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I do wish there were more options than simply 1 to 5 stars. I'm rounding it up to 4 because 3 would be so wrong; 3.75 is my actual rating, losing a quarter of a point because I found the first third of the book hard work. I needed to know what, where, how and why, but ugh it dragged on a bit.

However, having spent days willing the percentage in the bottom right hand corner to go up more than 5 in a sitting, suddenly this rollercoaster kicked in, and with such verve! I swept through the rest of the novel in two nights, sleep being the only hindrance to racing through it quicker.

"A thrilling, bruising read. It’s bold and unsettling. Smart and exacting" was the review from a psychotherapist. I concur. And if you understand/ comprehend/have experienced PTSD and trauma from abuse, this story will have you intrigued, and run you through a gamut of emotion, from sorrow to anger to fear to fury, and ultimately, to a sense of satisfaction.

Ms. Lowe has written a rather compelling psychological crime thriller which lives up to the reviews, and it's worth many hours of uninterrupted intrigue and thought. You will particularly enjoy it if you also got hooked on 'Serial'.

After that have review, you may wonder why I veered toward 4 and not 5 stars...sadly, I guessed the end 🙈 But regardless, a most gratifying read.
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I would never have picked it up because of the title- but then I would have really missed out!

Time and again I thought I had worked it out, then there was another twist & I realised I hadn't. 

Dark, uncomfortable, with unreliable characters,  the truth always feels to be a step away. Tightly written & hard to put down, this is well worth a read.
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What a dark and suspense thriller which really did keep me guessing till the very end!!!

The story is told through our main character Hannah, the widow of Graham 10 years after his death as a true crime podcast starts a new series looking into the circumstances around his murder. The podcast believes the person in jail for the murder is not the one who committed the crime!
Hannah is a likeable character but all the way throughout I had a niggly feeling about her! Something felt very off from the get go with her and I did struggle to sympathise at times with her! 
I absolutely loved the podcast element to the book, the way it was written and how it fits in perfectly around all the flashbacks was brilliant. The podcast felt very up to date and it felt very real as there are many podcasts around like this in this day and age! 
Overall this was a suspense thriller which did keep me guessing till the very end! So many shady characters and a great murder story. A brilliant read from this author and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in future.
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Katie Lowe writes a compelling mystery thriller that uses a true crime podcast and an unreliable narrator to bring the murder of Graham Catton back to light. 

Graham's wife Hannah was there on the night of the murder but claims to have no recollection of the events that took place and whilst it seems that Hannah isn't telling the whole truth, a repeat offender named Mike Phillips is charged for the murder. Years later as Hannah's finally started to move on with her life, a new podcast called CONVICTION covers the case stating that the police framed Mike. Because of this, the case is re-examined and new evidence is dug up pointing to the wife, Hannah, as being the main suspect.

This novel is told in a dual timeline which gives you an insight into the true events of the past and helps you to piece together the truth of what happened that fateful night. Something I wasn't expecting was the paranormal element that came into play but in the end I felt like it added a more suspenseful element to the book and made us question the reliability of the narrator even further.

Whilst this was a gripping story, the ending ultimately let me down. I would have preferred for everything to be wrapped up a little better but it does leave room for a sequel, which I would be more than happy to read.
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This excellent thriller kept me up all night because I had to get to the end. Graham Catton, beloved husband, professor and friend, was murdered in his bed 10 years ago by an intruder who knocked out his wife, Hannah, on the way to do the deed. In the present day, however, a famous podcast is covering the case, suggesting there is scope for the conviction of the intruder murderer to be overturned. Hannah, meanwhile, is just trying to get on with her life with her and Graham's daughter,. and her new partner. But as the episodes are released and the evidence is discussed across social media, can Hannah escape the past? What really happened on that night?
This story uses the podcast idea very cleverly without delving too far into the mixed media system, showing how those discussed in true crime podcasts must feel about the whole situation. As a crime pod fan, this was a really interesting take. At certain points I wasn't sure if the novel was delving into more supernatural territory, but it was part and parcel of the tense atmosphere that Lowe conjures, especially in line with our sense that Hannah may not be an entirely reliable narrator. A great read.
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WOW. This book had me intrigued from start to finish. The plot kept you constantly guessing where the story was going to lead next. I found myself second guessing my thoughts and predictions throughout. At the start of the book, I was a little confused by the story and where it was headed, but the pace soon picked up and started to come together. The characters were very complicated as individuals. The last 10% of the book had me completely hooked and I could not put the book down. The twists at the end were completely unexpected for me. Brilliantly written and I would love to read another book by this author.
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I really didn't see the twist coming! Although it may have been because I was unengaged at times in the novel. Regardless, I really liked the intertwining of the plot with the unravelling of the podcasts! Very original!
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Hannah doesn’t remember how her husband died, even though she was in the house with him at the time. The police are suspicious, but with no evidence, they can do nothing. Then a burglary suspect is apprehended and convicted, and Hannah can begin her life again. But 10 years later, a true crime podcast re-examines the case and proves the suspect innocent. As suspicion falls once more onto Hannah, can she remember what really happened that night?

The Murder of Graham Catton is a good read. The suspense builds with each chapter, as Hannah’s guilt or innocence is kept in the balance. There are things she’s hiding, but her involvement in his death isn’t clear. In the meantime, her work as a psychiatrist, and her obsession with the derelict Hawkswood House, all add to the storyline. At times it could get a little confusing, with so much action and so many characters to keep track of, but overall a very enjoyable story.
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Psychiatrist Hannah specialises in eating disorders and lives with her daughter and new partner Dan. Her husband Graham was murdered ten years ago in the family home and Hannah was so traumatised that she can't remember what really happened, just little flashbacks.  Her husband's murder is being investigated by a popular podcast and the conviction of a petty criminal soon begins to look distinctly unsafe.  The central mystery here is what really happened on that night? The whole story is told from Hannah's point of view and she may or may not be an unreliable witness.   

The story is expertly told and the 'then' and 'now' timelines are weaved together to reveal new aspects of Hannah and Graham's relationship, her fascination with a nearby crumbling ruined hospital to which her grandmother was once committed, and her failure to protect a teenager in her care.

I found some of the revelations chilling, especially the way in which an abuser can hide in plain sight. Hannah's behaviour was understandable but annoying, especially the way she kept saying 'I'm sorry' all the time. The book is a bit of a slow-burner but the action and revelations ramp up from 75%.  The book has distinct gothic overtones and was tense and emotive, full of secrets and drama. 

Thanks to NetGalley and HarperCollins for an eARC in return for an unbiased review.
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What a thrilling read! I could not put this down! I loved every second of it. This is one of my favourites so far this year! 

Thanks for letting me read an ARC
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Hannah’s abusive husband is murdered in his bed and Hannah can’t remember what happened.   Ten years later a podcast suggests  that the man who is in prison convicted of his murder is innocent. With each new podcast, Hannah is worried that it was her who murdered her husband. Loved this book. Fantastic
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Ten years after Hannah Catton's husband is murdered and someone is convicted of the crime, a podcast airs claiming to have new evidence and casting suspicion on Hannah.  This is a gripping thriller, full of twists and turns.  I found that it drew me in and kept me reading as I had to find out what happened.  The podcast element is an interesting addition to the plot, making it different from other thrillers.  It's a tense read, but one that I'd highly recommend.
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I am a sucker for psychological thriller with true crime podcast ready to reveal the truth about a murder (even though I don’t listen to podcasts). In this new novel by Katie Lowe, the protagonist is Hannah Catton is widow with a teenage daughter and a partner whose husband had been murdered ten years ago. The killer is in prison, but a podcast reveals that he is innocent and they can prove it. With each new episode revealing a bit more about the night her husband was murdered, Hannah’s perfect life starts to crumble. Hannah is an unreliable, unpredictable character and I do love unreliable protagonists because you never know what to expect from them and the story is full of twists and suspense and, all in all, I enjoyed it.
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What a brilliant read! This literally kept me guessing until the end, lots of twists to throw me off. Once I had started it I couldn't put it down until I'd finished it. Can't wait to read more from this author.
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4,5 stars from me! 

Thank you #netgalley and #harpercollinsuk for this e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book was published on June 10, so I'm a month late with my review.  Well, this has taught me not to request too many ARCs in the future....

Guys, I absolutely loved this little gem. Superbly written, it’s a slow burn, clever, atmospheric, suspenseful thriller that had me gripped from the start, questioning everything and everybody. 

Our MC Hannah Catton is a psychiatrist who’s husband is knifed in his bed one night. Hannah can’t remember what happened that night, but once a suspect is found and convicted she takes her six year old daughter and starts a new life, thankful that her abusive husband can no longer hurt her. Now, 10 years later her new boyfriend is on the verge of proposing to her when a true-crime podcasts called Conviction decides to drag up her husband’s horrific murder and prove that the man convicted for this crime is innocent. With each new episode of the podcast, fresh facts of that terrible night are uncovered, making Hannah’s life slowly crumble around her. 

From the very start the question we readers ask ourselves is, did Hannah kill her husband! That question will haunt you throughout the book and is what drives the whole plot. Because we don’t know if Hannah truly doesn’t remember or if she is only faking it… 
Again, give me a psychological theme and I’m in. This was a clever plot with interesting if not always likable characters.
I felt the pressure closing in on Hannah as the story unfolded, could feel her frustration and confusion. We can see why she would want to kill her husband but we don’t know if she actually did! There are layers of sub-plots concerning a couple of her patients committing suicide and her grandmother who was staying in a local asylum for having killed her husband and child. The same eerie Asylum that now stands empty and rotting, and to which Hannah is repeatedly drawn, during this story. How does it all fit together? Easy! Just read it! 

Folks, I absolutely loved this little gem. Superbly well written, it's a slow-but, clever, atmospheric and suspenseful thriller that gripped me from the start and questions everything and everyone.

Our main character, Hannah Catton, is a psychiatrist whose husband was stabbed to death in his bed one night. Hannah can't remember what happened that night, but when a suspect is found and convicted, she takes her six-year-old daughter and starts a new life, grateful that her abusive husband can never hurt her again. Now, 10 years later, her new boyfriend is about to propose to her when a true crime podcast called Conviction decides to drag up her husband's horrific murder and prove that the man convicted of the crime is innocent. With each new episode of the podcast, new facts are uncovered from that terrible night and suddenly Hannah's life starts to crumble around her.

Right from the start, the question we readers ask ourselves is: Did Hannah kill her husband? This question will haunt you throughout the book and drive the entire plot. Because we don't know if Hannah really doesn't remember or if she's just faking it....
Again, give me a psychological theme and I'm in. This was a clever plot with interesting, if not always likable characters.
I felt the pressure on Hannah as the story unfolded, could relate to her frustration and confusion. I could see why she would want to kill her husband, but I just could decide if she had! There are several subplots featuring a couple of her patients who commit suicide and her grandmother, who was placed in a local asylum many years ago for killing her husband and child. The same eerie asylum that is now empty and rotting and to which Hannah is drawn again and again throughout the story. How does it all come together? You’ll have to read it to find out!
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Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This book started off so well, gripping, thrilling, full of suspense, but I thought the middle and end were not as good. Not a bad read though.
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I loved this book it had so many unexpected twists and turns. This is the third book I read this year about true crime podcasts and it’s the best one. 

Thank you NetGalley / Harper Collins UK for providing me with this arc in exchange for an honest review.
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‘The Murder Of Graham Catton’ is the latest book by Katie Lowe.

Ten years ago, Hannah Catton’s husband was brutally murdered in their home. The murderer was convicted. The case was closed. But now a podcast called Conviction is investigating this horrific crime – and they have Hannah in their sights. Someone knows more than they’re letting on, and listeners are about to become judge, jury and executioner as they undercover the truth about the murder of Graham Catton.

2021 has seen the release of some epic psychological thrillers and I’m now adding ‘The Murder Of Graham Cattan’ to that list!

This dark and twisted book took my breath with its unreliable and unlikable protagonist and horrendous scenes of abuse, gore and twisted behaviour.

The story is seen through the narrative of Hannah, who fell deeply in love with her husband called Graham, their love was deep and strong. When he’s murdered one night, everyone suspects Hannah of the murder even though someone has been charged with his death. Now years later, a podcast called ‘Conviction’ want to revisit the murder and answer some unanswered questions, whilst putting Hannah back into the spotlight and becoming the centre of unwanted and cruel attention again.

I love, love, loved this book! It’s so cleverly crafted, weaved with drama, suspense and with characters that you can never fully get a good reading on. Hannah is fascinating, she’s a psychologist working with teenage girls with eating disorder and is mindful of mental health and feels her own is breaking down. When the podcast series starts, it makes her question everything about that night, as well as the unwanted circumstances that are presently happening because of the podcast. The moments that she feels out of her depth or scared are all captured for social media making people judge and victimise her even more. Hannah’s family has a history of mental health and is terrified that she too will have issues and finds herself researching into her grandmother who was also accused of murder.

The story is written in the past and present tense all through Hannah’s narrative. The past tense focuses on the her and Graham relationship and it’s downfall. This makes for heavy reading, as she was victim to various forms of abuse by a man who had charmed everyone including their 5 year old daughter Evie. He made Hannah doubt everything in her life and constantly apologise when she had done nothing more.

The story reads like a fast paced thriller, was easily to get absorbed and was current with the true life crime series that people are obsessing over. And now with social media, everyone has an opinion or fact that they would like to share.

A fascinating book from the first page that really hooked my attention. Tautly written with a cast of characters, that made you suspicious from their first word, ‘The Murder Of Graham Catton’ shines a light on abusive behaviour, gaslighting and the horrors that go on behind closed doors. With an ending that left my bursting for more, I cannot wait to read the next book by Katie Lowe.

You can buy ‘The Murder Of Graham Catton’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.
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I can’t help but be drawn to novels featuring a crime podcast so this one seemed like it was for me. The novel follows Hannah whose husband was murdered in the family home a decade before. Hannah can’t remember all the details of what happened but a man named Mike was convicted of the crime. Now a true crime podcast is going over the case and looking at potential new evidence. Hannah works at a psychiatric clinic and has had her own mental health battles so this is a very stressful time for her. She felt like quite an unreliable narrator to me and I was never sure whether I could believe what she was portraying. This novel does requite some suspension of disbelief but it didn’t stop my enjoyment nor did it stop me reading at every opportunity as I wanted to know whodunnit and why. There wasn’t as much of the actual podcast in this novel as I’d hoped there would be – we hear about it second hand as Hannah and her family talk about it whereas I’d been expecting some transcripts. I enjoyed this novel all the same though and will definitely read more by this author in the future.
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Hannah is leading a seemingly normal life after the death of her husband ten years ago, when a true crime podcast throws doubt on the events of his murder and threatens to turn her whole world upside down. A horrific time in her life, which she believed had been put behind her, now looks like it might ruin her new relationship, the close bond she has with her daughter, and also her career, as the podcast and its gang of loyal listeners begin to turn against her. 

The Murder of Graham Catton is an addictive, modern and engrossing thriller. As a fan of both crime fiction and true crime, it was the perfect blend of a classic murder mystery and a social commentary on subjects such as domestic abuse and the darker side of social media. No matter which your usual preference would be, once you get into the story, it will have you completely gripped.

The plot immediately got my attention, but it was the way in which Hannah’s life begins to unravel more and more as each episode of the podcast is released that really impressed me. The suspense gradually increases as Hannah’s patchy memories of what actually happened on the night of the murder start to return. I wasn't able to guess whether she was involved in some way but the great thing about this storyline is that even Hannah herself is unsure of her own involvement. Waiting for the realisation that she's a killer or a victim keeps you guessing, right up until the last chapter.

I absolutely loved this book and would highly recommend it to anyone who loves reading true crime, watching true crime TV series or for true crime podcast fans. It covers some quite dark subject matters, so might not be for everyone, but for me it was a definite 5 stars!
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