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The Adventures of Rembrandt the Tuxedo Cat

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Positives first.
The illustrations are cute. I also really like the added element of the hummingbird, I can imagine that looking for this little bird on every page is a fun activity for the little ones.

On the flip side:
Like many have said before me, I am not quite sure what the moral of this story is.
Leave your friend alone in a scary situation so they have to speak to reach out to you when you know they have trouble communicating by speech?
Try fixing your friend when you are fine with the same 'problems' when your brother has them?

So yeah, not sure if I would recommend this...
Maybe a good idea to read through this in the store or loan it from the library before adding it to your child's nighttime routine.
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Rembrandt the cat meets a cat who doesn't meow. He decides to call her Callie. They play for a bit, but then Rembrandt decides they should go on an adventure to find her meow.

The illustrations are really cute, but some of the phrasing is awkward, and the story is a bit lacking. Rembrandt's brother Leo also doesn't meow, so it doesn't make sense why Rembrandt is determined to find Callie's meow but is not concerned about his brother's. I also fail to see what the lesson to be learned from this story is supposed to be.

Overall, the book was enjoyable and the pictures are beautiful.

I received a digital ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to NetGalley and Carpenter's Son Publishing of Clovercroft Publishing.
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We are a family that loves cats and we’re very familiar with tuxedo cats, which is part of the reason why we were so interested in this book. My children and I enjoyed following along on Remy’s adventure with his new friend Callie the Calico as they searched for her meow. They searched high and low and it wasn’t until Callie got herself into a situation that her meow came out. 

This was a super simple and easy to follow book. The adventure wasn’t a big one, but it was still worthwhile. My daughter enjoyed reading this while my younger son followed the pictures. A great story for young readers. 

I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy.
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I was not a fan of this picture book. The cat is looking for it's meow. For children, this book would be too long and I do not think it would hold their interest. The story is not that engaging.
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Bright colorful pictures bring the kittens to life in a cute story about Remy who helps his new friend Callie find her voice, showing kids that it is okay to be different, to do things your own way and in your own time, and to speak up when necessary. I have some mixed feelings about a scene at the end which shows Remy pushing Callie into doing something she isn't entirely comfortable doing, but overall this book has some good messages. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Carpenter's Son/Clovercroft Publishing for providing me with an ARC in return for my honest review.
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The Adventures of Rembrandt the Tuxedo Cat is a lovely book which tells how Remy helps Callie the Calico Cat find her meow.
It is a lovely story with beautiful illustrations that both myself and my 4 year old son loved.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for my copy.
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My kids and I loved this book! We loved how the cats ‘purred’ and ‘meowed’ rather than said things. It is a really sweet story about a friend helping another. Remy accepted Callie the way she was but also wanted to help her. My family loves cats and this was a perfect book for us to read. Thank you for writing it!
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In this cute little book, Remy helps Callie, the Calico Cat, find Her Meow. It's a sweet storybook perfect for readalouds. 

Many thanks to Clovercroft Publishing and NetGalley for the advance copy.
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Princess Fuzzypants here:  Rembrandt is a very nice tuxedo kitty who meets a quiet girl kitty whom he names Callie.  Callie is friendly. But Callie does not make any noises.  She does not meow.  So Rembrandt goes in search of Callie’s meow.  They look all over the place and don’t find it.
It is only when Callie has need of it that they discover she has a meow after all.

It is a sweet little story that young readers could read to themselves.  The pictures are cute.  While it is a pleasant tale, there is no big story arc or lesson.  

Four purrs and one paw up.
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What a precious story! It was so sweet and has beautiful illustrations. This book is for cat lover's of all ages. I loved it! Thank you Carpenter's Son Publishing--Clovercroft Publishing via Net Galley for the copy of this book. All opinions expressed are my own.
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As a cat lover this story made me smile. It's sweet and well written.
I loved the cats and loved the plot.
Everybody need their meow :)
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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I read this book with my three year old daughter today and she really enjoyed it.

I asked her what she thought about the book and she said it was good and she liked looking for the Hummingbirds on the different pages too.

The illustrations were cute and I thought that the story was a fun read, my daughter liked pointing out the things she knew too and got really involved.

It is 4 stars from me for this one – highly recommended and looking forward to his next adventure!
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As an huge cat lover 💕 I really enjoyed reading this book, my nieces had an amazing time reading it, and loved the illustrations as much as me.

I loved the fact that Rémy tried to help his new friend as much as he did.

Super cute, and an very fun read.

Friendship, love, cats 💕
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Coming Into Your Own

This is a very sweet story of Remy's the tuxedo cat finding a new friend in Callie. She has not yet meowed. At first, the two cats just enjoy each other's company, doing things like rolling around in the dirt. Then Remy decides to help her find her meow. So they go all around the yard, and she tries to meow in different places, like on the bench Remy first found her on and in the sandbox. But to no avail. They go up a tree together to find the meow, but when they don't, Remy jumps down. Callie is afraid to follow, so Remy brings his parents. When they return, they hear her meowing quietly—finding her meow when she needs it because of a little fear. This is such a sweet little book about new friends—especially those who are a little different—and helping those new friends. The illustrations, particularly of the animals, are absolutely adorable. I think Callie is particularly cute with her big blue eyes and expression-filled face. The text was relatively small and black throughout. Unfortunately, the dark color wasn't always easily readable on the darker blue, green, and red backgrounds. Perhaps the illustrator should have given some transparency to those darker colors where the text overlaid it. But, all in all, this is a charming story of friendship.
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This story felt sad to me. I was conflicted that Callie was almost bullied into finding her meow and that she had to get scared to find it. Something just felt off about the book.
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Nice story! You never know when you will need your meow, but it certainly is with you all the time, even if you think you don’t have what it takes.
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Cute book and illustrations. Could have used a bit more of a storyline or better message in my opinion.
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This is a very typical book with repetition that children like , though I did not like the illustrations.  the story itself feels like the author is trying to syndicate and idea and will follow up with other books about the cat
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Thank you for the opportunity to review this book. All opinions expressed are my own and are published on Netgalley, Goodreads, and sometimes Instagram. 

The Adventures of Rembrandt the Tuxedo Cat is a children's book about two cats who work together to find the cat's meow. Rembrandt meets a new cat who doesn't meow, so they go off around their yard to find it. A cute premise. She finds it while up in a tree, so kind of scared. The illustrations are cute, but I highly suggest rethinking the font color and typeface. Also, the title is really unnecessarily long (at least on Goodreads). No, that cats don't act like cats, but it's a children's book and the one should just use a little bit of imagination and think that cute cats having friendship adventures is just for fun.

Story is short and good for a younger child being read to.
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A cat named Remy meets another cat, Callie. But Callie is different. She's quiet, and so is Remy's brother. Callie cannot meow, and she and Remy go searching for her meow. They struggle to find it. Callie learns to use her meow when it is needed most. 

This is a cute story about helping others who may be scared or just need an extra push to find their way. I loved the cat theme.
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