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Summer on Seashell Island

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Summer on Seashell Island
by Sophie Pembroke

A fabulous well written book about a family that come together in adversity. 

It has humour , interesting characters with beautiful settings. Areal feel good book all round.
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Unfortunately I am unable to find this book on my kindle, therefore, can not read and review, however it sounds and looks incredible!
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I very much enjoyed this uplifting family drama. It was a delight from start to finish. Read effortlessly in one sitting.

Thank you to NetGalley and to the publisher for allowing me to read this in exchange for an honest review.
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A really enjoyable read full of humour and great characters. 
What do you do when your fiancé breaks up with you after years of being engaged? What do you do when your ex-wife flies off on honeymoon and leaves you looking after the kids while you try and run your business? What do you do when you discover you’re pregnant with your married boss’s baby and he breaks up with, and sacks, you? They’re the questions that Miranda and her siblings find themselves trying to discover the answers to. All they know is that you return home to the family’s lighthouse B&B, and all three (plus children, and llama) end up there together while their parents are away on extended holiday  ... cue the chaos! 
Really good story, funny and well written with some touching moments. I really enjoyed reading it.
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Siblings are reunited at their childhood home for the summer, Seashell island. As children, they were never very close, but this summer they become united and bond in a way they never have before.
A perfect read as we follow their journey of establishing new friendships and loves.
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A wonderful lockdown read! Uplifting tale of love, family, The twists and turns of siblings fighting through emotional upheaval and coming together on their beautiful childhood island! Loved all the characters including Lucy the llama! If your feeling a bit low this is what the doctor ordered!
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The heart of this book is an island. It holds a different significance to our lead characters. Usually, in books like this, where the narrative revolves around emotional grounding to a particular place, it is the start of a series. In the first book, we get the entire story from the point of view of one sibling while every subsequent book highlights another. This is probably one of the few times I have seen all three siblings of a family brought together both in the sense of family feeling as well as in one volume. 
First, we have the eldest, most responsible sibling: Miranda. She is bound to the island as a feeling of refuge. She has been engaged to be married for the longest time, and things are not going well for her at the beginning of the story. I then thought that this was going to be her tale of growth, but then we are shown Leo's situation. A workaholic who is in charge of his daughters for the summer and hopes to hand them off to his parents at the island. This would enable him to continue his work undisturbed. This is Leo's reason for coming back to an island he fled as soon as he could. Last but not least, we have Juliet, who is a predicament herself, and against all prior thought, home is the one place she wants to be. 
The three siblings congregate at their childhood home and realise that they have to keep things going because their parents are not there. Each harbours some misgivings and fears about the interactions that must have with each other. The summer gets them closer to each other as well as dealing with their own personal fears.
The writing was smooth, and I felt that I spent enough quality time with each of the three (almost four) happily-ever-afters.  
I would recommend this to readers of the genre because it has the right parts to be an emotional as well as an entertaining read. 
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.
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I would like to thank the publisher Orion Publishing Group
and #Nietgalley for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review .  This is the first book that I have read by Sophie Pembroke. and I loved it!  This book is the perfect summer read. We start this book following the lives of three siblings and their journey in finding true happiness.  This book is so well written I couldn’t put it down!  I really look forward to reading more by this author
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This is a lovely summer read, ideal for a holiday, or if you need a lighter read.

Miranda is the oldest of three siblings, she has never left the island.  Her life is thrown into disarray when her fiancé decides to leave the island and breaks up with her.

Leo is looking after his two daughters whilst his ex is on honeymoon with her new husband.  Where better to take the girls than the b&b run by his parents on the island?

Pregnant after a fling with a married work colleague, Juliet flees the city to go home to her parents.

Meanwhile the siblings parents are on holiday and appear reluctant to come home, avoiding questions from home.  What is going to happen to the b&b?

The best character is undoubtedly Lucy the llama!

This is the ideal read if you like gentle humour with a bit of romance.

Thank you to Orion and Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my review.
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Such a beautiful story about 3 siblings that each return to their childhood home on Seashell Island for the Summer. Each of the siblings has reached a crossroads in their lives and the book centres around them trying to build family relationships and figure out what the future holds for each of them. Lots of soul searching and light hearted moments occur along the way, and Lucy the llama is a recurring comedy character! I was really sad when this book ended. The descriptive writing is so beautiful that I almost felt as if I was actually there on Seashell Island. Perfect escapism at its best.
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Miranda has never left her home on the island; why would she when everything she needs is there  .Her fiance, with whom she has been for a number of years, is the son of her boss.  After their marriage it's expected that he will give her the family business as she's already running it almost single handedly.  However, after a series of unexpected events  she finds herself homeless, jobless and living back at her parents B&B while they are away travelling.

Her siblings both left home as soon as they could but are experiencing challenges of their own.  Little sister Juliet decides that the solution to her problems is to return to the Island she escaped 10 years earlier where she hopes her parents can help her find her way.

Middle child Leo is coming back to the Island for the summer with his two daughters as his ex-wife is off on an extended honeymoon.He is relying on his parents to help with childcare while he attempts to run his business remotely.

However their parents have secret plans of their own which the three siblings discover could change everything they know about their childhood home.

Although the main characters are engaging the star of the show is undoubtedly Lucifer the lady Llama, Lucy for short. We meet her early in the book and she's easily the simplest and most lovable character of all.
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My first Sophie Pembroke book, slow to get into it but once I did I was keen to follow the exploits of siblings Leo, Miranda and Juliet as they descended for the summer to Seashell Island at their parents Lighthouse. Little did they know their parents Josie and Iestyn wouldn’t actually be there to greet them this year. 
Throw into the mix broken relationships, single parenting, a baby, a folk/rock band and a llama and you’ll be in for a lovely summer climaxing with the endofsummer Lighthouse Festival.
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Summer on seashell island is the perfect, easy, summer read. 
The story is set on Seashell Island in Wales. I had beautiful images of the island in my mind and that was brought to light through the authors passionate and descriptive writing.
The book is about three siblings, Miranda, Leo and Juliet. Their parents own the lighthouse b&b which the siblings grew up in. Miranda has always loved the island but Leo and Juliet left the island to live on the mainland as soon as they could. 
The summer brings them all together at the b&b for the first time in years. Together they reveal their secrets, figure out their lives and what they truly want from it. 
The book is about friendship, love, romance and finding yourself again. 
It’s a feel good novel that will leave a smile on your face.
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This book is set in seashell island a small island off the wales coast, it tells the story of 3 siblings & their different lives and what brings them back to seashell island .

The 3 siblings are Miranda, Leo & Juliette.

This is the kind of book that you wished that you could read on your own seashell beach in my case this would be in Mexico .

I would recommend this book, thank you to NetGalley & Orion publishing group for a copy of this book in exchange for my review.
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I loved this book, it's the perfect summer read.  Seashell Island is a fictional island just off the Welsh coast, loved by holiday makers and with a host of quirky locals.  Miranda, Leo and Juliet are siblings who haven't always been close, and as they've grown into adulthood have gone their separate ways.  But for one summer they all find themselves back at their childhood home, each at a crossroads in their life, and needing help and support that only a family can provide.

I found the book heart warming and gloriously predictable (happy endings all round). I just wish I'd been able to sit on a beach to read it this summer!  I raced through it and enjoyed every moment.  It was funny and the descriptions of the island really brought it to life - I wanted to visit!  And I want to hear more about this lovely bunch.  Highly recommended.
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Thanks Netgalley and the Publisher.   What a lovely, well written and enjoyable read this was.   Loved the location and the characters.
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A fantastic feel good book which I enjoyed reading and allowed me to escape to the world of families. Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for letting me review this book.
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Thanks to Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for a review.

This is the first book I've read by Sophie Pembroke but I really enjoyed it so I'm sure it won't be the last.  I've been all over the place in this lockdown and this latest adventure takes me to an island off the coast of Wales.  

The story of the summer of 3 siblings all of whom are facing big changes in their lives.  A lighthearted summer read but a good one!
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Seashell Island, Wales, was the childhood home of siblings Miranda, Leo anf Juliet. Juliet could not wait to leave, Leo left for University but Miranda felt responsible for the whole family, and never left the island, ever.  
This summer is different.  Miranda's long standing fiancé breaks up with her, Leo has sole responsibility for his two daughters and returns to the island for support, Juliet returns with big news and Mum and Dad extend their holiday of a lifetime leaving the siblings to run the B and B and sort out their own problems.

This is a lovely family story of siblings learning to communicate and finally realising  what is important in life .   With breath-taking scenery and memories of past family holidays this is great book to lie on the beach with.
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Loved it!! It's a cute and fun read for the summer I LOVE llamas. When I saw a llama on the cover of the book, I knew I had to read it. I always planned to name my pet llamas(still dreaming this will happen) with names that started with the letter L, maybe not Lucifer. This book was made for me. Loved reading about Miranda, Juliet and Leo. They were all completely different. I'm not sure how Miranda never left the island. Her reasons for never leaving were completely irrational. Paul's decision saved her from living a life of misery. He didn't seem like he was such a great boyfriend. How many years does it take to decide on a wedding date? Leo definitely needed parenting skills. His whole reason for going home was to have his parents watch the girls so he could work. He didn't plan to spend any time with them. Juliet was the exact opposite of Miranda, she couldn't wait to leave the island and never wanted come home. Their parents were so irresponsible. How hard is it to answer emails or text messages and let your children know what is going on? They seemed to be deliberately ignoring their children's questions and responding with nonsense about parrots and what to name them. I would love to live on Seashell Island or at least vacation there. Why didn't Rory talk to Juliet before that carriage ride? I also don't understand how Christabel lived in an ambulance but also had it set up for repairing bikes. 

Definitely recommend the book, especially if you enjoy llamas. It was a fun read about family relationships with a bit of romance. It's the first book that I have read by the author and I look forward to reading more. Loved the cover. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Orion Publishing Group through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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