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I absolutely loved this book and thought it was very original and totally unputdownable!! A real treat !! Simply a must read !!
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Cherie as she is known as an adult, has had a very disturbing childhood. Her father was a serial killer. Known to everyone as big bones. Fittingly, she became known as little bones. As a child she saw what her father had done to people. So one can imagine the torment and hell she went through. I want to say that at this point the author does an immaculate job of ensuring that everything seemed true and real. As you read this story it is almost as if it is you, the reader, experiencing the emotional trauma. Cherie as an adult is much different now. She is married and has children. Just as it seems she is over the trauma, people start disappearing. Not just disappearing but exactly as the did when her father was killing them. Why is this happening now? The ending will surprise you completely. This is one hell of a ride and written in such a way that you are immersed completely and the characters are just as you would expect them to be. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves this genre!

Thank you to netgalley as well as the author/publisher for allowing me to read this book in exchange for my honest review.
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I enjoyed this book but found it abit slow. I was truly hoping for more. I enjoyed the introduction of all the characters and thought I had figured out who had done it. The plot twist wasn’t the best but it was decent to continue the story. This was just okay.
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I wanted so badly to love this book. It started out with a creepy premise where we learn the MC has big secrets and her own son might be in danger. I also loved the psychic scene, and hoped for more of that. I felt like the clues given along the way were too obvious and that distracted from me being fully into the story as a whole. I also found the characters unlikable. Positives: I liked the Cherrie’s voice and could relate to her in ways. I appreciated the focus on the relationships in her life and how they affected her. Thank you to NetGalley and Avon for a copy of this book in return for an honest review.
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This book really kept my interest.  I could not put it down.  As a mystery it does a pretty good job.  The author basically gives us two main viable suspects.  I thought it was pretty obvious from the beginning which of the two was going to be the perpetrator and I was right.  Don't expect a "big twist" kind of book or you might be disappointed.  Some of the things the main character said and did were a little unbelievable but I thought this was a fun little mystery.
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Engrossing, emotionally charged & well written. An interesting take on a well worn subject. For fans of 'Good Me, Bad Me'.
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Cherie had been born Leigh Ann, but at 17 she had been forced to change her identity, because her father had been William Hendy or better known as Mr Bones a serial killer from 25 years ago, who kidnapped young boys boiling their bodies and using the bones to make macabre art. Leigh Ann was 8 years old, her father had used her as bait to get the young boys into his car.

Now Cherie has a son Robin, a boyfriend Leo and a job. She has left her past behind. No one knows who she is her boyfriend or her friends have no clue. Until a young boy goes missing and Cherie starts to follow the story. She sees a podcast ‘The Flesh in the Bones’ and out of curiosity she listens to it, little did she know that her new identity, her workplace and where she lived was mentioned. Now she doesn’t know what to do, half hoping people won’t listen to it, but knowing that someone who knows her might and gossip can soon spread.

She takes Robin to the fair one night and he vanishes into thin air, she had been watching him all evening, until she had received one text which distracted her, that’s when Robin vanished. The police are called, but when they learn who she is some of the questions make her feel they believe she killed her own son. With a few twists and turns to keep you guessing, although I guessed pretty early who was behind it.

When I first started this story I actually liked Cherie, but as I read more and more I gradually came to dislike her. She was so annoying at times, her anger took over, she just wasn’t acting like a mum who has lost her son, and the more she acted up the more I got annoyed with her. There were a couple of other characters that I found frustrating as well. Some of the story was gripping but then other parts just went on too long. Cherie’s musings were just too many. It just became unbelievable, I wanted to believe the story, but several plot lines were sadly just ludicrous and that just spoilt it for me personally.

The writing is good, it flowed, it had some tension in it at times, I just wish some of the actions of the characters could have been more believable, but sadly they weren’t.

I will however be looking out for further books by this author in the future.

I would like to thank #netgalley and #AvonBooks for an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest, fair and unbiased review.
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When Cherrie was little, she had a different name and a different life helping her serial killer father Mr. Bones to make art out of children's bones. She may have only been 8 at the time but the cruel media dubbed her Little Bones. 

Now Cherrie is living a new life and trying to put the past behind her. Everything is going well until her child goes missing and a podcaster dredges up the past, exposing Cherrie's secrets. 

This story is a fast paced read that keeps you interested in finding the outcome. It makes you question everyone as you wonder who the guilty party is. Cherrie's character is a bit abrasive and moody, with a questionable morale compass, but you can't help rooting for her. If you like stories without a clear suspect, this would be a story for you.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the advanced copy of the book. The opinions are my own.
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Cherrie lives a nice life in Northamptonshire until one day, a child goes missing...
Is it a copycat killer of the notorious killer Mr Bones from 25 years ago? A podcast seems to think so and suddenly Cherie’s life starts to unravel as her identity is revealed.  She is Little Bones, the serial killers daughter.  She is identified as a villain but friends and family.  But she says she’s not, she’s a victim.  Who do you believe.

This is a really good book, a quick easy, addictive read.  The story is well paced with plenty of suspense and twists and turns. , it is perfectly dark and creepy in places.  The main character Cherie is a really strong leading character and you can really feel her rage as she begins to be suspected of terrible things!
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Thank you to NetGalley and Avon Books for an early copy.

There's nothing quite as scary as a serial killer that specialises in little kids, and, as creepy as that sounds, having one featured in your thriller is almost a sure way to get the audience interested in what's happening.

In Little Bones, the shadow of a serial killer – the aptly named Mr. Bones, who made art out of the bones of the kids he killed – becomes stronger as children start disappearing in a small town.
And his memories have never been stronger as when the son of his daughter, nicknamed Little Bones, disappears.

The summary sounded more than awesome, and, in the whole, the plot was strong and interesting.
I think where this book failed to become a great thriller in my opinion, it's in the writing style.

One of the big issues, in my opinion, was how unrealistic the different characters' actions sounded.
On the one side, there's the boyfriend of Little Bones, who flees at the first occasion and (generally speaking) sounds like a right asshole I would have gotten rid off.
And on the other side, there's Little Bones herself, Cherrie (or Leigh-Ann, depending on the timeframe). Cherrie goes from one decision to another, to still another, in the space of two lines of text. So, yeah, alright, I'll admit that I have no experience of missing children, and I'm sure it must be a terrifying and highly confusing moment for all involved.
That being said, the constant change of mind read as if the author didn't actually know where to go and in which order everything was going to happen.

All in all, that made for a quite confusing read at time, where you just wanted to see the next thing happening.

It also made for suspenseful chapters that sometimes became a little flat. Whereas the author smartly tries to introduce multiple possible culprits, there are so many of them at times that it's hard to really believe a single one of them could have done it.
Even the plot twist wasn't as surprising as it might have been – through sometimes not-so-subtle hints throughout the whole book, I'd guessed pretty early on where Robin was.

In short, a thriller that didn't quite live to my expectations. It has some great aspects (notably the originality of featuring a serial killer's child as the main character), and a solid plot, but it lacks in some of the elements that make a great thriller: suspense and characters you feel strongly for.
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Cherrie Forrester is a mother in a stable relationship working part time at a local store. However, her life begins to unravel when a local boy goes missing and a true crime podcast reveals and names her as the daughter of notorious serial killer, Mr Bones. 

Soon, Cherrie is trapped in a nightmare when her own son is taken. She will stop at nothing to get him back!

This book starts very strong but I found the second half quite frustrating. I knew who had Robin from the start and felt that a lot of Cherrie’s actions were out of character. I also had major issues with the mother in law. Cherrie has proven herself to be outspoken in a lot of ways, so why didn’t she stand up for herself when she was being insulted? I thought the secret extension arc was quite silly too. Who lets their partner build an extension on their house without looking in it? 

It’s not a bad debut, and it’s nicely written. I’d definitely try another by this author. Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for my copy of this book.
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Looking at other people's reviews its clear that lots of people loved this book, which Im happy about - but I didn't enjoy reading it unfortunately. I don't know if the subject matter was too close to home, having an eight year old myself, but I couldnt relax and enjoy it. Thank you for the chance to read it though.
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Special thanks to Avon Books UK and Netgalley for providing me with an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book had me hooked right from the beginning. I really enjoyed the premise and the build up of everything. There are some gruesome details that a few people might not be comfortable reading about (the serial killer dad uses children's bones for his sculptures and it gets pretty gross), so watch out for that if that isn't your thing. If the description of the book intrigues you, I think you would like this.

I did have a few issues with the writing. I feel as though there wasn't a single solid character in the entire book. They all contradict themselves completely at some point, and it's pretty jarring. Once you, the reader, realize who kidnapped Cherrie's son, the book becomes insanely frustrating. I think the ending was anticlimactic and unrealistic.

Although there was a lot I didn't like about this one, the first half was SO STRONG. I also have faith that the issues I had will be improved upon in another book.

For a debut thriller, I think this is pretty good. I will definitely be looking forward to reading more from N.V. Peacock.

Happy reading, little bones! (too soon?)
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Wow, just wow. This isn’t normally a genre I would go for but since getting into true crime podcasts this has opened the door for so many new books! I wouldn’t have thought this was a debut, the characters are so well developed it was like I knew them.
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A slow burner, full of angst as the subject of child abduction is front and centre.  She hid her past and built a new future until a little boy goes missing and suddenly her familial link to a serial killer is announced by podcast.  From the side-lines we have the judgement of internet trolls who fan the flames to an inferno and the rising anger in the woman who was once known as little bones.
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Little Bones is a very good debut novel for it was an unputdownable book that had a gripping start. From being the daughter to a serial killer, a perfect mother yet a mysterious person to her closest people, Cherrie aka Leigh-Ann aka Little Bones is the protagonist of this story. The plot revolves around the phase of life where her carefully hidden past is exposed, her identity questioned and of all her lifeline(her son) is missing. The book from start to the end where Cherrie finds her son is quick-paced until it gets a bit boring in between just before the huge revelation which definitely can be excused given the other positives that are overwhelming.    
I give 4 stars for this book one star each for the writing style, gripping start, clever premise and one special star for Little Bones being the Debut Novel by NV Peacock. The missing star counts on to 2 things 1. The slow part in between 2. The kidnapper was predictable ( for me).
Final Verdict: Read It!!
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What did I just read? Goodness can we breathe now because  wow what a book.This book was about a woman who is tryna recover that is reminded of her childhood after a young boy goes missing. You see  her father was a famous serial killer and she used to help lure children *sob*. This book was dark and all but I was engaged. The plot was quite intriguing. Huge thanks to Avon for my e-ARC
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A sincere thank you to the publisher, author and Netgalley for providing me with an ebook copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

This is not my usual genre,  however I wanted to take the opportunity to read something from outside my norm. And I am glad I did!! Thank you for  opening up my mind to something totally different. Characters were so well developed that I felt as though I knew them. I love when a book draws you into the story and it feels like you are living it with them.
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Little Bones is a great read for True Crime fans that doesn't have to like the characters in books. The plot was a little too predictable, but the writing was really good and I think I try the next book by this author.
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Fantastic, brilliant, thrilling, absolutely loved this book and read in in a matter of hours, was gripping, my favourite book this year.
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