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So nice to return to Nightingale Square and catch up with old characters and new ones but you can easily read this a stand alone book.

This book tells the story of Freya who arrives to help out to turn the garden at Prosperous Place into a Winter Garden.  She has a run in with another new resident and story tells us the ups and downs in their friendship/relationship.

Will the garden get finished in time and will everyone get a happy ending?
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My favourite time of the year and my first Christmas novel read this year. Heidi Swain has not disappointed me either. The Winter Garden is full of magic. Freya needed a new job. Driving from Suffolk to Norfolk one day the radio station jumped to a Norfolk station. As she listens, she hears about Nightingale Square. She decides to investigate this wonderful sounding place. As she looks around the gardens, she can see that on the surface they look alright however on closer inspection they really need a lot of tender loving care. As she discusses her ideas with the owner, he is very impressed. Luke, the owner, realises that this young girl knows her onions. He asked her if she wanted a job. After a while she bites the bullet and moves to Nightingale Square. She is welcomed by group of loving people living there, all except one, Finn. He was absolutely grumpy albeit handsome. As Christmas draws near, what does Freya’s first Christmas in her new home going to look like? As Freya sets up the Winter Garden, Heidi takes us on a trip around the garden and we can smell the plants as they are being discussed. Luke and Kates large kitchen is always full of cooking smells. As Christmas draws nearer the aroma of cinnamon, mixed spices and fruit all mixed together for Christmas puddings and cake can be smelt in my imagination. This is the magic of Heidi. She makes you believe you are there taking part. The characters are so loveable. Luke is the kind of boss a lot of people only dream of; he is kind and thoughtful Finn is a hunk who has been hurt in love however he has a soft side to him. The camaraderie of all living in the square is phenomenal. There was just one character who was a beast and that was Jackson. Overbearing and thinks he is a gift to women. So, get your hot chocolate and curl up for this truly magical Christmas novel.
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Again Heidi Swain does not dissapoint. This is the first in the nightingale square series I have read and loved it. I love that she incorporates characters and places from previous books. I spent lockdown reading through all the cherry tree cafe series and now I need to getvtge previous 2 from this series. The only one thing that I found quite annoying was that Zac was referred to as both Finns step brother and half brother. This kept changing throughout the book so I wasn't sure if they had the same Dad or different Dads.
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This is a story where you settle on the sofa on an autumnal afternoon, the rain lashing outside, a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows by your side and you sit down and lose yourself in this Christmas tale.

Although a nice story, I didn’t gel with the characters, but perhaps that because I hadn’t read the other books in the series, and although this can be read as a stand alone story, I felt I hadn’t built up a rapport with them. It also seemed a bit predictable, there wasn’t a single twist to the tale, but saying that it still gave me a warm and pleasant feeling and really got me into the festive mood (in late September!)
The acknowledgement at the end was quite emotional, given everything we are all going through.
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A gorgeous Christmas novel about Freya and her move to nightingale square and starting the winter garden. A great read
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The winter garden is a story about a young lady named Freya, who works as a gardener on a Suffolk estate. After the death of the owner of the estate Freya finds herself moving to Nightingale Square, a close knit community of all different types of people. However, things don’t get off to the best of starts with temperamental artist, Finn, who lives and works in her new work place. Freya and Finn must work together to get the winter gardens up and running in time for Christmas without coming to blows. 

I was so excited to read this book as it sounded fantastic and who doesn’t love a Christmas book right? However, I really struggled getting through at least the first half of this book. I couldn’t seem to relate or empathise with the main character whatsoever and the dialogue between characters came across as forced and in no way natural. 
There is no real back story to Freya and I couldn’t get a mental image of what she would look like nor could I with any of the characters in all honesty. 

I know it’s says it in the title, but, at times I felt like I was reading a gardening book! There was more information about the various plants being put in to the winter garden than there was about the characters. 

However, towards the end of the book I started to enjoy it more. I felt you could feel the emotions of the characters more but for me it was a little too late. 

If you are a keen gardener then you might enjoy this book but this book was a let down to me unfortunately.
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Once again, we visit Nightingale Square to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones, along with Nell.... Freya's dog. Another well written book by Heidi which is sure to be a lovely festive read by many of her fans
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Heidi swain is my
Author so I was nervous about reading this as I’ve adored all
Her other books! I was not disappointed - Freya is an amazing character you love her immediately and your sucked back in to nightengale square with all the lovable
Characters from the previous books. This is going to be a hit I’m sure of it! Loved it
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Absolutely fantastic read and quite possibly my new favourite by Heidi Swain. There is nothing negative I can say about this one. It is absolute perfection from start to finish
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I have been waiting, impatiently, to get my hands on a Heidi Swain ARC as I follow her on Twitter and think she’s rather lovely.  I believe that you can tell a lot about an author by how they interact with their followers.
I digress! The wait was worth it.  The Winter Garden is a charming tale of love and second chances.  Even rescue dog Nell is enjoying a second chance as she learns to live with Freya.  Technically, as an inherited rescue it’s a third chance but there’s no need to be pedantic.
The book opens as Freya is discovering that the passing of her friend and employer Eloise means that her life will change dramatically.  Unwilling to live and work with Eloise’s nephew, Freya accepts a job working at Prosperous Place on a Winter Garden.  The job comes with a wonderful salary and a delightful cottage on Nightingale Square.  Everyone welcomes her except for moody artist, Finn.  Freya is determined that she will make a success of her new position; she wants to prove her estranged parents wrong and discover why Finn is so rude.
As a lover of romantic fiction, it doesn’t take a spoiler to work out who the love interest will prove to be but, what a wonderful adventure leading up to that point.  Sparks will fly and not just because Finn sculpts with salvaged metal.
I loved the way we learned about Finn’s lack of self-confidence through the teasing from his brother, Zak.  The change in Zak’s demeanour was a gorgeous twist and one that made me smile.
Freya makes friends easily but her friendship with Chloe is a joy; they have several missteps along the way but manage to patch things up and discover more about each other as they go.  In particular, Chloe’s friendship with Hannah was both refreshing and beautifully handled.
I hope that you’ll read and enjoy this book as much as I did, it sets the tone perfectly as we move into these colder months.
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An enchanting read! Even if you only have half an interest in other people's gardens you'll love this. Throw in Christmas as well and it makes it even better. 
Freya has to find a new job and a new place to live, and gets the chance to renovate part of an old garden to make it a Winter Garden, partly to help people who have Seasonal Affecrive Disorder (SAD syndrome). There is a suitably brooding but sensitive hero in artist Finn and a very cute dog - a Bedlington terrier/whippet. 
The descriptions of the garden and how it is created are fascinating - I love the Winter Garden at the National Trust's Dunham Massey and reading this book brought back some happy memories. 
As a major Christmas fan, I loved the build up to the big day and the sense of community in Nighingale Square.This is the third book in the Nighingale Square series, but stands alone perfectly well. You'll want to read the others though! 
 If you are looking for a lovely, happy Chrsitmas book, with a modern feel, this is for you!
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I really enjoyed the next installment in the Nightingale Square books.

Visiting the square is always a delight - I love getting to know each new person and how they fit in with everyone else.

Freya and Finn were both great characters, as were most of the new people we met, and it was great to follow their journeys and watch The Winter Garden develop.

It was also lovely having a catch up with the old residents and seeing what they were up to.

As always, I finished the book wishing I could move there myself and be a part of their fantastic community.
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Another absolutely delightful visit to Nightinggale Square and its wonderful community. I loved returning here. For those of you that havent read the previous books(a must i feel) this can be read as a stand alone. A beautiful wintery, Chrismassy,warm hug in a book. An absolute joy and pleasure to read, the only downside was having to finish the book. Really hoping Heidi has another trip back to the Square planned.
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A really nice easy reading book with a lovely festive feel. When Freya's employer and friend passes away she finds herself a new job and home where she has the the task of making the gardens into a special place for a Christmas winter festival. She immediately makes lots of new friends as they work together getting everything ready for the open day. There are great characters  and one in particular Finn who immediately makes an impact when they start off on the wrong foot, but are instantly attracted to each other. A  charming family feel to the story with the magic of the season shining through
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After losing her beloved friend and boss Eloise, Freya is struggling with the new owner of Broad-Meadows and is devastated he is selling.
A chance meeting sees her and Eloise's frightened rescue dog Nell take on a new challenge at Prosperous Place with a home in Nightingale Square.
An enchanting story following Freya and Nell's new adventures making the Winter Garden come to life, making new friends, getting to know her lovely bosses and of course the mysterious Finn.
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Heidi Swain does it again! Thank you Simon and Schuster UK, NetGalley and @heidi_swain for letting me into this world with The Winter Garden. I discovered Heidi Swain during lockdown. After the first book, I was hooked and the biggest pleasure was knowing I had some fantastic reading to catch up on.
The Winter Garden delivers in every way - sparkling storyline, interesting characters, fabulous locations and some festive romance. Set in Norwich, The Winter Garden tells the story of Freya, a gardener who is invited to restore a beautiful winter garden. Heidi Swain introduces you to a community and invites you in. There are threads between her books which allow you to check in with characters from previous books and find out how they are getting on. Having said that, the books all stand alone so there is no need to read in any particular order - but I urge you to join @heidi_swain's world soon!
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This is the 1st Book that I have read by the author and this book is book 3 of a series but you don’t need to read the other two to read this story as its a easy story to pick up.

This Book tells the story of an amazing christmas garden and I loved the story of what happens round this garden

With thanks to Netgalley & Simonandschuster for the ARC of this book in exchange for my review
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When Freya is forced to leave her home and job on a beautiful Suffolk estate behind, she has no idea where she will go. But a moment of chance soon sees her moving to the quietly charming Nightingale Square and creating a winter garden in time for a Christmas opening.

After the rural isolation of Suffolk, Freya enjoys being enveloped in the community feeling the square offers. There is just one exception to the warm welcome, local artist Finn. No matter how hard they try, they just don’t seem to be able to get along.

Can Freya and Finn learn to put their differences aside to work together and get the garden ready for Christmas?

This is the third book set at Nightingale Square, and whilst it works well as a standalone, I really think the series should be enjoyed to fully appreciate the wonderful characters Swain creates. 

As some of you will know I am a huge fan of Heidi Swain, a fully-fledged Swainette, and this book did not disappoint. It was full of all the usual warmth, sense of community and charming characters I have come to expect. Returning to Nightingale Square, or any of the enchanting places Swain has created, is like returning home to family and friends.

This is the perfect read for the festive season, especially this year when these are likely to be the only Christmas markets and treats we’ll be experiencing.
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Thank you to Heidi Swain for the advanced review copy of The Winter Garden. This tale of Freya Fuller’s new start in a fresh new city with the friendliest community spirit in the lead up to Christmas is just what the doctor ordered! I absolutely flew through this book and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Would recommend for a light hearted Christmassy read!
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Heidi Swains  Norfolk based Nightingale Square series just gets better with each title.
Each individual story brings together past characters and catches up with residents of the Norwich community. 
This beautiful Christmas story starts with Freya Fuller, living in Suffolk on the broad meadows estate where she was employed by her dear friend Eloise as head Gardner. Unfortunately Eloise has died and the estate has been inherited by her loathsome Nephew Jackson whose intent on making Freya’s life a misery. 
So with her trusty companion Nell the dog 
and  some spiritually guiding  signs from Eloise - Freya finds herself accepting a new job offer to restore the winter gardens  in Norwich. Here she teams up with the local gardening community, characters such as  Luke and Kate, Poppy,Graham, Chloe,Lisa  and a host of others from past stories. 
But it’s Tall, Viking sized sculptura Finn that captures her interest and heart from the moment they meet.
Not of to a great start after Finn scares Freya’s dog, the pair seem to be at constant loggerheads but they have more in common than they think and when they join a series of winter themed  events set up by the residents to beat the winter blues, the pair are drawn together.
This is a lovely wintery story and any fan of  Christmas romance, gardening or who just loves Heidis other  books won’t be disappointed..
Personally I live in Norfolk so I loved all the Norwich references and could just picture the scenes. Would most defiantly recommend.
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