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The Tower of Fools

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I was not a lover of this book, I struggled to keep up with the sheer amount of information thrown at us, I mean, that prologue made me want to cry a little.

I am sure that this book will appeal to so many people, but for me, I just struggled through it, I couldn't concentrate. That said, the author is a brilliant writer and I appreciate the range of description he included, it didn't feel repetitive which was impressive!
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Although I well aquainted with Andrzej Sapkwoski's work, I did not enjoy this book, which is a shame as I was quite excited to read something new from him. I'm not sure if it was the style of writing employed or something else, but I just did not connect with the book.
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Thank you to Orion, NetGalley and Andrzej Sapkowski for my arc of Tower of Fools in exchange for an honest review. 

I was hoping for more of what I loved from The Witcher series but unfortunately this really wasn’t my kind of book. It feels a lot more like historical fiction with some random black magic thrown in and maybe it’s the translation or the fact the original book is a few decades old but it was way too misogynistic for me.
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To be honest, I could barely get through this book. I would not call myself something even remotely close to a Sapkowski fanboy. I read the Witcher short story collections and loved them. I did not enjoy blood of elves and never finished the series. 

I find Sapkowski to have great ideas but his work to be poorly written. Which brings me to The Tower of Fools. Im withholding from giving a full review because im wondering whether it's Sapkowski I cant stand or if it is his translator. I found out the translator for this did his Witcher Saga books so it may be that Sapkowski can write but his words are lost to us.
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Compulsively readable first book in a new epic fantasy series by the author of the Witcher. This was fast paced and action packed, with the strange moral sleights of hand and flawed but complex characters so characteristic of the previous series. Recommended.
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I enjoyed this excellent fantasy novel very much. The storyline was exciting and kept me entertained all the way. Highly recommended!
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