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This book is a great to teach kids and maybe even help guide teens and adults too about how to spend, save, grow and use a bank for your money too as it includes tips for saving and interest as well as benefits of card's and saving up not just spending all the time.

From the history of how well known people made and traded various types of currency to buy and barter for things much like people on eBay that is now to get good deals and again save money.

Great handy book to reach youngsters how to be money wise in a world where card over cash is becoming the norm.

Many thanks to the publishers for allowing me to review this book for them!
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I teach financial literacy to adults and many of them would benefit hugely from reading this book! We aren’t taught nearly enough  about money at school; DOSH is a great handbook to provide great explanations on the basics of what money is used for and how to manage it.
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For years in my role as a primary teacher, I championed any opportunity to teach children real life skills. Now, as a mum of three children who really seem to think that money grows on trees, I'm more in favour of it than ever.

Then along comes this book! Hallelujah! DOSH is a fascinating and informative read which dives straight into the nitty gritty of what money is, the history of money, how to earn, grow and save money and, of course, how to spend it...SENSIBLY!

Rashmi Sirdeshpande handles the complex nature of currency, cash and credit cards beautifully. Her writing is clear, to the point and includes age appropriate examples of how things work. The tone is encouraging, positive and straight-forward, plus there is no hint of any patronising - young people are capable of being entrepreneurs and there are examples to prove it!

If you're looking for a practical, mathematical book which will teach children the value of coins and how to calculate prices, change etc then this isn't it. This non-fiction narrative, aimed at children aged 8-12, delves much deeper into how currencies have developed globally over time, how they have evolved and are still evolving at a frightening pace. It talks about wages, business, investments and budgeting whilst challenging readers to think about both the benefits and pitfalls of money and what money means to them. Will handling money with care and respect enable you to live a prosperous life? Quite possibly! Will it buy you happiness and contentment?...probably not

This is a book that young people need to read! Combined with their hunger to learn and their thirst for independence, it will teach them financial skills that will hopefully last a lifetime and which many an adult, including myself, will wish they'd had access to when they were school-age. It's inspirational and it talks sense! Does it cover complex concepts? You bet! I have to admit that my head span somewhat when Rashmi Sirdeshpande started explaining 'Bitcoin', 'computer mining' and 'cryptocurrencies'. But, this is the future and the future belongs to our next generation of budding money-makers...and I have every faith that they can get to grips with it far faster than I ever will.

So, if you know a brilliant young businessperson or just want to teach your child to save and budget, then I highly recommend this fact-filled, corker of a might just be the best investment they've ever made!
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Hardly anyone talks about this, but having a strong,confident understanding of money is a crucial lifeskill. Thankfully, Dosh is a wonderfully comprehensive guide. Leaving no coin unturned Rashmi Sirdeshpande provides young readers with a wonderful overview of money, starting with its history.

I know of lots of young pocket money earners, and indeed adults, who will benefit from the wisdom imparted here. Sirdeshpande shows her readers how to have a good, strong and sensible relationship with money. 

I may, urm, have been taking notes!
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