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The Garden of Forgotten Wishes

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A cosy read that was a bit slow-paced at times for me but I enjoyed the characters and uncovering the secrets of the village.
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Another heart-warming novel from Trisha Ashley with some great characters and a magical setting.  Although it is obvious from early on that Marnie and Ned are going to "find" each other, the trials and tribulations along the way are enough to keep the interest.  There is also the back story of Lizzie, and the wonderful, eccentric sisters Elf and Myfy.  Controlling husbands have been a theme in a couple of recent reads, but Mike is by far the most awful person.  Highly recommended.
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What can I say other than I loved this book. A lovely story about how Marnie overcomes an overpowering, manipulative ex by escaping to France as she fears for her self. To being able to return to her beloved England when she hears it’s all safe. She is reunited with her sister and finds a job in a beautiful hidden away village full of colourful characters, the tales of fairies, angels and a home where her own mother was disowned from. Her gardening job keeps her sane, a huge ginger cat keeps her warm and some lovely old ladies keep her fed. Oh and a lovely gardener well you need to read it to find out
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This isn't my favourite Trisha Ashley book, but it's a good read all the same. There's a lot of gardening, but I liked that and the plans to get the old garden open to the public. I really liked Marnie, the main character. Ned was lovely too. As were the sisters - most of the characters were lovely in fact. I do feel the story was lacking in emotion at times, and the ending felt a bit rushed. I also felt Marnie could have showed her feelings more. It was all very understated. A nice, light read though. A special mention must go to Casper the cat. Such an attitude. Wonderful - he made me laugh. With thanks to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Trisha Ashley books are always set in the most lovely places. In this instance a beautiful village, full of characters, both good and bad. Jerichos End is the sort of place we would all love to be, regardless of whether we are trying to hide away from a controlling ex-husband, as Marnie is. 
After the end of her traumatic marriage Marnie has been making a “reconnection to the earth” through her love of gardening. I think that is something a lot of us have been enjoying during lockdown, finding the nurture of nature very soothing. 
The Garden of Forgotten Wishes is like a having a hug from an old friend. It’s comforting, kind, gentle and good for the soul. 
The mental image of the Angel Gabriel driving the celestial version of a Mr Whippy van certainly made me smile. Even more so if he stocks Solero Exotics!
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I have enjoyed previous books by this author and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Hiding in plain sight from an abusive ex-husband, Marnie is overjoyed when offered the job of gardener in the small village of Jericho’s End. She is delighted when she reconnects with old college friend Ned, who has inherited a house with extensive gardens which are in need of love and restoration. As Marnie and Ned work together on the gardens, their friendship begins to turn to something more; but local scallywag Wayne Vane knows something about Marnie that she would like to keep secret. How will Ned react when he discovers what Marnie is keeping from him?

A lovely warmhearted book with great characters which was an enjoyable and entertaining read.
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One star is for books I did not finish. Two stars is for books I did not enjoy reading such as this one. Predictable, boring, and what annoyed me most was the good people being good, and the bad being just that.
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I usually look forward to a new Trisha Ashley book, but this was a bit of a disappointment. The story is mostly rather formulaic, with a few somewhat unbelievable scenes. The whole thing reads more like expanded notes for a novel, rather than the finished product.
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I adore Trisha’s writing and have them all, this one will be joining the collection. Wonderful feel good wanna be there book, didn’t disappoint in any shape or form. Fabby read and can’t wait to dip in again in the future hopefully she writes more in the same series
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"In each life a little sunshine must fall."

Trisha Ashley really does have a way of writing that really does make you feel like you there! 

Marnie a keen gardener, has just ended her marriage escapes to France with her adopted family when she feels its time to come back to England. She finds a job that is perfect for her, only problem is it is in the village her mother always spoke about, warning Marnie to never go there. She accepts the job, and is surprised to be reunited with Ned an old college friend, who too has had his heart broken. 
Will Marnie ever find out why her mother warned her about Jericho's End? Will Marnie and Ned have their hearts ,mended? and will they ever get the garden ready in time? 

A book full of gardening (it has inspired me to do mine!), village secrets and escapism!
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy. 

Thoroughly enjoyed this book, 

Have read quite a few Tricia Ashley books, but found this to be In a quite different style. 

I loved the setting and the likeable characters.  

An awful lot of gardening, which I loved, the secrets hidden in the plots around the gardens, the mention of angels and fairies, making me wish I was there.

A lovely story, had everything going for it.

A good read though and I do recommend.
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A beautiful intriguing read full of delightful characters, homemade ice cream,eccentric pets and a glorious garden full of surprises! All of this interspersed with tales of old folklore, ancestry and history!
Marnie desperate for a new life and a sense of belonging ends up in her mother’s childhood village, where she secures herself a gardening job, this brings her back in touch with an old friend Ned, who is also recovering from a failed relationship, together with the healing power of hard work, shared interests, great friends and a love of gardening they begin to heal and trust and in doing so develop a relationship under the watchful eye of a certain feline!
A real feel good comforting read.
Thank you net galley for this early read.
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Trisha Ashley really does write wonderful books.A brilliant story, believable characters, well researched detail and all laced with humour. Marnie has left behind an abusive relationship and made a new start in a job that she loves. Gardening is her passion and to restore a garden attached to a Tudor house is bliss. Lots of gardening detail which brings the garden to life on the page. Add in a former college friend (the owner of the garden) who has a similar background and a tentative relationship begins to develop. The scene is set for several intriguing sub plots and a satisfying conclusion. An excellent summer read, not forgetting Caspar the cat, and I loved it.
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A gorgeous gardening romance

When Marnie's divorce from her controlling husband comes through, she relocates from France back to the UK and lands her dream job of gardener at the Grace Garden in Jericho's End, the picturesque village where her late mother grew up, despite promising her never to visit the place. Her mother had had a bad experience there with the local big-wigs, the Vanes. 

The vivid descriptions of the garden, people, village and surrounding scenery make this book a joy to read and the gently unfolding love story is a delight.
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Another brilliant book by Trish Ashley. I have read most of this lovely authors books. They are funny sad just a lovely chilled out read. Keep on writing is all i can say
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Thanks Netgalley and the Publisher.   Everything this author writes is brilliant.  What a great feel good read, great characters, good storyline and set in a fabulous location.   Loved it.
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With thanks to netgalley  an Trisha Ashley  for an early copy in return for an honest review. 
Once again  an other OUTSTANDING book  full of intrigue  hope and a new beginning. 
This  book was full of fascinating  characters  that we all love to read about maybe even  imagine  that  were them for a few hours there is nothing  better than escapism. 
This book held my interest  through  out  and can highly recommend   for another  fabtastic  read
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An enjoyable story by Trisha Ashley following Marnie, who after divorcing her controlling husband, moves to Jericho's End to work on restoring some gardens.

Marnie is a lovely lead character that you can't help but like as she attempts to leave behind her old life and move on.

Although not my favourite, a thoroughly lovely book.
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I enjoyed this book, I have read quite a few Tricia Ashley books, and found this to be In a quite different style.  A similar Lancashire setting, likable characters and a gentle plot, but much less emphasis on food, wine, and romance.  There is an awful lot of gardening.  I love gardening, but I did keep waiting for something to happen.  Everything came together In the last 10 percent, but in contrast to the rest of the book, it felt rushed and unsatisfying. A good read though and I do recommend.
Thank you to netgalley, and the publisher and author for an advance copy.
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Marnie is looking for a new start after 5 years of hiding away after fleeing a bad marriage and the little village of Jericho's End seems just the place to do it. Here she can start again doing a job she loves - gardening and being part of the resurrection of  a apothecary garden. Here she re-encounters Ned, a former friend from her student days, who seems to have several very good reasons to not to trust her. This, and the fact that she has a secret about her past, threatens her new start in the community she is beginning to love.
I have loved previous Trisha Ashley novels that deal with the idea of bringing back stately homes/gardens to life (probably left over from my love of The Secret Garden in my childhood) and this was no different. It was gentle story and very much focused on bringing the garden back to life but there was some engaging sub-plots. I loved the descriptions of the Grace garden and really loved the Fairy Falls and the idea of fairies or angels. The characters were very binary - either they were loveable or detestable. My favourite, however, was Casper the cat. It was also great to have cameo appearances from Lex and Clara from The Christmas Invitation. I do hope there are more novels set in this area soon.
A really great read.
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