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2.5 Stars

Dating the Billionaire just didn't do it for me.

I only say it like that because I absolutely loved Lisa Childs' Legal Lovers Series, and so I had such high hopes for whatever it was she'd deliver next for the Mills & Boon DARE Collection. I was ready for another unique romance with a memorable plot, characters with scorching chemistry, and side characters who make enough of an impact to have me craving for them to get stories of their own. And I have to say, Dating the Billionaire did deliver that.

But to me, there just wasn't enough to it - there wasn't enough unpredictability to keep me gripped to the story to want to devour it in one sitting, there wasn't enough steam to the sex scenes to make them worth the read, and there wasn't enough to the story overall to leave me satisfied.

Honestly, I think I went into this book with too much high expectations, because had I went into this novel expecting nothing, I feel like I would've enjoyed it exactly as it was.

Told in dual perspectives, Dating the Billionaire follows pilot Blair Snyder as she finds herself agreeing to go on a date through her best friend's matchmaking empire, Liaisons International. It wasn't supposed to be anything impactful, but then Blair meets her date for the night, Matteo Rinaldi - an Italian billionaire who only signed up to this matchmaking agency as a way to escape his sister's matchmaking, with women who only end up wanting him for his money.

Neither are looking for anything serious, yet neither can ignore the chemistry that sparks between them. And when their night ends on a passionate high, both know that whatever it is that's between them won't go away anytime soon, which is why Blair leaves and plans to never see him again.

However, she ends up seeing him sooner than she thought when Matteo hires a pilot through her company to fly his jet, and he leaves a different kind of impression on her when he demands to have a male pilot fly him, and a male pilot only. Enraged at this request - and thinking the worse behind his reason for it - Blair pulls a "She's the Man" move, and dresses up as her brother as a way to teach Matteo a lesson that a woman can fly a plane just as well as a man can.

This story definitely had its qualities that did make it an enjoyable one to read, and going through my notes and highlights of this book, I was reminded at just how fun of a read it was too. But I know what Lisa Childs can deliver - as is proven by her phenomenal Legal Lovers Series - and I just felt as though she didn't deliver her all, and that she could've delivered more for Dating the Billionaire.

Hopefully, the next book of this series will be better for me, and I'm honestly praying that it will be, because I know it's about Grant and Miranda, and going from how they were about each other in this novel? I'm honestly in love with them already.
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Whilst it was nice that the heroine was a pilot and had been in the services as a fighter pilot. So giving her a background that was rather unusual, but personally not one I would condone as I am a pacifist.
But other than that I found the story quite slight. 
I never really got a good feel for Blair and what she looked like other than she was tall, so couldn’t picture her in my mind. She was a shadow character. Teo less so, but again not well defined.
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I liked this story and I thought that it was very well written

The detail in the book was very good as were the characters and they all worked really well to make the book a really strong read.

The plot was well developed, but it was a little predictable in places and I was disappointed that storyline was a little weak at times and that did affect my enjoyment so I have dropped review for this from 5 stars down to 4 stars - that may really work for others and I still thought it was a solid read!

It is 4 stars from me, I really enjoyed it - highly recommended!
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Dating the a Billionaire tells the story of Blair and Teo who meet through a dating agency. Blair never wanted to join the agency and only went along after being talked into it by her best friend who owns the agency so when she first meets Teo she gives him the name Savannah. After their one perfect date, Blair leaves with no trace and Teo drives himself crazy trying to find her.Blair proceeds to trick him by dressing up as a male pilot when she misinterpreted his request for a male pilot as being chauvinistic. Once the truth is outed they need to decide whether they are ready to finally commit.
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I read this ARC for an honest review
All thoughts and opinions are mine

A new author to me but really enjoyed this and will be looking out for more from them

 I thought this was well written.  I liked the characters and the story

A great read
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Blair and Teo are clients of Liaison International. Blair, an ex-fighter pilot, is a reluctant participant. She's persuaded, by Miranda, her best friend and owner of the agency, to give it a try. Teo needs a date to ward off his sister's clumsy matchmaking. The attraction they experience on first acquaintance is powerful and unexpected.

The sensual romance is well-written, but the emotional connection, between the couple, is missing until the end.

I received a copy of this book from Mills and Boon via NetGalley.
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3 - "You have all of me…" Stars!

This is the first book I have read by Lisa Childs, the blurb pulled me in because I love a strong female lead and we definitely got that with pilot Blair, you as you would expect also get a gloriously alpha hero in Matteo, and I started reading with enthusiasm.

"You’re not going to rush me… I want to savour you like we savoured that meal… I want to taste you everywhere."

Great (and plentiful) sex, well written, and for the most part likeable characters. I knew the main trope in this one would be a struggle for me, in that the relationship between these two is essentially built on a lie. And for me it does take Blair too long to come clean (which I always find frustrating), however the book wouldn’t have been the same story if she had owned up to her duplicity straight off, so I could see the authors plan in that regard.

"You think you’re going to be able to keep up this charade forever..?"

I’ll definitely be reading more from this author in the future, just not this trope!
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I was very excited to read this book, based on the description. 
I would say it's a good effort, and I can see what the author was trying to do with this book, I just felt there was no emotion in it, normally when reading, I find myself emotionally engaged to the characters, however didn't like Matteo or Blair in this book.

I genuinely think with a little bit of editing of the characters this could be a wonderful book.
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Sexy and easy read Dating the Billionaire pretty much achieved what I want to find when I pick up a book from the Dare imprint—a hot guy, confident lady and plenty of horizontal shenanigans.

“He’s an Italian billionaire and I’m an American pilot. Our paths would have never crossed if not for your service.” 

Whilst lacking a little in development outside of the bedroom which did impact Blair and Matteo’s chemistry initially for me, the same can’t be said about consent and highlighting the struggles Blair has faced in her chosen career. And though she may not always make the best of decisions—one of which spans almost the whole book a became a little frustrating—I was still onboard with her reasoning.

“Put on the damn beard and fly the billionaire wherever he wants to go!” 

Lisa Childs is a new to me author but with some hints at what I’m hoping will be a doozy of an enemies-to-lovers/best friends older brother romance, I’ll be reading more from her. 3.5 stars.
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A seductive, sexy romance, with a flying business owning former fighter pilot going on a dating agency date with a billionaire.

After their first date her business is approached for the hiring of a pilot, but after the rundown of her qualifications he thinks this is someone he could be attracted to and says he doesn't want a lady pilot flying him.

She is not impressed with this, so masquerades as a male pilot in disguise, just to teach him a lesson. He is totally unaware that she is incognito and coming clean with her deceitfulness is proving very difficult, when they feelings are so deep.

Eventually everything is out in the open and they find true enduring love.

With a happy after ending in this story of romantic love, commitment and happiness.
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Received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

This author is new to me. I have enjoyed many of the books in the Dare series but not all of them hit the target. The heavier emphasis on steamy sex scenes in Dare, means that whilst some writers who have an enormous talent in that area (such as Caitlin Crews, Jackie Ashenden and Avril Tremayne), succeed in writing a story which is both realistic, romantic and erotic, other authors don’t.  I’m afraid this author is one of the ones who for me, did not succeed.   

The story itself was so bizarre and unbelievable that I really could not escape into it.   Blair. uses dating service - pretends to be ‘Savannah’ - has a hot night with Teo (the billionaire in question), and then disappears.  She is actually a fighter pilot, now a partner in a commercial airline.  Teo hires a plane, refuses a female pilot because he’s still hankering after ‘Savannah’ and Blair pretends to be Bill to teach him a lesson about being a chauvinist. (Still with me?).  They hook up again and again as ‘Savannah’ and  Teo - she keeps flying as Bill and she still doesn’t tell him.  He’s big on honesty and so, you just know where this is going. 

 By the time we got to the end, the big reveal was an anti climax.  I lost interest: this was so disappointing. 

The sex scenes were mechanical and about as erotic as a set of Ikea instructions.   I hate giving such a critical review. The author can actually write,  but I found the plot so ridiculous and incredible that I really couldn’t suspend disbelief. Blair was just ridiculous.  Her ‘reason’ for not wanting to be like her mother did not resonate with me.  I could not believe that a woman who had made it to being a fighter pilot and had dealt with all the difficulties inevitable in that journey would behave in such a puerile way Or be influenced by her mother.  Teo was never really developed As a character..   He ended up simply being a nice guy who wanted to be good to Blair.  

The big emphasis on the ridiculous hostility between Grant and Miranda was a total distraction.
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