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The Twelve Dates of Christmas

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Fuzzy, Festive Romcom....
Kate Turner signs up to a festive dating app offering twelve festive dates with twelve single and eligible men - will she find her Mr Right for Christmas or will she find herself in the process? Enjoyable, fuzzy festive romcom with a likeable protagonist and a colourful cast of supporting characters. Predicable? Yes maybe, but this is fiction after all and offers some perfect festive escapism.
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This was a very cosy, fun and gentle read that would be perfect for when it's a little gloomy outside and you want to escape for a little while!

It's always important that I connect with the main character, and Kate was all-round great and her friendship with Laura was super relatable. My favourite part about this book though were the dates itself. The Twelve Dates programme is something that I would probably sign up for after much goading from friends and too many wines, so I loved hearing about the imaginative activities and different characters that Kate got to experience. I also really enjoyed the community in Blexford which seemed really effortless and lovely. 

A really love, cosy and fun festive read that I would definitely put on your TBR list this Christmas!
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I love the outline of the book. Single Kate signs up to a dating venture that involves twelve different dates on the run up to Christmas. Each date is organized by the company and was a fun and interesting idea with very different characters. If someone isn't actually using that business idea, they should be!

There's a lot of village life flavour here, and all the characters had great personalities, including memorable side characters in Kate's friends and family. I felt like I had a full sense of Kate's life, and really wanted her to get lucky in love with one of these twelve men.

Unfortunately I found the book too predictable. It's hard to say why without giving spoilers; but let's just say I'd guessed the ending about 10% of the way through the book, before the dates had even taken place. I know romance isn't about the twists and turns, but it almost felt like most of the book was just wasting time before Kate realized what I already knew, which made the ending more anticlimactic for me than satisfying.
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Kate is on twelve dates of christmas, hoping to find the one to settle down and start a family with. She meets a variety of men along the way, and some dates go better than others. 
An entertaining read.
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Freelance fabric designer and part-time cake maker, Kate lives alone in her childhood home in the village of Blexford. As she is single she has been persuaded by her best friend Laura to sign up to a dating app called the Twelve Dates of Christmas. This exclusive app matches people with their ideal date and plans the date and activity for them. Each applicant will have 12 different dates with a 'perfect' stranger in a prestigious setting during December.

We follow Kate's dates that include dancing, eating, drinking, and culminates in a Christmas movie. Each date has varying degrees of success or disaster. The story also focuses on the relationships that Kate has with other villagers in between her dates.

I did feel there was a little too much unnecessary history on minor characters at the beginning, but then it flowed well as the story got going. I hope this means that there will be more books from Blexford featuring other characters in the future.

  I loved the premise of this dating app, the community feel of the village, and all the arts and crafts that the villagers got involved in. A fun festive read.

This will appear in my social media and blog post of festive reads for Christmas shortly after the release date.
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Absolutely loved this festive love story ❤ 
Perfect Christmas reading!
Kate has been convinced by family and friends that she should try the 12 dates of Christmas, offered by a dating app, rather than hiding out at home with her TV and cocoa! It takes over her December with a series of 12 dates, from ice-skating to cocktails. 
I was absorbed into the story and characters within a couple of pages. Well written,  realistic, feel good, basically all you need from a fabulous yuletide caper!
Cannot wait for Jenny's next book! So enjoyable-thank you Netgalley
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Christmas in August, now I can't wait for gingerbread lattes and mince pies. 
I liked the synopsis but when I started to read the book, it was a bit hard to get into, I couldn't really engage with the story and the writing style that sometimes felt a bit factful without any emotions. I enjoyed the descriptions, Kate's work, the little village they live in but there's no chemistry between the characters. It's a cute story but I missed the sparks.

Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for my advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I love a good British rom-com, it’s a bonus if it’s set at Christmas! So when I saw The Twelve Dates of Christmas, I couldn’t wait to get started.

The outline of the book is great. It pulled me in just from the synopsis. Kate signs up to a new dating venture where she attends 12 different dates on the run up to Christmas with partners matched to her. 

The first 10% of the book, unfortunately, took me a few days to read. I just could not get into the story, the writing style or the characters. I kept attempting to read, manage a page or two and give up. However I continued trying and once I got to the 50% mark I felt engaged with the story and invested enough to finish the book.

The story is really predictable. I am a huge romance reader, so I’m fully accepting that the ‘happy ever after’ ending  is predictable. However, I guessed pretty much all of the storylines in this book. It would’ve been great for the author to throw a few curveballs in. 

The writing was incredibly descriptive and this detracted from the storyline for me. Pages upon pages of descriptions of snow, leaves, was too much. I also felt that the author focussed more on describing Kate’s Mini or Richard’s SUV than on describing their date/chemistry. Chunks of storyline were skipped (I love to read about chemistry and build up between couples) in favour of describing the interior of the Manor House/ preparation of a mince pie/ contents of a Christmas garland/ painting a flower.

Overall, despite my moaning, I actually quite liked this book. The characters were interesting, there were funny moments, and I liked the idea of the twelve dates events. I just would’ve preferred less description of scenery and more description of the dates/dialogue with Matt. 

Thank you NetGalley and publisher for my advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review 📚
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I loved this story – it was a heart-warming Christmas escape and I loved every page

The plot was well developed and it was a lovely romantic read with a twist.

The detail in the book was very good as were the characters and they all worked really well to make the book a really strong read that was full of feelings.

It is 5 stars from me, I thought that it was a great Christmas story - very highly recommended – a fabulous festive read!
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The perfect holiday read. 
Fun, relatable, warm and engaging. This book will keep you entertained during the darker nights and will have you wishing it never ended. Brilliant
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I have been out of the reading loop for a little while now. With everything that has been going on this year. I just haven't been able to get my head to concentrate to many things for long periods of time. And then the Christmas books started coming in and all of a sudden I could click with something. I don't know if it's the feel good storyline, or the fact it's set around my favourite time of year, however different that may look this year, or the romance, and sparkle but this book was right up my street.
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I greatly enjoyed this book, thank you for giving me a preview copy. The plot was interesting and fast paced and I sympathised with the characters. This is the first novel I have read by this author but I hope it will not be the last!
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The Twelve Dates of Christmas - Jenny Bayliss

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair review thanks to Pan MacMillan and Netgalley. 

Having read this book in August I feel that I should start getting out the Christmas decorations and create a Christmas playlist. As a book set entirely in December you can expect that Christmas plays a major part in the storyline.

After much arm-twisting by one of her best friends, Laura, Kate signs up to the twelve dates of Christmas package, which promises 12 different dates, on 12 different nights, with 12 different men in December. Will Kate, who is happy being single, find her dream man? 

Kate is a fabric designer for Liberty’s of London, but choses to work from home - the snowy village of Blexford, where she is surrounded by her best friends, Matt and Laura, her father and family friends. 

It was interesting to read about each of the unique dates, and the men that she has been paired with. The dates themselves are entertaining and as the ’12 dates of Christmas’ is a new venture you can expect that there will be a few teething issues. 

Rating: 4/5 
If you are a fan of Christmas films then this is the book for you. 
It is well worth a read this Christmas, so I would advise you to add it to your Christmas shopping list, for when it is released on the 12th November.
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Kate Turner has her dream job as a fabric designer for Liberty but her love life is not going so well, especially since she moved back to her childhood village to take care of her heartbroken dad. At her friend's urging she signs up to The Twelve Dates of Christmas, a new dating sites christmas initiative. Will she find love or is it all destined to end in disaster.
I loved this book. Some of the dates were great fun to read (if not for Kate to experience). I loved the date with Drew but felt guilty at finding the date with Michael hilarious (especially the food aspect). I found Kate's mum funny with her reminding me a little of Bridget Jone's mum. A great insight into the world of online dating but set at christmas. Just great for the run up to christmas and to make us glad if we don't have to experience the new world of dating.
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A lovely christmas story that put me in the mood for christmas when I read this story in August

I would recommend this story 

with thanks to Netgalley & Pam for the Arc of this exchange for this review
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This book has well and truly put me in a festive mood. Bayliss provides everything you could want in this fluffy romance, intriguing characters, an enticing atmosphere and moments that make your heart squee in happiness. 

Following Kate on her dates you really get invested with the characters and I for one hope we get to meet them again in the future. 

*Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for providing me with a complimentary eARC for review purposes*
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This festive comedy is a perfect read for a winters evening.  Follow Kate as she embarks on a new style of dating with the 12 dates of Christmas and in the process discovers that what she wants is right under her nose.  The characters are lovable and the writing warm and witty a great rom-com.
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Wow who says we can't have Christmas in July. This book is such a.cosy and  comforting read like a hug in a book. This.look is a must and will be highly repeatable to Anyone who has been on a blind date or had any dating disasters in their time. It was a delightful and heartening romantic read
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* Thanks to Netgalley and Pan Macmillan for the advance copy in exchange for this review

Set in Blexford, on the cusp of London, Kate Turner is a thirty-something singleton. Designing fabrics for Liberty, baking for her childhood friend Matt's cafe The Pear Tree and being close to her family and best friend Laura means she's kept busy, and there's been no real time for love. Laura ropes Kate into a 'Twelve Dates of Christmas' scheme, 12 festive dates with eligible bachelors from the local area and London - it essentially combines Kate's love of Christmas, with something she hasn't had time for; men. The premise is participants will choose from a selection of dates, including in Blexford Manor where Laura works, and be matched up with another lucky singleton in hopes of finding love for the festive season. 

There's plenty of laugh out loud moments (I'm looking at you, weeping vegan), cringey date encounters (including an aptly name Richard, and Christmas cheer and the spirit of a close-knit community is captured completely. The characters and pacing was great, and it was a book I really felt comforted and cosy reading, which is exactly what you want in the run up to Christmas (even if I am writing this in July!).

Kate was a great protagonist - sharp witted, a take-no-prisoners attitude, ounces of camaraderie, she's independent, fiercely loyal and has the dependency and warmth you'd want from any friend. It was interesting to see her relationships with each of the characters, and the gossip-train of village life. I also liked the sometimes-hilarious, sometimes-awful experiences she had on the 'Twelve Dates of Christmas' or 'Twelve Days of Shagmas' as it gets dubbed.

It is a little predictable in parts  but I did love the build up to see if my predictions were correct and the ending would be as heartwarming as I imagined (which, spoiler, it was).
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A beautiful Christmassy romance with lovely characters and an easy to follow but well written plot loved it
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