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Have You Seen Bunny?

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I love reading with my kids and we really enjoyed this adorable book. I am thinking of buying a print copy since I like to have a lot of physical books around for us to enjoy.
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Special thank you to Netgalley for providing me the ARC of this title in exchange for honest review. 
I read this book to my young cousin and she really enjoyed this. The illustrations were cute, fun to look at, and kept her attention well. The story was easy to follow and very entertaining for a young child. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with kids.
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Little Muffin now knew how it feels when you have lost your best friend. Her special friend, Bunny, was nowhere to be found. She had searched all over but could not find him, she was sad and heartbroken.
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I have to admit it took until the 3rd or 4th page to realize bunny is hidden in the illustrations on every page! This was a fun read, and it's especially fun to look for bunny on each page. I am sure the toddlers will have a great time with this book - and it will help them develop while searching for bunny.

A nice and cute read.

The illustrations are nice, full of details too - which definitely helps bunny hiding.
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This was a cute little book about searching for Bunny. At first I thought that Bunny was a stuffed animal, but then I realized that Bunny just likes hiding and for friends to find her. The illustrations were very bright and colorful and I enjoyed them very much.
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This is a delightful search and find book that kids will love.  Muffin, an adorable cat, wants to play with her buddy Bunny but can't find him anywhere.  She searches all over the house: the living room, bedroom, laundry room, kitchen, outside in the yard, the attic, and even the bathroom ( maybe Bunny is taking a bath). She is stumped. Where could her friend be? Then she hears a loud, "PEEK-A-Boo!" which startles her and guess who it is? 

The illustrations are wonderful,  They are full of detail and busyness.  I especially love the colour pallet used which is soft and inviting.  Familiar words found around home will be great vocabulary builders and fantastic for kids learning sight words.  I highly recommend "Have You Seen Bunny?"
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The kitten-centric illustrations of Muffin's home are so adorable and engaging!  Cat lovers of all ages will have fun looking at them. 

The book itself is a simple one and is for young children with its cutely repetitive story line.  Muffin is looking for Bunny  Will Bunny be found?  Have fun while you find out.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.
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Delightful book about a cat and his friend, Bunny. But Bunny is missing! The cat looks high and low and is becoming disheartened when, lo and behold, out pops Bunny. Everyone is happy; hugging, kissing and dancing. 

I loved the illustrations in this book, which are really what tell the story. Even a very young child, having had the story read aloud once, could tell the story just by looking at the pictures. 

I love children’s picture books and had not heard of the author before reading the book. I’ll be on the lookout for more from Mr. Loman. 

I received this book as an ARC from the publisher and NetGalley.
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Loved that the bunny was a boy! My kiddo liked that as well. He had fun pointing out all the places bunny could be hiding in each room and counting up the shoes and dolls in the playhouse.
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Have You Seen Bunny? by Sam Loman is a cute story for young readers that has beautiful illustrations and fun hide and seek element. Little audiences will love helping Muffin look for Bunny on every page. 
Many thanks to Clavis Publishing and NetGalley for the advance copy.
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I'm certain young children will absolutely love playing this hide and seek game along with Bunny and Muffin. Such a fun and cute concept  The illustrations are absolutely beautiful as well.
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Such a fun activity picture book!

The picture book tells kids about the various objects that we see in a house everyday in a fun way trying to find if the character in the book is hiding in them.

The illustrations remind me Winnie-the-Pooh's which is like something familiar and nostalgic.

Well done with the story and the art sequence.

Wish it was longer!

Thank you #NetGalley for the ARC.
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Muffin(the kitty) has lost her bunny.Is bunny playing hide and seek?Muffin looks for him in the entire house and eventually funds him.This book can be very helpful for young children to understand different parts of house and it's keywords.
Cute little fun story.
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I read this book with my daughter and we both thought it was a fun, exciting book.  The book is about a cat who is in her house looking for her bunny friend.  We didn't realise until we got to the end of the book that the bunny was actually on each page of the book, hiding from the cat, in different places in each room of the house.  It was fun to find this out and we went back and read the story again, pointing out where the bunny was hiding.  The illustrations of the book were wonderful and together with the fun aspect of the story, we both loved this book and will read it again.

Thankyou very much to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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It's one of the weirdest Children's stories I've read but I can say that it's cute, most especially the illustrations. I recommend it to be read to younger kids and I think, they can enjoy it.
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This is a cute seek and find book. On each page Cat is trying to find Rabbit but doesn’t find him until the end. The reader can search for and find Rabbit on each page. Kids can see his ears sticking out of his hiding spot. This book would be fun for 3+ and is a book they could enjoy interacting with on their own too.

It is a simple and repetitive story, which is not a bad thing at all.
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This is a wonderful picture book with vivid, detailed illustrations. A cat searches for his bunny friend around the house, and the bunny hides in different places. While following the storyline, the child can also interact by looking for glimpses of the bunny on each page, which is a wonderful way to hold the child's attention. This would be a great book to read over and over because there are so many illustrated details to notice on each page. I highly recommend this book.
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I'd definitely recommend this for reading to youngsters & for those learning to read, to read to their younger siblings. Its added element of being able to search for Bunny on the pages adds fun - though this isn't entirely obvious from the beginning. 
It's a book that's fun to look through afterwards and talk about the extra details in the super illustrations, so that's always a bonus in my mind. 
The illustration style is gorgeous & adds interest to an already lovely book. 
Some of the hidden bunny locations are unusual & could spark a laugh from the reader & children alike. 
Part of the adventure is seeing how the hiding game turns around at the end of the story. 
All around a great storybook.
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Muffin wants to play woth bunny. The only problem is muffin can't find bunny. This was a fun book. I loved the hide and seek aspect of the book to find bunny on each page. I also enjoyed the cute cat decorations in the house.
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This is a "where's Waldo" sort sort of book, only we aren't told that we are suπposed to be looking for Waldo, I mean Bunny.  

I suppose we should just figure that part out.

But I didn't.  I mean, I saw what Bunny looks like on the cover, but after that, I was just watching Muffin look for Bunny.

It wasn't until the end, that the reader realizes Bunny has been in every picture.

So, that part is fun, in retrospect, but it would have been cool to realize it from the start. And perhaps I am not the target audience, and the kids would have noticed right away.

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
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