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I loved this book! Another great part of Heidi swain collection. I can’t wait for the next one!
Another fantastic book by Heidi Swain

I could not put this one down, just like her other books. Read within less than a day and wish it was longer! Highly recommend. If I could give it more stars I would!
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On the lookout for something light to read, I picked this up. The writing was heavier than what I expected from a story along these lines but was well done if slow going. The pace never picked up, but a lot of time is covered, making reading it quite entertaining. 
It is a third from a series (which I only discovered while writing this review- I must not have paid attention to the fact when I first picked it up) with previously mentioned characters, but this is the story solely of Freya Fuller, and we are told everything necessary to empathize with her.
Freya is worried about her future and a little down in the dumps when a chance leads her to new opportunities. Since her focus is gardens, there are a lot of gardening discussions. I know nothing about gardening, and despite that, I was not bored but charmed by the imagery thrown up. This is a love story at its core, be it the lead protagonist finding her other half or discovering herself. There are no overly descriptive scenes while maintaining the tension levels between the characters. Initially though, Freya described everyone's looks so much that I kept jumping from one character to the next as her future partner. It took her telling me (the reader) who she fell for, for me to stop speculating!
I liked the characters, the upbeat nature of the narration and the overall camaraderie of everyone involved. It was positive, and I have decided that my affinity to the author's characters and turn of phrases enough to pick up another book of hers if given a chance. 
For those who celebrate Christmas and like that as a backdrop, there is the extra something in it as well.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.
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Heidi Swain is an absolute legend! Every single book she writes is full of warmth and an complete delight to read. Her characters are so relatable, her settings are idyllic and everything flows so perfectly. I want to live inside this book!!
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Oh Buddy do I love Heidi Swains books.
This was perfect for Christmas, I read it in lunch breaks and under tills – it was the most wonderful break from reality.

This year has been rubbish and sometimes a book like this is perfect… I say sometimes. Its all the time. I’m such a fan of this author.
Heidi creates a world which is heart-warming and charming its like the warmest blanket in the world – I want to bury in and never come out.
Honestly, pick this up. Technically it’s the third book in a series (and I recommend reading them in that order) But if you’re desperate for some Christmas. Pick this one up alone – I won’t tell.
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A really easy read about new beginnings and the power of community. Really enjoyed my escape to Prosperous Place and Nightingale Square although there were some slightly odd plot developments - I’m still wondering how / why her parents had a personality transplant!
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A massive thanks to the publisher for giving me an e-arc of this novel. Even though I was given an e-arc, all opinions are my own.  I really enjoyed this festive visit to Nightingale Square. I have only just started to read Heidi Swain books. I have seen them in supermarkets and bookstores in the UK and saw that she had a wide range of romance books. Late last year, I picked up my 1st book, which was book 1 in the Nightingale Series, and I am now hooked. The plotline of this book and the other novels in the series are extremely engaging. I was glad to be back in the world of Nightingale square this time at the Christmas. Freya was a really likeable character. If you have not picked this book up or the series, then I would highly recommend that you do.
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This was a read to savour. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit to Nightingale Square and Freya’s creation of a Winter Garden there is a delightful idea. It takes her to a wonderful community and gives her a fresh start. It also leads her to meet Finn. There are plenty of festive touches of Christmas, so many that I wished a could enrol on a few of those Christmas workshops. Heidi Swain’s writing style is a delight. I would say this was my favourite festive read this year. 

A first class festive read!

Thanks to netgalley for a copy of the book
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Loved Freya and Finns story. A gorgeous wintry read ! Heidi has a lovely writing style which draws the reader in , She has a great cast of characters. I have enjoyed Heidis previous books set in Nightingale Square and this one was no exception. Heidi has written another amazing book, stand alone but also extra enjoyable if her previous nightingale square books have been read .
I would highly recommend this book 
Thank you to Netgalley, Simon and Schuster, and Heidi for letting me read this book in exchange for an honest review
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Heidi Swain never disappoints and this series just keeps getting better and better! This was a gorgeous Christmas read, I couldn't have fallen in love with the characters more! Whilst I really enjoyed being introduced to new characters, I also adored catching up with the characters from previous books and seeing what they're also up to!
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The Winter Garden Heidi Swain 
I was looking for something light and easy to read, something to clear my head after a few heavy stories,  and this book was perfect. 
Freya is a lovely character,  that you just fall in love with, and I found myself rooting for her. 
A lovely light and easy read.
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I received a copy of this book to review from Netgalley. Thank you for the opportunity.
A lovely, page turner perfect for nature lovers and those looking to escape from reality for a whole. This wintery read is set around Christmas but can be read at any time. It is very wholesome with a cast of relatable characters and a journey for the MC. A great read.
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We return to the beautiful Nightingale square for a wonderful festive escape. Or should I say Winter escape. This book is everything a book to cosy up with a blanket and hot chocolate, should be.

We follow Freya, who is grieving the loss of a good friend, Eloise. She is an experienced gardener and works the grounds of an estate Eloise owns. Following her death, Freya is offered a job to run the gardens at Prosperous Place, that comes with a house on the most beautiful square with such wonderful community spirit. She soon makes friends with everyone, but one person catches her eye, Finn. Its not the start she had hope for and they just seem to keep crossing paths in such a negative way. Will there be a turning point to where they can even be in the same room?? And will the Winter Garden be finished in time for the opening?

I really did fall in love with this book. I really got that sense of “community” and wished so badly that I was a resident. The description of the houses just made me feel like I was apart of the book.
I was sad to have finished this book and will miss the residents of Nightingale Square.

Heidi’s style of writing is one that really does immerse you into the book, gives you a real escape and puts the biggest smile on your face. 
Thank you @simonschusteruk for giving me the chance to read this and also @netgalley
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Thank you NetGalley for my advance copy of this book. I didn’t realise it was part of a series but I still enjoyed the book and getting to know the characters of Nightingale Square. Even though it is a Christmas book it isn’t overly Christmassy so could be read at any time. I would definitely read another book in this series as it felt really comforting.
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I just loved this book, it was like stepping into your favourite pub and finding all your favourite people are there.  Heidi has such a lovely way of writing that draws you in.
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This book was such a gorgeous read I devoured it within a day!. 
The characters were all so incredibly unique, each with their own individual stories to tell along the way, which made them all the more lovable. 
The storyline was perfection, filled with moments that made me laugh, and moments that were truly heartwarming too. 
It is without a doubt a perfect festive read.
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The winter Garden
By Heidi Swan
Pub date Dec1 2020
The cover is stunning so lovely it’s draw you into the book. The writing style is beautiful written. The characters I connect two allot a perfect Christmas read.
Freya a lovely character warm welcoming friendly I love how determination she is about the garden and how much she loves the plants and shrubs and knows which season the plant goes where. I loved the romance story two. I loved the winter garden learning about the plants and the winter garden. I loved how Freya easy became friendly with people this is such a beautiful read.
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Absolutely loved this novel. Another splendid and well-written novel from a much loved author. Full of Christmas spirit and hope, it warmed me up inside. 
A longer review will be posted on my website and on amazon - I’ve just had a baby but know the importance of these reviews.
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This is such a lovely Christmas romance, lovely warm feelings and a sweet happy ending. 
The books is the story of Freya, a talented gardener on a remote estate. Freya is still mourning the death of her boss and close friend, Elosie, while her new boss is slowly chipping away at her confidence and making her life difficult.
A change of scenery is necessary and this arrives as a new job working for Luke and Kate, helping them bring to life The Winter Garden at Prosperous Place. Once she accepts the job, her life changes for the better. She makes a plethora of new friends and also meets a talented local sculptor, Finn. The love story between Freya and Finn is sweet and lovely. 
I have enjoyed reading this.
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When Freya moves to Nightingale Square, she doesn't expect to find so much more than just a job. This wintery tale of love and friendship is the perfect December read that will get you excited for the festive season and everything that comes with it. Thanks for an advanced copy. Will definitely recommend this book.
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What a lovely Christmas book by Hedi Swain! This book is all about taking your chances and believing in yourself. If you love gardening you will absolutely love this book! It's so refreshing to spend some time in the garden and with the plants in this book although it's definitely taking place in December and with rainy and snowy weather! This gardening part is a really nice change from other christmas chicklit books you can read. And the romance in this book is also very nice! Not an easy romance but a nice one nonetheless! I recommend this book!!!
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