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I have read one other book by this author, so I was excited to get stuck into Thick as Thieves and I was really thrilled with the story.

Arden Maxwell has returned to her childhood home in Caddo Lake, Texas after twenty years. Her father, Joe Maxwell disappeared before she left, abandoning her and her sister. At that time a robbery took place involving four criminals in which somebody was murdered and her father was the prime suspect. Unbeknown to Arden, two of the co-conspirators are watching her every move as she attempts to delve into the happenings from that period in her quest to calm her tormented soul.

There were so many twists and turns in this book and it was extremely engaging. I just didn't know what was going to happen next. Thick as Thieves kept me on my toes and fully entertained all the way through. Sandra Brown's taut and smooth writing continued to please me as did her well created and developed, secretive and complex characters. The plot used a past/present style and was told from multiple perspectives. This was a gritty tale packed with thievery, familial drama, police corruption, chemistry, and violence. I was still guessing at the surprising ending.

A fabulous read from Sandra Brown, I can't wait to get my hands on another of her books. If you are a fan of romantic suspense you don't want to miss Thick as Thieves!

I received a complimentary copy of this novel at my request from Hodder & Stoughton via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publisher of "Thick as Thieves" for the opportunity to read and review this book. 

This story starts in the past of the characters lives. The clues are all there, but exactly how events will progress is the unknown. In Sandra Brown's capable hands, you know from the get go there is going to be suspense, mystery, conflict, puzzles to unfathom and drama. 

And the uncertainty, the twists and turns, shocks and surprises along the way is what keeps the reader engrossed in the storyline, engaged with the characters and their dilemmas, and speeding on to read more. Nothing can be taken for granted and just when you think you have the plot fathomed out there is another twist, anther shock, It's a gritty story, the characters are complicated and multidimensional and the elements of surprise and unpredictability right until the end is what makes this such a good read. 4.5*
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This story centres around a robbery which took place ten years earlier and how it has impacted the lives of those involved.
Arden returns to her childhood home determined to find answers following the presumed death of her father who seems to have been involved in a bank robbery ten years ago and has now vanished.
Ledge was also involved and is trying to save Arden from turning over too many stones and gaining the attention of crooked DA Rusty Dyle who will stop at nothing to keep the secrets of the past dead.
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Nach einem Prolog startet die Geschichte recht unvermittelt mitten in der Handlung, Arden hatte gerade eine Totgeburt und ihre 10 Jahre ältere Schwester Lisa möchte sie aus dem verfallenen Elternhaus zu sich holen. Der Kindsvater ist verheiratet und wusste nichts von der Schwangerschaft. Lisa findet, sie könnte doch jetzt bei ihr einen Neustart planen.
Vor 20 Jahren hat sie ihr Vater nach dem tödlichen Unfall der Mutter einfach verlassen, ein erschütterndes Erlebnis, das ihr Leben nachdrücklich verändert hat. Das Haus stand seitdem verlassen. Vor einigen Monaten ist Arden dorthin zurückgekehrt, aber Lisa will sie nicht in dem Haus, mit der Nachbarschaft dem Tratsch zurücklassen.  
Doch sie schickt Lisa kurz und bündig weg. Aber das Interesse der Nachbarn ist tatsächlich erwacht und die Gerüchte und Verdächtigungen bezüglich der Verbrechen des Vaters flammen wieder auf.
Doch zwei Monate später ist Arden mit der Renovierung noch nicht viel weitergekommen, sie beschließt einen Handwerker anzuheuern und findet eine Anzeige des 37-jährigen Ledge Burnett, einem ehemaligen Soldaten, der im Krieg in Afghanistan war. Was vielleicht sein unfreundliches, raues Auftreten erklärt. Geschickt kreiert Sandra Brown einen komplexen Cast mit glaubhaftem Hintergrund und zahlreichen sympathischen Charakteren.
Aus der Vergangenheit wird in wechselnden Kapiteln eingeflochten, wie unter Anleitung von Rusty vier Männer zusammenfinden, um die Kasse des örtlichen Großmarktes auszurauben. Ledge sollte mitmachen und der Vater der Schwestern. 
Auch wenn die Beschreibung des Buchinhaltes ganz nach meinem Beuteschema klang, habe ich es nicht beendet. Die Protagonisten konnten mich leider nicht ansprechen, für mich kommt die Chemie nicht rüber. Die Geschichte liest sich flüssig, aber mir fehlt es an Spannung. Zudem ist es, wie sich die gesamte Situation darstellt, für mich nicht glaubhaft, dass der ganze Coup nicht vor Jahren schon aufgeflogen ist.
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Arden Maxwell had returned to her childhood home in Caddo Lake, Texas after twenty years of being absent. Her father, Joe Maxwell had disappeared back then and although he’d been declared dead, no one had seen or heard of him since then. Arden’s sister Lisa was against her moving back home, living in the old, rundown house the two women had grown up in, but Arden took no notice of her sister. Twenty years ago there’d been a robbery, a murder and Joe had vanished. He was blamed for both events.

Arden was determined to get answers, to get some closure over the disappearance of her dad, but little did she know that her return would stir up old memories and put her in terrible danger. Two of the thieves were still around, and their antennae were vibrating. Watching Arden, keeping tabs on her, stalking her – none of it was off limits. The slick, silkiness of the threats, the constant looking over her shoulder – what would happen when the past connected with the present?

Thick as Thieves is another well written suspense novel from the pen of Sandra Brown. She knows how to ramp up the tension, to have the evil oozing off the page. There were plenty of twists but the major couple at the end I didn’t see coming. I thoroughly enjoyed Thick as Thieves and recommend it highly.

With thanks to Hodder & Stoughton UK via NetGalley for my digital ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.
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An old mystery and old rivalries are stirred up in this thriller. The characters and their stories were interesting and the story fast moving and exciting.
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A bit of romance, a lot of suspense, dark secrets, quirky characters, and some twists. That could sum up many of Sandra Brown’s novels, including this one. It’s a great, entertaining read, especially since you have that one character you simply hate. You want to see him fall and fail. 

The classic setting of a woman returning to her hometown, opening up old wounds, and old crimes. So many things happened back then, including death, robbery, and lots of suspicion. Now that she’s back in town the truth about the past is about to unfold. 

The book provided the suspense I expected, and it succeeded in delivering a story well worth reading.
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Excellent book! . As always Sandra Brown does a wonderful  job of drawing you in and keeping you there until the very last page! I would definitely  one I recommend and can’t wait for her next one.
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I love Sandra Brown’s style of writing so was excited to be given this ARC for an honest review. 
A well constructed novel with plenty of interesting and realistic characters.  Throw in some mystery and suspense with a dash of romance,what you get is a great story. 
Really enjoyed reading this  4.5*****
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Sandra Brown is one of my favourite authors so I was really pleased to be given a copy of her new book as an ARC from Netgalley.

The story centres a woman whose father has been missing for the last twenty years under a suspicion of murder and robbery and her moving back to her hometown and trying to unravel the mysteries of the case soon start to ruffle some peoples feathers.

One of my favourite things about Sandra Browns books is the characters that she writes, even without a good story you would want to read just because of that. Luckily she also manages to spin a good mystery into the stories as well, with this book I wasn’t sure that there was going to be much mystery to it,it flashes back between the past and the present and I thought the story would be pretty obvious, I was pleasantly surprised that there were plenty of twists and turns through the book that meant not everything was as it seemed. Another excellent book from Sandra Brown, can’t wait until the next one comes out!
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Pregnant and looking for answers Arden is back home in Caddo Lake.  Her home is badly run down and needs work, she hires Ledge Burnet to do the work. I can't really write a lot more as I got bored with this book. I have always loved Sandra Brown's books and looked forward to them coming out but this was Meh. It was slow and predictable.  I'm so sorry.
Thank you NetGalley, for the opportunity to read this book. x
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What I liked most about the book was the fact that the reader doesn't have to work out by himself what's happened to the four thieves. Well, not all of it anyway. Pretty soon it is obvious what happened to some of the characters, which makes it all the more interesting to read why and how it all happened. 
It may be not very nice to say so, but I thought the bad guy to be the most interesting character in a way. Even from a young age, he knows how to make people do what he wants. He's a master in finding ways to get what he wants, and what he wants is power and money. I really got to hate him during the story. 
Arden and Ledge (I still can't get my head around his silly name) are interesting in their own way, but very soon it becomes obvious that they are the ones that are going to solve the mystery so no surprise there. 
I liked the twists at the end an all in all, found it a nice read.

Thanks to Netgalley for this digital review copy.
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Many thanks to Net Galley, Hodder & Stoughton and the author for a chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

A year back, there was this lovely feature in Goodreads that helped us to check the MOST READ AUTHORS as a list. No prizes guessing the top author in my list, none other than SANDRA BROWN. Ever since reading Prime Time, I have been an ardent fan of this prolific writer and from the time she had begun to write stories that provide a perfect mix of romance and intrigue in equal doses, I have never ever been disappointed.

Thick As Thieves is Sandra Brown at her best and for long time fans, be assured this one has all the unique characteristics that mark her novels. Edgy suspense, grumpy and irascible heroes, toe-curling chemistry and a mind-blowing twist at the end.

The hero Ledge Burnet is obviously, the surliest, the most obnoxious and the rudest handsome devil that one might come across but with a heart of gold that the reader is left gushing, oohing and aahing 🥰🥰🥰.The heroine, Arden Maxwell may seem timid in comparison but she is no push over by any means. The antagonist, Rusty Dyle is as creepy as it comes with his peculiar ways of exacting revenge and manipulating people and abusing the position of power. 

A whole host of other lovable characters like Don, Lisa, Crystal, each of them playing a definite part in this story, Sandra Brown has once again proved why she is the numero uno in the genre of romantic suspense. 

The story is centered in a small town in Texas where a crime of 20 years has been lying dormant, the undercurrents churning and simmering that a single event, that of the return of Arden causes the cauldron to boil over. What exactly happened one night in 2000 when 4 thieves stole half a million dollars and made a pact of life? The mystery that gets divulged in bits and pieces leaves the reader on tenterhooks until the action filled final chapter.

The revealing surprise at the end had me thunderstruck, this in spite of the fact that I had been waiting and expecting some twist as it is one of the trademark characteristics of a Sandra Brown novel.

Highly recommended for fans of fast paced sexy romantic suspense, read it one GO!

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I really enjoyed this book. It kept me gripped from the very first page. I have seen it be likened to Lisa Gardner and I would totally agree. fantastic
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Thick as thieves is romantic suspense with lots of twists and turns. The ending is mind-blowing and you might feel that you’ve predicted it but the author has done a great job here to leave you amazed. The story goes back and forth to past and present without disturbing the flow. While Arden is looking for answers related to her past, Ledge is trying to drive her away. The author has created all the characters very carefully and they compliment each other. The writing is well crafted and so vivid that it made me feel like watching a good suspense movie. If you’re looking forward to getting out of a reading slump, a light read or a weekend read, this would make a great choice. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Hodder Stoughton for the eARC in the exchange of an honest review.
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Thick as Thieves is romantic suspense at its finest. It is full of some nasty characters as well as some interesting ones who have just made bad decisions.
It opens with a burglary which happened 20 years previously. A lot of money has been stolen and the thieves scatter, one ends up dead, one is in gaol and one disappears with the loot.
When Arden Maxwell returns to the small Texas town looking for answers about the mysterious disappearance of her father when she was a young child, she meets builder,  Ledge, someone who also has secrets and lots to hide. Arden wants to hire him to remodel the family home but he does not seem keen. Her sister, Lisa, warns her off him but Ledge sparks something in Arden and she can’t seem to forget about him.
As she delves more deeply into what happened 20 years ago, it becomes apparent that her missing  father is suspected of the murder as well as leaving with the stolen money. 
Then she meets DA Rusty Dyle who is obviously heavily involved in the events surrounding the heist. He is not a pleasant person to say the least and he is dishonest in the same way as his late father who was the crooked sheriff of the town.
I enjoyed this thriller, with its many twists, most of which I did not see coming. The romantic attraction between Arden and Ledge was fun to read although some of the descriptions were a bit too direct.
This is definitely an enjoyable and twisty thriller which had me hooked from page one. I will certainly be looking out for more books by this author in the future.
Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for my arc in exchange for an honest review.
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The story starts off with four men who have to commited a heist worth half a million dollars. By daybreak the plan has gone wrong. One was in hospital, one was in jail, one was dead and one got away with it. 

We are then brought to the present with Arden Maxwell who is daughter of the one who got away with it. She decides to move back to the family home in Caddo Lake, Texas were the heist was commited. Arden is being watched by two of her father's co-conspirators who still live in town.

Ardern meets Ledge Burnet to ask him to do work on the house and the sparks fly between them but Ledge has insider acknowledge on the heist and Arden's father. 

The secrets starts to come as someone goes after Ardern and Ledge tries to protect her. 

Sandra Brown certainly knows how to write a romance supense. 

The book is set in the present and past. 

There is plenty of action in the book with two characters who the sparks fly between.

There is final twist at the end of the book which i didn't expect at all. 

If you like a book with plenty of action,  romance and some down right greedy characters then i would recommended it to you. 

I received a ARC from Netgalley and Hodder & Stoughton for an objection review.
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An excellent thriller by the incredible Sandra Brown that is guaranteed to draw you in and never let go. The protagonist’s story is believable and keeps you fascinated until the very end. A rollercoaster of a read!
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Interesting read. The author does a great job of setting the scene for this one! 
Definitely one I recommend!!
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