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This is a book with a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from sadness to rage. So much more than the YA novel I thought it might be, I’m going to recommend it to my bookclub lot on publication day. Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Eve Carter never fails to deliver.  Again she didn’t disappoint. From the opening chapter I was hooked. The theme running through the book is what to do if someone suffers a cardiac arrest,. It’s made me aware how ignorant I was, hopefully I’ll know what to do if ever needed. Kerry and Tim are friends who are first aiders, when Joel suffers a cardiac arrest on New Years Eve Kerry reacts and saves his life Tim freezes. the theme of the book is how this impacts on the rest of their lives their relationships and Joel whose life she saves,  This is one of the best reads of 2020. I 100% recommend this book
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I absolutely adored this book. 
Kerry and Tim are best mates, destined to be doctors. Out celebrating New Years Eve with the rest of their classmates just before they take their exams, suddenly their class mate Joel goes into cardiac arrest. The promising footballer and Kerry's secret crush, is just lying there while his friends panic. Kerry immediately dives into action and begins to perform CPR for 18 minutes, whilst Tim is frozen to the spot. What the three teenagers don't realise, is the impact those crucial 18 minutes will have on the rest of their lives.
Each deal with the event in their own way, why does Joel find himself initially depressed? Why does Kerry find her heart broken? Why did Tim freeze - should he be a doctor?

I'm a bit lost words now I've finished this book. Told in different POVs of the three main characters, we follow their lives from 1999-2018 and watch them grow, mature, find happiness, loss and everything else in between. The writing is so clever, as the years pass so does the maturity in the writing, reflecting the character's inner thoughts. Everything flowed beautifully and I felt a genuine connection to both Joel and Kerry. Tim irritated me almost from the first page, but I even enjoyed his chapters over the years. Everything flowed, and reading it was enjoyable from start to finish, I couldn't put it down.

This is a story of love, loss, realisation and growing up and how saving someone's life doesn't always equal happiness. 

Make sure you add this beauty to your TBR pile as it is bloody brilliant !

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Interweaving fact and fiction the novel takes the reader on the journeys of three young adults after one shocking incident. All are affected in different ways at different times but all need each other to stay alive.
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Thank you to the publisher and Net Galley for allowing me to read this in return for an honest opinion.
I was really curious about this book especially as it is quite different to my normal reads.
I enjoyed reading it but did find some parts a little slow for me.  Overall its a lovely idea for a story and so nice to see the journey they all go on.
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From someone who enjoys a good thriller I wasn't sure I would like this book but I took it away on holiday for some light reading 

It centers around three young people and a bit if unrequited love 

When Joel’s heart stops on New Years Eve it changes the course of three people’s lives forever.

The story follows their lives and their shattered dreams as well as their love lives and how one event as teenagers changes them all 

A bit slow in places but worth a read
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After a few chapters of this book I opened up the NetGalley website to see what the average rating was. From 46 members it was apparently five stars. 
And well... I was shocked. Because I just could not get on board with this book at all. Even from the earliest chapters I just disliked everything.... especially the character of Tim.
But I was also heartened. Because I thought okay, a five star average is great. It means this book MUST get better....

Sadly this wasn’t to be the case for me. 

I’m not used to not enjoying stories about unlikeable characters. I find unlikeable human characteristics to be fascinating to read about as I think it makes fictional characters feel more authentic. Because no human is perfect. We all have our flaws... but yet the flaws of these characters were just too much for me to deal with because I felt they weren’t tempered with nuance and subtlety. The choice of narrative style meant that a long timeline was squashed into less than 500 pages which wasn’t enough. Key happier events in these characters’ lives were brushed through. Instead, this book just rammed ahead full speed with its endless dramas and ultimately was exhausting to read. 

I know people will question why I chose to finish this novel when I disliked it from such an early stage. And I guess it’s because of that five star average rating from 46 NetGalley members. I didn’t want to be the odd one out that couldn’t find merit to these characters and their story... but sadly it was never to be for me. We all can’t like the same things it seems and ultimately this book just wasn’t to my personal taste. 

*An e-copy was kindly provided to me by the publisher via NetGalley for honest review*
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This book may just save your life.
At the start of this book I would have classed "How to save a life" as a teen read, however the book evolved and we grow up with the characters and the plot develops, twists and turns.
I loved this book and really didn't want it to end.  It tackled many emotive subjects and will stay with me for a long time.
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This story is basically a romance. Not my normal choice of genre to read and while it is classed as adult fiction, it would be perfect for the older end of the teen market. Best friends Tim and Kerry are 17 and save one of their classmates Joel with CPR after he collapses on New Year’s Eve. The work is mostly done by Kerry as Tim freezes with indecision even though they are both training as first aid volunteers. Kerry has long had a school girl crush on Joel and by saving his life, this starts a chain of events as the reader follows this love triangle for the next 18 years through a series of life choices and changes. As previously said, not my favourite type of book as I prefer something more fast-paced, but this is definitely a great book for the romantic types. I could easily see this as a movie.
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I enjoyed this well written book. The characters are well drawn and it was interesting to follow their lives as they matured from teenagers into adults.

Thank you to NetGalley and to the publisher for allowing me to read this in exchange for an honest review.
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I loved this book, from the moment I started reading it I couldn't put it down. It reminded me of One Day but with a deeper theme of how your life develops from decisions that you don't realise you've made. Great read and thankfully not a disappointing rushed ending like so many books have. 
Have already recommended it and will definitely be doing so to more friends.
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What a wonderful book!
I was completely hooked from he start and kept thinking what would I do in this situation! 
I loved the character development and it was so well written! can't wait to read more from this author.
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Unpopular opinion!
This book is meant to be a light read about making hard choices over and over again. 

Honest to god, trying to read this felt exactly like this. Tedious!

I did not enjoy this book. I tried very very hard, but this book just didn't cut it for me. In fact, it frustrated me to see people sacrificing themselves at the altar. Why? 

It's displeasing to see people make choices that are self destructive. I failed to understand why all our lead characters were portrayed clearly so needy/ pitiable. I didn't connect with the characters and what logic drove them.

I will post a detailed review on my blog
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Rating: All the stars
Where do I start with this book! 
I know it's categorized as a romance, but it got more to it than that. this is a beautiful story about longlasting friendships, second chances, bravery, and how it truly is to start a new career. 
The storyline is a series of events involving 3 characters: Kerry, Tim, and Joel. Following their journey through life, in a period of 18 years, beginning with the grim incident that kickstarted it all: a cardiac arrest. 

I was hooked from the first chapter. I barely stopped myself from rushing to the ending. I seriously couldn't stop reading it. I didn't feel, to me, like a work of fiction at all! It was more like reading a memoir. I'm just in awe of the AMAZING character development, and the writing, that was SO fluid it felt like it was written by 3 different people.
I genuinely think It will make a great movie.
I really adored the rawness of every emotion that the characters experienced. I couldn't root for one character only. I sympathize with all of them (a little less with Tim). But every one of them was real and flawed.
Many thanks to Netgalley and Pan Macmillan for my ARC
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Tragic, informative, frustrating but brilliant. 

I’m going to be honest, I am that naive person who thought CPR alone could restart the heart.  Although this is a fictional tale, it’s embedded with a very important message that everyone should know.  

The story starts well with youngsters in a period of time so familiar to my own timeline it made me nostalgic.  As a traumatic event unfolds we learn the aftermath of how such an event can effect us on our journey to adulthood.  The storyline itself was fascinating and scary at the same time.  The author touched on mental health issues, substance abuse and of course, how to save a life! But cleverly, the author showed us there are many ways to save a life, not just CPR.  

Although I got frustrated at times with certain characters and their reactions and actions to events, it kept me reading and I binged hard on this story.  It’s a book that I can 100% say has impacted me for the better.
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I’ve literally just read the last page of this novel and don’t mind admitting that I cried a little bit! What a great book - it has feature film written all over it and in my head, I’m already casting Kerry, Joel and Tim. Early in the novel, you think it’s just a standard love triangle but there’s so much more to it than that. Add in the practical information about saving lives and the technical knowledge of the writer, giving some depth to the context, and you’ve got an interesting, engaging and absorbing read. I liked the switching of narrative perspective too. No spoilers on the ending but it kept me guessing - I don’t like being able to work it out too early! This’ll be a chart topper.
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When Joel goes into cardiac arrest it’s Kerry  and Tim who come to his rescue. What follows is the most wonderful novel about these three characters who are thrown together that evening. Kerry is a brilliant character, incredibly relatable. Would 100% recommend this novel
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I loved this book from the very first page! Kerry is a bit of a geek who has a secret crush on the school's most popular boy, who doesn't? It's New Year's Eve 1999 when Joel suddenly goes into cardiac arrest and Kerry and her friend Tim, are the ones to come to his aid. And so begins a beautiful story following the journey of the 3 people who's lives were changed at the fateful strike of midnight.
Kerry is the most relatable character as I think it's safe to say, we've all been that school girl holding a secret crush for someone who you think is way out of your league. 
Remniscient of One Day and more recently, Normal People. I absolutely adored this story and was hooked from the start, desperate to know what would happen to Kerry, Joel and Tim. I was so immersed I found myself getting annoyed every time something didn't work out the way it should have.
Can't recommend it enough!
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Move over Dex and Em, Kerry and Joel are the new couple who have taken a little piece of my heart. 

At the start of the novel is the life-changing event that impacts Joel, Tim and Kerry. It is New Years Eve 1999, Joel's heart stops and Kerry leaps into action to perform life-saving CPR, whilst Tim is initially frozen in panic. 

Tracking the three for the next twenty years and how this event has affected them, this is a coming of age story with an important medical message at its core. Told from the three perspectives, this added an extra dimension and insight into their thoughts and feelings. I shared tears with them over relationship fails, mental health issues, family crisis and the descent into substance abuse. My heart hurt as each of them made foolish mistakes, but then cheered them on as they attempted to put things right. The complicated relationship between Kerry and Joel was both frustrating but entirely understandable, and by the end of the novel, I could think of no better way for it to have played out. 

I will definitely be buying a copy of the book to keep when this is released next year, and I hope it achieves the success it deserves. 

My thanks go to the publishers and NetGalley for the advance copy in return for an honest review.
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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 just about stars

I’m going to be generous and up this to a 4 but I was undecided at the end.

It started so great but the older the characters got, the more annoying they, and their decisions, became.

You really do have to suspend believe and go with every coincidence and romantic notion in this book.

Having said that, it kept me turning the pages to find out what happened and overall enjoyable.
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