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This was okay. Not as engaging or fast-paced as the first book. The plot also took way too long to get exciting. I lost interest constantly, which is a real shame since All These Monsters was one of my favorite books last year!
I did like Clara's relationship with Eden; it was so sweet! And we see Clara's experience with trauma from Julian. The book doesn't really grapple deeply with this trauma, but maybe the story is not meant to do that? Not sure. But it is lovely to see how much her team supports and protects her from Julian. The found family theme really shines in this book!
While All These Warriors was not my favorite I've read this year, I would still recommend it to fans of the first book. Others may get more out of it then I did. It ties up the story nicely.
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Will be buying this to continue the series for my library. I have students waiting for it who will be ready to check in out in August when school starts again.
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Thank you HMH Books for Young Readers for this arc from Netgalley.

Clara has been through a lot since when she first joined Team Seven. Clara and the other members continue to fight off Scrabs as well as the group behind organizing the use of Scrabs in the world. Clara must face multiple threats in this conclusion for this duology. 

I find the idea of creatures such as Scrabs present in the world to be very interesting. I enjoy reading about the different fights that these defense teams must do to try and eliminate these harmful creatures. I will add that I wish some of the Scrab description itself was a bit more detailed. It is a little hard to visualize them with the provided description. I even think that some simple illustrations at times could be a real win for this set.

While this book does have action with fighting and working to help the world with this problem, I would definitely say that this is a character driven book sometimes for me. I really enjoy most of these characters and getting to see them interact with one another and go through things as friends / family. I think that while the world is very interesting, it could be a bit stronger and more explained for a better grasp on things. 

I do not want to include big spoilers in this review, so I will try my best to word this. I really appreciate how this author is not afraid to write things that can make others uncomfortable. This author explores abuse in this duology and in my opinion it is well done. You feel so much for these characters and what all they are going through. We see that sometimes we may romanticize things that are actually harmful, or we may be a little too quick to judge or assume things at times. I have read multiple works from this author and she is always unafraid to make things feel more real as she gets the reader to think more deeply about different situations. 

One thing that I did not really care for was the seemingly random character death at the end. The transition and process of dealing with the character death was definitely rushed. I do not think that this part was very well done because it seemed to almost undermine the character. Overall, I did enjoy this duology but I would say that the first book was a little more stronger than the first.
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Amy Tintera does it again! I love all of her writing, world building, and characters. This story was no different and the series came to a thrilling conclusion. I do wish there would have been a bit more depth to this story - it fell slightly flat, but still a great story!
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All These Warriors picks up almost immediately after the events in All These Monsters. After learning that MDG has been training thousands of scrabs for "protection" and that Julian is involved, the members of Team 7 are still fighting scrabs and trying to take down MDG and Julian too. Clara and Edan are clearly into each other, but Clara is hesitant to date him because, in her eyes, she obviously cannot be trusted to make good decisions. After some bad publicity, spurred by Julian, the St. John teams take a break from scrab fighting to try to hunt down the location of MDG's trained scrab holding center, so they can prove Julian's and MDG's involvement. 

This was a pretty decent ending to the duology, but I definitely wish that it had a stronger, more definite closing. Also, there were a lot of fight scenes, but it kind of felt like not much else happened besides Clara and Eden giving each other moony eyes. I wish there had been a little more development to the plot than "fight scrabs, fall in love, take down the villain, live happily ever after". I guess for me, everything seemed to tie up just a bit too neatly.

I received this ARC courtesy of Netgalley, in return for my honest opinions.
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*3.5 stars*

So ... sometimes I request ARCs on Netgalley that aren't the first of the series. I get sucked in by pretty or intriguing-looking cover art. I then have to read the previous books before getting to the ARC (a few years ago I requested book #4 of a series. That was NOT fun. Enough said). I started All These Monsters immediately after getting approval for this ARC, and that was months and months ago.

I didn't really like All These Monsters. Every once in a while, I lean away from YA fiction, and All These Monsters epitomized all the reasons why I fall out of love with YA. There was angst, drama, and toxic (instalove) relationships. I also wasn't terribly in love with the fighting monsters scenes. I don't want to spoil anything, but the toxic relationship was ultimately dealt with in a positive way. I also thought there was a thoughtful treatment of domestic violence. But otherwise - well, it wasn't an enjoyable reading experience.

All These Warriors is a better book! Would I have picked it up if I hadn't requested an ARC? Probably not. But I read it, and it wasn't that bad. The romance was better here. There were reconciliations, and less fighting scenes. The main character, Clara, grew as a person. It's still a bit YA in the stereotypical negative way, but not as much as the first book.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC.
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3.5 stars

Overall, I loved this duology. Like the first book, All These Warriors explores numerous facets of domestic abuse (physical, verbal, and psychological) and trauma, and it does so very well. I was attached to the scrappy, underdog Team Seven after the first book, so I was beyond pleased to jump back into this world with them, and experience as Clara grew even closer to her team and developed even deeper relationships with them. Honestly, I took more away from this duology in terms of Clara's mental and emotional experiences, than I did with the actual plot of the story. I wasn't super impressed with the Scrabs, and would've liked to see a bit more development there. However, I'm still a bit sad that the journey is over, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
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I love this duology with my whole heart. All These Warriors is the perfect continuation to All These Monsters, bringing back the scrab threat on the world and the monster-fighting team that we love. Clara and Edan are just wonderful, and the character development that Clara undergoes in this book is *grips heart*. She's so strong, I adore her. This is the best sort of contemporary-leaning YA sci-fi, and Amy Tintera always does the best romantic subplots.
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I am in mourning because I thought this was a trilogy and I’ve just realised it’s actually a duology and therefore this is the end. As gripping as the first book with all of Tintera’s trademark nuance and characterisation. Recommended
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Two things I absolutely love about this book: it's a duology, not some giant saga I have to spend the next five years of my life stressing over, and it depicts romantic age gaps and intimate partner violence in a reality-based, careful way. Too often, books gloss over a love interest's casual manipulation, and even more often is an age gap like this treated as perfectly normal. But not here! The author does a great job deconstructing those YA Lit tropes and patterns while at the same time giving Clara an age-appropriate character development and treating the reader to a wild ride of a plot! For a duology I started on a whim, this ending could not have been better. I will be keeping on the lookout for Tintera's next publications.
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Clara, having left home, fought scrabs, been betrayed by the boy she thought she could love, and watched friends die, has not seen the last of difficult times.  Scrabs are still attacking London and some appear to be those that were controlled by MDG.  Madison is pushing the team, trying to hold up Greyson's legacy, but it might be more than Team Seven can handle.  Julian doesn't seem ready to let Clara go in spite of her clear desire to be left alone.  And Edan... Edan is playing the supportive role while Clara decides what she needs to do to settle her feelings about all of the above!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  The story moved along at a good pace, I felt like all of the characers behaviours were authentic to the characterization built around them in book one, and most of the loose ends were tied up satisfactorily.
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This book is a great one to read during Halloween time. The story line was very interesting and entertaining to read. Author did a good job keeping the story going with out it getting boring. This was a fun read buts it is not one I would read again.
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An excellent duology! It is action packed. All These Warriors does not disappoint where some duology's fall short. I was pleasantly surprised how much everything flowed from book to book without a lot of unnecessary filler.
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This book was received as an ARC from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children's Book Group - HMH Books for Young Readers in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

I could not get enough of this book. I did not find out until after the fact that this was a conclusion of a duology series so knowing that in the back of my head was a little hard to shake out but regardless the story was a thrillride. You could not help but fall in love with the characters with their backgrounds, personalities and motives throughout the book. Knowing that Clara escaped from her abusive family to join the Seven was even more compelling to read and came in handy throughout the book. I know our teen book club will be excited to start their conversations and discussions.

We will consider adding this title to our YA collection at our library. That is why we give this book 5 stars.
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I absolutely adored Amy Tintera's All These Monsters. And after the way it ended, I couldn't wait for the sequel. All These Warriors jumped right to the top of my 'most anticipated of the year' list. I went into it with high expectations... and I was not disappointed!

All These Warriors picks up just a little while after the events of the first book. It started off fast, with all the same exciting action that I loved from book one, and it never slowed down. I was riveted from the first page, and ended up reading the whole book in one afternoon. It's actually pretty rare for me to do that anymore, with so many other things constantly pulling my attention away, but All These Warriors was just so good that I didn't allow anything else to get in my way of reading it.

The characters were so strong in the first book, and they were even stronger in this sequel. Clara was brilliant, really gaining even more depth of character than she already had. So many favorites were back, and so many of them had more revealed about their personalities and backstories, it was wonderful. And the romance! I'll keep the details to myself on this point, but ohmygosh, the romance was so sweet and pure and I loved it!

Sometimes I feel like sequels can fail to capitalize on all of the groundwork that the first book has laid, almost seeming to go back a step instead of forward, or stalling out even. That wasn't the case here. All These Monsters set up the events with a promise for a sequel, All These Warriors completely delivered on that promise. Again, not going to get into spoilery details, but this was one of the strongest sequels I've read in a long time, and it felt like such a natural, flowing followup to the first book.

I'm so happy with how this series ended. All These Monsters was fantastic; All These Warriors was even better. They'll be great books to binge together, and are perfect for fans of Shatter Me or Warcross. I'm now so excited to read more of Amy Tintera's books, and I'm looking forward to reading these again some day.


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When we left Clara et al in ALL THESE MONSTERS, things were kind of a hot, bloody mess. ALL THESE WARRIORS picks up in London - things are back to scrab-fighting normal, but due to the events at the end after the first book, recruits are bailing en masse. It's up to Clara and Maddie to figure out how to hold things together, reveal the truth about MDG, and also figure out how to avoid Julian who seems basically incapable of taking "get away from me" as a directive.

As with the ALL THESE MONSTERS, Tintera does an excellent job of wrapping up an extremely important book about domestic and intimate partner violence in a shiny monster-hunting wrapper. This sequel is about recovery and moving forward in more ways than one, about strong female friendships, and about finding community in surprising places. I was a little concerned about what direction the plot would go in after the ending of the first one, but ultimately it was a really fast-paced, entertaining read with an ending that made me smile even if it was a little too neat, because Clara deserves it.

Highly recommend to anyone who enjoyed the first novel, and as a teen librarian I consider this duology a newly minted must-have in any collection serving young adults.
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It's been six months since Clara Pratt and the rest of Team Seven had to scramble the St. John Scrab Fighting Teams from being disbanded, and the stress and pressure is starting to make tensions run high. People are quitting, new trainees aren't getting enough training, moral is generally low, and the Monster Defense Group (AKA MDG) keeps turning the narrative to make them look like the bad guys, crazy and doing more harm than good. But as talk continues to swell of MDG training and taming Scrabs to be used as bodyguards and weapons, the harder Clara and her team fight to find something to turn the tide in their favor. Worse, everything keeps tying back to a former ally who continuously seems to have the upper hand and can turn the narrative in his favor...

A brilliant conclusion to the "All These Monsters" duology, Tintera's writing continues to shine, blending action, humor, romance, and friendship--all while brilliantly addressing the fallout mentally and emotionally of surviving parental abuse and toxic relationships. Clara continues to grow and thrive now away from her father and ex, and Tintera continues to emphasize the importance of finding a good support system (and, hey, therapy. That's good too). For that matter, there is also a fairly good discussion about grief and the 'after' of trauma in general, particularly with Madison who tries to fill her brother's shoes and honor his legacy. I also greatly enjoyed seeing Clara's friendship with her team flourish and thrive in this book, where the seeds were planted in "All These Monsters". Time and healing have been good for Clara; she's a Warrior, a Monster Slayer, taking charge of her destiny and her happiness, all the while kicking Scrab butt.
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