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The Murder of Graham Catton

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Hannah Catton has tried for years to put the brutal murder of her husband behind her. But now a podcast claims the man who was convicted was innocent and is looking firmly in her direction as an alternative suspect. Is it possible that she remembers nothing of that night? Or does her amnesia merely a cover?

Gripping and unpredictable, this is a great read. It explores the dark side of true crime and podcasts where listeners and readers become the judge and jury, and as a result raises some interesting questions about the public obsession with them.
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A so so book with your typical physiological marriage. A bit of a boring read.  #GrahamCatton #NetGalley
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This book was gripping and so creatively crafted and I devoured every page. The story follows the story of Hannah and a dual timeline, one the year that her husband was murdered and one many 10 years later when a podcast does a deep dive into the facts of the case, convinced that the person in prison for that murder is in fact innocent. 

I was hooked and didn’t see some of the twists coming which is what I love about a great thriller. I was invested in the storyline and wanted to know what happened that night and why the present day narrative was following the thread that it was. 

I loved it. Lots of mystery, some could be predictable if you picked up on the right threads, but most were a surprise and I loved it! 

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A fascinating look at the dark side of podcasts and the lengths people go to to keep their secrets hidden. A fantastic page turner that had me hooked, racing to the end.
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Another outstanding novel from Katie Lowe! I adored The Furies so couldn't wait to read The Murder of Graham Catton and I was not disappointed - this book is definitely one of the best books that I have read this year.

I loved how the story was told from Hannah's POV alongside the podcast which was trying to pin the murder on her. Absolutely full of twists and shocks. Highly recommend!
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A book where you think you know what is going on but then are completely taken aback as everything turns in the last few pages. It was dark, creepy and exciting. I loved the different timelines all going at once.
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I really enjoyed this pace and gripping read. The author has a great sense of dripping in twists and turns that caused me to think one thing and then the next. The characters were great, but you were never sure if you believed the main character or not. Strong Pysch Thriller!
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Rating: 4/5
Oh, this is different and totally unpredictable. I thought every type of crime narrative had been explored, but I was wrong. Lowe takes you on a journey where you think you know what’s happening, but you absolutely don’t. I loved being in Hannah’s head, and couldn’t believe how well Lowe conveyed PTSD and psychosis. I loved reading about Evie’s and Hannah’s relationship. I also loved every section set in the old hospital. It just added something visceral and unsettling to the narrative. This is a fast-paced and excellent book. I did not see the twist coming, and it hit me like a slap in the face. The inclusion of the podcasts added something really different. I’ve been a huge fan of Katie Lowe’s since the Furies, and I cannot wait to see what she cooks up next.
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The Murder of Graeme Catton

Graham Catton was brutally murdered in his bed one night while his wife Hannah and young daughter Evie were asleep in the house. After a long investigation the police came to the conclusion that local man… had broken into his house and murdered him..

Years later and Hannah and Evie have managed to somewhat move on with their lives. Hannah has gone back to work as a psychiatrist and has a new partner Dan. But shes still haunted by the memory of Graham every day. A popular true crime podcast approach Hannah as they want to use Grahams case in their show. Hannah politely declines. They still go ahead with the podcast and start to unpick the goings on around the Grahams murder.. where all is definitely not what it first seemed!

I really enjoyed this one. Packed full of lots of suspense, I really liked the podcast element to it too. Really held my attention and kept me guessing right up until the end. Highly recommend! 

4 stars!
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This book was a slow burning read, keeping you intrigued and thrilled from the beginning to the very end.  Recommended for anyone who loves a good solid read.
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A good suspenseful read that builds with each chapter.

Now I'll admit I'm not a fan of the whole Podcast thing, its defha personal choice (I cant stand audio books either) but I'll hold my hands up on this one and say I actually really enjoyed that element of it in this storyline.  It felt real, it felt present and just felt right.

For once a book that has an utterly compelling and intriguing premise that comes to fruition. 

Dark, gripping and throught provoking, I could not put this one down.

This is definitely one that I wont go into detail about as it will spoil it but all I can say is the ending was superb!!

Solid 4*

Huge thanks to netgalley and Harper Collins UK for the ARC.
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The Murder of Graham Catton is the whisper in the dark and the snap in the woods. It could be something brutal, dark and dangerous, or it could all just be smoke and mirrors. This is the type of book that constantly keeps you guessing as Lowe leads down her dark path. 

I loved the brutal, brilliant opening. Lowe wastes no time and perfectly sets the tone. Straight away, the mystery is set up and you just want to keep digging to find the truth. This is a really, really compelling story. The whole way though, you never really know if you can believe what is being presented to you. It’s psychologically twisted, constantly tripping you up and making you reevaluate all you’ve seen before. In this way, Lowe perfectly captures the gaslighting and psychological abuse that characterises the book. This is such a monstrous book because it is so grounded in reality. Real life villains use the same techniques and Lowe’s mirroring of this through the narrative really highlights how disorientating and isolating this can be. You start to doubt yourself and everything else around you. 

On top of that, Hannah is a fascinating and deeply complex character. Her headspace is confused and you can never quite be sure if you can trust her or not. I loved the inclusion of both the past and present storylines that allowed us to get glimpses of exactly what happened. Beware though as every time you think you’ve woven all the pieces together, you have not. Through this style of narration, Lowe invites us to ponder the ethical and moral implications of the case she is presenting to us. At each stage, you might wonder whether the motivations are worth the actions. Without spoilers, Lowe shows just how complex these can be and how very little is as straightforward as it may seem. Also, the inclusion of the podcast episodes is so intriguing for me. I love the inclusion of multimedia narration, as it just feels more immersive and helps pull me that much more into the story. 

The Murder of Graham Catton will constantly keep you on your toes and invites you into a psychologically disturbing and complex story where you should always keep your guard up.
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I do wish there were more options than simply 1 to 5 stars. I'm rounding it up to 4 because 3 would be so wrong; 3.75 is my actual rating, losing a quarter of a point because I found the first third of the book hard work. I needed to know what, where, how and why, but ugh it dragged on a bit.

However, having spent days willing the percentage in the bottom right hand corner to go up more than 5 in a sitting, suddenly this rollercoaster kicked in, and with such verve! I swept through the rest of the novel in two nights, sleep being the only hindrance to racing through it quicker.

"A thrilling, bruising read. It’s bold and unsettling. Smart and exacting" was the review from a psychotherapist. I concur. And if you understand/ comprehend/have experienced PTSD and trauma from abuse, this story will have you intrigued, and run you through a gamut of emotion, from sorrow to anger to fear to fury, and ultimately, to a sense of satisfaction.

Ms. Lowe has written a rather compelling psychological crime thriller which lives up to the reviews, and it's worth many hours of uninterrupted intrigue and thought. You will particularly enjoy it if you also got hooked on 'Serial'.

After that have review, you may wonder why I veered toward 4 and not 5 stars...sadly, I guessed the end 🙈 But regardless, a most gratifying read.
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I would never have picked it up because of the title- but then I would have really missed out!

Time and again I thought I had worked it out, then there was another twist & I realised I hadn't. 

Dark, uncomfortable, with unreliable characters,  the truth always feels to be a step away. Tightly written & hard to put down, this is well worth a read.
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What a dark and suspense thriller which really did keep me guessing till the very end!!!

The story is told through our main character Hannah, the widow of Graham 10 years after his death as a true crime podcast starts a new series looking into the circumstances around his murder. The podcast believes the person in jail for the murder is not the one who committed the crime!
Hannah is a likeable character but all the way throughout I had a niggly feeling about her! Something felt very off from the get go with her and I did struggle to sympathise at times with her! 
I absolutely loved the podcast element to the book, the way it was written and how it fits in perfectly around all the flashbacks was brilliant. The podcast felt very up to date and it felt very real as there are many podcasts around like this in this day and age! 
Overall this was a suspense thriller which did keep me guessing till the very end! So many shady characters and a great murder story. A brilliant read from this author and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in future.
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Katie Lowe writes a compelling mystery thriller that uses a true crime podcast and an unreliable narrator to bring the murder of Graham Catton back to light. 

Graham's wife Hannah was there on the night of the murder but claims to have no recollection of the events that took place and whilst it seems that Hannah isn't telling the whole truth, a repeat offender named Mike Phillips is charged for the murder. Years later as Hannah's finally started to move on with her life, a new podcast called CONVICTION covers the case stating that the police framed Mike. Because of this, the case is re-examined and new evidence is dug up pointing to the wife, Hannah, as being the main suspect.

This novel is told in a dual timeline which gives you an insight into the true events of the past and helps you to piece together the truth of what happened that fateful night. Something I wasn't expecting was the paranormal element that came into play but in the end I felt like it added a more suspenseful element to the book and made us question the reliability of the narrator even further.

Whilst this was a gripping story, the ending ultimately let me down. I would have preferred for everything to be wrapped up a little better but it does leave room for a sequel, which I would be more than happy to read.
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This excellent thriller kept me up all night because I had to get to the end. Graham Catton, beloved husband, professor and friend, was murdered in his bed 10 years ago by an intruder who knocked out his wife, Hannah, on the way to do the deed. In the present day, however, a famous podcast is covering the case, suggesting there is scope for the conviction of the intruder murderer to be overturned. Hannah, meanwhile, is just trying to get on with her life with her and Graham's daughter,. and her new partner. But as the episodes are released and the evidence is discussed across social media, can Hannah escape the past? What really happened on that night?
This story uses the podcast idea very cleverly without delving too far into the mixed media system, showing how those discussed in true crime podcasts must feel about the whole situation. As a crime pod fan, this was a really interesting take. At certain points I wasn't sure if the novel was delving into more supernatural territory, but it was part and parcel of the tense atmosphere that Lowe conjures, especially in line with our sense that Hannah may not be an entirely reliable narrator. A great read.
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WOW. This book had me intrigued from start to finish. The plot kept you constantly guessing where the story was going to lead next. I found myself second guessing my thoughts and predictions throughout. At the start of the book, I was a little confused by the story and where it was headed, but the pace soon picked up and started to come together. The characters were very complicated as individuals. The last 10% of the book had me completely hooked and I could not put the book down. The twists at the end were completely unexpected for me. Brilliantly written and I would love to read another book by this author.
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I really didn't see the twist coming! Although it may have been because I was unengaged at times in the novel. Regardless, I really liked the intertwining of the plot with the unravelling of the podcasts! Very original!
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Hannah doesn’t remember how her husband died, even though she was in the house with him at the time. The police are suspicious, but with no evidence, they can do nothing. Then a burglary suspect is apprehended and convicted, and Hannah can begin her life again. But 10 years later, a true crime podcast re-examines the case and proves the suspect innocent. As suspicion falls once more onto Hannah, can she remember what really happened that night?

The Murder of Graham Catton is a good read. The suspense builds with each chapter, as Hannah’s guilt or innocence is kept in the balance. There are things she’s hiding, but her involvement in his death isn’t clear. In the meantime, her work as a psychiatrist, and her obsession with the derelict Hawkswood House, all add to the storyline. At times it could get a little confusing, with so much action and so many characters to keep track of, but overall a very enjoyable story.
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