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i just do not like elin hildebrand's writing. she always writes in nantucket and just like, how much can actually happen there? my mother was alive during this. like in the 60s' she lived in the chicago area. no it really did.
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Beautifully written book, lovely characters about a love story lasting 28 years but who never managed to be permanently together. It wove in historical references to every year covered by the book and how the two main characters evolved over the years. Loved it. Thank you for letting me review this book.
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A lovely story.   Transported me from a dreary corona summer to the sunny island of Nantucket. by the ocean.
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Thank you Elin Hilderbrand for picking a weekend per year to focus on along three decades, instead of dragging on and on the dreariness of each year to make a generational saga. I don't mind that it is a modern remake of Same Time, Next Year as long as it is done right and kept me interested and entertained in this all-too-inauspicious year in a Nantucket cottage far from the maddening news of 2020.

A true enjoyable read for those forced into Staycations. It is not exactly a feel-good read, mind you,
but it was comforting in a way, heart-breaking in a good way, hopeful in the end.. I ended up actually liking all the characters, although it is not a prerequisite for me to love a book because its characters are likeable. But they were really human and faulty and... well, just human. Even when the occassion arised for some political banter, it was balanced and nuanced.

And I loved that cover. Capturing the essence of a story in one photograph. I'm a real sucker for those.

Thank you so much NetGalley and Hodder & Stoughton for this bright spot in my summer.
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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Loved this book!! 

I read this based on lots of recommendations and was not disappointed. 

Yes it’s a bit romantic and a tiny bit implausible in parts but the writing and characters keep you hooked & wanting to know what happens next.

It’s a story that spans decades and each chapter starts with a reminder of what were the key talking points of each year.

I didn’t want it to end and I need a second book to know what happens next with Link, Jake, Coop, Bess, Ursula.

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I expected this to be a typical easy chick lit read but was very pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed the 'What we are thinking about' at the beginning of each chapter. Mallory was a well drawn out character, Jake less so and perhaps came across as a little weak. However, I really enjoyed that the author focused on the other things rather than the Labor Day weekend romance
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Oh wow, for me this was one of those books that i just couldn't put down. I loved the style of writing and each new year with what was going on in that particular year. The relationship between Jake and Mallory was so sweet and heartbreaking at the same time. Would highly recommend this book
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I was SO excited for 28 Summers after LOVING Summer of ‘69 last year! I really enjoyed this book but didn’t love it (and I really REALLY wanted to 😭😭😭)

✨ This I really enjoyed: the writing was just as beautiful and descriptive as I remember it. Fantastic, well developed characters. I loved everything about the setting of the book based on Nantuket 😍 I would also love to read a spin off of Ursula’s story! 🤣

😕 What I didn’t like so much: the structure of the book. I generally love books that span decades but I found myself confused often on if Labor Day of that year had been etc. Also, the plot itself just bugged me a little in general but don’t want to spoil anything 🤭 ⭐️⭐️⭐️💫
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One of my favourite Hilderbrand books ever. A unique love story that undoubtedly raises a lot of moral issues. Nevertheless, it is written with a lot of sensitivity. The structure of the book is one of my favourite ones and it will stay with me. The idea of "what are we talking about?" at the start of each chapter is fantastic and unique and made me a little bit nostalgic. It will definitely make you fall in love with Nantucket. Unforgettable. Unputdownable. Huge 5 stars.
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I Wanted to dislike this book after the first few chapters. Here is why, in a short rant, but I could go on. There are spoilers here. 

Firstly, the author seemed to think that infidelity could be excused if you re-eally love the other person and if everyone else you hurt along the way isn’t that nice. Let’s take Jake. So he is meant to be a great romantic hero but he marries a woman knowing he doesn’t love her and that she probably has an eating disorder (Although let’s just make her seem fussy) that just annoys him. No wonder she has an affair, though this seems like a ploy to make us think his indiscretion is just fine. He is a grown man. He needs to take responsibility for his Life and take some kind of positive action to just be with the woman he loves. There were literally no barriers to this at the start.

And Mallory, in true insipid heroine fashion, complains her ‘best friend’ thinks she is weak and then proves it every step of the way. Why didn’t she ditch her friend in the college years if she was so hideous? (She really was). Why did she think 84 days in a whole life time is the same thing as love? She even admits herself that life would probably be bland with Jake if they had to work on a marriage. I suspect, as demonstrated by all the hapless fools that try to woo her, it’s because she thinks an illicit affair is real and never really knows what a real relationship is. And don’t even get me started on her being ‘one of those teachers’.  Am I to really believe these Hollywood portrayals of teachers who swoop in and inspire entire schools of previously reluctant yobs by being young, pretty and ignoring the rules of their trade? Is America really full of disenchanted teachers who don’t inspire children, leaving any old whippersnapper wide open to come in and look like a modern day hero? Thank goodness she didn’t win that money! And good on Jeremiah who seems to be the only character who eventually sees through her.

And please tell me Link and Bess don’t strike up a love affair, especially after the author tells us they are based on her own children (ok, ok, I realise they’re not actually related but since I’m complaining let’s just get that out there.)

But. But... I still read on til the end. I admit I wanted some kind of telling off for Jake - he must realise he behaved appallingly? But even then I cried at the end and sort of ended up buying into it all a smidge.  And for that, I am furious! 

I also liked the chapter headings (‘what are we talking about?‘ I don’t know, Elin, I will google it and find out! This was a fun game and if you think you detect sarcasm there, you’re a cynic). And I wsvery curious about how she chose the song lyrics- her own memory! Some kind of charts? Who knows!

All in all it was an engaging read but I just don’t like cheating. Why ever did I pick this one up?
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I had never ready this author before - this is not generally a genre I seek out - and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself unable to put the book down! 
I like the structure of the book, the way the story is told, the beautiful landscapes (unlike many other reviewers though, I find the food descriptions boring and useless, who cares about the details of recipes that are been prepared??). I did find Mallory a little one-dimensional, maybe Jake too to an extent, but overall their story is beautifully told and it kept me captivated to the very end. 
A thoroughly enjoyable summer read.
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With thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the arc, which I have enjoyed reading.
This book by Elin Hilderbrand is a fascinating and enjoyable read, 28 summers is a story of love and life, it is Mallory and Jake’s story.
I found the storyline interesting and the idea that two people would just meet for a weekend every year for 28 years and not communicate in between those times fascinating. The whole book told the stories of Mallory and Jake, their families, friends and children and who they became as they moved from childhood to adulthood.
Highly recommended.
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I absolutely loved this book. I was virtually transported from COVID-19 lockdown to Nantucket and could almost smell the ocean breeze. Such a heartfelt, well written story that triggers many emotions. I would recommend.
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I love Elin Hilderbrand’s books so was delighted to have the chance to read 28 Summers. It was a perfect holiday read and I was totally engrossed in the lives of Mallory and Jake, who only meet once a year, on Labour Day weekend. The setting of Nantucket is so appealing. I was lying on a beach in Cornwall reading this novel but felt as though I was in Nantucket, in Mallory’s beautiful coastal house, eating the delicious meals she shares with Jake. The structure of the novel is so clever and I enjoyed the start of every chapter, where the author tells us what was making the headlines in that year.  I grew fond of Mallory and Jake and, as the story progressed, was desperate for the Labour Day weekend to happen, no matter what!  28 Summers is a big, sweeping, enjoyable novel and one that I won’t forget.
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Can one hide a love affair for 28 years. Mallory and Jake have done just that. Jake is now married, with a family. He comes every weekend just one weekend mind you to live with Mallory and he has done that for 28 years unknown to his friends, to Mallory's own family and to his own wife.

The circle is close, they are all known to each other and one thinks what is the love that binds Jake to Mallory but that is not sufficient for him to actually leave his wife (now a US Senator) and an aspiring Presidential candidate to boot.

The story set in Nantucket in a quiet town and then going back and forth over 
the lives of each character appearing now in one city and then the next, the cross referencing between all of them and underneath it all the thread of Mallory and Jake's love story.

Very poignant, sad and emotional this was inevitably a sad story of a different kind of love story. 

It has to end it cannot continue - one begins to feel that from midway through the story. 

This is one of the author's best ever books.
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28 Summers is a whirlwind romance that happens only on Labor Day weekend and describing each year based off of events that happened. This is definitely a tear jerker and you know from the prologue how it will end. While I’m definitely not a fan of infidelity Mallory and Jake are made for each other. 

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

5 ⭐️
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Thank you for the opportunity to read this book.I have read all of Elins book and I was on a staycation in Ireland reading this and if was just perfect.Someday I hope to visit Nantucket as the way Elin describes it is always is beautiful..
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This is the first book by this author I have read and it packed an emotional whallop that I didn't really expect. I am not usually a fan of books that feature infidelity, but for some reason this story just works and definitely made this reader cry.

I loved the character of Mallory, so much. She is such a wonderful human being, a great mother, a fabulous teacher, fantastic cook......and borrows someone else's husband once a year. It is a surprisingly complex tale, actually. I don't think that Jake and Mallory are automatically terrible people for doing what they do. They both try to do the best they can, every step of the way.

I liked the recap of each year that started each chapter, that was very interesting. Not being American, I had to look up some of them but it brought back lots of memories for me, I have to say.

All in all, this was a story worth reading and I am very happy that I did. Have some tissues handy for the ending though, you will need them!

5 stars from me.

Thank you to NetGalley and Little, Brown and Company.
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This is my first book by this author and I doubt it will be my last. Beautifully written with a prologue that makes me want to dive right in. I loved the beginnings of each year with the summary of what was topical that year. The names and song lyrics took me back to my childhood, through my teens and into adulthood. Very well done and a great way of setting the scene. The way everyone's lives played out over the 28 years was good and well thought out with fashions, relationships, careers and opinions evolving over time. Little to fault with this book. Highly recommended.
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This was heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. It was so well written, a real page-turner and a perfect summer read. 
I'd definitely recommend it. 

Thanks a lot to NG and the publisher for this copy.
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