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I enjoyed the book, but I found it dragged quite a bit in the middle. The ending was good, but it wasn't the easiest read. Sorry.
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A red herring filled mystery worthy of Christie! Amelia is the main character who has had a bit of a rough year, her teenage sister Lark, goes missing, her mother dies of cancer and she loses a baby, understandably she needs a break. 
She heads home to her father's place only to be met by his packed bags, he's heading back to Drummondale House in the Scottish highlands in hunt of his lost daughter.  Reluctantly, Amelia joins him, her brother Thomas and his carer Maddie on the trip hoping they will find out what happened to Lark the year before.  
More guests arrive as the weather turns, Rosamund and her step daughter Elise who were also there a year ago are also now trapped in the grounds. As creepy things start to happen Elise goes missing, very similar to Lark's disappearance the year before so the hunt is on to find her and hopefully Lark too.

The narration is told from two time points present day and a year ago flashing back to what happened when Lark disappeared, clues are thrown around like dolly mixtures which makes this an easy chill and read book or a concentrate to add all the clues up read. Although a little repetitive in the middle, (how many times do they go up that hill?) it is quick paced and very easy to read, there are a few well signposted flashbacks and a current voice to give hope that Lark is alive. I'm trying not to spoil it but there is a twist which comes a little out of left field.

Overall, a pacey mystery with plenty of red herrings and an interesting finale!

Thanks to HQ Digital and NetGalley for the ARC
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This was an interesting one for me rate, for a few reasons.

1. The ending actually surprised me on two separate occasions. I read so many books in this genre, like many of us do, that not many authors can shock me anymore...especially twice in one novel. Major kudos to Amanda Brittany! However, the twists had a bit of that 'left-field' quality which never sits well with me. They weren't completely over the top, but they were certainly sitting on the precipice.

2. The chapters, narrated entirely by Amelia but during two different time frames (one year ago and present day), were virtually indistinguishable. Both were set in the same place, during the same season...exactly one year apart, and with the very same characters. This tends to make stories a little messy, as it's sometimes hard to keep the individual threads straight. I found that to be the case here.

3. This is a minor gripe, but it irritated me nevertheless. If you and another person share one biological parent, that makes you half-siblings...NOT step-siblings. I hope that little annoyance is cleaned up in the final edits.

Overall, I'm giving this book 3 stars. I started at 4 stars due to being fooled by the twists...then deducted a half a star each for points two and three above.

Available August 28th!

**My sincere appreciation to NetGalley and HQ Digital for my review copy.
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Wow, this is certainly a whodunnit and a half!  This new-to-me author had me enthralled from the first page, and didn't loosen that grip till the last page - and beyond, because it is still going round in my head..

The narrative is dual timeline, not always my favourite technique, but it works very well in this instance, as the two main periods are not too far removed, just a year between, yet well defined and easy to follow.   It is also a multiple POV narrative, just be sure to read the chapter headings and there will be no confusion.  Having the whole picture become clearer bit by bit in this way added to an already extremely suspenseful story.

The author skillfully brings together a number of families - all with secrets, past traumas, and hidden agendas.  The characters are solidly built, including the supporting characters. The setting is absolutely perfect, a place that under other circumstances you could imagine to be quite beautiful and cozy, but which due to the events that have happened there, is incredibly creepy sinister and quite claustrophobic.

This to me is a book which brings together all the best things about psychological thrillers - shocks, suspense, darkness, confusion, twists, love, revenge, jealousy, grief.  This book captivated me and kept me on my toes every second.  The pace is absolutely cracking, and if I hadn't already been lying in bed after finishing it I think I would have had to lie down to recover!

For anyone who enjoys psychological thrillers that grab you and don't let go, I can't recommend this highly enough.  And don't even bother trying to work out whodunnit, because you won't!  Though of course, you will try, that's half the fun!

Because I don't like reading book reviews that give away too much of a book's storyline, I never want to spoil a book for anyone reading my reviews.  Therefore, they are always spoiler free, and reveal only my thoughts on my personal reading experience.  This will sometimes mean my comments are a little vague so if you prefer more specific details on the storyline etc, please refer to the publisher's synopsis.
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I really enjoyed this book. It was full of twists that keep you guessing throughout. There's lots going on in the story that makes it very difficult to figure out who the killer is which has been refreshing because I have figured out who the "bad guy" is in the vast majority of books I've read this year.
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This is an action packed story. There is a lot happening and a lot of twists. My only gripe is that so much happens, the story starts to feel unbelievable.

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.
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Thank you to HQ for my gifted copy in return for my honest review. Wow!! I’ve read some good thrillers this year but this is my favourite by far! Short snappy chapters full of tension & suspense. The opening is an instant hook and I was, I couldn’t put it down. Easy writing style, likeable MC and shifty sub characters, I had it wrong so many times! The twist at the end?! Omg!! This is a brilliant read, highly recommend it!
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An excellent read, with a few rather unexpected twists in the tale. I was quite sure, on more than one occasion, that I knew who the killer was,  but the red herrings kept me guessing. 

I'm rather partial to the whole 'locked up in a snowbound spot' spate of stories that are coming out, and this is no exception. It was atmospheric (the masks, shudder!) and the characters likeable, for the most part. 

Definitely going to give the next one a try.
Thanks to HQ, Amanda Brittany and Net Galley for my ARC.
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This was a decent thriller, in the "locked room" style where the characters are trapped at a secluded resort where the potential villain pool is limited.  It's centered primarily on Amelia, whose sister Lark disappeared a year ago at the same resort- since then, her mother died of cancer, she miscarried her baby, and broke up with her boyfriend.  She is understandably an emotional wreck and ends up going back to the resort on the year anniversary of Lark's disappearance with her father, her brother, and her brother's caretaker to see if they can learn more about what happened.  Others end up joining as well so it's a full reunion of the original group, and almost immediately, creepy things start happening again.  

The story flips back and forth between the current time and a year ago, but it's easy to follow, as though both are told from Amelia's POV, one is first person and one is 3rd person.  There were a lot of characters but I had no issues in keeping them all straight- most of the tertiary characters weren't fully developed but you learned enough to make them seem authentic.

There was some seriously creepy stuff throughout the book, though it did get a little repetitive at times.  The twist at the end was genius and I wasn't even close to seeing it coming.  

Overall, this was a fun read and I'd recommend to those who like mysteries and domestic thrillers.  Thanks to Netgalley for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review
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DNF at 25%,odd characters who make no sense, clunky writing and repetitive dialogue, not for me at all
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I read this ARC for an honest review
All thoughts and opinions are mine

Wow,  Loved this.  
A new author to me I shall certainly be looking out for more - I was totally engrossed in this

I never add synopsis or spoilers, I think people need to explore the book themselves.  This is the way I like to read 

What I will say is I really enjoyed the dual timeline style of writing - it added to the pace and tension for me

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Nobody just disappears into thin air…
One year ago, Amelia Taylor’s sister, Lark, vanished without a trace from a family holiday in the Scottish Highlands.
The police are convinced that Lark was abducted, but with no new leads, the case has gone cold. Amelia is certain that the answer lies at the holiday cottage and retracing their steps might unearth a vital clue that could help make a breakthrough.
But during their second night at the cottage a shrill scream cuts through the darkness, just as it did a year ago, and a sense of dread engulfs everyone.
Another girl has vanished.
Leading the search, Amelia is convinced that both girls are alive, waiting to be found. But someone is determined to keep her from the truth at all costs…
Will Amelia be able to find her sister, or is she too about to find herself in danger?

This is my second Amanda Brittany novel and I enjoyed this one as much as I did the first one 

The book is very tense and suspenseful. It has all the characteristics of a good psychological thriller.

I read a lot of this type of genre and sometimes they do become a bit “samey” But this ending blew me away.

I will be looking out for more by the author
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I’m still reeling from this amazing novel! I had recently taken a break from thrillers feeling a bit burnt out from them and this psychological thriller stole my heart! There is darkness and despair from page one until the very end. Amelia is using alcohol to hide her true feelings about her mother’s death, the hurt, and betrayal she feels not knowing where her sister is.  I can’t say much more without giving out any spoilers. This thriller has multiple POVs and flashbacks and the writing is incredible! Whether you like thrillers or not this is a book you MUST read.
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We could all perhaps be excused for thinking that bookshop shelves are already overflowing with psychological thrillers and who needs more. Then, out of the blue, comes a novel like 'I Lie in Wait' and all those other books can be pushed to one side.
I read this book in a single sitting. The writing is remarkably compelling and the plot races along at a cracking pace. There's suspense aplenty and all the horror of a literary 'The Hills Have Eyes' in this story of a missing teenage girl and the consequences of her family returning one year later to try to find her.
There is such a clever twist in the denouement that I almost stood up to applaud the author. A tour-de-force.
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Amelia is in her 30s and is an emotional wreck, she describes herself as a car crash.
Her younger sister Lark has been missing for a year, her mother died 7 months following Larks disappearance, she suffers a miscarriage and splits with her boyfriend. She hasn't had it easy.

She take a break from work and heads home to the Scottish Highlands to her father, Robert and her brother, Thomas, only to realise they are off on a road trip. 

The anniversary of Larks disappearance is approaching and Robert has a feeling that something was missed when the disappearance was investigated. Robert, Amelia, Thomas and Thomas' carer (Thomas had an accident and is now wheelchair dependent), Maddie set off to Drummondale House.

The book alternates between the present day and a year previous when the family went on a holiday to Drummondale House.

As the search for Lark continues, tragedy strikes and someone disappears and two others are murdered and everyone is trapped as the snow has been falling.

Someone has been spotted wearing a mask in and around the Estate but no one knows or finds anything concrete.

I never suspected the killer but that twist at the end, that was something else. This story is brilliant. I devoured it in 24 hours. 

I will definitely be reading more from Amanda Brittany.
Brilliant and well worth ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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3.5 Stars

This novel is a slow burn. You first learn of all the characters as they arrive at the rental cottages of Ruth and her son, Finn. The characters are not clearly drawn at this point, or any other, but with a limited pool of suspects this is not particularly surprising. 

As the body count rises, the tension mounts, keeping the reader engrossed right to the end. What's more, I am delighted to say I didn't work out who was responsible - though I have to admit I found one element of the conclusion most improbable.

Unfortunately there is also one other niggle. I would have expected a remote hotel to be more prepared for bad weather and power cuts: plenty of oil for the lamps, supplies of non perishable food, a generator etc. But that's just me being picky as it did help ramp up the tension.

In spite of those faults I Lie in Wait gradually becomes a page turner and the ending was such a surprise I am still shaking my head. I would definitely read more by this author.
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Hold on...Let me get a hose...Need to put out the fire .....It's still smoldering!!
It's rare that I find a thriller such as this that captivates me from the beginning and doesn't let up but then in those hotly contested works the ending or mid level usually fall flat. Not here. Not with these tremendously colorful characters, not with this suspenseful mastery, and certainly not with this ever growing plot.
So, you say Lark is missing ( one year ago) and Amelia must now act to bring her back?...
Amelia's first thought is to go to a Scottish cottage in the middle of nowhere and search for clues but while there she encounters a frightening female scream.
Oh, snap...Perhaps a stalker type is lurking?!
Well, whatever as I'm sure it will be solved with a few drinks or meals thereafter...
I'm sorry what?....
What's up with Jackson?
Well, jealousy and revenge are usually two motives in most crimes but I'm sure this one may just rock your world.
Thank you to Amanda for this brilliant writing, the pub, NetGalley, and Amazon Kindle for this ARC in exchange for this honest review.
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This Novel is about Amelia Taylor. Amelia hasn't had a very easy life. Her mom passed away from Cancer, Her younger sister Lark has disappeared out of thin air and Amelia miscarried her own child back in London. Amelia decided to surprise her dad and brother with a visit. But things are about to get even harder for Amelia if that's even possible. Will Amelia find her sister and get her life back in order?. Youll just have to read to find out. 

This book was awesome!! I really liked it. Amanda Brittany did a very good job writing it. I was totally hooked once I started reading. I couldn't stop, I just needed to find out what happens next. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I love the suspense of the book and mystery.  I also really enjoyed the short chapters, it was very easy to read and not confusing with the back and forth in time. My favourite character has to be Amelia. She's badass and never gave up. I really liked the setting of the book, Scotland is soo mysteries has it is. It was perfect. 

I would like to say thank you to Netgalley and HQ Digital for giving me the chance to read and review this novel.

I highly recommend this novel to anything that loves mystery/ suspense in a book. this one totally has it.

I will totally be looking at other books from this author.
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A must read, would not of guessed who in a million years!! Kept me enthralled from the very beginning to the bitter end. I highly recommend this book you will not be disappointed
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I really enjoyed this book. A year ago, Amelia's sister Lark disappeared while on a family holiday in Scotland. The police assume she was abducted, but the case has now gone cold. When Amelia's father says he is going back to look for anything they might have missed, she decides to go with him. As the weather turns treacherous, another girl goes missing. This is a great story which has a number of twists you won't see coming. Thanks to NetGalley for a preview copy.
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