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Mother Loves Me

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Mother Loves Me

I’m sure my NetGalley readers will relate to this... I  have so many books to finish but as soon as Mother Loves Me was approved I jumped on it! Have you read that synopsis?! Oh Em Gee!  I needed to know what happens and I needed to know it NOW!

From the first page I was enchanted. Spectacular and breathtaking but with its fair share of horror this is a story you’ll be thinking about for months afterwards! Also there’s so much packed into the pages. At 20% I thought I had a rough idea of how this would play out...but I was wrong.

Mirabelle seemed older than thirteen but I loved her character. I love that the story is told from her point of view. As a reader you’re more aware of the horrors than Mirabelle and it leaves you on edge! 

A brilliant, dark and scary book. Loved it.
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Thank you netgalley for this advanced copy. This book is picture perfect when you describe a psychological thriller. Twists you didn’t see coming, alarming situations, a great debut. However was a little too disturbing for me.
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Claustrophobic and creepiest. An original psychological thriller with an unexpected ending. A must read. 
What you do if you have to make choices between your children? What you do if you have to choose only a child out of two. Whom do you choose? Well, its difficult for a mother, isn't it? 
Mirabelle is a cute little baby girl of her mother. Her mother helps her in everything, she takes care of her lovely daughter. And her daughter loves the way her mom loves her. But one day her life would change forever when she sees another five years old girl beside her mom on her 13th birthday. 
Clarabelle is her mother's new doll. 
Mother only needs one. 
But which one? 
And what would happen to the other? 
I loved this book. I can't believe that it's a debut novel. Every character has its depth. 
I loved the pace with which the story moves forward. Its ending was a highlight for me. 
Thanks to NetGalley and Harper Collins UK Harper Fiction for giving me an advance copy.
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