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Murder and mayhem amidst the have and have nots in mysterious Mustique. 
We have a classic whodunit in a country house with an aristocrat and hangers on. However, the country house is a coral island infested with mosquitoes, the aristocrat; a name dropping Miss Marple like figure and the hangers on; the great and the good (self-servingly named) plus a few troubled souls trying to live an ordinary life.
Upon skirmishing with the entrées I came upon such lovely writing as,”the sun dropping coins of light onto the water’s surface”. It instantly brought to mind my ocean vista in the Canaries. This gave great promise of a writer’s craft to come. However but a few paragraphs on, I read; “When I put the phone down the apple trees outside my window are shedding their leaves.” It’s clunky and maybe gives answer to the writing style of someone who flits and floats rather describing an interminably long telephone conversation. Either way, the writing style albeit unusual is good. 
The plot is exasperating though. Yes, it pulls you in but leaves you cheated at the end. There’s no way anyone can predict whodunit.
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A great whodunit, set on a beautiful island, written by someone who knows the island intimately. 
Plenty of characters, descriptions of the islands flora and beaches, and red herrings thrown in for good measure.
Not the best written detective story, but a wonderful escape from a grey autumn day in the UK
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Although I am sure some readers will find this book easy to read, especially as a holiday read, I found the plot unconvincing and it contained too many unlikely coincidences.  It certainly is a good name dropper and it does describe the lifestyle of the wealthy people who live on the island.  I am sorry to say that the book was not for me.
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This was a strange book to review. I didn't love it - but it did keep me reading right to the end because I wanted to find out whodunnit, which I guess is the point.
This is great is you like your cosy mysteries to be set on very uncosy sunny iexclusive islands. It starts with lots of modern glamour, but throughout the book casts longing glances back to an age when Princess Margaret was someone special. The references to her grated a little - the book's protagonist was a former lady in waiting to the princess, as is the author. And it made me wonder if this book had a ghost writer - or heavy editorial input - because all the way through there was tension between different authorial voices, the modern mystery writer and the old-fashioned lady in waiting.
It is a positive thing to have an older protagonist, and Lady Vee dealt with a range of challenges undaunted, combatting more physical challenges than most seventy year olds could manage.
I think maybe I'm the wrong audience for this, but if you love a slightly old fashioned escapism with a tropical background to your murder mysteries this could be for you.
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An enjoyable read. It skips along easily gently as soon as you get used to her change of voices all the time. The story is pretty much implausible but who cares. It’s charming and Reading about all that sunshine and languid swimming in the sea while the weather turns autumnal is very nice.
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This is actually a very good who dunnit. The community of Mustique is hit by the disappearance of a young woman and the murder of her friend Tommy. 
Lady Vee with her goddaughter Lily work with the islands one policeman to solve the crime.
The book has good characters and a good story storyline.  It would have got a 4 star review.  However, I was at the point of screaming every time the author harped on about Princess Margaret and her connections to the Royal.
As it turns out the author was originally a genuine lady in waiting. However, I just feel she is using her royal connection to sell the book.  Along with other celebrities. It would have been good without it.  It is for that reason I have taken away a star. 
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the arc in return for an honest review
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Finding that I needed to turn the pages faster and faster to try and find out whodunnit, as I surely couldn't guess, proved this book's success on my Kindle.

Even if this story wasn't set on a small Caribbean island, it would have made for a great closed community murder mystery. Nevertheless, because of this writer's background, she perfectly describes the island, it's setting and community. One could easily close their eyes and be on the island, the accuracy is so good. 

Having enjoyed the majority of the characters (some we were supposed to dislike), it was fitting that the policeman would do such a great job, despite a boss who was set against success. 

I hope this writer has already penned the next in the series, with a similar setting, although it should not become Death in Paradise. Lady Vee has a long way to go, even if this means visiting other islands. 

I'm left wondering if the coral came back to life, unlike the high death count.
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I wasn't sure about this book when I started reading it but thoroughly enjoyed it. DS Solomon Nile returns home to Mustique after spending years in Oxford. He's the only full time policeman. Nothing ever happens there until people start being murdered and with help from Lady Vee and Lily Calder they start trying to find the murderer
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Having just read Lady Glenconner's recent autobiography I was really pleased to get an ARC of this book, her first foray into fiction. 

This is exactly what is says on the tin, is it a literary masterpiece, no, but I'm sure that's not what the author was going for. It is however a fun to read whodunnit that just happens to be set on one of the most glamourous islands in the world. The setting is perfect and with lots of details that only Lady Glenconner would know. 
The main character Lady Vee is almost definitely based on the author herself and I didn't mind this as they do say write what you know. It reminded me a little of reading Jackie Collins Novels back in the 90's and trying to figure out who she was writing about expect this book had the names of actual celebs. I think I would have preferred it if the author did what Jackie Collins had done used made up characters so that she could really have some fun with it. 

All in all its not going to win any awards however is an enjoyable and fairly short read. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Hodder & Stoughton for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Everyone who loves a murder mystery or good old detective novel will love this book. The characters are well developed and you can’t help but love the predictability of the books structure. The plot was well thought out and so the book raced along. With hints and clues woven through, you can’t help guessing who did it. There are a few surprises along the way... I won’t ruin them for you. A fabulous island murder, who done it?!?
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This is a case of an author inventing a story with herself (with a different name) as one of the key characters.  As the title says, it is set on the exotic hideaway island of Mustique, a holiday venue for the rich and famous, but also inhabited by the poorer people who serve them.  There is an element of class difference, including that between those born with a silver spoon and those who earn their on fortunes.

This is basically a who-dunnit set against a tropical backdrop and seems quite superficial in parts.  A slice of escapist hokum.
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Sorry, this book is just one long list of 'famous' names, with characters heavily based on people of note. I really didnt feel there was much plot and the whole book seemed to rely on name dropping., a bit like reading 'Hello'.
Thanks to NetGalley for a review copy.
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On the private island of Mustique all is not as it seems when one of the wealthy socialites Amanda disappears. Lady Vee flies back to the island early worries about her god daughters missing friend. When Amanda is found murdered, the race is on to find the killer who keeps leaving calling cards at different villas on the island. Detective sergeant Solomon Nile enlists Lady Vee's help to catch the murderer before it's too late.

The setting of the story made me feel like I was watching death in paradise. This was a quick read and the story was ok. I didn't know who Anne Glenconner was prior to starting this story but once I found out who she was, you can see that the Lady Vee character is based on her. For me there was a little too many name drops of celebrities which never really added much to the story. 

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I'm terribly sorry but this was a did not finish for me. I couldn't get into it at all. And didn't really like or relate to any characters
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I loved Lady in Waiting, but this was not a patch on that. Thin plot, poorly drawn characters and more mystery tropes than you can shake a stick at. 
Not for me. Am sure many will love it though, so please don't let my opinion stop you from reading it. :-)
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I didn’t enjoy this book as I thought i would. It took too long to get into the actual story, I am afraid this one wasn’t for me
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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for and advance copy of this to review. 

Mustique’s only policeman, handsome Oxford graduate Solomon Nile, is desperate to find missing American heiress Amanda before a tropical storm blows over the island, destroying property and cutting the islanders off from the rest of the world. A series of strangely marked artefacts and mysterious goings on make him and his elderly aristocratic side kick Lady Vee sure that this is not a voluntary disappearance. 

I had read reviews of Anne Glenconner’s memoir which praised her candour and spirit, and I was interested in this, her debut novel, published well into her ninth decade. She knows Mustique well, as her husband bought it in the 1950s, and developed it into the resort for the rich and famous its modern reputation rests on.  Glenconner was a lady in waiting to Princess Margaret for many years, and gave the Princess a house and land on Mustique as a wedding gift. 

Lady Vee was a lady in waiting to Princess Margaret and once owned the island with her mercurial developer husband Jasper. She still mourns the Princess, and is back on the island to prepare for a party for her young ward’s 21st birthday. She knows everyone on the island. 
Vee is so very lightly fictionalised I wonder why she isn’t called Anne.  No opportunity is wasted to highlight how wise and wonderful she is, as neighbour, friend, employer, wife,  However she’s undoubtedly resilient and resourceful, and I love that in a heroine. The sense of place is strong, as you’d expect when someone knows the island so well. 

I’m not surprised by the reliance on the Royal connection reminiscences even though they’re not my cup of tea - they undoubtedly make the book more saleable. 

This mystery has all the right ingredients for a beach read - exotic location, cast of easily recognisable characters, budding romance, money and corruption- but the recipe doesn’t work. 

The characterisation is thin, the plot as ropey and full of holes as an old fishing net.  
Lady Vee is the most plausible character and I wouldn’t bet against a second in the series, this time set in Glenconner’s home county of Norfolk.
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As Anne Glenconnor reminds us a few times, she was lady in waiting and friend of Princess Margaret, and a frequent visitor to Mustique. The main character is obviously based on herself and there is some name-dropping! The story is not particularly exciting and the characters are not very well developed, so it is difficult to feel any emotion for them. However, hats off to her for writing a novel in her eighties!
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Oh dear. I’m afraid this just isn’t a very good book. I’m disappointed because I really enjoyed the author’s autobiography, but this is just not up to the same standard. 

The main character is a thinly veiled fictionalised version of Lady Glenconner herself - which  will be obvious to anyone who has read her autobiography - which just makes for slightly strange reading. It’s immediately obvious who the murderer is from the first couple of chapters and the constant name dropping is just really grating. 

Such a shame.
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Death in Paradise meets Tatler! 
This is a beach read - read it quickly and enjoy the ride, but don't think too deeply about it as the plot is rather thin and the characters not really credible. While quite enjoying the mystery, I found the constant name-dropping annoying and did not feel it added at all to the story.
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