she has hungered for, with the bonus of a Ned who shares her passion for gardening. A fabulously beautiful and entertaining read that I recommend highly to readers looking for a well written, feel good novel. Many thanks to Random House Transworld for an ARC.
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Trisha Ashley is one of my favourite authors in her genre. However, Ithis book left me with mixed feelings. It has everything I like in her novels, but I had some problems with the balance. Not being a gardening enthusiast, I felt the gardening parts too much and too lengthy. I would have been more interested in the twists of the plot, and the cast of unusual characters. I also felt that some possible elements went unused. For example, there is much talk about the poison garden. Wouldn't you ecpect something to happen about it? An accident, a near accident, a crime, an attempted crime etc. Also, I felt the "big secret" i.e. her being related to a certain family, a bit forced. And that scene at night on the farm was outright unbelieveble. All in all, I don't think this is Trisha Ashley's best book. However, as she is a great writer and on of my favourite authors, I will read all her next novels. I recommend this one mainly for green fingered people who are passionate gardeners.
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What a wonderful book from Trisha Ashley !
Marnie is a gardener, she’s always wanted to be a gardener. Sadly Marnie was orphaned at a young age. On her mums deathbed, her mum made Marnie promise never to go back to where her mum had grown up. Her mum had never explained why though. 
Marnie’s adoptive family decided to move abroad. Marnie and her adopted sister, who is also her best friend, decided to stay in the UK. After a brief marriage, Marnie travels abroad to be with her family. While there she travels around restoring gardens. Then she learns her ex-husband has remarried, so Marnie decides to return to the UK, but the only job available is where her mums family live. So starts Marnie’s life in the UK.  

Here Trisha Ashley comes into her own. Her descriptive writing made me feel as though I was wandering the gardens and villages of where Marnie is. Trisha describes the quirks of the characters so well, I felt as if I was there in the room. Her wit comes through in the book by Marnie’s quick responses and the conversations Marnie has with the cat. 

Most of Trisha’s books are set in Yorkshire, admittedly in fictional villages, but characters from her previous books usually make an appearance in the book she has just written. 

I’m a great fan of Trisha Ashley but have tried to review this book honestly, but without giving spoilers away.
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Another fantastic Tricia Ashley book. Marnie is a gardener who had a disastrous controlling marriage. She fled to France to work on gardens there so her husband wouldn't find but came back to England when she'd heard her ex had remarried. She then gets a job in Jericho's End which her late mother had warned never to go to
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Marnie Ellwood has been running away for the last five years, from garden to chateaux and back again in France, Marnie feels that it is probably the right time to settle somewhere more permanent with a future. 

When a job comes up in Jericho's end as a gardener with accommodation thrown in too, it seems to good opportunity to miss. Apart from one thing, it is a place where her mother says she never should go to. It has too much history for Marnie's late mum, but she does not really know why. She takes the job anyway, what possible harm could it do?

Settled into a lovely little place she can put down roots and with Elf and Myfy looking out for her as well as a rather dominant cat called Caspar. Marnie gets to work not just only her landlady's gardens, filled with lavender bushes and rambling roses but also the river walk and waterfalls where some mysterious sightings have been in seen in the past and a place which an rather ethereal sense of calm over it. 

Add to this Marnie is also to work next door in the 'big house' and it turns out the owner and renovator of the garden and house is a fellow student of Marnie's from a long time ago, Ned Mars. There is a mystery to the rose garden and the whole place and Marnie throws herself into her gardening role and suddenly finds the peace she was perhaps searching for those years she was away in France. 

With her friendship with Ned very much established, embracing life in Jericho's End seems a given and Marnie finds she is in a place to stay. She is near her sister, she can enjoy the quiz night in the local pub and most of all she can enjoy gardening. 

However it seems the ghost of many pasts are still lurking around Jericho's End and they have an uncanny way of finding Marnie and making life rather interesting for a while. 

Will Marnie restore more than a garden in Jericho's End?

This is a wonderful delightful descriptive book from Trisha Ashley, she just gets better and better with each book. Whilst I was a bit lost with all the relatives from long ago and how they all fitted together with Ned and Marnie I was soon swept away with the restoration of the garden. It is the sort of place I would want to visit and secretly the sort of project I would love to be involved in. I could easily transport myself as someone who is looked after by a whole village as Marnie is. 

If you are familiar with Trisha Ashley books then you will recognise familiar characters on the outskirts of the plot and Jericho's End, it makes you feel as if you are part of that wonderful storytelling Trisha family. 

Perfect for those who want to garden without getting your hands dirty and perfect for those who just want to escape - blissful reading awaits you.
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Trisha Ashley very much has her own style of writing and this is another great example of it, Marnie is a very strong character who escaped her controlling husband five years ago however the fear of seeing him again meant she left Lancashire and spent the interim time working as a gardener at various french locations. She finally feels safe to return to England however can only find employment in a small Lancashire village, ironically her deceased mum’s birthplace which Marnie herself has never been to.

Whilst there is a degree of predictability each of Trisha’s books have such interesting characters, often strong and independent with no requirement to conform to expected norms which is very refreshing and a hint of past mystery which work extremely well, not to mention there is often a nod to previous characters which I enjoy. I loved learning about the garden and the passion there, whilst gardening isn’t my thing it didn’t make it any less enjoyable as it was such a part of the characters. Overall this was a very relaxing, escapist read.
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I have been a big fan of Trisha Ashley for years so it was a delight to be able to review the book. 
This is the story of how Marnie rebuilds her life after her mothers death and following a messy divorce from her abusive husband she flees to France, however finding her self back in England she tries to find out more about her mothers identity whilst still hiding from her past.  
Marnie is a gardener and I really enjoyed all the descriptions of flowers and garden, it was pure escapism. I felt really invested in Marnies journey and was rooting for her throughout the book. 
The simple writing style is both enjoyable and easy to read, adding to the imagination of the story. The perfect summer read!
Thank you to Netgalley, Random House UK & Transworld Publishers for this Arc
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