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Elin Hilderbrand is a fantastic storyteller and 28 Summers shows that. This book was brilliant. It was heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. I normally hate books that involve affairs but this was smartly done. This might be the only book I have ever liked that had an affair. Elin's writing was top notch in this book and I cannot recommend it enough.
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Mallory decides to leave New York behind to live in Nantucket after inheriting a house from her aunt. Her life is blissful and she loves her teaching role there. After meeting a college friend of her brother, Jake, she embarks on a one weekend a year affair spanning many decades. Life suddenly changes when Mallory is told she is dying.
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Oh my how I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book! The writing was just gorgeous, 
I felt like I was on a warm beach with the summer breeze blowing and the scent of the sea every time I was reading. Ive been meaning to read this author for a while and loved her writing so much Ive added all her books to my amazon basket.
The scene setting is beautiful, the people are flawed, summers in Nantucket! it just makes me want to go right now and live on the beach. 
Jake and Mallory's story is unusual and beautiful, I love the 'What we are thinking about' paragraph at the start of each summer, so unusual and quirky.
Elin has an absolutely gorgeous style, warm and absorbing, I made myself ration this book each day so I could make it last. One of my favourite books of 2020, just fabulous!
Thanks so much to Netgalley and Hodder and Stoughton for the ARC of this wonderful book.
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I am around the same age as Mallory so this book was a nostalgic look at each of the 28 years. I read this book in one sitting. I got totally caught up in the characters lives. This is a story about love, family, friends, loyalty, and politics. I liked the way the book was written and that Jake and Mallory’s relationship comes across as real.

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.
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This was a really different read for me. It's told from many different perspectives over a 28 year period. It's a one summer a month love affair that takes place no matter what else is going on in their lives. Wife's, boyfriends, children or work, once a year nothing else matters. I truly loved Jake and Mallory and their love affair was wonderous and life altering. I have no idea how they did it, or could live with the life they chose. I could have settle for something less than everything. At times it just about broke me. The chemistry and love between them was unforgettable. It was what we all strive for, search for, sacrifice for. And when Mallory finds herself at the end and her son stumbles upon her hard kept secret, nothing else matters. The journey and the people who love you are all that matters when your time comes and I hope you enjoy their story just as much as I have.
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Thank you to NetGalley, Elin Hilderbrand and Hodder & Stoughton for this ARC copy. This is my honest personal review.
Mallory and Jake are what romance is made of and the are together only once a year, but their feelings are what make them who they are.
Elin Hilderbrand is one my most favorite authors and she brings me into this story and leaves me with every emotion there can be while reading about Jake and Mallory.
Thank you, Elin Hilderbrand, for giving me an escape to Nantucket!
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A romance that should of stopped but carries on for one weekend every year. Your one and only but life and commitments mean that you can never be together full time and forever.
How it feels, the joy, the dispear and the ramifications for family and career.
A real tear jerker. Keep a hanky near by.
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It's the first book i read by Elin Hildebrand and won't surely be the last.
It's engrossing and enjoyable, the author is a talented storyteller and I loved the plot and the character development.
The romance is sweet and the story is heartwarming and heartbreaking.
An excellent read, highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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This is the first Erin Hilderbrand book I've read and I loved every minute. It's the kind of love story that everyone has both had and wish they'd had — a romance that's relatable as well as remarkable. The leading characters are nuanced and lovable, the story both heartbreaking and warming. Would recommend to fans of Beach Read or In Five Years.
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Oh even though I knew, and this isn't a spoiler because you know when the novel starts, that Mallory will die from cancer, I still shed a tear at the end of this wonderful book.  Mallory and Jake meet every Labor Day weekend on Nantucket where she lives for 28 years- they eat the same meals, listen to the same music, and watch the same movie- even though he's first involved with and then married to the redoubtable Ursula.  They keep it secret from Ursula, Mallory's son Link, and, for a long time, her friend Leland and most importantly her brother Cooper.  The characters jump off the page- Ursula's work ethic and quirks, Cooper's attraction to bad marriages, Jake's love for Mallory,  Then there's Leland and Fif.i (I adored Fifi).  Nantucket itself is another characters - all the restaurants are real places, as are the ponds and, of course, the ocean.  I'd love to live in Mallory's cottage- renovated or not. I also liked the dollop of Baltimore lore- not much but people from Baltimore will recognize spots in Roland Park (but where did Mallory and Leland go to school?).  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  If you haven't read Hilderbrand, this is an excellent place to start.  A great read for a hot pandemic summer (or any time).
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The ARC of this book was provided by the publisher Hodder & Stoughton (UK) in exchange for an honest review.

4.5 stars

This was my very first book by Elin Hilderbrand and now I can totally see her appeal. With this one books she totally conquered my heart.
I was really surprised by her writing style and I found myself completely involved and swept away by the story here told.
I loved the characters and all their flaws, feelings, mistakes, achievements and passions. I also appreciated the fact that this novel wasn't just a love story, but it was about family, politics and friendship too.
I enjoyed 28 Summers so much and I really can't wait to discover Hilderbrand's other works!
If you're looking for a sweet and dreamy beach read, I think this will be right up your alley!
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I loved this book. I was immediately immersed in the storyline as it starts when one of the main characters - Mallory gives her son Link instructions from her deathbed to contact a number on a slip of paper and he has no idea who is on the other end of the phone. He cannot believe it when Jake McCloud answers, husband of a front runner in the upcoming Presidential election. What then is told is a love story spanning decades set against the continuing separate lives lived by Mallory and Jake. They meet once a year for a weekend in Nantucket and they have no contact through the year with each other and for me this was captivating and at the same time desperately sad and the book touches on many themes, friendship, grief, acceptance, and love.  
I love a book where the setting plays so much importance. I have instantly swept away to Nantucket and spent time googling photos on the internet because the descriptions were so beautiful. Although the book focuses on the lives of Mallory and Jake the setting is of prime importance. it brings the characters back together again “Same Time Next Year” and it sustains a comforting life for Mallory. The author's description of the cottage, the community, and the beaches and shores left me seduced and I felt a real sense of place. 
I liked both the main characters, especially Mallory who finds herself living on Nantucket when she inherits a cottage from her aunt and she is in her early 20s she meets Jake who is her brother's college friend when he comes to stay with her brother one weekend. I thought she was a head-strong woman, she forged a new life for herself away from the busy city life, becoming a teacher and taking part in all the community had to offer whilst still looking for love. She was not happy to just settle in a relationship, in fact, her heart belonged to Jake but that did not stop her living her life as full as she could and I liked that about her. I did want more for her in her relationship with Jake, but I also wondered if they were together all the time would the relationship have lasted? I also liked Jake. He was in a relationship with a workaholic whose desire for ambition did not stop even when they had a child together. He was the character that left me with questions about his life choices, he had much more to lose than Mallory but he appeared to spend his year waiting for the weekend they could be together. The compromise of giving up his life for her was obviously too much. I did believe he loved his life and his wife and although there is deceit on his side there is also deceit on her side too so does that cancel it out? I am not sure. 
However, the story is much more about their lives in the times between their weekend together. As the story moves from summer to summer the author gives brief news snippets about what was happening in the world that year. I thought this was a great way of moving through time. 
The ending was for me very thought-provoking. Was their story over? Are their children going to continue the love story? What would happen that weekend every year? Is true love, true love if it fits with the two people? For me this book made me think about how over 28 summers two people can come together for the briefest of time, do the same things, and still find solace in their love for each other.
I gave this book 5 stars, I have already ordered the author’s Winter series in preparation for my Christmas themed binge reading. I loved this book, it is about doing as your heart desires and I found it very touching and compelling to read. A summer read for me that had me doing my best to avoid being distracted from the story. That is always a good sign in my eyes. My thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for an ARC in return for an honest review.
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28 Summers is the love story of Mallory and Jake. They spend 3 days together every year over Labor Day weekend for the past 28 years!
The setting for their meet is Nantucket and although I have never been, I could put myself there from the beautiful descriptions. 
What bothered me the most is I simply couldn’t see why Jake and Mallory couldn’t make a go of it outside of Labor Day weekend. They are both adults and I believed they were in love so what was stopping them? Maybe Mallory was the one doing herself a disservice as she was the one who’s life appeared to be on hold whilst Jake was the commitment shy one? Because I wanted to yell at the two main characters constantly I didn’t warm to either of them so instead of rooting for them they frustrated me and that’s why the book gets 3 stars instead of 5.
Thank you to the Author, Publisher and NetGalley for gifting me this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Another #bookstagrammademedoit read, but one I enjoyed. I’m completely new to Elin Hilderbrand but can see her appeal. An easy summer romance set on Nantucket. Although this one is quite epic, following Mallory and Jake as they meet up for three nights only, every Labor Day weekend, for 28 years. 

What I loved was the feel of the island, I could see myself there, enjoying the beach, staying in Mallory’s cottage, living the quiet life. I loved the various characters, their flaws, their passions, their friendships, and their development over the decades. 

What I wasn’t a fan of was that despite mostly getting lost in the story, every once in a while I had to stop and ask myself why the heck Mallory and Jake couldn’t just be together. There was no good reason other than a warped sense of commitment phobia (Mallory) and loyalty (Jake), neither of which were ever explained properly and left me wondering why two grown adults would deny themselves their one true love. I could also go on about the fact that basically nearly every character in this book cheats but there are no proper repercussions for anyone either.

Then again, I picked this book up expecting a bit of escapism, so I’m fully willing to suspend any disbelief and just roll with it, and, by doing so, I got to enjoy a sweet but sad love story and ended up with another new location for my travel bucket list.
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I usually really enjoy Elin Hilderbrand’s books. I like her easy writing style and the way she brings Nantucket to life. I’ve never been there, but feel I know it so well through her novels.

Sadly, 28 Summers just didn’t live up to expectations. It’s a great premise and a beautiful setting, and I liked the structure, which prefaces each year with some of the events, people, movies, music, sayings, etc., that marked it.  As well as an interesting journey down memory lane, this also serves to emphasize the length of Mallory and Jake’s relationship. 

What I didn’t find convincing were the story and the characters. I know the narrative is based on a movie — the very movie that Mallory and Jake watch together every Labor Day weekend. But that movie was set in 1951, and times were very different then. You can understand why it might be considered quaint and romantic. The idea that a modern couple — a couple very much in love — cannot overcome minor obstacles to be together just doesn’t hold water. I simply couldn’t buy into the notion of this great romance.

And I’m sorry to say that I couldn’t warm to Mallory or Jake. Mallory is so weak and one dimensional. Why can’t she fight for her man? Why does she accept playing second fiddle to a woman he doesn’t even like? She avoids long-term relationships with other men, sacrifices her happiness, and for what? To spend just three days a year with a man who values secrecy so much, he can’t even send her flowers on her birthday.  Mallory has nothing, Jake has it all, yet she feels only mild  resentment.  How does that even work? And Jake — well he just comes across as self-serving and greedy.

I wish I could offer a more positive critique, but the bottom line is: to properly enjoy a book, you need to like the characters, or at least find them convincing. In my case, it was a no on both counts, and this had a knock-on effect on the credibility of the story.
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Loved loved loved this book and everything it brought from the story. There is love, laughter and tears in abundance in this amazing story!
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Thank you for the opportunity to review this new novel!

Every year I read Elin Hildebrand's new novel and it's something I look forward to and that's why I was so excited when I was approved for reading this ARC. Unfortunately this was not a favorite for me, it's rather the opposite. First, I don't get why Jake didn't move to Nantucket when he was so in love with Mallory? Second, why didn't Mallory say anything? I don't get this plot AT ALL. Jake's an cheater and spineless, Mallory is in the same category. To me, it feels like they both have wasted their lifes and for what? 

I hope her new novel next year will be better.
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This was a beautiful and heartbreaking love story that kept me engaged at all times.. The characters were sympathetic and believable. Can’t recommend it enough!
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I absolutely loved the concept of this book. Jake and Mallory fall in love one Labor Day weekend in Nantucket. But they live far apart, and Jake has a complicated on and off relationship that means him and Mallory cannot be together. But they make a promise to one another that they will spend every Labor Day weekend together no matter what. And they keep this promise for 28 summers. It was beautiful to see them fall in love but I felt that their story could have been portrayed more intimately. We read about their lives outside of Nantucket, and whilst this needed to be part of the narrative, I felt that there was something lacking when it came to their story. I longed for more detail of them together, their deep love for one another that could never be more than one amazing weekend every year. This story should have been deeply romantic and bitter sweet, but there was just something lacking that meant I didn't connect to their story as much I would have liked. For me, especially with the tragic ending to their story, the language needed to be much more heartfelt - words are so powerful and they just didn't portray the depth of Jake and Mallory's love for one another. Overall, this was an enjoyable read, it just needed a little more emotion for me.
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I received a copy of this book from Netgalley to review. Thank you for the opportunity. 
This book is a journey with ups and does like the lives it describes. I felt like i was submerged into the characters lives which became real and vivid for me: a sure sign of a good book. 
I was a bit apprehensive to read this book as it had a lot to live up too, being one of the most popular books I've seen this year. However, I was completely absorbed by this book and blown away. The book has many underlying layers, of which I believe more will become clear on further readings of the book. I'm not usually a fan of books on affairs but this book was so well written and expressive that I loved it and now consider it one of the best books I have read this year.
I really enjoyed the snippets at the start of each chapter, describing the current year. I found it a great and interesting way to set the scene and liked reading about some things that I had forgotten. 
The book is set over 28 summer but the pace is good and the author gives a good depth of well selected information for each year, which adds to the book without becoming dull and overwhelming. 
The imagery and writing was exquisite, particular of the scenery and the food. The dialogue sharp and well written and the characters well developed and their changes over the years, described in a sensitive and realistic way. 
I loved reading about 'our girl' and 'our voy' and will definitely be returning to read more of this author.
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