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I ad0red Katie's last book, The Furies. Everything about it was pure gothic perfection! So I had high hopes for this one and I dont' feel let down. Really topical, relevant and shocking, this is total binge read material.
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Hannah Catton claims she remembers nothing of the night her husband, Graham, was murdered. It's been years: the killer is behind bars, and Hannah is in a nurturing relationship, thriving in her work as a psychologist, and close with her teenaged daughter. But when a popular true crime podcast starts poking around and asking questions about whether the wrong person was convicted, Hannah's life begins to spiral out of control. What really happened the night Graham was murdered? Hannah isn't the only one keeping secrets...

I really enjoyed this well written, briskly plotted novel with plentiful twists and turns. The characters are brilliantly drawn, and I liked that the truths about the complex relationships were revealed gradually throughout the course of the book. Twisty, suspenseful and riveting - would highly recommend. 

Thank you to NetGalley and to the publisher for granting me a free ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I found ‘The Murder of Graham Catton’ to be a compelling page-turner. It is a  dark tale of revenge and murder and I enjoyed the way events unfolded as each new episode of a podcast airs. 

Highly recommended.
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Claustrophobic Gothic and Tense. 

A brilliantly constructed book. Adored the clever way the tension escalated throughout until you felt as trapped and frightened as Hannah. 

The narrative was told through two timelines and interspersed with a true crime podcast which made it feel so real and heightened the sense of peril. 

So twisty that I just didnt know who to believe or trust.

Highly Recommended
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First of all, WOW. The Murder of Graham Catton was a rollercoaster from start to finish. Compelling, page-turning and fantastically dark, this is a story of revenge, madness and murder. Being an avid true crime fan, I loved the unusual element of the Conviction podcast driving the story forward, with events unfolding as each new episode dropped, forcing Hannah to relive the past. Lowe has really come into her own with this second novel, this is one of my favourite books of the year and deserves to be read by everybody. Massive thanks to HarperFiction and NetGalley for the ARC!
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The year hasn't even begun, but I can confidently say that this will be one of my top books of 2021. Partially because it's *incredible*, partially because it kind of broke my brain a little bit (OK, a lot). 

Hannah Catton insists that she doesn't remember anything from the night her husband, Graham, was murdered. Everyone thought he was the perfect husband, the perfect father - and that Hannah was actually behind the crime. But then evidence turns up against Mike Phillips and, while its minimal, he's convicted of Graham's murder. Ten years later, journalist Anna Byers is planning to look into the case. She has overturned numerous prison sentences with her popular podcast, Conviction, and reckons the wrong man is behind bars for Graham's murder. 

I loved the way that this book played out. Every single page had a new twist or turn, so much so that it was impossible to tell where the story was going to go next. Especially considering Hannah wasn't the most reliable of main characters - and it always kind of felt like you were just waiting for the other shoe to drop, as it were, and for the truth to finally be revealed.
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Thanks Netgalley and the Publisher.   This was an okay thriller, not the best I have read but worth a go.
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So I wouldn’t have remembered this if I hadn’t read it really recently, but this is very very similar to Denise Mina’s novel Conviction. Very similar. In fact, the proof of Lowe’s book states that it’s also called Conviction, the name of the featured podcast in the novel, but seems to later have been changed to The Murder of Graham Catton. Other than the true crime podcast element, there’s also the lying protagonist, trying to hide her past from her family, that mirrors Mina’s. But I can see how two crime novels about true crime podcasts might have happened simultaneously in this cultural climate, so I’ve tried to forget that and review the book at face value and it’s good. I particularly liked the ghostly “is this real?” doubt the protagonist feels, and the setting of the abandoned institution was suitably spooky, although I would actually have liked more of all of that. I didn’t guess the ending, but neither did I totally believe that it was possible - especially how some of the relationships tied up oddly neatly. Overall, interesting!
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This murder mystery was a really good one, which a suspect fighting for his innocence despite all evidence pointing against him. A great whodunit!
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Hannah catton wakes up with her adoring husband dead next to her. She can't remember what happens or how she came to be there, but police arrest a local man, and everyone moves on. But Hannah is always anxious that there is more to it than first thought
10 years later a true crime podcast looks into the conviction, and Hannah is confronted with trial by social media 

A brilliantly written story with unexpected twists and turns. I would recommend it to crime fans 

Thank you for the chance to read it @NetGalley and the publishers
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