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Circle in the Darkness

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This book was a real disappointment.
It was long and tedious.  
Although the beginning of the book about her childhood is somewhat interesting, that doesn't take long to read.  Most of the book was written without feeling, but just statements of where the author went (she visited many countries), and who the author met there.  She often attended a protest, but she gave little information about them, except who organized them and against what.
She writes about the Socialist Party, Communists, Fascists, and other political persuasions.

Normally I finish all books that I read to review, but I could not read more than 1/3 of the book this time.  
When I decided to quit reading it, I went to the final chapter which summarized the book.  The final chapter was very anti-American, so that only confirmed my decision to stop reading it.
My advice is not to waste time reading this book.

I am sorry that I cannot give this book a better review.  I know it must have taken the author a long time to write, as it is a long detailed book.  Although I enjoy reading about history, this book was boring to me.
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I cannot recommend this book. I found it to be not engaging at all. It just seemed to me rather wandering and not well put together.  I appreciate the author’s experiences, but it did not make for an interesting story. I do not want to penalize the author, as I realize that this is her life story, and it takes a lot to put it out there. Therefore, I will not be posting a review on any of my review sites.
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